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All Bets Are Off by maraudertimes
Chapter 9 : The Party: Sirius Black
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Author's Note: Special thanks to Expecto-Prongs on for Beta'ing my last chapter and this one. I cannot express how delighted I am that you took the time to do this for someone else that you hardly know. Props, regards, awesome sauce… Basically, thank you with all my heart. Also, sorry for the wait (Alanah) and I hope you like this chapter. Next one probably won't take as much time, but be prepared to wait at most a month for it. This one, however, is told from Sirius' POV. Read, review, favorite, follow, etc. Thanks!

"Are you ready then, Prongs?" I said, pulling on my shirt.

He grinned at me. "Lily? Drinks? Spin the bottle? I am absolutely ready!"

I laughed and so did Remus.

"And you, Moony," I said, turning to him, "are you ready? You know, you might actually win your bet this year with this party."

He rolled his eyes, but James, Peter and I started guffawing as his cheeks reddened. Ah, Remus. The poor, dear prude. James was busy trying to figure out what perfume ('It's cologne!') Lily would like best. The poor sap.

He was mighty fit (as we all were), but he never really got on with the ladies. Mind you, that was of his own choice. He wanted none other than Lily Evans. For him, it was Lily Evans (you don't have to say Evans again so soon after you already did) or bust. Peter was figuring out what shoes he wanted to wear.

"Merlin, Peter! Just put your trainers on! It's not that hard!" I said, instantly regretting my choice of words. "Oh, shut up Prongs," I growled. "Just keep putting on your perfume."

"It's cologne!" He whined. "And I didn't even say anything in the first place..."

"It's perfume," Peter stated and I discreetly high-fived him as he went past.

"Okay. Jordan's on music duty, we've already got the alcohol, Lily Flower's got the lights –"

"Shove it, Potter," the fiery redhead snarled.

"Sorry, sorry. Alice got the house elves to make awesome party food, and Kendra's getting the word out. Did I miss anything?"

I smiled at James and threw my arm around his shoulder, my other around Lily's. "Nope! Everything is ready my friends! The Gryffindor party is ready for take off!"

With that, I pushed them together and walked away, satisfied at the red tinge that decorated their cheeks. James started to stammer while Lily got quiet and turned away. Pretending to look at her manicure, I saw her eyes shift nervously as James slowly moved away before speaking.

"So, Evans. Mind saving me a dance for tonight?" He asked, his right eyebrow raised.

I glanced at Remus and saw that he too had noticed James' quavering voice. Usually our best mate couldn't wait to come onto Lily, always cocky. But this time, he seemed a little more nervous. And she did too. That is, until her eyes flashed and she turned on him.

"I would love to, Potter," she said, way too innocently.

James perked up but I felt something was wrong.

"Lily, don't!" I cried.

"In fact, why don't I save you a dance –"

"Please, he's so excited!"

"– after I sleep with the giant squid–"

"Now she's started."

" – and join the bloody Slytherins in killing muggleborns!"

"And she's finished," I said, patting James on the back. "Really, Lily? Did you have to do it that so scathingly?"

She shrugged and walked away, grabbing Alice and leaving the common room. James leaned into me and began to moan, the only intelligible words being Lily's name and 'but I'm handsome.' I laughed and walked over to Mary, one of Lily's dorm mates. She looked up as she heard me and smiled coyly.

"Mister Black. Whatever is it that brought you over here? Could it be my amazing charm?" She winked and I smiled.

"Not at all, my dear Mary. Just wanted to know how you were doing with, well, with Alice."

Her smile fell. "Sirius, you know that Alice is straight, right? And I would appreciate you not stating anything of my 'condition' somewhere public like the flipping common room!"

"Sorry, Mary. But I'm a joker. No one will believe me, anyways."

She glared. "Well, I would appreciate if you could refrain from doing so anyways."

"Fine, Mary. Fine. Now, how's about a good luck kiss? To show anyone who's heard me that you are a normal girl?"

She rolled her eyes but leaned forward and placed a kiss on my lips. People thought Mary and I had a thing for each other because, ever since third year when we had kissed at a seventh year party we had snuck into and she told me she fancied girls, I had always made a point to keep her secret a secret.

Having a family who didn't love me was hard enough as it was being who I was, but Mary's family was just as prejudiced as my own, save they had always been Gryffindors but did not like gay people. Well, not many did, but since she came from a pureblood family, she would most likely be shunned at family gatherings. I mean, I got it.

