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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 5 : The Visit
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Knock, Knock, Knock. 


Malfoy was standing at the other side of the door while a nervous Hermione scrambled from her bedroom to open it. 


She couldn't figure out why she was so nervous just to see Malfoy but all she knew was that she was. 


Soon after he knocked she finally made her way to the door and opened it. There stood Draco Malfoy in blue jeans and a button up polo shirt. It still shocked Hermione to see him wearing anything other than black robes or black pants and shirt. Hermione couldn't deny that he looked quite handsome.  


“Well, hello Hermione. You look very pretty.” He complimented as Hermione stood back to let him through.


“Hi Malfoy. You err look great yourself... by all means, come in!” She tried to act confident and normal but it felt like her insides were squirming. She wondered if she should have even trusted him to come to one of his worst enemy's house but so far he didn't seem threatening. 


Draco looked briefly around the first floor of the bhouse and then sat on the leather living room couch. 


“Where are the Potters today?” He asked curiously, looking around as though Harry would pop out from a room at any moment.


“Ginny is with her mum and Harry at work.” Hermione answered, sitting right next to him on Harry and Ginny's couch. 


Draco couldn’t stop looking at Hermione. She looked so beautiful… he thought to himself. He gazed at her long eyelashes and chocolate brown eyes and Hermione didn't notice because she was awkwardly staring out the window.


Then a crying interrupted their silence and Hermione jumped at the sudden sound.


“Oh, James. I nearly forgot!” She jumped up and ran into a room in the back of the house and was gone for about five minutes as she changed the baby’s diaper.


Hermione returned to where Draco was seated with a little baby that looked just like Harry but with eyes like Ginny.


“This must be your son?” Draco asked, a little shocked Hermione had already had a baby.


“Oh no! This is Harry and Ginny's son. I am watching him and that’s why you had to come here.” Hermione then put the tiny human in his swing that magically swung by itself and returned to her seat next to Malfoy. 


"A little young to start having children isn't it? I don't want a child until I am at least thirty." Draco commented. 


“So… why did you want to see me again so soon?” Hermione asked, ignoring his last question, smiling.


Draco’s heart skipped a beat at that smile, he wasn't sure why.


“I’m not sure, I just did. I want to get to know you better because all I have ever known is your know-it-all side. Something just made me want to get to know you.” Draco told her shrugging. 


Hermione nodded to acknowledge what she said and gazed at Draco. She never noticed how his eyes shined like a stormy ocean, or how he smelled like spearmint. 


Draco felt awkward as Hermione stared at him and he decided to smile at her, making her blush a deep fuschia. 


He looked into Hermione’s eyes, “Hermione… can I tell you something?”


“Yes.” She whispered. She felt butterflies in her stomach and this was the first time she ever got butterflies for someone other than Ron.


“I think you are beautiful despite you being a mudblood.” He said quietly.


Hermione felt her face turning hot and red. “Th-thank you Draco. I guess if that is a compliment?" 


Draco turned red. "Sorry for calling you that." 


"Don't worry about it." Hermione said, waving his comment away from her brain. 


There was a hushed silence that only little James broke with his cooing. “But Astoria is way prettier than me. Obviously.” Hermione commented, surprised at herself by letting herself sound insecure.


Draco shook his head in disagreement. “Not compared to you. You have the whole package. ”


Draco suddenly leaned into Hermione and their lips met. Five seconds after he tenderly started to kiss her lips she pushed him away. 


"I can't right now, Malfoy. Not yet." Hermione said awkwardly. She couldn't believe Malfoy of all people just tried snogging her two days after her break-up with Ronald! 


 Hermione's thoughts rushed a million per minute as she awkwardly looked out the window while pulling up the straps of her shirt which was now revealing her cleavage very much and Draco noticed. "We mustn't do that in front of the baby and I just ended my relationship two days ago." 


“James is a baby, I hardly think he will tell anyone. And your relationship ended but Weasley cheated on you so there's no reason for you to be upset that I kissed you.” Draco said coolly, disappointed that they had to stop because he was really into it, he stared at her chest not being able to help himself.


Hermione rolled her eyes noticing this and then she sat back down on the brown leather living room couch. 


Draco just looked at her in thought. Was she regretting kissing him? Should he try again or would she possibly slap him? Did he make a move on her too fast?


Harry walked in the house suddenly, causing Hermione and Draco to jump on the far ends of the couch from one another.


“Oh shit, Harry’s home for lunch...” Hermione whispered and Draco got up to ask to use the restroom. 


Harry still had no clue about Hermione talking to Draco at all since the war and it would not be the most likeable thing to Harry since the two of them were still not on friendly terms.


“Hi Hermione, wow you look quite nice, what are you dressing up for?” Harry asked her, smiling and sitting in an armchair after dropping his things off by the door.


Hermione just smiled and didn't answer as she heard Malfoy's footsteps entering  the living room as well and just as fast as he smiled, Harry’s smile turned into a glare.




This is going to be interesting. 




