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Seriously Black by kjp
Chapter 4 : Turning into something were not
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brilliant ci by bewitching.@TDA

Chapter 4 

The night was cool and the wind blew the trees briskerly. Sirius stared thoughtfully out of the window wondering if it was a good idea or not. The idea that something could go wrong and they’d end up with a tail on their backside for life chilled him to the bone not to mention what problems it would cause with them and the ministry. 

Sirius sighed and forced himself to turn around to face the others who had already started chattering. It annoyed him that they weren’t nearly as worried as he was.

Remus had decided already that he would support them, it was for him anyway and he didn’t want to argue against it any longer, he didn’t want to be alone another full moon again.

Sirius pulled his night shirt over him letting the thickness of it pull him in and readied himself for what was to be a stressful night.

“You ready?” James said facing them all with a serious look upon his face “Pete’s are you alright, you look like you’re about to faint?”

Sirius turned to face Peter and saw his face pale white and was shaking non-stop.

“What if someone catches us?” He squeaks.

“Well let’s hope it doesn’t come to that” James replied sending him a small and what he hoped was a comforting smile.

Sirius sent a quick glance down at his wrist watch which read 10:12. He let out a grumble and took a step forward forming a circle with the others “Lets get this over and done with”

Remus stepped back staring at the others with worry slashed across his face mixed with admiration. James’s face was screwed up in concentration as was the other two’s. They had practised the theory for three years now and it was time to try it for real.

Sirius took a deep breath and emptied his mind and only focused on the transfiguration.

He felt slightly dizzy for a moment but when he opened his eyes he still had his original two legs, two arms and long black hair.

As he looked around he noticed that James hadn’t had much luck either but was staring down at the floor sadly as though the realization of his failure was just getting through to him. Peter still had his eyes drawn shut and he mumbled under his breathe still trying, but when nothing happened he grumbled and opened his eyes to find Sirius and James staring a him with hope on their face which crashed down as soon as he opened his eyes.

Remus nodded, his hopes having been trampled on but he showed no emotion on his face as he stood up “Perhaps we should study the theory longer”

“We know the theory, we’ve practised it for three bloody years!” Sirius cried out, kicking at his bed post in frustration. The three flinched and stared for a moment unsure of what to say or do until James stepped forward and guided Sirius to sit down onto the bed.

“Calm down mate”

Sirius took a deep and steady breath “It’s just pissing me of that we can’t do it! How much longer do we have to study for! Every month Remus has to go out there alone…” He trailed off when a lump formed at the back of his throat and he could not longer continue without breaking down in tears.

“I know mate” James said “We feel the same too”

“Lets just get some sleep for tonight and we’ll try again tomorrow” Remus piped up walking over to his own bed and pulling up the duvet wanting the tension in the room to just vanish.

“No lets try again” Sirius whispered standing up, determination written clearly and simply across his face.

James sighed and then stood up concentrating hard on his animagus form.

Once again Sirius felt the sensation of feeling dizzy for a moment but felt not difference. He frowned but still he hoped that when he opened his eyes he would be transformed.

Slowly he peered his eyes open and grumbled when there was no difference. He loosened his hands and let them drop to his sides and gasped when they hit something furry.

Both Remus and Peter gasped in amazement and carefully Sirius turned on the spot to find a stag looking up at them fearfully. It looked like it was about to faint.

“Bloody hell” Sirius whispered mindlessly, letting go and allowing himself to split a smile onto his face as he stared down at his friend “This looks so weird”

There was a sudden knock from behind them and all of them swerved around, even James, or rather the stag. While turning his antlers caught onto Sirius’s t-shirt poking him in the side.
“Oi! Watch where you put that thing!”

“YOU FOUR!” A shout yelled from behind their dorm door. The stag looked up from Sirius a sparkle in his eye, but panic searing across it.

“Lily” Sirius mouthed to Remus who looked up in shock. All four of them suddenly went into action. Sirius bustled James into the bathroom locking the door behind him as Peter went to rushing about in no particular direction feeling as though he didn’t know what to do.