The her fancying girls thing, not the whole being gay thing. Well, I mean, I realized why she would fancy girls, but I myself can't ever picture myself as gay. If that makes sense.

Mary understood me perfectly. Girls are so soft. Soft hair, soft skin, soft voices, soft everything. Mary and I formed a sort of club. The 'I Love Girls Club' I call it. She calls it confession. I don't know what confession is, but apparently Lily does and she told Mary. All we really do in this club is sit in the kitchens and talk about hot girls.

We usually have a meeting once a month and the I Love Girls Club only has two members. Mary and I. I tell her things I don't normally tell the marauders, like how I felt bad after letting a girl go after dating her for a week.

Or how I felt after breaking a girl's heart for the second time (which has happened a total of seven times) or the third (three times) or even the fourth (only once – it was a Hufflepuff girl a year older).

Mary, in turn, told me how she had felt when a girl had looked at her in the corridor with something more than friendship, or how she had felt when a third year Ravenclaw had asked her why she looked at girls differently than boys, or when a seventh year Hufflepuff had asked her out and she had to say no because she truly did not fancy him and would have felt bad to have led him on.

Of course, this was all over some pie or cookies or hot chocolate, usually all three. Mary seemed to be able to eat and eat and eat without gaining a pound, something we both shared. Yes, Mary and I were quite fond of each other in a not so normal sense. No one knew of course, so as I walked back over to my best mates, James and Remus wiggled their eyebrows at me.

"Oh shut it you tossers!" I hissed but James just winked.

"Ooh, getting something tonight, Padfoot?"

Remus rolled his eyes. "You two toss pots are such perverts. Can't you go to a party without getting wasted, shagging someone," – at this he looked pointedly at me – "or taking off your clothes?" This time he looked at James.

James shrugged. "When I drink a little too much alcohol, the clothes just restrict the real me. Plus," he said, his eyes twinkling, "this way Lily gets to see my awesome bod and realise what she's missing out on."

I rolled my eyes. "I've seen your 'awesome bod' Prongs and she isn't missing much."

James looked at me and pouted. "Really?"

"Nah you tosser. She is totally missing out on all that raw manliness."

James grinned and nodded, sauntering off as he glimpsed Lily walking past. Remus rolled his eyes as we heard 'Lily Pad!' followed by the sound of Lily's hand striking him across the face. He really needed to lay off her.

I had a feeling she didn't really hate him. Just intensely disliked his bullying nature and the fact that he couldn't stop asking her out in menial ways. First off, he either used a disgustingly sweet nickname, or her last name. The numpty didn't realise she was fairly nice to those who called her by her given name.

Then again, it was James, and who said he was particularly observant when it came to Lily's likes and dislikes? All he really cared about was what she looked like. Yes, my best friend is a shallow bastard, but aren't we all? Anyways, I walked over to Carlos Jordan and winked at him.

"You ready with the music there, Jordan?"

He smiled cheekily. "Oh yeah. DJ CJ is in the house."

My impish smile fell and I shook my head. "No Jordan. Just no. Don't go there."

He shrugged. "You guys put me in charge of music, I'm going to be in charge of music."

I rolled my eyes and walked over to one of the plush couches, waiting for the party to start. I'd probably sit here nursing the drink until the party went full swing, then I would dance and drink. Nothing was worse than a pre-party partier.

The lights danced over the bodies dancing in the middle of the common room. It was magical. Colours flashed, making the harsh makeup so many of the girls wore on a regular basis actually seem presentable. Eyes flashed different colours as boys danced alongside girls.

Carlos had pulled through somehow and the music was loud, pounding over and over again, the beats reverberating in my heart. Now this was a party. I quickly weaved through the crowd, finally stopping to move alongside Lily as she danced, her long red hair catching the purple and green lights, illuminating it.

"Hey Lils," I yelled over the music.

"HEY!" She shrieked back.

"Gotten into the drinks I see."

"Diggory HANDED me a drink a little WHILE ago. I never really trusted THAT guy."

I laughed throatily. "Neither have I."

"SO are you dancing, Black?"

"Volume Lily. Control yours."

"OH yeah, I should PROBABLY start doing that."

"And yes, I am dancing Lily, how nice of you to notice."

Lily nodded and began dancing closer. I tried to back away, but soon her chest was pressed to mine and we were swaying to the music. Her mouth was near my ear as she stood on her toes.

