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The Lily Potter Problem by AHeat
Chapter 11 : When Exams Arenít the Only Thing Stressing You Out
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Chapter 11:  When Exams Aren’t the Only Thing Stressing You Out

As the end of the term approached, Lily had stayed true to her word.  She had ignored every advance, every attempt at chatting her up, every guy who wasn’t her brother, cousin or Tom.  She was still her normal self, she just wanted to show everyone that she could be happy without a man in her life.

Natalie and Scorpius stayed together after the night of the Slytherin Victory party.  Natalie did not rub it in Lily’s face, especially since she knew that she had started developing feelings for Scorpius.  But Lily made it very clear to everyone who would listen that she no longer felt that way about him.

While she was adamant about it on the outside, Lily wasn’t entirely sure she was over Scorpius on the inside.  Her heart still did a tiny jump when she heard his voice (which was more often now that he was dating Natalie), and their relationship was still friendly.

She was sitting at dinner a week before exams started when Scorpius sat down next to her.  Seconds later, Natalie followed suit and sat down next to her boyfriend.  Lily looked away when Natalie leaned in to kiss him.

“So, what’s new with you?” Scorpius asked Lily, ignoring Natalie’s kiss.

“Uh, nothing much.  Starting to feel stressed about exams,” said Lily.  She was surprised that Scorpius had refused Natalie—usually the two were very clingy.

“Yeah, me too.  Luckily O.W.L.s were last year, and my N.E.W.T.s aren’t until next year.  But I still have tests to deal with, which is annoying.  Quidditch is over now, though, so at least I don’t have to bother with practices.”

“Great job on winning the cup, by the way!” congratulated Lily.  He flashed her a grin and she melted a little inside.

“The cup’s ours for sure next year as well,” said June, who had just arrived with Tom and Mia from the library.

“Where were you guys?” asked Lily.

“We were doing our potions essay that’s due tomorrow.  We figured you finished it last week the night it was assigned.  Sorry we didn’t tell you we were going to the library,” explained Tom.  Usually Lily did her potions homework right away, because it was her easiest homework.  But she had been so busy this week, that it slipped through the cracks…

“No, I completely forgot!  And that essay is a huge part of our final grade! How could I have forgotten about it?” she berated herself.  This would mean staying all night in the library.  She quickly finished eating, ran down to the dungeon and made her way up to the library.

She settled down at a table when she got there and began working.  After about ten minutes, Rose sat down next to her.

“Hey cousin. How’re you doing?” she asked.  Lily explained her essay situation, and Rose immediately understood and got up to leave.

“No, don’t leave. I’d love some company,” sighed Lily.  She and Rose sat together working for a few hours before Rose started packing her things.  She checked her watch.

“Holy crap, Lily, it’s almost midnight,” said Rose.  Lily looked down at her essay; it was almost done, but she could tell she would be at it for another hour.  She said goodbye to Rose and continued banging it out.

When she finally finished, she was proud that she had managed to write such a good essay on short notice.  But then again, it was her best subject.  She walked out of the library yawning, then made her way back to the dungeons.  She was walking down the corridor when suddenly someone pulled her into an empty classroom.

It was dark inside the room, but she could just make out a pacing figure with familiar silver-blonde hair.

“Scorpius?! What are you doing?” exclaimed Lily, “Why aren’t you asleep?”

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you,” he said.  He looked disheveled, as if something had been on his mind that was tearing him up inside.

“What are you talking abou—” started Lily, but she was cut off by Scorpius’ lips on hers.

It was a wonderful sensation, more wonderful than anything she had felt with Tom.  His lips moved with hers, and she felt butterflies explode in her stomach.  They fit so perfectly together, and soon her hands found their way to his hair, and his were on her waist, pulling her closer…

Lily broke the kiss abruptly and backed away from him, covering her mouth with her hands.  He looked at her with a mixed expression of pleasure and guilt.

“What are you doing?  You’re dating Natalie!” said Lily.

“I was only going out with her so I could get closer to you.  And to make you jealous,” he explained.  Lily’s immediate thought was that she was glad he wanted her, but she quickly changed to how disgusted she was.

“How could you use my friend like that?  And you kissed her at the victory party, didn’t you?  You could have just asked me out then,” she said.

“So you do like me!” he said triumphantly.

Did like you. Now I can’t believe I ever felt that way for you.  Scorpius Malfoy, you are a pig,” she screamed before sprinting from the room.

She entered her dorm out of breath, and collapsed on her bed.  When she caught her breath, she tried to process what had just happened.  Scorpius had kissed her.   And she liked it.  In the books she read as a kid, the witches who fell in love would always talk about the magic that kisses brought being more powerful than any magic they had ever performed.  Up until now, that thought seemed insane to her.