Remus went to open the door checking behind him to be certain that a certain stag was out of site before opening it, there Lily stood her red hair done up in a pony tail and pyjamas on with a look of anger on her face, she raised an eyebrow before looking around the room.

“Remus” She sighed “Do you know what kind of racket you’ve been making?”

“uh… No?”

“Well you have been and its actually caused Mary to end up in tears” She stopped for a minute “though that just might be cause her boyfriend broke up with…” She trailed off before shaking her head bringing herself back “Where’s Potter and Black anyway?” She demanded taking a step closer inside.
“Uh… They’ve-” Suddenly Remus racked his brain wondering what to say next and turning to Peter for help who only shook his head at him panicked. However Lily cut across him, her voice sharp and to the point.
“They’re not out after hours are they?” Lily asked jumping to conclusions immediately forcing her way into the room “I’m going to have to get McGonagall it’s not safe during the war to be out”
“uh Lils-”

“Not that I care if they get hurt or you know… well I do care, but I don’t does that make sense? Anyway they can’t be out, we’ll loose dozens of house points” She finally burst out, Remus stared at her for a minute and then cleared his through.

“They’re in the bathroom”

There was silence for a split second as Lily stared at him, no emotion what so ever crossed her face.

 “They’re in the bathroom?” She repeated her voice going higher than ever before.



Remus licked his lips unsure of what to say next, instead he nodded feeling his face heat up.

Lily’s mouth unhinged itself, not entirely believing his story “Remus, are you alight?”

“Yeah of course, why wouldn’t I be?”

“It’s just… your shaking and you’ve sort off gone all red”

“Well I’m just cold. Very cold”

“Ok...” Lily sent him a weird look “Well once Potter and Black are out of the bathroom doing.. uh… whatever… uh… yeah”

She went to the door finally breathing in a bit of relief from the obvious tension that was going on in the room. She suddenly swerved around again remembering something “Oh yeah, can you shut up, were trying to sleep in the next room too you know”

And with that Lily closed the door behind her with a slam finally making her way back to her own door but not before casting a suspicious eye on the boys room again. She sighed, she wasn’t going to get any answers from them.

When the dormitory door clicked shut Remus let out a deep sign of relief “You’d have thought they’d have put spells on the dormitories to keep sound out” Remus said inquisitively staring around the red and gold room.

“AH! JAMES!” There was a shout from the bathroom and suddenly the bathroom door was thrown open “has she bloody gone yet? He” Sirius pointed an accusing finger at the stag “Kept galloping about”

Sirius stared into the stags hazel eyes for a minute “ok this is seriously freaking me out”
“What are we going to do?” Peter asked staring at the other two for answers who only shrugged their heads “He can’t turn back”

The stag shook it’s head slowly.

“Listen James can’t you just do what you did to become a stag but reverse and think of becoming human” Remus stressed scratching his head unsure of what to do next.

“Where’s his clothes gone?”

Everyone turned to stare at Sirius as though he’d gone slightly mad.

“What! I’m just wondering, where his clothes have gone? Because when, if he transfigures back into James he’ll have his clothes on so I’m just wondering where they’ve gone”

“Does that even matter? Sometimes you scare me Sirius of the things you come up with” Remus said unemotionally turning his attention back at James and sitting back onto the bed.

“Maybe… Maybe… Oh I don’t know!” Remus blurted out standing up suddenly and began to pace “Were gonna get killed if he gets caught”
“I know, I know-” Sirius began desperately trying to clam Remus down who looked as though he was about to explode.

“Who’s idea was this anyway!”

Sirius turned a cautious eye to James “Well… it was Prongsie here”
“Who’s prongs?” Peter asked from the corner taking another step closer to them.

“Dunno, decided to name James that. Thought it was quite funny” Sirius shrugged.

“Funny! Sirius none of this is funny”

“Remus I know”

There was an awkward silence before Sirius broke it cringing a little.

