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The Battle of the Survivors by SiriusAura92
Chapter 4 : 4- List of the Damned
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4- List of the Damned

When Harry and his accomplices had returned to the Ministry, Harry found the entire Auror Department in disarray as more papers and old case-files then ever strewned the majority of the desks. “Excuse me, Mrs Malfoy” Said the hulking Dawlish. “Would you mind coming with me for questioning?” Narcissa followed Dawlish without saying anything and as Dawlish led her down the corridor of Interrogation rooms, Ron approached them.

“Dawlish and Kaman want to question each of you individually.” He said to the remaining Malfoys. “Don’t worry, we’re doing everything we can to track down your father.” For a slight second Draco looked as though he was going to say something but either thought better of what he might say or just simply didn’t have the strength. “Emily, would you take Mr and...” Ron looked at Astoria and the baby “...Mrs Malfoy down to the holding area?”

The Malfoy couple followed Ron’s young protégé down to the holding area and Harry had a feeling that they were going against their better judgement. “Harry,” Ron said, handing over two sheets of parchment he was holding. “I’ve been going through what few Death Eaters aren’t dead or captured and crossed them with the Death Eaters I think might want to get at Malfoy most and I think I might of found something.” And he showed Harry the two pieces of paper and there, staring back at him was the brutish looking Rabastan Lestrange, his dark and hate-filled eyes staring at the two threateningly, and the fat-faced Preston Crabbe, his dark brown hair thinning out and his sagging cheeks wobbling down to a short chin. “I mean when you think about the Lestrange’s family-ties with the Malfoys, there’s definitely going to be some bad blood and there's the fact he is one of the last active Death Eaters still at large. Well, apart from Selwyn of course but I can’t see someone like Selwyn being able to pull something like this off. And as for Crabbe... well, it is thanks to Lucius we found out the Crabbe’s hideout and ended up duelling and killing his wife.”

Harry felt a pang of both hatred and a slight amount of guilt as he looked at the pictures, for just over a month ago the Auror Office had tracked down Rabastan Lestrange and fellow Death Eater, Araban Jugson, after they had tried to use an illegal Portkey at the White Cliffs of Dover in an attempt to flee the country. During the struggle, Jugson, who was duelling both Naomi and Dawlish at the time, was disarmed and, rather than risk capture and a life sentence in Azkaban prison, jumped the cliff. Whereas Rabastan, after stunning Harry’s fellow Auror Terry Boot, had made a run for it and it had been Harry who had given chase. Desperate to catch him, Harry had even resorted to the deep cutting Sectumsempra Curse, but Rabastan had left the Anti-Dissaparation zone the Aurors’ had set up and vanished. Harry was sure, however, that his slashing curse had just hit its target.

The rest of the day was a nightmare and it wasn’t helped by yet another meeting with an angrier version of Terry Hetlim who had somehow found out about the Death Eater kidnap and demanded yet even more protection for the Quidditch finals tomorrow.

After an hour more of talks with the Head, Hetlim finally left the Office with the fact that they would indeed have more protection; a fact that both Naomi and Emily seemed unnaturally cheerful about as they finally had their first stadium patrol, and Harry even promising that he himself would be on stadium patrol. Then there was three hours of trying to track down what very few Death Eaters were left, which was no easier than any other time they did it, and other people who might be suspicious for the kidnap of Lucius Malfoy. This was shortly followed by an extra hour of finding a safe house for the rest of the Malfoys to reside in while the Manor went under Ministry control, searched thoroughly for any more clues and House Elf’s taken in for questioning.

Harry was exhausted. After making sure with Kamen that their work was in fact done for today and promising they’d be in early tomorrow, he and Ron left for home.

Although both Harry and Ron were authorised as Ministry workers to use the Floo network to travel to the Ministry, thanks to the Ministry’s safety regulations neither of them were of high enough rank to use the network to travel from the Ministry. That particular permission was for Heads of Departments and the Minister of Magic to use. So they found a Muggle-free back ally, said goodbye to each other and Harry Disaparated to Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place.

Harry entered his house and was instantly welcomed with the smell of home cooking. “Hello?” Harry said wirily to the house in general.

“Harry.” Called a familiar voice and when Harry walked into the lounge, he saw his mother and father-in laws, Molly and Arthur Weasley; she plump, grey haired and short and he gangly, wrinkled and kind-faced, each of whom were holding a different son of Harry’s.

But before Harry could even begin to greet his in laws, there was a loud cry of “HARRY!” and Harry’s God-Son, Teddy Lupin, ran in and hugged him round the waist.

“Teddy!” Harry said. “I didn’t recognise you... again” He added, looking at the boys’ dark green hair, laughing.

Shortly following his God-Son, Andromeda Tonks, Teddys’ grandmother, walked in. “Dromeda!?” Harry said to the tall, pale, brown haired old women that approached him, relieving his God-Son from the hug.

“Hello Harry, your wife invited me, I hope you don’t mind?” She said in a soft voice.

“Mind? The more, the merrier I say.” Harry said smiling at her.

Andromeda smiled back and said “Well dinner’s nearly ready so I think you best come and sit at the table.” So Arthur and Molly put James and Albus back in their cribs and the entire room left the lounge and each took their place at the dinning table, Arthur sitting directly opposite Harry.

“So Harry,” Arthur said cheerfuly. “How are things down in the Auror Department?” Harrys’ heart sank. The thought of enjoying a family dinner had temporarily removed the Malfoys’ from his mind.

“Not all too well if I'm honest, Arthur.”

“Why? What’s happened?” Arthur asked as plates of food flew in from the kitchen on to the table in front of Ginny.

