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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 17 : Chapter 17
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A/N: Erm... yeah this chapter has Albus being a weirdo in it. But that's exactly what we know and love from him so I hope you enjoy this chapter, not matter how strange it is. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to update any other stories yet. I've had a major real life issue that I'm dealing with at the moment, but hopefully I'll have more time to write soon.


“Quills are for writing not trying to hurt people!” Albus yelled loudly as he struggled to keep Mariah from hurting him, Mariah was currently straddling Albus and had her quill in her left hand, a crazed and deranged look on her face.

They were currently in the Slytherin common room where most of their time was spent hurting each other or planning to hurt each other. They had been fighting quite more regularly since the Quidditch match, Albus had made a full recovery and was making it his mission to annoy
Mariah more than before and start fights with her. This certain fight had escalated from Albus asking Mariah to move her big head out of the way of the window, as she was blocking Albus’s sunlight. He had been lying on the floor sunbathing in the little sun that was shining through. Mariah had reacted by jumping on him and trying to hurt him with her quill, which she had been using to do her homework with

“Well, they make a good weapon,” Mariah yelled trying to move her arms out of Albus’s grip but it was too tight.

“Stop it you nutter!” Albus yelled, wiggling around as he attempted to throw her off. He was successful and tried to scramble away from her, but she grabbed him around the ankle and tried to pull him back.

Albus yelled as he tried to hold onto anything to get him away from her, using the table leg and Scorpius’s leg, although Scorpius was quick to kick him off of him. Albus turned around to face Mariah and managed to kick the quill out of her hands. Mariah held her hand painfully before hitting Albus in the leg, causing it to go dead. She tried to reach for the quill, which had skidded across the floor.

Albus, ignoring the pain in his leg, managed to shimmy over to Mariah and grabbed her, stopping her from reaching the quill in time. She let out a loud screech as Albus this time turned her and sat on her, holding her arms down.

“Quiet down, you’re causing a scene,” Albus yelled down at her, Mariah still screeched loudly, her eyes screwed up and her mouth wide open; Albus flinched at the sound that met his ears. Other students were yelling over for them to, “Shut the hell up!”

“AHHHHHHHH,” Mariah continued screaming. Albus glared down at her and thought of ways to get her to shut up. If he moved his arm to cover her mouth with his hand he was leaving her arm out in the open to hurt him, but he needed to get her to shut up, people were beginning to throw things at them.

Albus made his decision quickly as he saw a burly seventh year Slytherin picking up his potions book which looked big enough to hold doors open, choosing his moment when Mariah shut her mouth, before going to yell again. He quickly leant forward and kissed her. Mariah stopped moving at once, her mouth flying open to yell at him, causing Albus to pull away from her, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Eurgh! Your tongue was out and everything.” Albus cried as he scrambled off of her and got on his feet, falling slightly as his leg still felt dead from the punch Mariah gave him earlier. He quickly ran from the room as he thought about the repercussions of his actions, everyone in the room was staring at him in shock, Scorpius’s mouth was hanging open and he had an amused look in his eyes. Mariah was still in shock lying on the floor.

“I’m going to die!” Albus cried to himself as he staggered down the corridor, looking behind him for a sign of Mariah. He couldn’t see her but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t hiding in the shadows waiting to pounce on him and hurt him for daring to kiss her. He needed help and he needed protection.

“Oi Fred!” Albus yelled, desperation and fear in his voice as he felt himself becoming more and more scared at the prospect that Mariah could be around, or that she had sent out Toby in revenge.
Who knew where that toad would turn up next? He quickly threw off his robe throwing it to the floor and jumping on it, what if Toby had got in his pockets?

Fred gave him a confused look, “Albus what on earth are you doing you weirdo?” he cried, pulling Albus off of the cloak.

“He’s in here,” Albus yelled picking up his robe and shaking it furiously, “I know he is! She sent him after me.”

Fred took the robe off of a nearly hyperventilating Albus and looked at it carefully; it had footprints all over it but no sign of a toad, squashed or otherwise.

“Albus, he’s not in here,” Fred told him as he handed the robe back, Albus nodded as he began breathing heavily.

“What on earth is wrong with you?” Fred asked concerned, Albus quickly fell to the floor and buried his head in his hands, his breathing still crazy.

“I kissed her,” he mumbled, Fred leant forwards not hearing him properly.

“What was that Albus? I didn’t quite catch it through your hands,” Fred said as he decided to squat down next to Albus.

“I kissed her!” Albus yelled moving his hands away from his mouth, scaring Fred and causing him to fall backwards onto his bum in shock.

“No need to yell you dim wit!”

“And what do you mean you kissed her? Kissed who?” Fred asked as he righted himself and sat down cross legged in front of Albus, who was rocking back and forth slightly.

“I kissed Mariah.”

Fred looked at him in shock. “I thought you hated her?” he cried wildly.

“I thought I did too! But as it turns out, I was just masking my true feelings of love and lust for her. That’s what that weird feeling must have been whenever I was around her.”

“I thought you were just hungry,” Fred admitted with a shrug. “I would never have guessed love.”

“That’s why we should hang around with girls more! Us blokes know nothing about these feelings,” he waved his hand in front of him indicating himself.

“I’m with you there,” Fred said with a shrug as he looked around the entrance hall. A few people were walking here and there and some of them had to walk around the two of them on the floor, tutting at them being in the way and shaking their head at them. Fred chose to ignore them like he always did. Who cares if he and Albus were in the way of everyone? Fred certainly didn’t.

“So what should I do?” Albus asked Fred, Fred turned to look at Albus quickly, noticing the innocent and pleading look on his face. Fred felt himself groaning.

