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Thinking Of You by Iluvmlfy
Chapter 6 : I Wanna Know What Love Is
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Hey everyone! I’m so sorry that it’s been so long since my last chapter. A lot of things have been going on in my life and I had to take a break. For starters I’m in the last few months of college and I will be graduating next month, and I’m also getting married in two months so things have been pretty hectic. Again I’m really sorry for the delay but I hope you enjoy the rest of this story!



Hermione hadn’t heard nor spoken to Draco in a little over a month and a half. She was nearing the 8th month of her pregnancy and was starting to get a little uncomfortable. She was also a little heartbroken that Draco hadn’t come by to visit her since their conversation at the banquet.

She couldn’t deny that she missed him and wished he was here to help her and to feel their baby girl kick. Neville was really great company but ever since he had started dating one of Harry’s female teammates he hadn’t been around all that much. She couldn’t blame him though; she remembered what it was like those months she spent with Draco in California. They had explored each other mentally and physically and somewhere down the road she had fallen in love with him and couldn’t imagine her life without him. He had become a part of her and since they had ended their relationship a little part of her was missing.

Hermione rubbed a hand over her bulging stomach. She couldn’t wait to hold her baby. She wondered which of Draco’s features would show and if their daughter would have his mannerisms. She also wondered if their baby would inherit the famous Malfoy icy blonde hair. It made Hermione smile when she imagined a little girl with long blonde hair, and big brown eyes. Almost like the little porcelain dolls her grandmother use to collect. She would have beautiful milky white skin, and pretty pink lips. She would be their baby. She would be the best parts of them both. A little girl wrapped in pink to cuddle and kiss. A little girl who would grow up without her parents being together.

Addison would have a step-mother eventually and the thought made Hermione sad. She didn’t want to share the special honor of being Addison’s mother with another woman. She wanted to keep her baby all to herself, and most of all she wanted a life with Draco so they could all be a family, and maybe even some day have more children together.


Hermione didn’t normally sit and have these sad thoughts but today for some reason as she sat at the window and watched the rain pour outside her little cottage; she couldn’t help but be a little sad. She figured since the sky was sad and upset, then she was allowed to be also.


At least for a little while.





Draco was sitting in the corner of his room sipping a glass of scotch, watching Daphne sleep. He couldn’t believe he was still stuck with her. She had served her purpose and made Hermione jealous, but for some reason she just wouldn’t leave. She had shown up last night, drunker than a skunk and had thrown herself at him. He had politely turned her down and made her sleep it off in his room. He had spent the night in his spare bedroom.

Daphne looked ridiculous. She was snoring and drooling all over his pillow. Her hair was sticking out all over the place and her lipstick was smeared. She was a mess and he wanted her out of his home as soon as possible. Draco took a sip of his scotch and continued to look at her in disgust. Why was he continuing to stay away from Hermione? Pansy was no longer in their way, and he had had  his fun making Hermione jealous but now it was time to man up and do what was right.

He was going to ask Hermione to marry him, and not because she was pregnant with his child but because he had been wanting to do it from the moment he realized he was in love with her. But first things first, he needed to get rid of Daphne.





Ginny was furiously pacing back and forth in her apartment. The morning after the banquet she had woken up alone. Harry had disappeared and she hadn’t heard from him at all since then. She was so angry she thought she was going to punch a wall. She had thought that their little tryst would have brought them back together but Harry obviously had decided it wasn’t what he wanted and as soon as he sobered up, he fled. She was contemplating the dismemberment of Harry James Potter when Hermione opened her front door and let herself in.

Ginny’s icy mood started to melt when she saw the sad look on Hermione’s face. She sat her best friend down on the couch and laid a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “Hermione, what’s wrong?” Hermione sniffled a little bit and pulled a tissue out of her coat pocket.

“Oh Ginny, it’s just one of those days. I keep thinking about the fact that Addie will never see her parents together. It just breaks my heart a little bit, I’ll be ok.” Ginny felt horrible for Hermione and if it was possible she would take her place in a minute. It wasn’t fair that Hermione had spent her whole life doing the right thing, and getting the best things, and she was being handed the short end of the stick.


“How about we go shopping? The baby will be here soon and she needs some things.” Hermione laughed. “Ginny, she already has more than she could ever need!” Ginny looped her arm around Hermione’s and led her to the door. “A girl can always use more stuff.”



Draco was sitting at his dining room table with a jeweler he had hired to help him design Hermione’s ring. He had gone to a few stores and seen an incredible number of rings but in the end he had decided that she deserved something special, and one of a kind.

The jeweler had promised it would be ready in a week and thinking about proposing to Hermione made his palms sweat. He was taking a huge gamble. She could totally just flat out refuse him and throw the ring in his face. She could curse him or turn him into a llama. But she could also say yes. And the possibility of that outcome made his heart a lot less heavy.

He knew that they belonged together and with the baby on the way he was even more anxious to be a family. Draco couldn’t wait to hold Hermione, and their daughter in his arms. All he had to do was wait a week, and Hermione would be his forever. He just needed to think about how he was going to propose to her.





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Thinking Of You: I Wanna Know What Love Is


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