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Rise of the Phoenix by thetrueauror
Chapter 5 : Revelations
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Chapter 5- Revelations


Early in the morning the sun shone bright through the curtains in the top room of a rickety house, it stood several floors to high in which under no circumstances should be able to stand without magic. The Burrow was the house the Weasley family had lived in for many years raising their many children that resided in the town near Ottery St. Catchpole.

Ronald Weasley, the rooms only occupant was laying in bed staring at the ceiling as he had become accustom to the last several months. He had been at The Burrow for the better part of a year since Ginny’s funeral, and rarely left his room except for meals. Looking down to the right he noticed the Daily Prophet newspapers scattered around the floor with the pictures of a small group of people all warring black with their faces hidden behind their hoods. Knowing the two in the front was of his best friends making the front page brought a sneer to his face. When he had first seen the papers indicating the special team Kingsley had put Harry in charge of made him even angrier, because to him it seemed Harry didn’t care about his sister at all. If he could continue on like nothing ever happened then how could have really loved her like he claimed he did. His anger grew when Hermione chose to stay with Harry instead of coming home with him, after they had shared that kiss in the Chamber of Secrets. Everything they had gone through while they were at school together, and then again while on the road made him rethink their entire friendship.

The Prophet said they raided a reported abandoned building in some neighborhood in Muggle London and the reports were Harry killed a group of Death Eaters. Had the papers gotten it right and Harry really killed those people in that raid. As mad as he is at Harry he just couldn’t believe he would be able to do that, not the Harry he knew at least.

Hearing a distinct popping sound that could only come from somebody apparating just outside the wards of the house brought him out of his musing. Getting up to check out the window to see who had popped in he saw the one person that had always been on his mind, Hermione. But she didn’t walk like the Hermione he had known for seven years, no, she walked with a purpose. She walked with a strength she didn’t have before, and it was a little disconcerting to she see her now so long after they went their separate ways.

Peering down his window he could see her knock at the door to the kitchen, then walking into the house after his mother opened the door to let her in. Not sure what to feel at seeing her again after such a long absence made him sit back down on his bed to wait for her to come to him. He didn’t have to wait for to long because after a few minutes he heard his mother shout for him to come down stairs. He just stood still not wanting to go down and see her, because he was afraid he would say something he would regret thanks to his famous temper.

Another round of his mother’s shouts brought him out of his stupor. Not wanting to hear his mothers ranting he reluctantly got up and walked out of his bedroom to talk to the one person he didn’t want to see. He entered the kitchen slowly not sure of what to expect so he tried to keep his emotions in check by staying as quiet as possible. Trying to blend in with the table, he took some scones that his mother had just pulled out of the oven to keep his mouth occupied.

“There you are Ron, look who’s here?” Mrs. Weasley told him not realizing the discomfort he was feeling at the present moment, so all he did was nod and stay quiet.

“Well aren’t you going to say something, or just sit there?” Mrs. Weasley scolded him.

“I have nothing to say to her Mum.” He told her coolly as he started to get up from his chair and walk back up the stairs.

“You get yourself back in here Ronald Weasley! Now!” His mother shouted in which left no argument, so he did what any sane person in his position would do, he sat down at the table and let his mother do all of the talking.

“Now, Hermione why don’t you tell us what you have been doing these last few months hum?”

“Well, you may have read in the paper about the covert team Harry is in charge of.” She got the impression they have read that article.

“I had hoped that wasn’t true, but when Arthur came home telling me it was I didn’t know what to think. I just hope he’s okay.” She said.

“Who cares if he’s okay, the slimy git.” Stated Ron angrily, causing both women to look at him with evil eyes. Looking at Hermione’s facial expression brought forth all the hatred he had been feeling towards Harry since his sister’s funeral.

“DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT, THAT SELFISH BASTARD DIDN’T EVEN HAVE THE DIGNITY TO COME TO GINNY’S FUNERAL!” He said standing up, “And you all still think he’s the perfect little savior don’t you, well not me, I’m finished being his little second string companion following along like a dog. Says he loves her and yet he ditches her claiming he wants to protect her, and gets her killed…” he didn’t get to finish the last part as his face suddenly exploded with pain in his left cheek. Clasping a hand to his face he stumbled to the floor and looked up to see Hermione leaning over him with her face inches to his with anger he never knew she possessed.

