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Her Crimson Adulation by dreamer21
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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A/N: As I am working on my novel this is just another story that popped in my head. It's unique in its own way. A bit more serious though as my writing style compliments serious writing style. I really do hope all the people who are still reading this, enjoy the idea and the story. It will get darker yet stay romantic. So hold on to it! If you could maybe review.. that'll be great? Okay? Thankyou. Also, A BIG THANKYOU to ShadowRose for bearing with me and being my beta. <3



He left me, she thought. Why? She knew the answer, yet she did not accept it. Why should she? It was not good enough for her, so she thought of it as temporary. She started waiting. She kept on telling herself that he would be back, that he would beg her to take him back and after making him suffer, she would fully accept him and live a fairy tale. She possibly couldn't be more wrong.

He was not coming back for her. He'd had enough of her lies and mysteries. He had been hurt by her way too many times, so he found someone who would obey him, would not question him, would fulfil his needs without any hesitation, would take care of him, and maybe even love him. He would have all the power over this one and he would feel sufficient yet miserable. Love is not meant for everyone, he assured himself. This is for the best he thought. He wanted to be selfish now, she was no good for him and they both knew that. It pained him to abandon her but he just could not take it anymore.

He knew it was more of his fault than hers, he betrayed her trust only when she had started to open up to him, thus what they would have hadwas shattered before it could even begin.
She blamed herself for delaying, for wanting more than he could offer back then; he hated himself for doing what he did, which was walk away. He always knew he was a coward but she did not. He told himself that she would get better, that she would be worth more but he knew that he had hurt her. He wanted to forget her and wanted her to do the same. He was determined not to come back. He had someone to make him forget, but she had no one.


5 months ago

"I cannot believe we're done with Hogwarts! It was home," Dominique Weasley said while applying another coat of mascara to her eye lashes.

"I have been there for a very long time to let it go so easily. It will be so hard for me to accept that we're not actually children anymore! So to make myself feel better about this situation we are going out!" she finished her rehearsed lines.

Catherine gazed up from her book and looked directly at her childhood friend. She thought about it, school really had ended, they were adults so maybe they should do something to enjoy the first few weeks of adulthood.

"You really didn't have to act all fake hurt just to get me to go with you!" she said with a smile, turning back to her book. "Besides, it’s not like you would take no for answer."

Dom didn't know how to tell her friend that she was not talking about going somewhere in wizarding land; she wanted to go to a Muggle land. Catherine had never been there so she would not agree to it now. After all not much had changed, they just graduated. .

"Uhm.. I want to go to the Muggle world," Dom said while playing with her nails so that she would not have to look at Catherine's fierce response.

"I want to be a Muggle for a day" What's the big deal in wanting this? Dom thought.

"Okay," Catherine replied, without even giving it another thought.

Dom did not question it, she was exhilarated by that answer but unsure about what made her agree to this. It didn't matter because she got what she wanted.

A trip to the Muggle land.


It was late in the evening. Catherine and Dominique were dressed up in Muggle attires; they discovered a club in the North London and decided to raid it. Catherine was dressed in a charcoal black short dress with black stockings followed by black heels. She covered up her dress with a black leather jacket. Dominique was wearing a blood red dress and had a cashmere shawl wrapped around her naked sleeves. She really was overdressed for a club but who cared? She pulled it off just fine.

At first it really was a waste of time. Random men approached them, Catherine answered for both of them and it was always ‘no’. Dom was infuriated by Catherine's constant remarks and disapproval of every being that consisted of a Y chromosome. She really did want to have fun, so when they were approached by the two average looking boys she grabbed the first one by the hand and took him to the floor before he could even comment on her beauty and left the other one with Catherine to reject. She was done with the quota of fussing from her for today.

Catherine was bewildered with what had just happened; she had been ditched by her "former" friend. That's what she was going to be once she got back. The boy was looking at her with an awkward face, she really did want to hex him and take her frustration out on him but she couldn't because she was in Muggleland. so she decided to make it more awkward for him and have some fun. She got up and stood really close to the boy, who was now on the verge of running away. She smirked at how uncomfortable he was, and wanted to pursue this.

