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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 11 : Chapter Eleven
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For all of you lovely readers and reviewers who give me inspiration and make me want to write more.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and my OC's.

Today is Halloween and that also means that the party is tonight. Since Saturday I've gotten to know Aaron better and I've realised he is a really nice guy even if he it related to Hattie which is hard to believe since they're such opposites.

I hadn't long come out of Defence Against The Dark Arts with Al, Scorp and Rose and had met up with the others. We were walking down the Charms corridor when I heard someone calling my name.

"Flick. Flick, wait!"

I looked around and saw Aaron running down the corridor, I stopped so that he was able to catch up with us.

"Dom, tell your sister I'll be there now."

She nodded as they carried on walking leaving us two alone, before going into class I saw Al look back at us and then away quickly when he saw me looking at him.

I turned my attention back and said, "Hey, Aaron."

He smiled. "Hey, Flick I was just wondering if you were going to the Halloween party tonight?" I nodded and he carried on, "Would you like to go with me?" he asked.


"I'll pick you up from the dungeons at six."

"See you then," I told him as I walked into the charms classroom, I was glad to find that Professor Weasley wasn't there yet but Dom smirked at me as I sat down.

"Got another date have you."

"I might have," I said with a smile.

Scorpius turned around to face us and sang, "Flick's got a boyfriend, Flick's got a boyfriend."

I hit him at exactly the same time as Rose did. "I have not got a boyfriend, he's just a friend and anyway it's a date, Scorp. It's not like we're engaged or anything."

"Yet," Came his muffled reply to which Rose hit him again for me.

"Shut up, Scor, Flick's entitled to date anyone she wants and it's none of our business," Rose told him with a stern look on her face. He looked like a little child that had gotten told off and turn back around just as Professor Weasley walked in.

"Quiet please everybody. Textbooks out and turn to page five hundred and sixty-eight. Today we will be looking at the charm Aguamenti."

I pulled my books, parchment, quill and ink out of my bag and put them on the desk. I noticed that whilst Scorpius was teasing me Al had kept his mouth shut and stayed facing the front of the room. Jealous is he, I thought. I'm moving on just as he has and if he doesn't like it then I don't care.

It's my life and I can do what I want to. Although Bentley and Aubri will always come first, I have to think about them more than myself. We wrote down the basic notes for the charm and as the time went by all I could think of was tonight. I have date, a date with boy who used to sort of stalk me. Is it weird that I'm going on a date with him? I asked myself mentally.

Probably, my brain replied.

"After me, Ah-gwa-men-tee," Professor Weasley told us as she sounded out each syllable.

In unison the whole chanted and then copied once more after Professor Weasley has said it normally.

"Pack away your things once you have finished writing as you're now going to put the charm into practise. I want you to work in three's, I have a bucket each and inside you are to set fire to the paper. Once it has a good flame I want you to use the aguamenti charm to put it out. Is that clear."

I nodded as I looked at Dom and Rose who nodded back at me as though to confirm we were to become a group. Rose went up to get a bucket just as Hattie stood up and called to Albus, "Albie come and join Mel and me, sweetie." Al looked slightly startled and I saw him blush whilst the other boys sniggered at his nickname. "Please Albie?" Hattie said as she batted her eyelashes.

"Sorry, Scorp," he said as he went off to the front of the class.

I snorted but turned it into a cough. Under my breath I muttered to do Dom, "Albie, is she kidding me?"

"Bloody traitor," Dom whispered. "Hey Professor," she called and Victoire looked around before coming to our desk. "Can Scorp work with us now Potter's ditched him?"

Victoire looked at her cousin and then her sister. "I suppose so, make sure you take turns."

We nodded and Rose pointed her wand inside the bucket. "Insendio!"

The paper began flickering instantly and once the flames were almost touching the sides, Dom pointed her wand at the bucket.


A jet of clear water came shooting out of the tip of her wand, and the fire was out in an instance.

