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Dance of Defiance by Ms_D_Longbottom
Chapter 10 : Room of Requirement
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“Lils... where are we going?” James asked as I dragged him by his arm out of the portrait hole.

“You’ll see...” I replied hastily heading straight for the room of requirement.

“Lily... Love... you’re kinda freaking me out a little. Where are you taking me?” He laughed in mock fear.

“The room of requirement. Where do you think we’re going? Paris?”

“That could certainly be arranged, dunno how we’d pull off missing so many classes though. Then there’s the whole other language thing...” I swatted him over the back of the head as we arrived outside the room, laughing. I paced past the wall 3 times. Thinking to myself:

We need somewhere to be alone. We need somewhere to be alone. We need somewhere to be alone.

The door appeared and I pulled James in. I marvelled at the room set before me. In the middle of the room was a king sized four poster bed; with red and gold hangings. And tucked away tidily in the corner was a roaring fireplace, which hissed and crackled every so often.

I felt James’s lips begin their assault on my exposed skin. Starting at my back of my ears and working their way down my neck. It sent warm shivers down my spine to my toes. I turned around to capture his lips with my own. I walked backward towards the bed. James’s arms drawing me closer into him.

I sat on the edge of the bed and James came to sit beside me, our lips still remained attached. I shuffled back until we were both fully on the bed and lay down with our heads resting on the pillows.

James tangled his hands in my hair, nipping at my lips softly. Our kiss deepened and his hand began to wander. It moved from the back of my head, down my rib cage to my hips. He pulled me flush against him and he drew little trails over my thighs through my jeans. My heart was beating rapidly and the muscles in the pit of my stomach clenched.

Nervously I let my hands do a little exploration of their own. I raked my fingers slowly across his chest down to where his belt line met his hips. I tugged his shirt up a little and ran one of my fingers against the hem of his pants. James groaned and ran his tongue along my bottom lip. My hands travelled back up his body under his shirt. I felt every ripple, every intake of breath and it was exhilarating.

Here we had no chance of being interrupted by the world. No marauders, no professors, no students, no one what so ever. All that existed was me and my James.

James stopped running his fingers over my thighs and slipped his hand beneath my shirt. His hands were warm and my skin felt like it was burning everywhere he touched. He felt over my abdomen and small of my back. Rubbing up and down my side he avoided moving his hands higher to feel my breasts. I felt his hands tremble any time he even came close.

I slowed our kiss and pulled away from him. Both of lips beginning to swell.

“James... Are you okay?” I asked.

“Fine love.” He breathed, trying to regain control over his heaving , haggard breaths.

“Are you sure?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” He asked in a daze.

“I dunno... You just seem reluctant to touch me.” I shrugged.

“Lils... My hand is still currently under your shirt. How is that not touching you?” He chuckled.

“You know what I meant... Why don’t you want to touch me?” His face reddened and he suddenly seemed very embarrassed.

“Well... like I said Lil. You’re in control of how fast or slow we go okay? I just don’t wanna move to fast and frighten you or stuff up or anything. I couldn’t lose you Lil.”

“You’re not about to lose my James Potter you prat. You have to try harder than that to get rid of me ya know. I’m not going to let you throw what is it? Six years of asking me out? I’m afraid you’re kinda stuck with me”

He smiled, closing his eyes and leaning in for another kiss. Which I gave into happily. His lips moved soft and slow as they worked their way up my shirt. His hands trembling again as he got closer. I felt how gently his hand brushed over the soft fabric of my bra before skipping back down to my abdomen. I let him take his time. Cautiously letting his hand wander back up again and again. My whole body tingled and I let out a soft sigh every time James moved his hand over my breasts, even if it was only through my bra.

I tugged slightly on his shirt and he got the message pretty quickly. He stopped kissing for a moment to remove his shirt and then continued. Heat radiated off his now exposed skin. I tilted my neck and let him settle his kisses there. A soft groan leaving his mouth. Shakily he lifted my shirt over my head and let his eyes skim over my body for the first time.

I blushed feeling his eyes on me. I’d never gone this far with someone before and felt really self conscious. I made an attempt to cover myself with my arms but James pulled them away gently.

“Don’t... you’re beautiful” He whispered softly placing a kiss on my forehead. He kissed down my head and along my jaw making his way to my lips. He reached around my back and struggled to undo the clasp of my bra. Once unhitched he peeled the straps from my shoulders and removed the bra completely.

I felt my breath catch for a second in my throat. My heart beating so hard I couldn’t believe he couldn’t hear it. Carefully he cupped a breast in his palm and massaged it softly. We kissed for a while longer and then I pulled away and curled up into his chest.

“Cold?” he asked quietly, rubbing my back. I shook my head.

“Not really”

“Okay but let me know if you start to feel it okay?”


“I love you Lily.”

“I love you too James”


Author’s Note: I know I know I’m terrible I haven’t updated in so long.

I've had a pretty rough and emotional time in my personal life and still feel like hell so if you leave a review that’ll brighten my day. Or even flick me a question on tumblr, the info is on my profile.

Thanks for putting up with such a short chapter, please review!


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