"So.." Catherine said while moving a little closer so that their shoulders met. She placed her elbows on the bar, which seemed have straightened her up and made her look slightly more confident than really was.

When he felt the touch, he immediately looked at her face and then his gaze diverted to the floor.

"What are you doing?" His voice was low but husky. He really does have a nice voice, she thought.

 "Standing next to you," she replied with innocence and a little battling of eyelashes. It was going to work, she thought.

"Why? Are you nervous by me standing next to you?" She smirked. She was enjoying his discomfort.

 "Yes, and please stop doing that 'thing' with your eyes" at this she let out a small genuine laugh. She had a nice laugh, the boy thought. He was nervous; he hadn't done this before, going to a club and flirting with random girls. He was just eighteen it was all a start for him. A part of him really didn't want to be here. He wanted to leave so he decided that he should.

He started to walk away without waiting for another remark or question from that weird girl, but she didn't want the fun to end just yet.

 "Hey, where do you think you're going?" She started to walk behind him and he ignored her. He had just gotten rejected by a girl he had liked for years, so he did not want anything to do with this strange girl who had really started to creep him out by following him. He didn't bother to turn because he knew he was right, he kept on going on thinking that she would eventually give up and go back. He couldn't be more wrong.

"Hey! Stop!" She was stumbling more and running less, but she was not going to back down, especially not today, because today was all about taking chances. Oh great, I have a stalker now.

He turned. "What?" he asked, rather rudely but it didn't matter, because she didn't care.










 She clenched onto her chest pretty tightly. People had started looking at the two of them, and they did not think greatly of the boy who was making a pretty girl run after him.

"Do you know how hard it is to run behind you in heels?"

The boy looked at her with sheer amusement for a few seconds, and exploded with laughter. He did not know why he was laughing, maybe it was catharsis for owning nothing but a pathetic life but it felt good. The girl was now gaping at him, and then she thought, what the heck and started laughing at the whole situation as well. They laughed for barely ten minutes, but it seemed an eternity. It was not just the incident they were laughing about, but more at how messed up their lives were when they were barely adults. They did not tell each other that, but they understood. People who just looked at them thought either they were drunk or on laughing gas, but it didn't matter to them.

"What's your name?" he asked, while looking at her for the first time.

She really was beautiful, with tan clear skin, black eyes that gleamed in the dark, chubby cheeks that made her dimpled smile more prominent, big lips and a heart shaped face. Her face was brought out by her jet black hair which went down till the end of her waist. She looked like a mix-breed Asian.

She looked back into his light brown eyes and whispered, “Catherine".

Her courage was drowning, she was becoming her real self, but she did not want her crazy night to end just yet. She was so lost in herself that she did not even ask the boy's name, and the boy realized that before she did.

"I'm Aston," he smirked. .

"You ran away from me," she stated.

"Yes," He replied in honesty.

"Why?" She wanted to know if he thought she was not good enough.

"Because I knew you'd follow me."

He knew he was lying and so did she.

She turned to walk away; she was mentally scolding herself for doing something so childish in the first place, who runs after a Muggle?

"Will I be seeing you again?" he called after her.

The real self was of Catherine was back, the one that never stepped out of line, who always followed the rules and simply did not lose control. She could not turn back anymore because that was what was expected of her. If she did, the boy would think that she's desperate for him, which she was not, but at the same time, society taught her to answer when someone asked her a question.

She stopped once she was couple of meters again and said "No" loudly so that he could hear and conclude for himself, because Catherine had for herself.

She kept walking back to where she came from, the club, the wizarding-land because she knew that she did not belong in that dimly lit street, the Muggleland, and most importantly, anywhere near Aston.


He was a Muggle, she couldn't tell him without risking him and everyone she knew. If the Ministry found out, they would have made Aston forget everything about her, about what they've had, and she didn't want to him to forget her. Catherine was selfish too, she did not want to leave her magic and family for him, she had obligations but she wanted him as well. She didn't want to choose, would you blame her?


4 months 15 days ago

"I want to go see Josh again," stated Dom while filing her nails.