“Help yourselves and tuck in.” She said and as she sat down and Harry began to explain about Lucius Malfoy’s kidnap.

“And what if it wasn’t kidnap?” Arthur asked suspiciously, holding the same fork full of potato he had been holding throughout Harrys’ story.

“Well, we’re fairly certain it was kidnap. I mean I can’t think why he’d want to escape after everything he’s done for the Ministry and the enemies he’s made.”

“Have you got any ideas on who...?” Arthur asked, though Harry suspected he knew who he was referring to.

“Well there’s only about four Death Eaters left unaccounted for.” And Harry began listing them, as he had been doing nearly all day. “Thorfinn Rowle; whom we haven’t seen hide nor hair of since the Battle of Hogwarts. Preston Crabbe; who we can see wanting to commit something like this after the death of his wife and son, as he was someone who considered Lucius a family friend. Then there’s Rabastan Lestrange; who Ron suspects because of “Family ties” with the Malfoys’ and then there’s Edmund Selwyn; who despite being seen up and down the country for the past eighteen months we still can’t seem to capture.”

Harry thought to the last time Selwyn had been spotted and by the time the Aurors got to the Welsh village where he had been seen, they discovered the local wand maker, Aberthol Evens, dead in his shop and his apprentice missing and presumed dead.

Silence fell on to the table until broken by Molly. “Well then... shall we talk about something other than... uh... work?”

Although Harry felt slightly relieved to change the topic, that same dull pang at the top of his head that had attacked him during his promise to Narcissa made him feet strange, as though that part of his brain wanted nothing more than to continue their discussion on the case.

“So, Ginny,” Andromeda started. “How many points are you planning on beating the Chudleys’ by this time?” And as Ginny smiled the entire atmosphere of the dining room changed.

“Are you going to use your new broom?” Asked Teddy, who had remained quiet as he normally did when listening to Harry talk about his Auror work.

“You know what?” Said Ginny smiling at Teddy “I think I might as well. I mean I don’t want to beat them too badly, but I think it would be good for a laugh.” Teddy laughed and his excitement about tomorrows match doubled as both Ginny and Harry now owned Teddy’s two most favourite brooms: Ginny’s Firebolt Mark II; which she had bought after the death of her wealthy Auntie Muriel, who had ended up only mentioning Ginny and Molly in her will, and Harry’s Nimbus Twenty-Twenty; a birthday present from the teachers of Hogwarts and Harry had a sneaky suspicion on which teacher might of come up with the idea.

The rest of the meal continued with laughter and banter about tomorrows match until Andromeda finally said “Well thank you for the invite to that lovely meal Ginny.”

“It was no problem, it’s the least we can do for you for looking after the kids tomorrow.”

Andromeda smiled, looked at Teddy, and said “Well, I think we should be going, I need to get this one to bed.” Teddy looked up struggling to keep his eyes open and Harry was sure that Teddy gave his Nan the same look as his mother, Tonks, did to anyone who called her Nymphadora. “But Nan!”

“No buts, Teddy.”

“Why don’t you both stay over?” Suggested Harry and Ginny nodded with agreement. “It saves you the trip back over here tomorrow.”

Teddy turned to his Nan with a new found energy and said “Can we Nan? Please!”

“Well I suppose if it’s no trouble with you two.”

“No trouble what so ever, Kreacher.” Ginny beckoned and Kreacher Apparated with a loud crack in a bowing position.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Could you sort out Teddy’s room and the spare room for Andromeda?” And with a low bow and a smile, the house elf Disapparated upstairs.

“When it’s ready,” Andromeda whispered to Harry. “Do you think you could help me getting him up, otherwise he’ll just be a nightmare tomorrow?”

Kreacher arrived two minutes later and announced that the beds were ready and Harry walked up a begrudging Teddy to his room. After a wash and changing into a spare change of maroon coloured pyjamas, Teddy placed himself comfortably in Sirius’ old bed, both his and Harry’s fathers grinning down at them from an old picture along with Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew, and looked at Harry admirably.

“Harry, are you going to kill the Death Eaters when you find them?” Harry was a little taken aback. Harry knew Teddy had always been fascinated with his work and Harry had even occasionally snuck him into the office to Albert’s amusement and to Andromeda’s unawareness.

“If I’m forced to.” Harry answered tentatively.

“Harry,” Teddy said again as Harry tucked him in. “Have you ever killed a Death Eater?”

“No, I haven’t.” Harry said calmly. “It’s my job to bring them in and make sure they can’t any more bad things. Not to go out and kill them.”

But before Harry could try and end the conversation, Teddy continued “But if you killed them, they couldn’t do any more bad things.”

Harry gave a small smile and said “True, but killing isn’t as easy you think, Teddy.” Teddy gave Harry an inquisitive look and Harry continued “You’ll understand one day, trust me.” Before ruffling his hair and turning off his bedroom light.

Harry came back down just in time to see Ginny clearing away the table with a wave of her wand. “You really need to teach me how to do that.” Andromeda said as the plates marched themselves into the kitchen and begin bathing themselves in the sink.

“Mum’s the one you should be asking, not me. She’s the expert.”

Molly smiled and said “Well when you’ve practiced as much as I have, it ends up becoming second nature.” And a full blown conversation about handy household charms ignited and just when it looked like Arthur would fall asleep where he sat, Harry’s in-laws said their goodbyes, went for the door and with a final “...and we’ll see you for drinks after the match tomorrow.” The two Weaslys Disapparated.

Not long after, Andromeda claimed she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer and she went upstairs to the spare room and a few minutes later, Harry and Ginny decided that James and Albus would be fine to sleep in the downstairs cribs and went to bed.

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The Battle of the Survivors : 4- List of the Damned


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