"Do tell me there's a Spin the Bottle game going on right now," she whispered. "Because I need to get something out of my mind.

I smirked. "The infamous Evans wants to lock lips with a random? Scandalous!"

"Oh shut it! I'm smart enough to feign drunkenness to get you to tell me where these activities are taking place."

"Oh, but Lils, I haven't told you yet."

She smirked, her left eyebrow raised, the effect sobering up her face, her devilish grin so much like the patented marauder smirk it was scary. "Oh, but as soon as I began dancing close to you, Black, you looked over at the boys' staircase. Obviously you were looking for a sign that Potter was coming back, or for that matter, not coming back, as you didn't want to get in a row. And as you well know, Potter is always at the heart of these 'scandalous' games."

I shrugged. "You caught me. Or, you caught him. But damn Lily, you should be in Ravenclaw. Figuring things out and pretending to be drunk and all."

She laughed merrily. "Yes, well. I believe I may have been put into Gryffindor for my amazing courage. Did you know I'm the only girl in my dorm to actually kill spiders?"

"No way," I laughed.

"So way. Mary is completely terrified of them as are the rest of them. God forbid they find one at night."


She rolled her eyes. "Muggle stuff. So, what dorm?"

"Fifth years' dormitory. We don't want any nasty stuff going down in ours, you know?"

She rolled her eyes again but her smirk was still there. She thanked me and made her way up to the fifth years' dorm. I smirked as another girl came and danced against me but quickly forgot about her as I saw a girl with dark hair dancing along next to her friend. While her friend seemed familiar, she didn't. I smiled. Target acquired. She danced jumpily, telling me she either didn't know how, didn't like the attention of extremely sexual dancing, or that she was smashed. Hopefully the latter.

Sirius Black had come to this party with his claws out and, hopefully, a poor little mouse would scamper into them. I plastered a charming grin on my face and made my way through the crowd, narrowly missing a stream of vomit coming from a slight Gryffindor fourth year.

I rolled my eyes as I caught Diggory behind her, holding her hair back as well as a small red cup I assumed was the poor girl's drink. That numpty was truly a horrible guy. Even I have enough decency not to go after fourth years. I got around the crowd and found the dark-haired girl just as her friend pressed her lips to her cheek. Someone in the crowd wolf-whistled and I got a little closer.

"Okay, who got the Ravenclaw girls drunk?" I asked as I recognized the girl's friend. Merlin, Melvin, Mead… Some Ravenclaw girl. "Because I would like to thank them."

The girl in front of me batted her eyes then started yelling. "Well, if I got myself drunk, so how are you going to thank me? Oops," she said lowering her voice, "I didn't mean to be so loud."

I smiled and leaned in a little closer. "Loud? I can barely hear you babe."

Something flashed across the girl's face but she quickly turned to her friend. Whispering something to her friend, the girl finally turned to me and grabbed my hand. Pulling me out of the crowds, she led me to a dark corner. As I looked back at the party, I saw Remus giving me a dirty look. He never did seem to like my excursions with girls. The prude.

As I looked back, I saw the wavy curls of the girl bounce ever so slightly with each step. As she turned back towards me, she continued to back up. How this Ravenclaw girl knew about this small, dark corridor when she had probably never been here confused me, but I let my thoughts go as she suddenly halted and pulled me closer by my shirt.

"Hello," she said breathlessly. "How many people have you kissed?"

Somehow she had gotten even closer and I felt the hot air from her breath against my lips. She smelled minty and a bit like the spiked butter beer I knew was going around. But her question made me jolt ever so slightly.

"Um, what kind of question is that?"

Her eyes glinted in the small amount of light and she pressed herself closer to me. Her lips were fluttering at my earlobe, her breath silent under the loud music.

"Well, I don't want some sort of mouth disease now do I? Because I do plan to kiss you mystery man."

Her breath tickled my ear and I shivered. "Well, I could ask the same question, mystery woman."

She giggled. "I'm not a woman. I'm a girl."

"A girl? Well then, how old are you Ravenclaw? And how old do you think I am?"

"Well, seeing as I don't recognize you and you don't seem younger than me, perhaps you're a seventh year. But you could be a really old-looking fifth year. And I'm a sixth year by the way.

Definitely a Ravenclaw, I thought. The rambling is just too logical for a regular drunk girl.

"Well Ravenclaw, I am a sixth year like you, unfortunately. Apparently we don't quite remember each other."

"I must be really drunk, right?" She frowned, but somehow still managed to stay incredibly close to me.