We repeated this until all of us had taken a go. Professor Weasley was very happy with our wand skills and praised us before going to tell Hattie off because she was jabbing her wand into the bucket. Which is so not a good idea when you're wand is made from wood. The phrase 'what an idiot' came to mind and I laughed quietly.

After the near burning of Hattie's hand, Professor Weasley sent Hattie and Mel to the hospital wing. Instead we practised aiming our wands just right and learnt that we should never jab at fire with them. I mean apart from Hattie, what sane person would do that?

Towards the end of the lesson we were sat talking and Al had joined us once again now that bitch face had left. He was sat quietly and wasn't saying a word, it didn't bother me so much he was with us it was more the fact that if Al is quiet then something is wrong.

I've never seen him so quiet before, all of this lesson except for when we were doing the spells, not a word out of him. I was just about to ask him if he was okay when the bell rang which signalled it was time for lunch. I pushed the thoughts of Albus out of my mind as he left in a hurry.

I sighed happily, I was starving and my stomach growled to make a point. "Can we go now please?"

The others nodded and we slowly left the classroom. The scene that we walked into outside wasn't a pretty one, more like a gross one. Hattie and Al seemed to be playing tonsil tennis whilst Mel stood further down the corridor filing her nails and looking like a lost puppy.

They broke apart when they heard Rose say, "Get a room for gods sake."

Hattie pulled her arms from around his neck but left her right one which had a white bandage around just above where his heart rests. She smiled wickedly at me.

"Oh I plan to," she said in an undertone before saying in her normal voice, "I'll see you later, Albie, me and Mel have got to go make ourselves look extra beautiful."

"Really?" Dom questioned as bitch face and her cousin walked down the corridor. "How long does it take her to get ready, the party isn't for another five hours. Or does she need to wait for the sun to come down before she turns into something that's actually pretty."

I bit my lip to myself from laughing but I couldn't help it and it burst out.

Al was fiddling with the strap on his bag. "Her and Mel have got two free periods actually."

"Ooh sorry," Dom said in a low voice as we made our way down to the great hall.

The great hall was ablaze with chatter as we entered and headed for the Slytherin table. I noticed different sized pumpkins were scattered around the hall, live bats were flying around the ceiling and the whole place seemed to have an orange glow to it. Or maybe that was just the sun, which was streaming in through the windows.

I happily ate corn-on-the-cob, mashed potato and a large slice of pumpkin pie. Scorpius was in conversation with Al (who had perked up at least) about Quidditch and I made a mental note to ask when try outs were, Dom and Rose were both talking about the party and further down from us Rory and Didge were flirting with Al and Scorp's room mates: Joseph and Alex.

I was oblivious to what other people were saying when it dawned on me, today is Bentley and Aubri's first Halloween and I won't be there to take them or Oscar trick or treating. I hadn't realised my facial expressions had changed until Scorp asked me if I was okay.

"I'm fine, I just thought of something that's all."

All though lunch all I could think about was Bentley and Aubri, would Ria dress them up and take them trick or treating or would she not bother since they're too little. I stood up and announced to the others that I was going to see Professor Mcgonagall. I knew she was probably either in the head office or her own since she wasn't at the staff table.

"Don't be late to class," Rose reminded me.

I slung my back over my shoulder and checked the time on my watch, ten to one. That would give me twenty-five minutes to find Minnie, ask her about going home and get down to potions. As her transfiguration office was closest I tired it first, I knocked on the dark wooden door and waited. After a few minutes and no reply I gave up.

Just as I turned around the door opened. "Miss Saunders, do come in. What can I do for you?" Minnie asked as she took a seat, flicking her wand to close the door.

"Today's Halloween and I just realised it will be Bentley and Aubri's first. Professor Longbottom said that I could floo home once or twice a month and well I'd really like to floo home later on to see them," I explained as I fiddled with my silver charm bracelet on my left wrist.

Minnie smiled and she didn't look a day over fifty. "Of course, I'll arrange it for you. What time were you thinking?"

I paused to think about it, Bentley and Aubri go to bed at half seven and Aaron's picking me up at half six. "Um well I have a free period after potions, could I go then?"