“You have no idea what he’s feeling Ron, none at all because you left him for me to look after. Ginny’s death destroyed him. He is not the person anymore. If you were to look at him, you would see a man that lost everything worth fighting for. There is no spark of life in him anymore. Nothing.” When Hermione finished her rant the look she got from Mrs. Weasley was heartbreaking.

“Tell me everything Hermione.” Mrs. Weasley asked. Although the death of her only daughter was still so fresh in her mind, the thought of Harry being in this much pain over the loss of Ginny saddened her even more. At first she was very surprised to find out they had a relationship while at Hogwarts, even though her daughter had an infatuation with him when she was a little girl. But knowing the determination her daughter had she was pleasantly happy for the two of them.

Hermione sat down and told them everything that has been happening since the battle, and with the insane training Harry’s been making them do which explained to Ron how she was able to land such a great punch to his face so quick. And to their horror the training Harry has been subjecting himself to.

“This last mission the papers talked about was actually our first one as a team because Harry’s been going on missions on his own for a few months now. The brutality of what Harry did was a shock to us, and that doesn’t even begin to describe it.” She didn’t intend to go into the details of the event that still gave her nightmares but once she started she couldn’t stop.

“Something went wrong because it looks like they were expecting us. We were ambushed and easily out numbered but it didn’t matter to Harry, he just walked out into the open without a care in the world. He held up his hand stopping their spells and then cast the most powerful Reducto curse I’ve ever seen killing them all. And when we found the others in a similar fight he took them out easy, all except one, Rodolphus Lestrange.” She noticed at hearing his name both Weasley’s stiffened a little. “Don’t worry he wont be around anymore to hurt anybody else, Harry saw to that. Decapitated him with this new sword of his.” She told them with a faraway look in her eyes.

“That can’t be true, not our Harry….” Mrs. Weasley said shaking her head.

“He isn’t the same Harry Mrs. Weasley, he’s darker. Somehow he’s stronger, faster, and unbelievable more powerful. But the scary part is when he uses his sword, and the only way to describe it is terrifying, yet beautiful at the same time.” She said with a little half smile, telling them of when she walked in on him while he was training in the Room of Requirement and the all out war Harry surrounded himself in and came out of it unscathed. She then began to tell them of the group’s request to watch him train as well as professor McGonagall, and how that time he didn’t come out intact.

“I think he used too much energy showing us so soon after he already trained, but you know Harry.” She said with a little laugh. “He a… he got cut pretty good” she tried to tell them about the extent of his wounds but the words got caught in her throat and with tears threating to fall. Every time she closes her eyes she sees the gaping slash across his back from his right shoulder to his left hip and his cloak soaked in blood. Although he was wounded the amazing part was he kept on going, and kept fighting as if he was never hurt at all until the end when he cast the spell that will haunt her forever.

When they took him to the hospital wing, Madam Pomfrey took off the rest of his clothes and they seen the true extent of all of his injuries. From what it looked like Harry had been getting hurt like that for quite some time and said nothing about it to anyone. Spread across the majority of his body were scars of all different sizes ranging from the size of a wand all the way down to the tip of a quill. The look Harry had could be described in one-word ‘pain’ and his entire life was surrounded by it. When this war is all said and done they will write great stories about all of this and Harry will be regarded as a great tragic hero like in ancient antiquity Hermione thought to herself.

“He looks like he’s been hit with Sectumsempra curses all over his body, and with those there is no way to heal them. The only thing to do it to syphon the dark magic out of it and let the wound heal on its own. But judging by the amount of scars I think he’s been able to heal himself sufficiently enough to continue everyday.”

“Can we see him? Is he alright?” Mrs. Weasley choked out.

Hermione looked at surrogate mother that took both Harry and her in and for the first time in her life she was not sure how she should answer that question. As she sat there the older woman picked up on her hesitation and asked the question she was having trouble deciding if she was going to tell them the answer too.

“What else is there Hermione?”

“Well, the real reason I came here today was to get some help with him.” She began.

“And why would that git need help.” Ron growled, as he was still convinced Harry was the one responsible for what happened to his sister.

Eyeing Ron with a piercing glare Hermione told them her feelings on him being suicidal. The talk she had with him in the Room of Requirement gave her all she needed to know that he did not plan to live after he killed Voldermort, and that was not a reality she was willing to face. The only option in which she saw Harry dying would be as an old man in his bed, and preferably with her next to him if she had her way though she kept that last thought to herself.

