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Trevor's Lost Again by MadiMalfoy
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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 “Neville? Professor Dumbledore wants to see you in his office straight away. The password is ‘lemon drop,’” Seamus tells me as he passes by in the common room.


“O-okay,” I stutter, wondering what I had done. 


Is it because I lost Trevor again? Oh dear me, it probably is! I can’t help it if my memory isn’t very good! Gran even gave me that Remembrall to help, but I don’t know where it is anymore. Stumbling up the stairs to the dormitory, I put my books away, nearly tripping over stray clothes on the way out.


“Hey, Neville, don’t forget to do your Herbology essay tonight, it’s due tomorrow. And your Potions one as well for Snape. If you need help, you know where to find me. Oh, here’s Trevor, I found him in the girls dormitory,” Hermione says, handing me my toad, which immediately jumps out of my hands and down the stairs.


“I swear I’m not trying to lose him, honest! Hermione, will you help me find him again?” I beg.


“Sorry Neville, I have to go, I’m already late. Try near the corners though, toads like cooler places,” Hermione replies apologetically, running down the stairs and out of the portrait hole. 


Hanging my head, I stumble down to the common room and begin looking for Trevor.


Oh Trevor, why do you have to hate me so much? I only try to take care of you! Maybe this is why Gran won’t let me have an owl. Will I never get an owl because of this? But I’m going to need an owl in the future!


Is Professor Dumbledore going to expel me for this? I can’t be expelled! Oh no, what if it’s for standing up against Harry, Ron, and Hermione? Gran's going to be so angry with me if I get expelled, she’s never going to let me leave her stinky old house again.


I hope they aren’t angry with me for doing that. I really do like them; they’re my only friends, really. Now Professor Dumbledore is going to kick me out of school and the three of them will hate me just like everybody else.


And my parents, oh my parents! Even though they’re still in St. Mungos they will be so disappointed in me if I get expelled. I won’t ever be able to face them again if I get expelled. I won’t be proud to call myself the son of the Aurors Alice and Frank Longbottom.


What if it’s about my parents? Are they dead? Is Professor Dumbledore going to tell me they died? Is my gran dead? No, they can’t be dead! They’re safe in St. Mungos, and gran’s at home with loads of protection spells around the house. Right?...


By this time I have reached the griffin guarding Dumbledore’s office. “Password?” it growls.


“Oh, um…err…I’m sorry I don’t know the password. Um…sugar quill? Chocolate frogs? Lemon drop? Jelly—oh! Lemon drop!” I guess. The griffin spreads its wings and reveals a moving spiral staircase that I step onto immediately, carrying me up to Dumbledore’s office.


I knock lightly on the door, now very scared as to what he called me here for. “Come in, Mr. Longbottom,” I hear from the other side. Surprised, I open the door and my mouth drops at the sight of his office.


I can’t even understand what most of the things in there are, let alone what they do! Walking over to his desk, I sit in one of the chairs facing it and look up at the man wearing half-moon spectacles.


“Do you know why you are here, Mr. Longbottom?” Professor Dumbledore asks kindly.


“N-no sir. Am I in trouble?” I mumble, shaking my head.


He places the tips of his long fingers together and leans forward a little in his chair. “I bring good news only. It seems that your parents have made a large jump forward towards full recovery from Bellatrix Lestrange’s curses those thirteen years ago and wish to see you. I have already arranged for you to floo to St. Mungos from my office. Your gran is already waiting for you there,” Professor Dumbledore says, smiling at my reaction.


“M-my parents? They’re better? A-and I can go see them? Oh, thank you so much Professor!” I exclaim. “Can I go now?”


“Take a small pinch of floo powder from that bowl over there and clearly state ‘St. Mungos,’ then throw it into the fire. You are a very brave young man, Mr. Longbottom, and meant for great things. Take care you remain that way,” he states, pointing to a shelf near his large fireplace.


“Thanks, I think. Good bye Professor!” I reply.


And to think I thought I was going to get expelled for losing Trevor.

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