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Always Yours by anissamalfoy
Chapter 1 : Ramsey Family
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter characters and plot, they all belong to J.K. Rowling.

By the way, I changed the timeline. Here it is:

Cleora, Draco, Harry, etc were born: 1993

Voldemort first downfall: 1994

Harry, etc first year at Hogwarts: 2004

Battle of Hogwarts: 2 May 2011

Present day: September 2011

I changed it because in this story, Cleora will use some of muggle contraptions (iPhone, Laptop, etc). If I didn't change it, it wouldn't fit with the time :)

let me know if I make a mistake with the timeline. Thanks to Katherine for beta-ing this :)

Lovely chapter image made by photoshopfreak @ TDA!

Cleora Ramsey took a deep breath as she poked at her breakfast of homemade blueberry porridge. It had been thirty minutes since her breakfast were served but she had not finished it yet.  Cleora, or Cleo, as she prefered to be called, was dreading the upcoming day.  Today was the day she went to Hogwarts for the first time.  She had been living as a non-magical person-‘what were they called again?’ she wondered, ‘oh yeah, muggle’-for as long as she could remember, but due to the end of the wizarding war, she was finally allowed to use her magical talent and go to, the most famous wizarding school of them all-Hogwarts.  Cleo wasn’t even sure if she wanted to be a witch.  With her career as a model, she did not see why it was necessary to learn magic.  With her stunning, heart-shaped face, long, slim legs, and shining ebony eyes, she was used to getting whatever she pleased with a simple eyelash flutter.  Was a wand really necessary?

"Cleora," Cleo’s father called to her. At his forty-three years of age, Stephanos Ramsey still looked handsome, with only a slight peppering of grey showing on his dark black hair. Stephanos had grown up as a pureblood in the wizarding world.  He was a bit of a recluse, and once he was sorted into Slytherin, he became known for his quiet intelligence.   He made a few friends, including Lucius Malfoy, and soon met Luisa Burby.  It was loathing at first site.  However, after much cajoling by his parents, Stephanos eventually had an arranged marriage with and grew accustomed to Luisa.  After all, his parents and his parents’ parents, and all those other generations had arranged marriages, and who was he to argue with them?  Eventually, Stephanos became used to Luisa’s bubbly personality and stubborn ways, to the point where he was almost fond of her. 

However, ever since Cleo could remember, Stephanos spent the majority of his days holed up in his study, drafting plans for his muggle job as an architect. He had gotten this muggle job as a means to the ends of looking like a true, hard-working muggle. Ever since Voldemort’s supposed death, Stephanos had been too worried about the safety of his family (namely Cleo) to remain a wizard.  He abandoned his wizarding ways, and adopted the lifestyle of a muggle.  At first he hated being a muggle and felt like he had betrayed his pure-blood enthusiast friends, but he eventually grew to like the simplicity of the muggle world.  Today would mark the first day in almost sixteen years that he interacted with the wizarding world, albeit in a roundabout way.  "Come on Cleo, hurry up and eat your breakfast. We don't have much time left. Your train is leaving for Hogwarts in two hours."

She groaned as she slowly took a big spoon of porridge and shoved it in her mouth. "Do I really have to go?" she whined at her dad.

She did not understand this transfer at all. Why did her father agree to send her to Hogwarts in the first place? And since when had there been an exchange program? As far as she knew, this was the first time ever Hogwarts held this program, and this was only the second time Hogwarts had ever tried to contact her, the first being when they sent the original acceptance letter when she was eleven.

"Well, yes, darling. You are a witch, after all." Cleo’s mother appeared from the kitchen with a sparkling smile. Luisa Burby Ramsey was a lean, fashionable women of forty-two (though she never let on that she was any older than thirty-eight).  She was a beauty in her youth, with a stunning, heart-shaped face and chocolate-y brown hair.  Her incredibly bubbly personality made her one of the most popular girls in Ravenclaw, if not the whole of Hogwarts the years she was there. She, like Stephanos, originally hated her intended, but grew to adore his reclusive ways and the money he earned with his drafting talent.  Her daughter, who was nearly identical to her, with the exceptions of her height and hair,  was the pride and joy of her world, and nothing gave Luisa more joy than flaunting her daughter’s beauty.  Cleo’s other talent’s were less important than her looks, in Luisa’s opinion, ‘but,’ Luisa thought kindly, ‘someday she won’t be beautiful and by then she needs wizarding talent to please a rich husband.’  Luisa had pressured Stephanos into allowing Cleo to go to Hogwarts, and her husband, as usual, gave in without much fuss. "Ohh I still remember the time when you got your first letter! You were extremely happy with it, baby girl," she added as she took a seat next to her seventeen-year-old daughter.

Cleo rolled her eyes before taking another spoon of porridge. "Actually, Mum, I was a witch. In case you forgot, you guys refused to send me to Hogwarts six years ago because of the first Wizarding war. I wasn't allowed to do magic and you sent me to a muggle school instead. I can't even remember how to use magic anymore."

It was true. Because the Ramsey’s decided to live as muggles, instead of sending their precious daughter to Hogwarts, in the end they finally to enrolled her in a public school near their house. Cleo had happily been living as a normal, muggle child since.

Though, truth be told, their lives were not that normal. Especially since Cleo joined a modeling agency a year ago. Her mum signed her up, much to Cleo's dismay. She did not want to be a model before she joined, but she had a good deal of success with it, so much that Cleo could not have any personal time due copious amounts of photo shoots and casting calls for television ads.  Originally, Cleo hated her modeling job, but she grew to love it, and now she could not imagine her life without it.  She really did not want to leave her job, even to go to Hogwarts, another one of the many reasons she resented her parents decision. 

"Cleo darling, you do know what had been happening to the wizarding world recently, right? The Dark Lord came back. A battle happened in Hogwarts. Lots of people died when it happened. Aurors, teachers, even students..." her dad murmured softly while reaching out for his daughter's shoulder. "You could have died there. What would your mother do without you?  We needed you here, with us."

Cleo sighed, placing her small hand on top of her dad's. "I know, Dad. I'm sorry. It's just.. I'm not ready for this. What would they say to me when they found out that I'm a muggle?"

Her mum flashed her a smile, "I understand, sweetheart. But you're not a muggle. You just don’t know how to use your special ability. That is why we are sending you to Hogwarts as an exchange student. You will learn how to do magic again and get to know the wizarding world, and you might even meet new friends there. And besides...," she winked before she added. ".. who would say such a bad thing to you? You are Cleora Ramsey. for God's sake. You are a beautiful young lady, quite famous in Muggle London, surely lots of lads there..."

"Mummmmmm," Cleo groaned again before her mum could finish her sentence. She did not need to hear that, especially from her mother.

Her parents laughed at that. Even though their daughter was beautiful and quite famous, they still did not have any idea why she did not have a boyfriend yet. It didn’t seem like her, to not be dating.  Cleo was ahead in almost any other social situation.  It seemed a little bit strange.  But Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey did not mind too much. In fact, they were quite happy that Cleo was not dating yet. But they still liked to tease their daughter about it.

"Anyway, its just for a year, darling. You can go back to your muggle life when you are done with it. Or, if you want to stay in wizarding world, we wouldn’t mind that at all. It is up to you, princess," her father said with a genuine smile.

She huffed before finally said, "Okay. Fine. A year. I might hate it, but I will do it."

"Good. Now finish your breakfast and get your trunk down here. We don’t have much time." her father said.

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Always Yours: Ramsey Family


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