There was one other thing she left out of her story, when they took Harry to the hospital wing she was a little afraid of what the reception of it would be. It would seem the wand and sword were not everything he got while he went out to Diagon Alley that day. When Madam Pomfrey took his shirt off there starting in the center of his sternum was a massive tattoo of a Hungarian Horntail dragon that covered his entire chest that stopped with its tail wrapped around his left arm and fire spitting down his right. Remembering that was what Ginny told people Harry had a tattoo of this didn’t surprise her. Rolling him over on to his side to see the wound on his back was another tattoo covering his entire left side of his ribcage. But this one was a portrait of Ginny, and it stretched just below his armpit to his hip. He must have taken a picture of her with him to get such a perfect likeness of her, because it was what she was warring at Bill and Fleur’s wedding. She was warring a skintight backless dress that went very low down her back leaving nothing to surprise. The artist must have been magical because her fiery hair and piercing brown eyes seemed to explode out of his skin in a 3 dimensional figure as if she were still alive. She was unbelievably beautiful in the tattoo, but still paled in comparison to how she looked in the flesh.

Seeing Ginny on him in this manor brought a tear to her eye that her friend was in so much pain, and there is nothing she could do to help him.

His features have already changed so much since the battle the year before, that when he pulls his hood down nobody will recognize him anymore. His eyes are no longer the beautiful emerald green they once were, and since his latest power surge his hair has changed from the black with white peppered in to it to white with black. If you only looked at him at a quick glance you would think he was a man well into his fifties instead of someone only turning nineteen years old.

Madam Pomfrey was keeping him under with a sleeping draught because of the lack of sleep she knows he’s getting, and was under strict orders from the Head Mistress to let him sleep for two whole weeks before allowing him to wake up. This is what led Hermione to The Burrow Seeking Mrs. Weasley’s help, because he will be waking up later that night and she thought he needed a mother’s comfort.

She hadn’t planned on seeing Ron, and for him to have the attitude towards Harry it drove her to strike and yell at him, which kind of brought back old memories of the good old days. But seeing his reactions to her story of how Harry’s been faring brought her to the understanding that the good old days are far behind them now. A realization that the ‘Golden Trio’ is no more was playing through her mind, and she was doing everything possible not to cry. For so long it seemed like it was the three of them against the whole world, but those days are over now.

“I will come with you, Ron as well.” Mrs. Weasley told her.

“The bloody hell I will.” Ron argued.

“Oh really.” Stated his mother, as she gave her famous Mrs. Weasley stare that sent shivers down all of her children’s spines. “Who was it that saved your sister in the Chamber of Secrets? Who was it the saved your father from that monster of a snake, and who was it that saved you from poison? Hum? Your going and that’s final.” When she finished she was almost yelling at him. To the shock of his mother Ron got up from the table yelling back at her that he wasn’t going and she couldn’t make him, and after he finished he stormed out the door slamming it behind him as he strode into the garden towards his father shed.



“Where am I?” thought Harry as he sat in a circular room with a light that seemed to come out of nowhere in particular. He had been awake for only a few minutes, but in that short time he quickly analyzed his situation. He was in an unknown location, he was alone, and he wasn’t even sure if he was alive. As the thoughts of his previous actions in the Room of Requirement surfaced to the front of his mind he went with the latter. He had to be dead, because there was just no other explanation. Plus he had been in a place similar to the one he had been in when Riddle killed him in the forest, but looking around he saw no Dumbledore.

He was elated at the prospect of being dead, because now his life’s struggles were now over and he could be with Ginny. But there was the problem, if he was dead then where was Ginny.

Looking around the room he noticed the walls were made of a dark wood, and had simple designs of engraved roses within the wood. He thought the room was very quaint and thought it would’ve been a room he wouldn’t mind sharing with Ginny if they were able to get married.

“My thoughts exactly.” Came a voice Harry never thought he would ever hear again. He froze, just standing there not wanting to turn around because he didn’t want her not to be there. It had to be her as he smelled the air and caught her irresistible flowery scent.

“Are you going to turn around Harry?” It was her, the one person he wanted most in this world and was taken from him. He slowly turned and there she was just as perfect as always.

“Hi baby. I’ve missed you so much.” Ginny said.

Harry just stood there in shock not sure of what to do or say. As he stood, slowly one tear fell, and then another, and then another. Harry quickly closed the distance between them, and enveloped her in the tightest hug he’s ever given anyone crying as he started to kiss her. He knew he was lost without her but he never truly knew how lost he had been until now.

