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Potter Wars! by ClickHere
Chapter 1 : CHAPTER 1 : ALBUS
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“So?” said the head of auror department

“You know it” Replied the minister of magic

“How has things turned liked this Potter, you said you had it in control”

“I though I had it Malfoy, I thought”

“So what now?”

“Don't worry I have an idea.”

“Considering your idea land us in this mess you better have something worthwhile.” Said Draco not bothering about the fact he was talking to his superior.

“I have the right man”

“The right man?” he said finally calming down.

“Take a look at this” Potter said as he handed him a file.

Malfoy looked at the file. After going through it he had mixed feelings.

“Are you sure?” He whispered

Potter sighed as he got up to leave the office.

“We fucked up, no other way now”

As Potter walked away he could only imagine it. Harry Potter the savior of the wizarding world and minister of magic was the most ruthless person he had seen. The idea was not bad. Not bad at all Draco now understood how he made it minster,


1 year ago

“Dad isn't coming is he?” Lily asked not for the first time as the house elf helped put her luggage in the car trunk.

“Oh no, our high and mighty father has things more important then to take care of his family” James said while getting on the car.

“James!” Ginny said in a sharp tone.

“But Mum this is my last year. Dad should have considered about it.” James said not even bothering to keep his voice down.

Actually even Ginny was against Harry going to work right on the day James leaves for Hogwarts for the last time. However she knew that being the minster of magic meant he had to sacrifice his time spend with his family.

On other hand his 2nd son Albus found another excuse to not talk with his dad and was perfectly happy. He did not even fell the need to stop smiling. Ginny was amused by the fact Albus looked exactly like Harry but acted the exact opposite. While Ginny was close to Albus. Harry was close to Lily and James.

However no matter how they acted in public in reality the 3 siblings hated each other... It all started since they were sorted. James, Albus and Lily went to gryffindor, slytherin and hufflepuff respectively. This was when the competition started. While Lily and James had a temporary truce when Albus was sorted into slytherin for 2 years it was broken when even Lily got into hufflepuff. Her cousin Hugo who also got into hufflepuff had been the one to cheer her up.

Now in Hogwarts they all stayed separately only talking on strict business as they called it. James usually hanged around with his cousin Fred, Roxanne and the son of a family friend Sean Woods. Albus like James spend most of time with only a small group of people namely – Scorpius Malfoy, Ryan Phoenix and Jack Greengrass. Unlike her two brothers Lily had a lot of friends and was not restricted to hufflepuff students only as Raveclaws liked her too.

“Alright we are here” Ginny said as she got off her car. It had been quite a long journey from Godric's hollow to the station.

“Remember to write” She said as she saw James and Lily getting on the train. Albus was about to go too but was signaled by his mother to stop.

“What is it mum?” He asked in a impatient tone.

“I want to talk about you about a girl.”

“Mum, I don't have a girlfriend can I go now?” He asked as he noticed that most people were on board by now.

“Hardly surprising” Ginny said

“Excuse me?” Albus asked not believing that this was coming from his mother.

“I meant that girl named April you idiot!” Ginny said as she laughed

Albus immediately straightened at the girls name. April Flint , the famous slytherin model .

Over the years Al tried to hide it but somehow started having a crush on her. While she did have half the boys in the school after her. After all she had perfect blonde hair and real bright red eyes. Her hair was long and was nearly waist length. Since 3rd year Al had noticed all of this. But after she became a teen model a lot of people started chasing her around and now she was going out with none other than a gryffindor douche – and I give you – Frank Longbottom, while every girl considers him to be a prince charming while he is no more than a slave trader.

However for some reason April seemed to hate Al and treated him like a disease as she called it.

“What about April?”Al said trying his best to hide his surprise in voice when he got back into reality.

“Just be nice to her.”

Before Al could react Ginny had left.

Be nice what did she mean by that? April had hated her since they were barely teens.. What did she mean by telling him be nice to her?

However his thoughts were again broken when he saw the very same girl. However she was different. She was not surrounded by thousands of friends and her father who usually always came with her was not there. She looked devastated. Al despite his crush on her always had a intense rivalry hatred but now even he felt pity for April as he saw her in half tears as she was trying to pick up the heavy suitcase.

The next moment he could not even help wait and think about it as he ran towards her.


“Al I am really not in the mood.” She said as she turned around to face him.

“What happened to you?” Al asked as he took a step forward.

“Excuse me?” She said

“And why do I have to answer that?”

She was about to walk away but Al caught her by her wrist and turned her around and moved his face closer so that there was little space between them.

April was blushed as Al tried to analyses her.

“Let me rephrase that what happened to your father?” Al asked

extremely confident as he knew it. The only reason one can be upset like this was due to something in one's family and the only one family she had was her father.

She froze unable to retaliate . Announcements were being made that the train was going to leave soon.

Albus sighed as April just stayed silent.

“All right if you don't really want to say”

Albus without warning picked up April's suitcase and walked towards April's usual compartment

“W-w-wait where are you going! That's mine! Wait!” She said as she tried to follow him.

“Just follow me” Al said which immediately caused April to shut up.

April followed in silence as Al entered the 2nd compartment to his left – the one April always boarded. But before he could board it April had garbed his shirt shyly and was blushing as she tried to make him stop.

“I-I don't want to be there” She whispered.

Al looked inside and understood why, Frank was kissing a girl, not any girl but Violet. Violet was April's best friend. Wow talk about a backstab.

“Fair enough, where do you want to go?”

“Why do you even care where I go?” She shouted when her voice suddenly rose.