Smiling, I looked over at her face, trying to recognize her. "I think you are. I guess that means I should not be doing this."

Suddenly, she grabbed my face and brought it to hers. My eyes widened slightly as our eyelashes touched, our noses pressed together.

"I think we should. And if I'm drunk, then why am I not slurring?"

She leaned in closer and I could almost feel the pressure of her lips on mine when I heard something in the corridor. First it was just two pairs of footsteps, but soon it was a voice.

"Okay babe. You sure no one's down here?"

I ignored it and leaned a little closer to the girl to meet her lips but she flinched and I hit her cheek. I stiffened as did she and I looked at her curiously. As I heard the footstep impossibly close, someone bumped into me.

"Oh, sorry mate. Babe, I think this corridor's taken."

Shit, I thought. Diggory. That arse tried everything to ruin my fun. But as I looked back at the girl, I saw sadness in her green eyes. She started, pushing me against the wall beside me, trying to get out.

She wasn't getting anywhere fast as the corridor was particularly thin and she had to press herself against me to get past, and though I wasn't complaining, her elbow did connect with my stomach at one point. As soon as she had gotten past me (after ramming into the wall, her body, and of all people Diggory), she stopped. She seemed caught by Diggory's gaze, but as she spoke, I knew it was to me.

"Sorry mystery boy, but I have to go."

I hardly heard her as she whispered, but she quickly pushed past Diggory and the fourth year he had been forcing drinks upon. Diggory looked at her as she raced away and then back at me.

"You pansy," he said menacingly. "You can't even get a girl to snog you without running away crying."

I rolled my eyes and flipped him off as he left, leaving me with the Hufflepuff girl. She looked at me, silently asking where Diggory was going. I shook my head to tell her that he wasn't going to come back and she started to cry. I silently cursed myself. I hated crying girls. I took her hand and led her out to the party where a frazzled looking brunette ran at us.

"Melissa!" She shrieked. "Where were you? I was looking all over for you! Don't go running off with sixth years at parties you daft girl!" She cried, giving me a dirty look.

"Um, excuse me," I said warily. "Diggory has been handing her drinks all night and I don't think she's well enough to get back to your common room. She seems a bit shaken up over something though, so could you bring her back to your dorm, please?"

The girl looked at me in disbelief but nodded, taking Melissa by the arm and walking away. I hoped they would get out without Melissa creating a scene with her apparent projectile vomit. Now that was attractive. As I looked away, I saw Lily running down from the boys' staircase, pulling on a jumper I recognized as James's, and holding trousers that were identical to those James had put on earlier. As she ran past, I grabbed her arm, swinging her around and causing her to fall against me.

"Hello, Evans," I said politely. "Mind telling me why you have James's jumper and trousers?"

She blushed scarlet and stammered something about Truth or Dare. I quickly widened my eyes and shushed her.

"Did James undress?" I asked.

She nodded and I swore.

"He still has himself covered. He just took off his shirt, trousers and shoes," she said nervously.

"You mean to tell me that my best friend is running around the castle in nothing but his socks and his boxers?"

She blushed scarlet again. "Well, on an earlier dare, he was told to put on a pair of lacy knickers."

I put my face in my hands. "My best friend is running around the castle in lacy knickers and socks. Please tell me they weren't your knickers."

Lily scoffed. "Of course not. Kendra's on the other hand…"

I took my hands off of my face and rolled my eyes. "Of course. But that still doesn't explain why you're wearing his jumper."

Lily's face went red again, if that was possible, and she looked at the ground. "Well, I got cold…"

"And he raced upstairs to grab you a jumper," I finished for her. She nodded and I grimaced. "Just be careful. That's his favorite jumper. His grandmum knitted it for him last Christmas."

"Aren't you going to help me find him?" She asked.

I scoffed. "No way. He's gone about in less clothing before. It definitely won't be the last time. I think I'll leave the saving of poor damsel in distress Potter to you." Lily scowled and I shrugged my shoulders. "Best be going Evans. I'm told McGonagall's patrolling tonight."

Lily nodded and left, a harried goodbye thrown over her shoulder for me. I sighed and looked around for Remus or Peter. Peter was supposed to have played a prank on the Slytherins and James was supposed to have helped him, but obviously someone lost track of his duties, and subsequently, his trousers.

Seeing neither of my friends, I sighed and went to sit on one of the couches. Letting my head fall back, I listened to the pounding of the music until someone started shaking me. I snapped my eyes open to see Peter.