“Malfoy, what the hell are you doing here?” Harry sneered at Draco and took a step toward him. His hand flew to the wand pocket in his Ministry robes and he pointed it straight at Draco's chest.




 “He’s with me Harry. We have been talking and we are friends now! Ginny gave me permission for him to come over today.” Hermione said without a breath, stepping in between the two.




Harry disapproved, but calmed down. “Malfoy, this is odd… thought you were against us completely. What about your mum and daddy? They wouldn't like you being here now would they?”




Draco shook his head and smirked. “No Potter, I am not against all of you as you can clearly see as I have been snogging your best friend and talking to her.”




Harry’s eyes widened and looked at Hermione in disbelief as though he really wanted to say something, she could see disgust in his eyes and she felt completely humiliated.


 Hermione turned redder than she ever thought she could and felt so guilty, she knew what Harry was thinking.


What about Ron? Her fiancé of a year? What about working on herself? Was Hermione even capable of thinking clearly after so much hurt from Ron? Probably not and that's probably why she even thought to talk to Malfoy. 


 Luckily little James broke the tension with crying and Harry went over to greet him and change his diaper again instead of saying what he felt like saying to Hermione, which was not pretty.


Hermione and Draco sat on the couch, Hermione awkwardly tried to keep her distance from Malfoy in front of Harry making the tension even thicker in the air.


 Harry couldn’t help but feel so upset about this and gazed with an angry look at them together.


He couldn’t believe what he just heard, Hermione and Draco… snogging? Friends? They hated each other just two years ago.


“I guess time really does change people.” Harry said, half way smirking at Draco and Hermione.


 Draco cleared his throat. “Potter I have changed in many ways that you could never imagine, I have no negativity toward people anymore. I have started to like this girl just a day ago that I never thought in a million years I would ever even think of liking because she was my enemy. I hate how Weasley broke her heart. I would never cheat on someone so smart and wonderful…” He paused, Hermione blushed so dark her shirt looked lighter than her face, “the war changed me Potter as it did everyone else. But I was never a bad person. I just did bad things influenced by my family. That’s no longer me, I have grown up.”


Harry sat across from them with James. “I believe it Malfoy, just don’t hurt my best friend, or you will pay. That’s all I have to say! And you make your own choices in life,” he said, looking at Hermione and then glaring back at Malfoy. 


Hermione couldn’t believe this was happening all a couple of days Ron and her split. It made her feel guilty, but why? He cheated on her! She has every right to be with another man after they aren’t together anymore! Even if it was Ron’s worst enemy, which kind of made it more enjoyable to be honest. 


After Harry left for work again when his lunch break was over, James was entertained on the floor with his little rattler, so Draco and Hermione stayed sitting on the couch and Draco didn't know whether to kiss her again or leave her be.


Hermione looked at Draco with questionable eyes, "Why would you like me Draco? Aren't you afraid of what your family would think?"


 "No, I am not at all... I don't care about blood-traitors or muggle-borns anymore that judgment of mine died with Voldemort," Draco stated, looking seriously at Hermione.


"Good, I like you better that way!" Hermionesaid seriously.


"Blimey, I hope so-" Breathed Draco.


Draco then began to tell her all the reasons why he decided it was time for him to change.


He described how he felt when he watched Voldemort or a fellow death eater kill or hurt someone he knew or anyone. How much pain he felt when he saw their face lifeless, or a person in so much pain they couldn't even speak.


 "I never belonged as a Death Eater Hermione, I was just so afraid that I would be killed or disowned by my family if I left... There was no going back once you join, they made me join," Draco said shaking his head in disbelief of what the past held.


 "Well that was the past Draco, this is the present. None of us ever thought you had it in you to kill, and we appreciated you for that. We know your father and how harsh he can be," Hermione said taking Malfoy's hand.  


 Hermione sat and talked about her side of the war and all the pain that they felt, and how she could sort of forgive Draco, but not the rest of his side. She told him every detail about how she found out about Ron and how much hurt Ron had caused her. 


Draco sat there and thought for a moment. Did this really just happen? Did he have a whole conversation with Hermione Granger without insulting her? 


Astoria never would have sat here and listen to him like Hermione had. She would come up with some reason to stop talking about his problems by turning the conversation about her.


It was time for Draco to leave and Hermione didn't want to see him go, she liked talking to Draco. It was nice talking to a guy who didn't have an emotional range of a teaspoon. She used to talk to Harry like this but since he married Ginny he hasn't been quite there to talk to Hermione much anymore.


Draco hugged Hermione tightly, she hugged him back and kissed him on the cheek. He went to leave and Hermione stood on the wooden front porch. And Hermione waved at Draco as he apparatted. 


Hermione walked in her room in a daze and lay on her bed. Did Draco Malfoy and I just share this intense talking session and I kissed him too? My enemy? What am I doing?

 But he didn’t feel like an enemy at all anymore, after seeing him, it was like the world fell down around her and it was just him in front of her. She never felt this way around Ron, or Krum, or anyone for that matter.


Was she falling for with the Slytherin Prince? She hoped not... it was too soon and too wrong. 




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