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Just Go With It by True Author
Chapter 1 : Pain
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Beautiful chapter image by (Sol) @TDA!

The small orchard of The Burrow was bathed with sunlight on that warm summer day, as if the sun had came to see the happy couple get married like the other guests that were arriving. The fresh fragrance of roses filled the air, for some beautiful butterfly size fairies, dressed in white and accessorized with tiny roses buzzed here and there. The bushes that were usually overgrown were now trimmed nicely, while the gnomes had to leave the garden that was like their home for at least the day. The huge white marquee was gleaming in the sunlight. The insides of the marquee were decorated with lilies and some unnamed flowers bought from George Weasley. George’s flowers were the centre of attraction that day, with their charming fragrance, pinkish red petals and pitcher like appearance. George just smiled and winked if anyone asked him about the flowers, refusing to give any details. Molly Weasley was a bit suspicious at first, but then decided not to take any action for she also fancied the flowers. The wedding cake was set on a table with slightly tall legs, so that small James Sirius Potter could not grab a piece from it. James zoomed in and out of the marquee, enjoying the ceremony and was happy to see “Uncle Ron” and “Aunt Hermione” get married. The one year old couldn’t figure out how Aunt Hermione’s hair was suddenly sleek and shiny instead of curly and why Uncle Ron wasn’t taking his eyes off his bride. He tried to ask his mother, who told him that he wouldn’t notice anyone but Aunt Hermione for a while now. James didn’t quite get the reason, but still decided to let them spend time with each other and didn’t run to the stage to meet them when the wedding was over. But to his surprise, the bride and groom were suddenly surrounded by well wishers.

Hermione Weasley stood on the stage, with her husband by her side, smiling and waving at the guests that came to meet them and give presents. She was so happy that she was frightened. Ron was finally her husband after the years of waiting. All the bitter memories were lost in time and now a new life stood before her with waiting arms. Everything was perfect now.

Ron Weasley glanced at his wife, thinking that she looked extraordinarily beautiful on that day. Her eyes were glowing with happiness, blush was creeping her white cheeks whenever a guest congratulated her for the wedding and her hair were as smooth and shiny as a silk. She looked wonderful in her wedding dress, as she was slender and her high heel made her look taller than usual. He couldn’t yet believe that she was now her wife and they were bound together for their entire lives. He felt lucky for having her as his companion.

“Congratulations,” a cold and rough voice made Ron come back to the reality. He couldn’t figure out who was giving such cold wishes and to his disappointment he saw Viktor Krum standing in front of them, holding a present in his hand and staring at Hermione intensively. Ron’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of Hermione’s old boyfriend and dance partner. Well, he hadn’t really asked her if he was her boyfriend, but he believed that he was. How could he forget that she used to write to him even after the Triwizard Tournament? He had never liked Krum personally and didn’t know who had invited him for the wedding. He shot Hermione a questioning look, but he ignored him and smiled at Krum. Her behavior confirmed that she had indeed invited him.

“Thank you, Viktor,” she said pleasantly. “I’m glad you came here. I’ve heard that you’re very busy these days.”

Ron wondered why Krum wasn’t even looking at him. his eyes were fixed on Hermione and he was giving wishes to just her. Not her husband.

“Yes, after becoming the captain,” he nodded, still not looking at Ron, “but I would never miss your wedding. I always make time for my friends.”

Ron rolled his eyes at the word friends, but that gesture got unnoticed by Krum. He was still looking at Hermione with a rather hurt expression on his face, while Hermione stared at the floor, perhaps feeling kind of awkward. Ron felt that he must remind him that he was standing there.

“I saw you at the world cup,” he said a bit roughly, “you were-um- good.”

Krum finally turned his eyes to Ron and frowned. Ron remembered with a jolt that Krum hadn’t played really nice in the World Cup.

“Thank you, Ronald,” he said, “What are you doing these days?”

“I own Quality Quidditch Supplies now,” said Ron proudly.

Krum’s face was still blank and he suddenly began to clench his fists. He was rather uncomfortable company. He just gave another curt nod as Hermione accepted his gift and threw it on the pile of wedding presents behind her and strode away. Hermione stared at his figure sadly, as if guilt had crept to her heart. Ron couldn’t describe what he felt as he saw him go, but he was sure that Viktor Krum wasn’t happy like the other guests.