She nodded. "I'll arrange it now, you'll leave from here at half three. I believe your class finishes at quarter past, so that will give you fifteen minutes to get yourself ready."

"Thank you, professor," I said great fully as I stood up. As I left the office I felt so much happier. I was going to see my babies, I haven't seen them since Ria brought them to Hogsmeade last weekend. Even though Ria owls me update of them often, it's so different than actually being there with them. Hearing them babble away or see them playing with their toys.

I sighed,  I don't know why you're complaining, my brain told me, at least you're getting to see them unlike Albus. I groaned and pushed that thought aside as I crossed the entrance hall and made my way to the dungeons. There was a small line outside the potions classroom and I could see Rose's red hair sticking out amongst the blonde, brown and black hair.

"You done what you needed to?" Dom asked me.

I nodded with a smile on my face and she smiled back at me. Professor Blackthorn let us all in since we were early and we were still waiting for a few others. There were five Slytherin's (including me), three Gryffindors, a Hufflepuff and two Ravenclaw's who have taken NEWT level potions.

I have to say one of the things I missed when I was pregnant was brewing potions. I find it quite calming to be honest even though they all say I'm mad, including Rose.

Once the final two people came in Professor Blackthorn started talking about what potion we're brewing today.


Shortly before the bell rang, I told the others I had a meeting with Minnie and then I was going to send a letter.

"I'll meet you all in the common room later okay."

They nodded and I whizzed out of the room, I stopped by the dorm and dropped my bag on my bed and ditched my Slytherin robe. I picked up a grey hoodie and pulled it on as I practically ran to Minnie's office.

The corridors were pretty busy, which annoyed me because just as I was coming up to Minnie's office there was a bunch of third years in front of me who were walking extra slow. I resisted the urge to yell at them and stayed calm. In a few minutes I get to see my babies and I'm not going to be all worked up about a bunch of slow people.

I knocked the door and went in, Minnie was behind her desk enjoying what looked like a cup of tea. "Ahh, Miss Saunders, I didn't expect you so early. The floo powder is on the mantle piece and please don't get soot on the carpet when you come back." She smiled.

I nodded my head at her and grabbed a pinch of the green powder before stepping into the big fireplace.

"Fourteen Victoria Road, London."

I was engulfed by green flames and I shut my eyes as the world began to spin. I peeked through my eyelashes once the strange sensation was over and saw that the room wasn't spinning any more, I opened them fully and found myself in the fireplace of the familiar orange living room of my house.

I brushed any lingering soot off me before stepping out, I looked around and found it empty which I thought was odd considering the house is normally filled with noise.

"Hello," I called as I went into the kitchen, through the dining area and into the hall. I called upstairs and no one called back. I frowned to myself as I went back into the living room and sat on the on the sofa.

This was definitely my house but where was everyone. I went back into the hall and was about to go upstairs when I heard voices outside the front door. I peered through the peep hole and saw Oscar running up the steps, Ria was just coming up the garden path with the double buggy.

My heart leaped and I ran into the living room and grabbed the spare keys out of the bowl on the book case. I unlocked the door and Oscar looked up at me in complete surprise before hugging me and yelling, "Flick, its Flick!!"

"Flick?" Ria said in a startled voice. "Oh please don't tell me you've done something stupid, please."

"Nope," I told her as I went down the steps and straight to the buggy.

I stopped and looked down at Bentley and Aubri, they seemed so much bigger and older than the last time I seen them. It suddenly felt real that they were growing up and that I was missing it. Not too mention Al, chimed in that stupid little voice in my head.

I bent down and unstrapped Aubri before taking her out and gave her the biggest hug ever.

"I've missed you baby girl," I murmured as I kissed her on the forehead.

Ria unstrapped Bentley and passed him to me so she could get the buggy up the steps and as I looked at my little boy I was startled at how much he was getting to look like Al.

Oscar was zooming through the house, yelling, "Flick's home, Flick's home."

"Where's dad and how come you weren't here?" I asked as I sat on the sofa, placing Bentley between me and Ria who had just sat down after taking off her coat.