How was she going to tell Natalie? Should she even tell her friend?  It’s not like it meant anything, right?  It was just a mistake, on both hers and Scorpius’ part.

If she was honest with herself, she would admit that the kiss was more than just a mistake.  He had said that the only reason he was dating Natalie was to get closer to her.  So he did like her that way!  Well, he should have come straight to her instead of using her friend.

When Lily finally fell asleep, it seemed like seconds later that she was being woken up by June to get ready for the day.  She was still wearing her clothes from last night, so she decided to take a shower before going down to breakfast.

As she entered the great hall, Natalie rushed out past her with tears in her eyes.  Mia was following close behind, and gave Lily a look that said she would explain later.  She looked over at the Slytherin table and saw Tom and June berating Scorpius, and she had a pretty good idea of what had happened: he had broken up with her.

Deciding that her friend needed her more, Lily followed Mia and Natalie back towards the dungeons.  When she got into their room, she saw Natalie lying on her bed, sobbing into her pillow, and Mia comforting her.

“Hey, Nat,” said Lily wearily.  She did not know whether or not Scorpius had told her about their exchange last night.

“Lily!  Scorpius broke up with me!  I don’t understand why!” said Natalie with a fresh bout of tears.

“Um, well, you see…” began Lily.

“Maybe he was cheating on me,” said Natalie, her tears suddenly turning to anger.  Lily blushed and prayed that her friend had not noticed.

“I don’t think he would cheat on you,” comforted Mia.

“Then what is it?  Am I not pretty?  Why doesn’t he like me?” sobbed the heartbroken girl.  Lily did not know how she could tell her friend about what happened between her and Scorpius last night, not while she was like this.  Instead, she decided to seek an outside opinion.

Since Natalie was in no state to go to potions, Mia decided to stay back and keep her company while Lily went to class and explained the situation to Professor Greengrass.  Lily finished early as usual, and the second the potions master let her leave, she rushed to the Gryffindor tower.

She waited outside for ten minutes before the portrait opened and who should walk out but James.  He jumped when he saw his little sister, who was supposed to be in class, standing in front of him.

“Lily! What are you doing here? Why aren’t you in class?” he asked.

“Got out early,” she explained quickly, “is Rose in there? I really need to talk to her.”

“Yeah, luckily for you, she’s free this period.  But I can’t just let you walk in there,” he said hesitantly.

“Fine, then tell her to come out here. It’s urgent!”

James looked at his sister with concern, then went back into the common room to get his cousin.  A minute later, Rose walked out.

“Hey, Lils. Finish that potions essay up all right? How late were you there?” she asked.

“I left about an hour after you did. But the essay isn’t what’s important right now.  On my way back, Scorpius pulled me into a classroom and kissed me!” she paused to let this statement have its impact. Rose gasped and put her hand over her mouth.

“And then, he told me that he was only dating Natalie to get closer to me and make me jealous!  On top of that, he broke it off with Natalie this morning!” Lily continued. “What should I do? Do I tell Natalie?”

Rose looked at her cousin sympathetically.  She did not envy the younger girl’s situation, but she did have some thoughts on it.

“How was the kiss?” she asked first.

“I don’t see how that’s relavent!” said Lily, blushing furiously.

“You have to decide how you feel about Scorpius before you can proceed with telling Natalie or not.  Do you want to be with him? How was the bloody kiss?”

“Well, it was sort of the most wonderful thing I’ve ever felt, but I don’t think that’s important at the moment,” said Lily, “but I’m not sure you heard me correctly: he used Nat to get to me.  Regardless of whether or not I’m flattered, he still hurt her.”

“Didn’t you do something similar with Tom?” asked Rose.

“Not really.  I was genuinely trying to feel something for Tom, and I was trying to send a message to Scorpius.  He was using Nat to get me, when he could have just asked me out himself.”

“Lily, I don’t think you should tell Natalie unless you plan on going after Scorpius.  But I do want to point something out to you: he did break it off after you kissed last night.  He’s leaving himself open,” said Rose.

Lily considered her cousin’s words as she walked down to herbology.  June, Kendra, Tom and Mia were comforting a puffy-eyed Natalie, and Lily knew right then in her gut that her friend was more important than some boy.  She was going to stay true to her promise not to let boys run her life, and she was going to forget last night ever happened.

Even though there was still part of her heart that wanted to go and find Scorpius that instant and throw herself into his strong Quidditch arms for the rest of her life.

A/N:  Hope you enjoyed! Now Lily is done with her fourth year, and after a chapter about summer break, we start with O.W.Ls year, where things REALLY get interesting!  Stick around, I’ll have the next chapter up soon J 

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The Lily Potter Problem: When Exams Arenít the Only Thing Stressing You Out


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