Viktor couldn’t control himself anymore. He was depressed, unhappy and couldn’t stand Hermione for a moment. He couldn’t figure out why he was so sad about the wedding. He hadn’t met Hermione for years now; not after the accidental meeting in the Ministry a couple of months ago, when he had been there to sign a contract with the Ministry about the upcoming finale of Quidditch World Cup. That was when she had invited him to her wedding. Viktor felt as if he was demented.

Viktor slammed the front gate of The Burrow, making some of the guests jump. But he didn’t care. He wanted to go away, he wanted to be alone. He walked away from the wedding as fast as he could, feeling like an idiot. He hated himself for getting too involved in a girl whom he didn’t even properly know. She had just accompanied him for the Yule Ball at Hogwarts and they had also kissed once or twice, but she had broken up with him a year later. When he had invited her to come to Bulgaria and meet his parents, she had refused and had told him that she’d never liked him seriously. He had thought that she was in love with Harry Potter, but now she was married to Ron Weasley, another best friend of hers.  Though he had decided to forget her and go on with life, he had never forgotten her for some reason. He had been taking The Daily Prophet regularly, just to know what Hermione was doing. The rumours about her and Harry Potter had suddenly stopped. All he had known was that she was now a fully fledged auror and she had collaborated with an author to write a book about Hogwarts. He had never fallen for a girl, hoping that Hermione will be his someday. The hope was gone now, but even now he was sure he wasn’t going to fall for any other girl. He was going to be loyal to Hermione. He was going to love her for the rest of his life. But what was his life now?

Viktor Krum had never experienced love in his whole life. He belonged to one of the most respected pure blood families from Bulgaria, but his parents didn’t actually care for him. A family in which keeping the blood status was important and love had no place. His parents had never loved him and perhaps that made him so stern and cold. Actually, he wasn’t used to kindness or caring, being from such a family. The only thing he liked was Quidditch, for which his father never supported him. his parents got a divorce when he was sixteen and Viktor began to live with his father. His mother had married another pure blood man. Viktor decided to do the only thing he enjoyed after the separation. He fought with his father to try for the position of seeker in Bulgarian Quidditch Team. To his father’s disappointment, he had been selected and then his whole life was changed. He was soon a famous Quidditch sensation; rich and famous. He had innumerable female fan followers that worshiped the ground he walked on, but he never paid attention to any of them for some reason. They didn’t like him; they liked his game and his fame. They weren’t going to be there with him during a hard time. But Hermione was different. She used to concentrate on her books and homework even he was sharing a table with her in the library. She would sit with her fingers thrust in her ears to avoid the giggles of Viktor’s fan girls hiding behind the bookshelves to catch a glimpse of him. This had attracted Viktor towards her. He had asked her instead of many girls that had happily agreed to accompany him to the Yule Ball; she was the one who had the honor of being ‘something valuable” for him and she was the one whom he had kissed for the first time. She was his first love interest and his last. She had given him the warmth, the love he had missed. That made her so important, so special.

Viktor glanced around after a while, realizing that he had came too far from the village, now standing by the foot of a hill. There were some muggle houses around him, but no sign of The Burrow could be seen from there. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in order to think properly. He wanted to go away from there, far away where nothing would remind him of her. To a place where he could stay until he was back to normal. He thought for a moment, considering many places and then decided to go to the muggle London.

London was very normal that morning, much to Viktor’s relief. It wasn’t a holiday, it wasn’t a special day. People were hurrying through the roads to get to work, children were going to school and the streets were very crowded. This was the place where nothing was going to remind her of Hermione. He decided to stay in some muggle hotel for a while. He’d inform his parents and the Ministry by sending an owl from Diagon Alley and would exchange the galleons he had for muggle money. That would certainly help.

Viktor entered a deserted alley and apparated in front of a shabby old hotel. He took another deep breath and began to walk silently towards the Leaky Cauldron.


Hi! The story that was going to be “soulful” is now a love story. It looks like I just couldn’t write anything but fluff and love. ;) Anyway I hope you like this. Please let me know what you think of this! Reviews just make my day.

Ashwini :)


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Just Go With It: Pain


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