"Dad's in work and I just picked Oscar up from school. His teacher has been asking after you since you normally pick him up, I told her you had gone back to school," Ria told me as she took Bentley's coat off and I took off Aubri's.

I kissed Bentley's head and looked from him to Aubri who was smiling at me and I felt my heart melt. It was perfect, just perfect to be back home with my babies.

"You didn't answer my question, Flick?"

I ignored her for a minute as I sat Bentley and Aubri on the floor and got their toy box, I sat down with them before answering Ria's question. "It's Halloween of course!"

"What's that got to do with you coming home?"

"My first day back I had a meeting with Minnie and I had one with Neville the night before," I explained as I passed Bentley one of his toy cars. "She said that I could floo home once or twice a month to see them and Neville said that you were more than welcome to come to Hogsmeade for me to see them. And since today is their first Halloween I asked if I could come home. I want to take them trick or treating with Oscar."

Ria nodded. "I hadn't forgotten but I thought if I didn't make a big fuss you wouldn't realise you were missing it."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Bentley had moved from where I had put him, I frowned and then noticed Aubri had moved as well. I smiled to myself as I remembered what Ri had said in her last letter about Bentley being able to crawl and how Aub was nearly there. By the looks of things she was just as quick as her brother.

"So do they have outfits?"

She nodded and I wondered what they could be. Would Bentley be a pumpkin and Aubri a cat or would they would be something not related to Halloween.

"I'm doing tea now, do you want some?"

"Yes please. What you making?"

"Sausages, mash and gravy," she replied as she walked off into the kitchen.

Oscar came whizzing back in and jumped on me. "Hey, Ozzy, how's my favourite brother." I said as I tickled him. Oscar started laughing like crazy and I smiled instantly, oh how good it was to be home. All I needed now was for dad to come through the front door and Tessa to come running down the stairs.

"Oh crap!" I exclaimed as Ria came back in with a wooden spoon in her hand and looked at me. "I completely forgot about Tess, I was just so pre-occupied with the thought that you weren't going to do anything for their first Halloween," I explained.

"Fliss, it's okay. Tess will understand and anyway from what I've heard there's a party in the Puff's common room. Are you going?" I nodded after realising she must have heard about it from Tessa since I certainly never mentioned anything about it. "I heard you're going with a boy."

So Tessa did mention it.

"Yes," I replied warily.

"Who? Never Albus?"

"No, Aaron Nott."

"Flick, are you kidding me, Hattie's brother? The guy who practically stalked you?'"

I let Oscar go and he went over to Bentley and started playing with the cars. "Yes and he's actually pretty nice once you get to know him."

"Yeah well, just promise you won't get to know him to well, if you catch my drift. I don't want to be an auntie again any time soon," she said sternly as she waved a spoon at me before going back to check on our dinner.

As our food cooked I curled up on the sofa with Ria and we had a good old girly catch up. I told her that Aaron was actually a decent person and even though she didn't seem too sure.

"Look, Ri, you don't have to like him as long as I do," I told her as I picked up Aubri and went into the kitchen and put her in her highchair whilst Ria done the same with Bentley.

"And will you be telling him that your a mum before or after you've told Al he's a father."

"Point taken, sis."

Ria placed a bowl of cut up sausage, mash and gravy on Bentley and Aubri's highchair's and then levitated three plates onto the table as she grabbed the cutlery. The twins were quite happily babbling away and making a mess, Ria was talking to Oscar about school and I was lost in my thoughts as I ate.

Once dinner was over I helped Ria clean up and took my babies upstairs to get them into their outfits. I dressed Bentley in the vampire costume Ria had bought, it consisted of a footless all in one suit that had a vampire 'outfit' on it and a removable cape which stuck to the back with velcro.

I smiled as I added red socks and thought he was definitely my little vampire now he's got even more teeth. Aubri was already wearing her witches outfit which consisted of orange and black stripy leggings and a black and orange dress complete with a layered net skirt.

