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Logarithmic by ValWitch21
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Gorgeous CI by loveatfirstview @TDA.

In terms of beauty, Eloise Midgeon had started off very badly.

When he first peered over the crib, her older brother Vincent had wrinkled his nose and asked, with the innocence of the four-year old he was: "I thought babies were supposed to be cute – until when can we send this one back?"

When Eloise was five, she came home crying because of Annabelle Thornton, who had invited all the girls in her class to her birthday, except for Eloise. Eloise, after all, did not like pink or glitter, and that just could not do.

When Eloise was six, Annabelle Thornton ended up in her underwear in the middle of the school playground, her pink dress vanished Heavens knows where. Eloise was congratulated by her parents, as she had (finally!) produced her first signs of magic, and taken to Hogsmeade as a treat, where Anthony and Helen Midgeon had bought her a Kneazle.

On her eleventh birthday, Eloise received her letter for Hogwarts. Much crying ensued on her mother's part, and a little on Eloise's too, whom Vincent had convinced that her letter would never arrive.

She was happily Sorted into Hufflepuff, acquainted herself with Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott, discovered a deep love for Herbology and Transfiguration – though admittedly she was not particularly good at the latter – and found herself to fit in quite well.

When Eloise turned twelve, she was presented her first sign of growing up by Mother Nature: an ugly pimple, right on the tip of her nose. In less time than it took to say Quidditch, it had evolved into a very ugly display of spots patterning her entire face, which earned her some very displeasing comments from the rest of the student body.

Did you know that if a blind man were to run his hands over Midgeon's face, he'd be able to read the full version of the tales of Beedle the Bard?

Midgeon's face is like a Blast-Ended Skrewt's rear end: it can erupt at any moment!

We heard about a strange contraption today in Muggle studies, it's called a calculator and has lots of spots or something on its surface – sounds like we're learning about Eloise…

Needless to say, Eloise shrank back into herself and accepted the comments silently, hoping that one day she would become a beautiful butterfly shedding its ugly chrysalis. The butterfly seemed to be enjoying its caterpillar phase however, and eventually Eloise decided to deal with things once and for all, attempted to hex off her acne, and ended up in the Hospital Wing holding her nose in her hands.

It seemed that fate chose to reward Eloise after this, as her acne regressed. By the end of fifth year, it had disappeared entirely, save for the occasional black spot that ailed every teenager, and Eloise could be qualified as quite a pretty girl, had anyone bothered to look at her.

In her years of discomfort and shame of her own body, she had become silent, preferring the company of books to that of people – she had yet to find a pimply heroine though. She drowned herself in work, constantly practicing spells until she could master them, and when all her homework was done, she poured over Muggle textbooks, fascinated by mathematics and chemistry.

Worried by this never ending hunger for knowledge, her parents had knocked on the door of a Muggle specialist (Mediwizards seemed to have very little interest in what they did not consider an issue), who had concluded that Eloise had an IQ of 128. She was quite satisfied by this verdict, which explained both her difficulties to interact with people her age, and her instinctive understanding of certain things while being incapable of reasoning why it worked like this or that.

She passed her OWLs with flying colours, despite being persuaded she was going to fail them, and when sixth year rolled in Eloise was ready for it.

I know, I know, I should not be starting this when I have two other novels in progress. Too bad.
Right. First things first, I'd like to dedicate this story to Aisha and Sam, who told me that yes, it was worth writing. ♥
Second, I know this is really short, and I promise it's the only time it'll happen. Future chapters will be longer than this!
So, what do you think of Eloise so far? Like her, hate her, think she's realistic? Let me know your thoughts in a review, and see you soon!


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