“Don’t worry mate, we’ll have James back by the end of the night and we’ll even be laughing about it at breakfast tomorrow”

“pfft!” Remus sighed tiredly “look I just…”

He trailed of and left the dorm leaving Peter, Sirius and James staring after him. Sirius sensed his panic and was just about to trail after him when a massive pair of antlers caught him. He looked down at the stag, or James (who he still had a hard time believing was him) who shook its head slowly a deep sadness arising in its eyes.

Sirius nodded in understanding wondering what to do now, Remus was their only hope of knowing what to do, he was the clever one here.

Sirius sighed and collapsed back onto the bed and stared out of the window and into the night thinking things through, and trying to fix things.

“James try again, can’t you seriously turn back?” Sirius cried out, his emotions betraying him.

Aware that Lily could easily return he cast a quick silencing charm upon the oak door and turned back to James.

Sirius sighed and grabbed hold of his wand and rushed over to James’s trunk filing through it until he came across a invisible material.

“I’m going to the library there’s gotta’ be something there” He cried out, Peter jumped up from the bed and rushing towards Sirius to put the cloak over himself as well until Sirius tugged the material away from him “Pete’s its probably best you stay here, keep any of the girls coming in here and seeing James” Sirius sent him a warm smile before skidding out of the room and throwing himself down the spiral staircase leading to the common room and casually flipping the cloak over himself.

When finally he reached the bottom of the staircase his eyes scanned the room of Remus who had his legs folded and head resting on his knees staring dreamily into the licking flames of the fire. Remus has no intention of being disturbed and by the fuming breathes he was taking in Sirius thought it best to leave him alone and let his anger cool off.

He opened the fat ladies portrait whole revealing a very pink faced women staring into the thin air in shock as her portrait was being whisked open with no person in sight.

Shivers were sent down Sirius’s spine as he waked down the darkening corridors of Hogwarts. He’d been out before after dark but he’d always have a companion with him, namely James and he’d never quite noticed just how creepy and still the school could be without a sound in sight.

He took a deep breathe in walking as quickly as he could without arousing a disturbance and quick walked past many suits of armour who he was sure was watching him with the sounds of his feet clashing with the floor echoing closely behind him.

Finally he reached the second floor corridor and pushed open the library door half expecting to see Madam Pince their with a glare sprouted on her face, but when no one was there he let out a sigh of relief and continued in towards the transfiguration section setting his sights on one book in particular that he’d come across when James had suggested the idea of becoming an animagus.

It was his only hope of getting James back without getting caught.

The room was pitched black, the only light from the moon that shone hopelessly through the stained glass windows.

Sirius picked his wand out of his pocket and whispered into it “Lumos” still cautious that there was someone watching him.

His cold hands searched through the books, each one he touched was only and fragile and barely readable, he flipped the cloak of finding it much easier to search and left it lying on the floor by the entrance. Finally his hands clasped onto the specific one he was looking for ‘Anigmas Transfiguration; Problems you may face book 503’

For a large book it wasn’t too heavy in his hands as he was able to tuck it easily under his arm and walk back out of the library, picking the cloak as he went. Just as he hit the entrance to the library and was about to flip the cloak over his head their was a snarling voice behind him.

“What are you doing out so late Black?” The greasy haired slytherine spat at him as Sirius turned pulling his wand out on him immediately almost daring him to speak another word. 

“Could ask you the same question” Sirius replied taking another careful and small step towards the door readying himself to make a quick exit.

“I saw you in the transfiguration section, what prank have you and your little friends got up your sleeve this time” Severus Snape’s eyes turned into slits as he glared at Sirius his hatred growing strong for him by the minute, his hand was tightly shut around his own wand that pointed dangerously at Sirius.

Sirius gulped back and growled “Just leave Snape, I’ve got no time for this. I’m going”

“ok then, I’ll just go tell McGonagall you’ve been out”
“You couldn’t, not without telling her you’ve been out too” for the first time that night Sirius sent a simple smirk at him, raising his eyebrows questioning him.

