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Beautiful by missclaire17
Chapter 1 : I.
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Sacharissa Tugwood was no fool; in fact, she was quite intelligent, receiving all ‘Outstanding’s on her O.W.L.s with the exception of an ‘Exceeds Expectations’ on her Charms O.W.L.

Even if Victoria Potter was against the notion of Sacharissa trying to capture Arsenius Jigger’s heart and hand in marriage, Sacharissa was determined to do so.

Victoria did, of course, have Sacharissa’s best interests at heart, but she just did not understand. She was already in a perfect match with Nathaniel Archibald, and the entirety of Hogwarts’ male population was quite infatuated with her.

Victoria just simply didn’t understand.

Sacharissa Tugwood was no fool because she understood that beauty wasn’t in the eye of the beholder.

There was one universal truth about beauty, and the truth is that there is only one beauty: physical beauty.

A woman could have a kind heart, a patient temper, and a gentle attitude, but at the end of the day, no one would look at a woman’s “inner beauty” when  a woman is already judged at first glance.

Sacharissa couldn’t fault Victoria for not understanding that physical beauty was the only thing that mattered because Victoria was the embodiment of beauty.

Her body didn’t have any extra fat and was perfectly curvy; her dark hair fell behind her back in perfect curls; her lips were plump and needed no additional coloring; her skin was flawless, and her face looked like it was hand-carved by the world’s best sculptor.

That was beauty. A body to die for and a face of the angels.

Victoria had received a higher score on their first homework assignment from Arithmancy, after which Sacharissa had told herself she had nothing if she didn’t have her intelligence.

Sacharissa possessed none of the beauty that Victoria had; only her intelligence was better than Victoria’s. Even so, her intelligence wasn’t perfect: her ‘Exceeds Expectations’ in Charms and her lower Arithmancy homework score still haunted her.

It wasn’t so much as how strong Sacharissa’s feelings for Arsenius Jigger were that motivated her creation. It wasn’t so much as how wonderful of a match it would be for Sacharissa if she could gain Arsenius Jigger’s hand in marriage that motivated her creation.

Sacharissa Tugwood’s motivation for developing her precious creation came from Arsenius Jigger’s absolute dismissal of Sacharissa as not only a suitable match in marriage, but also his scorn at the thought that the two of them were intellectual equals.

No, Sacharissa cared nothing for Arsenius Jigger.

Of course, her parents would be delighted the Jiggers approached them to ask for a proper courting or a proposal, but Sacharissa cared nothing for Arsenius Jigger’s heart.

All she cared about was the stunned look of disbelief in Arsenius Jigger, Nathaniel Archibald, and all of males at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when she walked into the halls of Hogwarts following the holidays of her seventh year.

Sacharissa was no longer the smart but ugly girl that happened to be Victoria Potter’s good friend. Sacharissa was no longer the girl that no bloke wanted to court, let alone marry.

Now, Sacharissa was beautiful.

The Beatification Potion: there was no more ugliness. 













A/N: Hello! What did you all think about this one-shot? 

I thought it'd be interesting to write about the mindset of the witch, Sacharissa Tugwood (who is canon!), when she developed the beautification potion. Was this too short?

Please leave a review below and tell me your thoughts! (:

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