Both of them looked totally adorable and I silently thanked Ria for picking these outfits and for remembering it was their first Halloween. Looking at them it's hard to believe that in just under two months they'll be a year old.

I grabbed two blankets before picking them up and making my way down a floor, I stopped off in Tessa's blue bedroom and picked up a small toy black cat. As I entered the living room I saw a small werewolf stood in front of the TV. It took me a moment to realise it was Oscar and I called out to Ria to see if she was ready because it was already getting dark out.

"Coming," she replied. When Ria entered she was wearing all black and had on her black witch's hat from her first year at Hogwarts, I noticed she was carrying three plastic pumpkin buckets. "It's a bit strange dressing as a witch when you are one isn't it?"

"I suppose."

I wrapped Aubri in a blanket and handed her to Ria before doing the same to Bentley. Oscar turned off the TV and Ria gave him a bucket. "We're just doing the neighbours okay,"  She told him and he nodded heading into the hall with us close behind.

We started with our lovely next door neighbour: Mrs McGee, who's also a witch and is in her mid forties. She's so much nicer than the previous neighbour we had who was such a grouch.

Oscar knocked the door and when it opened we all said "Treat or treat!" in unison.

"Boy do you look scary," Mrs McGee told Oscar and he growled. Mrs McGee jumped a little to prove she was frightened.

"It's me Oscar!" he piped up as he pulled his mask off.

Mrs McGee smiled as she put sweets into his bucket and some into the one I was carrying for Bentley and the one Ria had for Aubri, and said, "Well I never, I thought I had a real wolf on my doorstep. It's nice to see you, Flick. Ria had said you were back in school. Must be hard for you leaving these little cuties behind."

"You too, it's strange being there without them and I miss them everyday but I know I need my education."

"Good on you, Flick, not many girls in your position would go back to school. You make those kids proud honey."

"Thanks, Mrs McGee."

"Oh please, call me Dell everyone else does. Are you back for long?"

"No just for tonight which sucks but I'll be back home soon enough."

We exchanged 'Happy Halloweens' and said goodbye before going to our other neighbours, two of them didn't answer. Four of them cooed over how adorable Bentley and Aubri were and three gave extra sweets. Walking back down the street we passed other families and we wished each other a happy Halloween.

When we got back in, I kicked off my shoes and curled up on the sofa, with Bentley in one arm and Aubri in the other. "You have no idea how good it is to be home, Ri, I wish I could stay and not worry about having to go back."

"You have to, Flick, and you know it, I have no idea how hard it must be to leave them but you're doing the right thing."

I sighed as Aubri climbed all over me. "I know."

I didn't know how much time had passed as Oscar and Ria sat watching TV and I watched my clever babies crawl around the room but it wasn't until Oscar had announced that his favourite show which is always on at five-thirty every day was starting on one of the kids channels that I realised the time.

"Aww crap! I need to be going, Ri."

I gave each of them a huge hug and kiss and promised Bentley and Aubri I would be back so soon and that I loved them to the moon and back. I slipped my shoes on and crossed the room, taking a pinch of powder from the pot on the mantle piece.

Ria had one on each hip and Oscar was stood by the side of her as he waved, it broke my heart to see Aubri's bottom lip quiver and the tears roll down her cheek as I stepped into the fire place.

It took all of my might to not step back out into the living room and I pushed myself to say "Minevra McGonagall's office, Hogwarts."

I dropped the powder causing the green flames swirled around me. I shut my eyes quickly and before I knew it the strange sensation had stopped and I was still once more. Opening my eyes I saw Professor McGonagall sat at her desk marking essays.

"A good visit was it?" she commented as she saw the huge smile on my face.

I nodded as I blinked away the tears. "Thank you so much, professor."

"You're welcome and enjoy the rest of Halloween."

I left her office and made my way through the relatively quiet castle and down to the dungeons feeling so much happier than I did before.

A/N This was such a long chapter that I've had to cut it in two (Second half is chapter twelve) not to mention lots happened!! Flick got to see her babies again and her and Aaron have a second date.

Edited - 21.04.2014

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