Snape snarled and took an easy step forward, his wand at the ready.

“I’ll find up what you’re up to Black”

“Why waste time doing that when you could be taking a pleasant shower cleaning that grease out of your hair”

Snapes face grew red and immediately as he flicked his wrist sending a blinding jinx curse hurling towards Sirius who without any time to think of a shield spell dodged it crashing to the ground. Behind him he heard a massive load of books fall from its shelves and fall next to him narrowly escaping collapsing on him.

“Are you mad?” Sirius jumped up eyes wide open as he hissed at Snape “Are you planning to wake the whole school up you idiot”

Snape shrugged his eyes set on the invisibility cloak in Sirius’s hands. Sirius watched his trail of eyesight and when he realized what he was looking at he instantly clasped his fist around it tightly

“What is that?” Jealousy dripping through Snapes voice.

“Nothing for you to worry about, just go Snape. I’m not here to cause a fight”
“For once” Snape mumbled barely audible for Sirius to hear.
“What was that?”


“I’m going now?” It was more of a question than anything, as much as Sirius would like to stay and beat Snape at a Duel there was no time and being caught was the last thing he wanted to do especially with James’s invisibility cloak that was still firmly in his hands.

Snape nodded finally and Sirius went to open the door before Snape’s voice echoed behind him once more

“That’s a invisibility cloak isn’t it?”

Sirius gulped back but didn’t answer and instead carried on down the hallway hoping that somehow he had misheard Snape in some way, because the last thing the marauders needed was Snape knowing how they managed to get around school at night without being noticed.

He ran the rest of the way back crossing his fingers and hoping Snape wouldn’t tell on them, they didn’t need anymore drama in their lives thank-you very much.

He pulled the cloak over him as he ran when he heard a distant noise. It only turned out to be Mrs.Norris and Sirius sighed in relief.

Eventually he arrived back at the Gryffindor common room to find not much had changed, Remus was still staring airily into the fire and unfazed. Sirius raised up to the boys dormitories and when he opened the oak rusty door he was greeted by a smiling James.

“What? Did you transform back?” Sirius cried out frustrated that he’d gone all the way to the library for nothing.

“Yeah, I literally transformed back just as you left” He cringed waiting for Sirius’s reaction who only grinned.

“Good on you mate”

“I can do it really easily now” James smiled and before Sirius knew it a Stag was at his foot with hazel eyes staring at him merrily, but within a second suddenly the grand stag was gone and James had appeared once again.

“Whoa that’s weird” Sirius said as he stared of at the place where a stag had just been .

“Good on you mate”

“I can do it really easily now” James smiled and before Sirius knew it a Stag was at his foot with hazel eyes staring at him merrily, but within a second suddenly the grand stag was gone and James had appeared once again.

“Whoa that’s weird” Sirius said as he stared of at the place where a stag had just been not taking his eyes of it incase his mind was playing tricks on him. Shaking his head out of it “I met Snape in the library by the way”

“Really?” James raised an eyebrow suddenly interested in the gossip Sirius had for him “What was he doing in the library at this time of night”

“No idea but… uh… James he saw the invisibility cloak” Sirius awaited his reaction as he picked up the invisibility cloak that now lay on the floor and passed it to James, who took it shakily, his face went pale white looking at Sirius with wide eyes.

“What! Sirius he’ll tell McGonagall that we’ve been out at night” James cried out finally throwing back down the cloak in anger.

“Don’t worry mate, he can’t tell McGonagall we’ve been out without admitting he’s been out at night too”

The boys stood staring at each other for a minute as Sirius placed a comforting hand on James’s shoulder a serious look sparkling in his eyes.

James nodded, worry vanishing straight from his mind.

Sirius looked down at his watch again 3:00, he really needed some sleep

A/N I've got loads of lovely reviews from you guys, it means a lot *hugs all of you amazing reviewers*

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