“Because you look like someone who could do with some help” He said finally after a few moments of silence

April immediately stooped talking as her eyes scanned Al. He was the one who had caused her detention after she pulled a prank in her 4th year several times, why would he care? She thought.

Before both of them even could think about it they ended up sitting in the same compartment. For the next 3 hours or so they both sat there in pure silence.

Al could not believe his luck as right now he was alone with the only girl he ever had a crush on. She had taken a few minutes off to wash her face and put her hair up right and was now looking as beautiful as ever.

Al watched as she entered the compartment again after changing to her school robes.

“Al” she said


“I want to... want to thank you” she said

“thank me?”

“Yes, right now I needed someone to help me in this time... even my....”

“I get it, So what happened to your father?” Al said impressed by April's restainment to not kill Frank and Violet.

“I can't tell you” she whispered as she took a seat right next to Albus which send shivers down his spine.

“But anyway thanks a lot, maybe I misjudged you” April said as she smiled.

Now it was Al's turn to turn away as he blushed. Somehow he wanted to protect it, protect her smile but for now he knew it well. Marcus Flint her father was dead or most likely soon going to, there was no other way one could be so concerned. She was officially a orphan. In reality Albus too considered himself not to have a father. As a matter of fact after the dark lord had been defeated a lot of followers of the lord were alive. Harry had set up a full scale military camping to defeat them. Since his birth Al saw his father for the first time when he was finally back from war 5 years after his birth.

As soon as they reached the station April seemed to skip away to some friends as she shoot Albus a smile while all her friends looked at Albus with suspicion.

However Al had no time to stare at them as he himself had seen his own friends coming.

Ryan was the first to react.

“Where the hell were you Al?'

“Dude we were worried sick!” Jack added

“We had no one to buy us food in the train!” Scorpius also said.

“The tragedies you all face...” Al said with a disgusted tone.

“And for your first question, I was doing a chore my mum set me.”

All the 3 boys laughed. As Al sighed. Al's devoted attention to his mum's chores and was a constant source of amusement for his friends.

“So is Rose with you?” Scorpius said as Jack and Ryan had to gone help the 1st years.

“Nope, and for your information Rose is the one close to James not me”

“Oh that's cool no problem say can you try to figure out what she looks for in a guy?”

Al laughed. “Do you realize how awkward that conversation will be like?”

“Then you have over-lived your usefulness, away with you!” Scorpius said as he waved his hands trying to shoo him like a dog.

Al sighed “Charming as ever aren't you Scorpius?”

Scorpius laughed “Hey you know I always got your back bro!” he said as they sat down at their usual seats in the slytherin tables.

Just then Jack and Ryan had returned and sat down opposite to them.

“So Al why were you not with us in the train exactly?” Ryan said

“Yeah, it's not like you got other friends anyway” Jack added.

“Would you believe me if I say I was with April” Al said in a bored tone

“Oh yeah sure I will when cars start flying and pigs begin to go vacationing in France.” Jack said in a extremely serious tone.

“Actually you can leviathan a car and take a pig on a vacation to France.” Al said as Ryan laughed.

“Are you implying you used magic to make April stay with you on the train.”

Al smirked, “and the magic is my amazing appearance”

Ryan and Jack all laughed as Al smirked

“Would you guys please shut the fuck up?”

Al turned around hardly believing Scorpius had said that.

Al followed Scorpius's eye to what he was staring and understood what exactly he was going on – Rose his cousin.

Jack and Ryan sighed as Al just turned away.

The evening went on as 1st years got sorted and Scorpius still kept watching Rose. Al did not really had a chance to stop him as he himself was watching someone – April Flint. What happened to her father? Why was she now normal all of a sudden and talking to Violet like nothing happened?

His train of thoughts was interrupted by some clearing his throat as Al looked up he saw David Greengrass. He was Jack's brother and Scorpius’s cousin.

“Al here is your timetable, I can't talk mate got a line” He said as he dropped a sheet of paper and hurried away.

Al sighed as he saw that the first thing tomorrow was care of magical creatures. Al loved that subject and the teacher but he hated was that he had the class with Frank Longbottom and the jerk and his minion tried to – as Al said it – try to prevent Al give 100% attention on the subject by using their lesser lowly organs and body to inflict physical pain.

Pretty soon everyone started leaving to get to common room and Albus being the type of guy who usually sleeps early went through some disgusted looks from his 'bros' as he went to bed early after making sure his things for lessons tomorrow was ready.

The next morning Al got up at 4:00 am as usual and after going through his daily routine by 7:00 am he was on the common room fire drinking tea while reading his newspaper until someone interrupted him.

He turned around quite unpleasantly because he did not really like getting disturbed while reading.

“Morning, your up early”

“y-y-you to-too” Albus said hardly believing that for once April had started a conversation.

April laughed as she stepped closer.

“Boy, do you have split personality or what?”

“Split what?”

“A muggle thing I learned in muggle studies.”

“What exactly is it?” Al said. He like his grandfather loved to learn about muggle things and ideology.

“I meant to say earlier you were a prat, yesterday you were acting so coolly and now you are shy”

Al turned away to face his newspaper “I am always like this you just don't notice.”

“Really how?” she said as she bend down so that Albus was just inches from her.

Albus immediately jumped up form the sofa seat as he faked a cough.

“You hate me because I had caught you for your pranks , but in reality such an act is of honesty”


“You may not understand, now excuse me I have to wake up Scorpius or he will sleep the entire morning”

April nodded still unsure at what Al was playing at.

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