He pulled back and just held her sobbing onto her shoulder like a baby, while she rubbed the back of his head whispering that everything was all right. As much as he loved being in Ginny’s arms he knew he needed some answers and it’s better to get them now. Pulling back from their embrace, he wished they had something to sit on. No sooner had the thought formed in his head did an exact replica of the couch in the Gryffindor common room appeared. Walking over to in it Harry sat down and pulled Ginny onto his lap wanting to be as close to her as possible and they just sat there.

Knowing he had died didn’t bother him the slightest if he got to be like this forever, but as the thought popped into his head Ginny took it away.

“Your not dead Harry, not yet. You’re just asleep.” She told him in his ear. She felt his shoulders slump after she told him, and she knew that wasn’t what he wanted to hear.

“I know you don’t want to keep fighting Harry, but you have too. You mean too much to this world and if you fall all is lost. Muggle and Wizarding alike.” She sighed knowing this wasn’t the reunion he wanted, but she knew they where running out of time.

“Harry listen to me we don’t have much time left. When you go back, you need to move on and stop morning me. I know it’s hard, but if you don’t then he is going to win because he will use your grief against you.” She paused to let what she said sink in before she dropped another bomb on him. “You need to let Hermione heal you Harry, let her in.”

Pulling away from her disbelieving look that told her she was mad was etched on to his face. Lately Harry had noticed how Hermione was looking at him, and knew she wanted more from him, but he also knew he scared her. He also knew she knows he wasn’t ready to move yet, and gratefully she didn’t push the matter.

“She can help you move on Harry, I’m not saying you should forget me but you do need to move on.”

“I can’t Ginny.” He told her with tears still flowing from his eyes. He didn’t understand why she was saying these things to him, but he didn’t like them.

“You are everything to me and nothing else can ever change that.”

Looking into the eyes that she used to know so well she saw nothing but despair and pain. Knowing Harry she should have figured he wouldn’t go for her suggestion, but also knowing that Hermione wont give up that easily was a small comfort to her.

“I have to stop Riddle Ginny, and until then nothing else is important.” Harry stated.

“You still have to live Harry, and I want you to live for the both of us.” She pleaded to him.

As he heard the last words Harry couldn’t believe he was hearing them. She knew all he wanted to do was end this war hoping Voldermort will be taking him with him. Now he wasn’t sure what to do.

“Our time is up Harry.” She told him. She hugged him tighter.

“Remember what said Harry, please try to live for the both of us.”

“My life ended along with yours.” He said after he gave her one last kiss.

As she slowly faded away, he saw her face sadden with what he admitted to her before she mouthed, “I love you” and disappeared completely leaving him alone once again.

“I am very glad you all could come.” Minerva McGonagall told the Weasley family as they walked through the halls of Hogwarts going towards the hospital wing. After Hermione left the Burrow Mrs. Weasley had flooed the rest of the family to tell them Harry was in trouble, and to meet at the front gates at sundown. All but Ron came to Hogwarts, much to the dismay of his mother. Mrs. Weasley just couldn’t understand what her sixth child was thinking writing off his best friend of so many years. She loved Harry like a son the moment her knuckle brained sons rescued him from his god-awful relatives. It broke her heart when her daughter died, but as the months continued on she felt like she had lost another child. Stopping at the large doors of the hospital wing Molly Weasley took a few seconds to compose her emotions knowing full well what state she was going to find Harry in. sometimes it seemed she was always seeing or hearing about him with some sort of injury, and even though Harry is no longer in school it seems it is a tradition he did not want to part from.

As she was about to push open the door, McGonagall stepped in-between her and the door stopping her from entering. All in the corridor could see the sadness in her old eyes that at one point have sent them running in the other direction like a first year caught out of bed after hours.

“Please Molly, try not to think to little of him after what you see in there. I don’t think he will be able to handle your disappointment.” She said with a shaky voice to Molly Weasley but she said it loud enough for the rest of them to hear her as well.

“Why would I be disappointed with him Minerva?”

“Because, he is not the same boy you once knew. But he is still in there I know he is. I have had a number of students that I truly enjoyed in my long career as an educator, but I love that boy and it breaks my heart at what he has had to go through in his short life.” All the Weasley’s stood there a little shocked at what their old professor reveled but shook it off determined to help in anyway they could.