"Wormtail, mate. What's shaking my little mousy friend?"

His terrified expression sobered me up and I jumped up as he began talking.

"The prank, well, it didn't go so well."

"What?" I hissed.

"Well, I tried to enchant a bucket of slime to hit some of the Slytherins when they tried to get into their Common Room, and then a whole bunch of feathers would hit them, and then I would cast a fast drying charm on them, effectively making them into chickens, right? Well, thing is, I got some of the girls and their boyfriends are livid and they might be coming up to the Gryffindor Common Room as we speak."

I hushed him, thinking. "How do they know where the Gryffindor Common Room is?" I asked.

Peter sighed. "Oh, they don't. But they sort of followed me up until the fifth floor. They're canvasing the area as we speak, trying to find it."

I swore loudly, making many people look over at me. Grabbing Peter by the sleeve of his shirt, I pulled him out of the Common Room. Hearing nothing, I turned to him, letting go of his sleeve.

"So where are they right now?" I asked.

Peter took out the map and unfolded it. Glancing through, he suddenly pointed at a small bunch of footprints on the floor directly below us. I swore again and raced off in the direction of some stairs, Peter lagging behind me. Running down the steps, I heard voices getting closer and closer and quickly pulled out my wand as I touched down on the unmoving ground of stable floor.

Peter slipped on the last one and fell onto me, knocking us both to the ground and making a racket. Immediately, I heard running and tried to get to my wand but almost as soon as I had gotten my fingers on it, it was ripped from my grasp. I looked up and saw Avery along with Snape, Crabbe, Goyle, Nott, and none other than Regulus. Avery had his wand outstretched and was sneering at me.

"Well look what we have here. A blood traitor and a squeaky little dough ball of a Gryffindor. Seems like our lucky day boys," he sneered.

Peter tried to get his wand from his trouser pockets but I discreetly stopped him. He gave me a look from under my arm and I quickly shook my head. As Avery stalked closer, Crabbe and Goyle came with him and grabbed us, hauling Peter and I to our feet. I scowled and shrugged Crabbe's beefy hands off of me.

Brushing the shoulders of my shirt and straightening it, I held my nose in the air and stared down at Regulus. "Don't touch me, you incompetent dickhead. I don't want my shirt to get fucked up. Silk, you know."

Reg rolled his eyes. I had deliberately used his own words from a small party that my parents had thrown during the summer.

His then girlfriend (don't ask how he got one, I'm still in shock he's attracted to girls) had come onto him a little too strong after some very compromising shots of firewhisky managed to worm their way into her system (courtesy of one of the only decent Blacks), and he immediately tried to get out of her grasp (maybe not so attracted to girls then).

Of course, he had used the word slag instead of dickhead, but minor details. Avery crept closer and I flinched as he threw his face up to mine.

"Scared, Black?" He asked in his nasally voice.

"Not really, but your breath smells like a hippogriff's arse."

Peter squeaked with laughter but Goyle quickly punched him in the stomach. I tsked at him and waggled my finger.

"Use your words Goyle. Not your fists," I chastised him and Crabbe grabbed my hand, pulling my arms behind my back, straining my shoulders.

Avery pulled away, scrunching his nose at me. "Crabbe, Goyle, where should we put these Gryffindor scumbags?"

The two blubbering, idiotic gorillas looked at each other and then back at Avery. The ringleader rolled his eyes.

"Incompetents. Snape, Nott, Black –"

"Yes?" I asked innocently, batting my eyelashes.

Avery scowled at me and Crabbe pinned my arms further back, making me wince. Avery turned to his cronies and they began to mutter to each other. I waited, cocking my hip and pretending to throw my hair back as I glanced at Crabbe.

"Crabbe, babe. Mind loosening the grip back there?" I asked coyly, my voice in a high falsetto.

He responded by pulling my arms back further and rolling his eyes. Finally, Avery, Snape, Nott and Black turned back to us, harshness glinting in their eyes. But almost as soon as Avery opened his foul mouth, clacking footstep could be heard from down the corridor. All of us turned to find the source of the noise and immediately looked back at each other. Avery and I looked at each other, fear in our eyes.

"McGonagall," we both whispered.

Then we all rocketed down the corridor, Crabbe and Goyle releasing Peter and I, all of us trying to get away from Professor McGonagall. As we ran, I pulled ahead and raced up a staircase that I knew would lead me to the Gryffindor common room.