“What makes you think I would know what to do?” Fred asked him honestly with a frown set on his face.

“Because you’re a genius about these kinds of things, I saw you talking to a girl once,” Albus said, wondering just why Fred was denying his playboy ways.

“I’ve talked to more than one.” Fred scoffed as he stood up slowly after having been kicked by at least five people now, some of them doing it on purpose in Fred’s opinion, deciding that it would be better to move before he got seriously hurt. Albus followed his lead and looked at him eagerly. Fred suppressed another groan.

“I don’t know anything,” Fred cried, beginning to walk out of the entrance hall and out on to the castle grounds. “Well... there is something,” Fred added, deep in thought as he brought his hand up to his mouth and a frown settled over his features. Albus looked elated at the news that Fred knew something.

“Which is?” Albus asked eagerly jumping up and down slightly on the spot as they continued walking across the field.

“Well there is this legend....”


“I’ve got something to show you down by the lake,” Scorpius said his hand holding onto Mariah’s arm tightly as he dragged her across the field and over to said lake. Mariah was attempting to dig her heels into the ground to stop herself being dragged.

“What are you up to?” she demanded not trusting Scorpius, largely due to the fact that he seemed unable to contain a smirk. Letting out a few giggles here and there as he dragged her on.

“I’m up to nothing,” Scorpius told her, turning his face away from her as he felt the smile spread over it. “But you really need to see this, it’s just ... argh! There are no words to describe just how brilliant this is.”

Mariah sighed as she let herself get dragged towards the lake, a few people had gathered and she recognised one as being Fred Weasley. As she neared she saw that Albus was standing with him looking a little anxious, he appeared to be breathing in and out slowly as if he was preparing for something.

Mariah didn’t like the look of this scenario, attempting to turn around and make a run for it. Scorpius was too quick and wrapped his arms around her to make her stop. He had been approached by Fred earlier on in the day and was told of his great idea of getting Albus to admit his true feelings towards Mariah with help from a great legend; Scorpius couldn’t stop laughing at the plan for a good five minutes, full guffawing with added leg hitting and tears of mirth slipping down his face. Before he agreed to help get Mariah down to the lake, not wanting to miss out on this himself, he was so going to make Albus remember this moment for the rest of his life.

“I don’t mind carrying you down there love,” Scorpius said picking up Mariah and carrying her kicking and screaming to in front of Albus and Fred. There seemed to be less people here then Mariah imagined there to be, she stilled as Scorpius set her down on her feet and told her that he wasn’t going to be letting her leave until this was over.

Mariah looked at Albus fearfully and Albus was looking at her in the same way.

“Toby will avenge me if you so much as hurt a hair on my head!” Mariah warned him and Albus gulped before looking at Scorpius and Fred with wide eyes. “I’ve set him out in the castle, he’s on the loose and he can sniff you out in a heartbeat Potter.”

“There’s no need to send out minions,” Scorpius said, his hands placed on Mariah’s shoulders to keep her in place.

“Now Albus, what is it you wanted to show Mariah?” Scorpius asked with a smile. Mariah frowned as she backed into Scorpius, Albus let out a cough as he began moving his arms around as warming them up, doing a few lunges he began rolling his shoulders, Mariah was wondering just what he had planned that he needed to warm up for.

She found out her answer a few short moments later.

When Albus began to shimmy around.

With Fred beat boxing along to his movements.

And Scorpius began laughing to himself.

Mariah could only watch on in fear as Albus began swaying around to Fred’s ‘noise’ setting his ‘dancing’ to match the tempo of the noise filling the air. From pirouettes to the robot he managed to circle around Mariah, swaying his hips at times, but not in the creepy way he had done so before. This was much more than that; it had feeling in it, like he was trying to give her some sort of secret message. The only thing that freaked Mariah out more than Fred’s attempts at being some sort of rapper, or Albus’s attempts at dancing, was the fact that Albus was staring at her the whole time he was moving around. But her eyes could not leave his, not even when he managed to do some sort of star jump in the air which someone morphed into a sausage roll on the floor, quickly moving on to a weird Egyptian like dance, soon becoming what Mariah could only describe as being similar to a fish.

It lasted for a good ten minutes and only seemed to stop once Fred had become tired of beat boxing and was just standing in silence and staring at Albus who had just performed his big finish, the running man. They could only look at him in shock as Albus stood there waiting for her reaction, beads of sweat falling down his face and dripping off of his chin. His curly black hair was wet from his perspiration and he was out of breath, this being the only exercise he had taken part in, in the last few years. He could almost feel his muscles getting bigger. Almost.

“So?” Albus asked breathlessly, as Scorpius who had let go of Mariah’s shoulders during a very frenzied wobble towards them from Albus, had stuffed his fist in his mouth to stop himself from bursting out in loud guffaws of laughter.

Mariah looked at him and took in his appearance, the glisten in his eyes, the look of waiting acceptance across his face and Mariah could feel some sort of emotion fill her at the fact that this dance had meant so much to Albus for him to show her.

Too bad for Albus that the emotion filling her face was disgust as she rushed forwards, Albus had his arms open as though expecting a hug from her, but all he was met with was a hard shove in the chest and he was sent spiralling into the large lake of water that Albus had decided to dance near.

Fred and Scorpius let out loud laughs as Albus came up to the surface and pulled himself out of the lake, Mariah had run off quickly shaking her head at Albus’s behaviour and feeling pride at her own actions. Ignoring the fact that she felt a little lust at the way he moved around her with such ease and elegance. She put this feeling down to jealousy and decided to try and find Toby instead, wondering if he had found her any gold or treats that other students had left lying on the floor, in empty classrooms or just in their pockets. Stupid children.

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