Stepping forward George spoke what they were all thinking, “Harry is part of our family, and what ever problems he has we will face them together.”

After that McGonagall opened the door for them to enter, and as they all passed through the door way they all stopped almost seeming immobile. Looking down towards the far end of the ward they could clearly see the only occupant in the room, and he was floating about a foot above the bed covered in bandages. Slowly walking the distance to the bed his features came into view leaving them stunned for the second time in the matter of a few minutes.

Having not seen him for almost a year he was unrecognizable and despite his weakened state he still radiated out a large amount of magical aura. Mrs. Weasley rushed to his side after the initial shock subsided and took his hand in hers, lightly trying to comb his unmanageable hair to lay flat for once. “Look what’s happened to his beautiful hair.”  She commented sadly. Going to his opposite side Hermione took his other hand and once again started her vigil of sitting by his bedside.

Not sure of what to do the others conjured chairs and sat down to wait until Madam Pomfrey came in to wake up Harry. As they all sat there watching their friend in the bed they started to really take notice of all the different changes he has gone through. The most prominent of what they could see was the greying hair he had which took them by surprise. Aside from that and the bandages rapped around his chest he looked like the same old Harry to them.

After sitting for a couple of hours, the door opened to the healers office making them all jump up starving for answers. Striding over to the group she didn’t say a word but they could see her emotions betraying her with her wand rolled Harry over onto his back to remove the bandages. Mrs. Weasley and Hermione quickly backed away but stayed close so they could see how the healing was going.

Once they were off, the Weasley’s sat back in their chairs stunned once again from the damage of his wound. Although it had been a couple of weeks, the cut still looked fresh. “How was he able to keep fighting with this?” Bill asked.

“Adrenalin most likely.” Mr. Weasley answered.

The good news was it wasn’t bleeding which from what Madam Pomfrey said was a good sign it was healing nicely.

She told them that because it was dark magic he would always have the scar on his back. After hearing that Mrs. Weasley couldn’t help but shed a few tears for her adopted son.

“Okay, I am going to wake him now.” The old healer told them, and started to wave her wand around in an intricate pattern followed by a lite white glow. Stretching to conceal his entire body it started to glow more brightly until the light was blinding. After a few more minutes the light subsided leaving Harry exactly the same way they found him in.

“I don’t know why he isn’t waking up, this has never happened before.” She franticly told them.

Closing her eyes Hermione knew why he didn’t wake up, “It’s because he doesn’t want to wake up Madam Pomfrey. He’s with Ginny.”

“How can he be with Ginny?” Mr. Weasley asked.

Telling them the story of when Harry let Voldermort hit him with the killing curse in the forest, and then seeing Dumbledore. Knowing her best friend as she does, she knew that was the only explanation there could be. That would be the only reason Harry would not want to come back to finish what he’s started.

Darkness surrounded him, the absolute darkness he felt the moment she left drove him mad. There were no more tears to shed, and no more wallowing in his self-pity over the love of his life. She was gone and there was nothing he could do about it. All his power and all of his strength meant nothing if he couldn’t get his act together.

As he sat there, the absolute darkness brought a calm anger to him like he had never felt before. Calm because he was ready to move on, but anger because he wanted to take the easy way out and nothing about him was ever easy.

Contemplating what he was going to do he felt the small gentle probing of his mind. At first it was gentle and then the probing intensified a hundred fold. Knowing this was Riddle; Harry mentally prepared himself for the barrage. Then the full image of Tom Riddle was standing in front of Harry about twenty feet away.

“Good evening Tom, I’ve been wondering if you were going to try this again.” Harry stated confidently without the slightest hint of worry.

“I can come and go in and out of your mind at will Harry. There is nothing I can not do.” He finished with a low hissed sneer. His entire presence was one of intimidation. “It was very touching to watch you with your little blood trader.”

At hearing this Harry froze, but not from fear like Riddle thought but out of pure anger that his private moment with Ginny was watched. Letting the anger absorb him Harry felt the slight twinge of his magic building up as he did with the army in the Room of Requirement. With no wand he raised his right hand palm out facing it towards Riddle, and slowly squeezed it into a fist.