But just as I was about to turn in that direction, I remembered the Slytherins behind me and quickly turned the other way. As I turned corners and zigzagged around, careful to avoid the portrait of the Fat Lady, I felt something catch my leg and I fell face first. Looking back, I saw Avery stretched out on the ground behind me, one hand on my ankle. He scowled at me.

"You're not getting away that easy, Black! My girlfriend won't be able to get those feathers off for a week. You think I like having a chicken as a girlfriend?"

I almost laughed, but by this time Goyle had grabbed Peter again and Crabbe was reaching down, trying to grab my shirt collar. They pulled me up and I sighed. At least my arms weren't behind me. As I was about to ask why they weren't restraining me, I tried to brush a stray lock of my (gorgeous) black hair out of my (sinfully exotic) grey eyes, but my hands stayed together.

I cursed as I realized they must have charmed my hands to stick to each other. Avery smiled and nodded, realizing my realisation of my reality. Huh, that could be a poem. Anyways! Avery turned to Reg, who was staring at a door just a few steps away from him.

"What is it Regulus?" Avery asked.

"I don't know," my brother said stiffly. "It sounds like someone's having a good fuck, but I can't be sure."

His posh demeanor and cordial voice was harshly set off by the term fuck. I snorted a little and he looked over at me, disgust plainly written all over his face. I was half-expecting Avery to do the same thing, but he strode over to the door and opened it, revealing a girl and a boy in a cupboard. I instantly recognized Diggory and, with a jolt, the girl I had been with in that dark corridor in the Gryffindor common room. Avery smirked, his lips curling over his teeth.

"Ooh, a Hufflepuff and a Ravenclaw in a broom cupboard. If that's not a scandal I don't know what is."

The girl turned away from him – not surprising considering the state of his ugliness – but Diggory grabbed her hands.

"Excuse me boys," Diggory said, smiling 'charmingly,' "but could you please let us out. I don't think we'll be continuing if you keep staring at us."

The girl snorted and I very nearly laughed as Avery flinched. He and the rest of the Slytherins got out of the way as Diggory and the girl scrambled out. As she passed me though, she did a double take.

"Mystery man! I thought you were Gryffindor but now you're hanging out with Slytherins," she shrieked. "You, m'friend, are a liar."

Diggory gave me a harsh look and ushered her away as the Slytherins looked at each other and then at me. I shrugged as best I could. Reg rolled his eyes and began talking, bringing their attention to him and off Peter and I.

"Wormtail," I hissed and he looked over, fright in his eyes. "Wormtail, get over here."

He slowly moved over towards me. Soon, he was close enough to touch. Perfect. I quickly slid my hand into his… Pocket! Seriously, guys? Just his pocket. Anyways! I took out his wand as silently as I possibly could and quickly severed the charm they had put on Peter and let him do the same for me. Soon, we were both free and slowly inching our way to a corner. As Peter raced around it, I stopped him and took his wand, muttering.

"Accio Sirius Black's awesome wand."

My wand came flying from one of Avery's pockets and I caught it. As the Slytherins turned to look at us, Peter and I sent a flurry of stunners in their direction. Once all of them were lying on the ground, we ran away, giggling like girls as we did. Once we had finally gotten to the portrait hole, Peter looked at me.

"Mystery man?"

I rolled my eyes. "I almost hooked up with her. But she ran off before I got the chance to snog her."

His face shone with glee. "Sirius Black was rejected?!"

"Shh! Don't say anything. James will have a field day. If anyone asks, I found a better shag and you were the one who got caught and found them."

Peter shook his head. "I don't get why you care. One girl rejected you. There will be more."

I ground my teeth as we started up the boys' staircase. "Hopefully not."

Just as we were about to enter our dormitory, the door was flung open and Lily raced out with red-rimmed eyes and James' jumper still on.

"Whoa there Evans!" I said, stopping her. "Where's the fire? What did he do now?"

She looked at me distractedly. "Um, James and Kendra. I guess. Feelings. Like him? But he did that."

With that she raced off leaving Peter and I speechless. He looked at me and I shrugged, turning back to our dormitory. Poor James. He never could get a break. I got changed into my boxers and snuggled into my four-poster, enjoying the coolness of my pillow.

Letting my hair tickle the back of my neck, I closed my eyes and fell asleep, the image of Diggory and that mystery girl branded into my skull. I would get her. No one blew off the great Sirius Black and got away with it.

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