Catherine was annoyed by her daily chants about that Muggle she danced with two weeks ago. Catherine was already very embarrassed with herself to even think about that night. If someone from her family knew what she was doing, she would have been disowned right there and then. Normally parents encourage their children to know people, to fall in love, but that was not the case with Catherine. Her parents were poor, and she was an only child, so they trained her to submit to them and to do what pleased them because they brought her to life. They did love her, but in their own way; they wanted Catherine to go far in life and to achieve what they could not, so they tried their best to keep her away from all sorts of distractions, especially boys.

Catherine was tempted to disobey them many times while she was studying in Hogwarts but every time she thought about her wrecked house, her mother's desires that were cut down for her education, her father's two jobs to support themand immediately diverted her thoughts. They were honest earners, never tried to cheat or be hypocritical, and their values were all they could treasure. So they did.

Catherine's family was not always that poor, but everyone lost someone or something in second war, they were one of those who lost something. They were too earnest to ask for help, and what the ministry provided was not a tenth of what they lost, but they seemed to be glad for not losing someone, but something. Back then, they knew their lives were going to change and they readily accepted it. Their only hope to success was Catherine’s establishment. Catherine's mother, Isabel, couldn't conceive after her first child so that option went out of the window. Before that they really cared for their daughter, so after this they did more than they could to support her, thus Catherine's Gryffindor loyalty was put forth and she obliged without any major hesitations. They wanted her to get married eventually, but first they wanted to see her achieve a status. Were they selfish to want that?

Catherine was agitated now, “Like I've said before, go meet him again!" Cathy moved to look at her, “What’s the issue? I don't understand."

"Come with me? Last time! I swear on Merlin's pure unbroken heart," Dom begged.

"No, I don't want to go back." Cathy stated.

"That's it! I call it girl code use!" she exclaimed proudly at what she just remembered.

It was a code created in their first year of Hogwarts in which every year the girls could make each other do one thing that they pleased. One time Cathy was made to drink Polyjuice Potion to cover up for Dom's sneak out. The other time she had to give up her own assignment as Dom’s so that she could not be held back in Hogwarts, so now Cathy did not have a choice.

"I abhor you, you red haired bitch!" Cathy replied with a cushion that hit directly on Dom’s face.

Dom jumped up and down in excitement. This was their last month together, as Dom was leaving for an internship at daily prophet in Paris and Catherine was starting as an intern at St.Mungos. Both of them would probably not even remember this game when they met next.


"Do you even know where he is? Or anything about him?" Catherine asked Dom, after roaming around with her in Central London for an hour. Catherine was clearly very annoyed; she swore to Merlin that she would make Dom pay for this.

"Yes, but I just don't know where that place is," she turned to look around again, "I thought it was suppose to be here!" She finished whining and started searching again.

"Why don't you ask someone?" Catherine suggested.

 Dom was going to reply when she saw that boy approach, followed by another boy that Catherine really did not want to see. Now that she was totally in her senses, she realized how awkward all this would be.

Aston was average, plainly, simply average.

Chocolate brown eyes, angular face, small features and very prominent ears. His hair was outgrowing the cut they was in which showed that he needed a fresh haircut. He was, however, dressed very well. A white polo shirt with faded blue jeans which were not skinnies. Boys and skinny jeans is not a good combination,Catherine concluded.

Dom ran towards the guy like the beaming ray of sunshine that she was, and here they were, standing a few meters away, getting burned by each other’s intense gazes. Catherine realized that while she was analysing Aston's features, she was actually starring at him which made look away the next instant.

She looked at the busy street, then instantly felt the chilled breeze which made her close her eyes and forget the world, along with the worries and just focus on that one single moment of luxury. The wind always gets to me she thought.

Her long black hair flew along with the wind, her lips curved into a small smile that allowed the dimple on her right side of the cheek to show itself. When she opened her eyes, she saw him closer to her and staring at her with a smile of his own.

"You said I would never see you again, and look, here we are!" he exclaimed

"Sometimes fate makes you helpless,"she replied while trying to take back one lock of hair that blurred her vision. She was about to tie them up when Aston spoke up, without thinking if what he was saying was appropriate or not.

"Keep them down. Their beauty is too precious to be locked up." Now that he had said it out loud he felt like slapping himself.