Not understanding what he was doing Riddle froze in confusion, until he realized he wasn’t able to move. Then he saw Harry disappear. Fear gripped Riddle; fear like he had not known in many years. It was the fear of the unknown, and the fear of not being in complete control of everything. Searching the surroundings of his frozen prison he found nothing around him, and he tried to leave the boys mind to find he couldn’t. “You can not harm me Harry, because I am not really hear with you.” He hissed trying to sound as menacing as possible and failing miserably.

“Then why do you sound so afraid Tom?” Harry asked as his voice seamed to come out from all angles. “Now get out of my mind before I throw you out.”

“I would like to see you try Harry.”

“As you wish.” As soon as the voice ended, the absolute darkness shattered. A blinding light came blasting out of every fabric of darkness possible, followed closely by a yell of determination coming from the source. Standing frozen and not able to move Tom Riddle was subsequently thrown out of Harry’s mind with all of the force of mental hurricane.

As the inhabitants of the hospital wing sat around their friend, and all seemed very docile until everyone felt all the hairs on the back of their necks stand up on end. The source of the sudden power increase was apparent to everyone. Slowly standing and moving away from Harry they all wondered what this elevation was about.

Higher and higher Harry’s power seemed to rise without a ceiling, because to all in the room it was evident that Harry simply did not have a ceiling. Objects throughout the hospital started to lift of the ground, and all the windows shook violently threatening to shatter. Madam Pomfrey came running out of her office screaming, just in time to for her office window explode. Her window was the first to detonate setting off chain reaction throughout the hospital, as all the windows burst not able to handle the strain anymore. Sharp shards of glass came hurtling toward the group as they raised their wands to shield themselves. Before the glass reached them it hit a solid barrier and turn dust before disappearing completely. Looking back to the bed finding Harry floating higher above his bed, his eyes blinding white orbs.

And then Harry spoke, but it was obvious that he wasn’t speaking to any in the room. His voice was strong, and carried all the anger he had in his heart and they all knew he was talking to Lord Voldermort. Mrs. Weasley knew at that moment that Hermione was right about this not being the same Harry that she knew and loved as another son, but someone very dark and tormented.

“As you wish.”

They all heard the finality of his voice, and the statement was evident the conversation was at an end. A sharp powerful cry filled the air as the light in Harry’s eyes increased a strong force brought everyone in the hospital wing to the ground covering their heads. And then the power intensified making the ancient stonewalls to shake, and then it was over. Everything went quiet and not a sound could be heard.

Uncovering their heads they looked to the center of the room to find Harry standing alone. His magical aura was staying alarmingly high, and his eyes were still bright white orbs. His bandages were gone along with the rest of his clothes.

Transfixed on the display of raw magical power, all stood motionless. Hermione was the only one able to stand, and she slowly made her way towards Harry. Placing her hands softly on his bare chest he looked down at her, “are you okay?” she asked him, unsure of what else to say.

He stayed silent with the white pearl like orbs focused on her soft brown. Although his eyes were unreadable she felt everything he was trying to say to her, all of his transgressions towards his vengeance seemed gone. His piercing gaze reached her very soul, and told her he will allow her to heal him. She didn’t know how she knew this because he didn’t put it into words, but she knew. It was like he was telling her through his very being, telling her he wasn’t ready to let go completely but he was not going to allow himself die either.

It was the most eye opening experience of her life up to that moment. She felt the need to tell him her most every desire right then and there, but she knew he already understood them. “How are you doing this?” she asked unsure what he was doing to her.

“I don’t know exactly, but I feel everything.” He replied. “I feel everything inside this room and everything outside of it. I feel everything.” He said again.

“What is that?” Mrs. Weasley finally voiced, once she noticed the tattoos adorn his body. Walking quickly to him she looked closely at dragon on his chest and then on the form of her daughter on his side. “What is this Harry?”

“They are my symbols to carry on… and my inspiration.” The last one he said softly to them as he turned to show then his other side and lifted his arm. The name’s of all those who have fallen in the battle verse Voldermort, and atop of the list were is parent’s names.

“I must see Kingsley.” He stated raising his hand out to his side and his sword flew towards him coming out of thin air.

“You can not leave Mr. Potter!” Madam Pomfrey yelled.

But her shouts hit deaf ears as he turned trying to apperate out of Hogwarts.

“You can’t apperate I or out of Hogwarts Harry, you know that…” Hermione said to him for what seemed the thousandth time, as he just tried harder through gritted teeth and then he was gone leaving a small crack in the stone floor shocking everybody once again.

“I guess there really isn’t anything he can’t do Hermione.” George said laughing.









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