Catherine smirked, the wild part of her was slowly coming back but she pushed the thought away. She let her hair be, "Where did you learn such lines from?"

He blushed.

She laughed.

 "It’s true though"

"So I've been told," she smirked.

"Care to join me for a walk?"

"I will if you promise not to talk."

His voice got to her in ways he could not imagine.

Aston was mildly surprised at what she asked him to do but nodded. They started walking. It was almost late afternoon and within a few minutes the sun would set, which would be Catherine's favourite time of the day. Whenever she got a chance, she would watch till it was darkness's territory, and slowly even that territory would reveal tiny diamonds. According to Catherine, this showed that it’s never completely dark till you start focusing on the darkness and ignore the silvery ignited dots.

As Catherine was observing the sky, they reached a quiet street. In that street laid a small bench from where you could see the sunset and some tiny houses of muggles. Aston was getting impatient, as he wanted to know more about her, but he knew the moment he said something she will set off and there would not be a next time. To avoid her from fleeting and to protect himself for embarrassment, he pulled out an iPod and plugged its earphones and started listening to his favourite band. Catherine looked at him in pure amusement, and she wanted to know more about what he was doing.

"What are you doing?"

 "Listening to music?" he questioned back.

"What's this?"

This caught Aston's attention.

"You don't know?" Oh no! Oh no!

"I asked you a question first."

She was outwardly trying to keep her cool.

 "It’s the latest form of music players. It recently came out. I was one of the first ones to get it," he seemed to have realized that maybe she was not a techno freak like him, and this was, after all, a new invention.

"Oh..May I see it?"

It was so sleek and shiny; she wanted one too. With this, I wouldn't have to lie to the world about what I am doing…

"Where do we get these eeyeepoods from?" she asked innocently.

He laughed, and she noticed he had a dimple too, but unlike hers it only appeared when he laughed.

"It’s an iPod, cutie!" he corrected her like he would correct a baby.

"Any good technology shop," she had no idea about what he just said.

"Keep mine. There is a new advanced version coming in a few weeks so I would have stopped using this one later anyway. You'll be doing me a favour" Maybe if he gave this to her she might let me know her.

These things did not matter to him, his parents were loaded, or maybe even more than loaded, but this girl was different. After he met her, he had forgotten all about Jessica and it was her he thought of. He bribed Thomas who then bribed Dom to get her here.

"No, take me where you find these."

Oh she wanted it. Now I'm going to make her take mine.

"I'd be giving mine up soon enough so why don't you take mine and to pay me back you can meet me someday for coffee?"


There goes my idea.

Catherine was confused about what to do. She wanted this ‘eyeepood’ and Aston offering showed that he wasn't the selfish sort and that made her smile. His offer and his generosity did the deal for him. She was going to say yes.

"I will meet you for coffee if you let me pay you right now."

 "Oh no."

 "Oh yes."





Catherine was annoyed now, so she did not think, opened up her bag, and handed him a galleon. "All done," she stated smoothly and he looked at her confused. At realizing what she had done, she was horrified, what would she say now?

He looked at the coin, quite impressed. It was gold, but why was she giving him gold?

"Where did you get this?" he questioned.

"My father gave me a couple of these on my birthday," she replied honestly.

"My iPod is not that expensive."

"I want you to keep it the coin as a keepsake."

There was no way she was taking a gift.

 "If I take this, would you let me take you for coffee?"

She did not want to think. "Yes."



"I should go now," she said, realizing she had spent way too much time with him.

"At least give me your phone number," he pleaded. But I don't have a phone.

"Give me yours, I'll call you."

 "Would you?"


He did not want to push it.

"Alright. Here." He scribbled something on a paper and handed it to me. Now I will need to ask Albus about this ‘thing’.

What am I doing? Don't think now.

 "Let me walk you home."

"No it’s okay, I will go on my own, you don't have to be a gentleman to get me to like you. I already like you." She quickly hugged him and ran. He stood there aghast at what she just said and did. Weren't the boys the first one to make a move? he thought.

What do you think you are doing by Playing with a Muggle?

You have no right to do this. You know this can't and won’t end well.

Listen to your mind, listen...

No, not this time, she thought


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Her Crimson Adulation : Chapter 1


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