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Beauty Explosion by QueenOfNargle
Chapter 1 : And Then It Strikes
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  My name is Ally Wood.  I’m almost 17. I’m a pupil at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, one who is about to go into their seventh and final year. My younger brother Mitch is in his sixth year and my mum and dad are both pretty well known. My mum, Katie Bell, being a famous author and my dad, Oliver Wood, being the fantastic Quidditch captain that he is. I’m not popular but I’m not classed as a huge freak or weirdo, I’m just kind of ‘there’. 



  The reason I’m not labelled as a danger zone is because unlike some I can actually hold a thorough conversation. If you want to have a intellectual chat, I’m here. If you want to have mindless banter, I’m still here. However the reason why I’m not known as popular is because, well, unfortunately I am what you may call a munter. In other words, ugly.




  And before I get those readers who say ‘Every person is beautiful in their own way’ and ‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts’, get real. Everybody knows that to survive in this world you have to be good looking. Do you think some man of my dreams is going to go for me, the 5ft3 girl with round, thick glasses whose flattest and a bit on the scrawny side as well as being covered in acne and having a slight bushy brow problem, not forgetting the mole on the middle of my left cheek or is he going to go for the perfect girl with the shiny, luscious  hair, figure like a supermodel and unbelievable smile? Yep, I thought so.




  Even though I lack in the looks department I still manage to find myself a great best friend whose absolutely beautiful naturally. Dominique Weasley. She’s one of the many ‘Wotters’ roaming around Hogwarts but by far one of the prettiest. Dom has this whole natural and airy but still seductive and capturing going on, she has the most gorgeous silvery hair that cascades down her back. Her smile is captivating, her teeth a gleaming white and all teeth straight. Her eyes are quite large but it works for her, the icy blue colour gives her the cute and young look that could melt a guys heart. All in all, she’s a boy magnet…which is probably why people get confused when they realise she’s best friends with me.




  So after filling you in on some details, I think its time to get this show on the road and tell you about my disastrous life which is somewhat fabulous.




  “Dom, I can’t believe you dropped Ancient Runes! Now who am I going to sit with? You‘ve left me alone in a room full of hideous creatures where I will just sit and manifest in my own despair and I‘ll never be able to bring myself out of my self-pity and sorrow to make any friends or even acquaintances and will probably die alone in a rusty skip with 23 cats” I groaned, banging my head on the table.




   “Cut it out,” She snapped, lifting my head off the table only to let it drop…resulting in me with a possible concussion or banging headache, I looked up to see a smirk on her face.




  “You’re cold Weasley,” I glared.

  “Are we doing last names now? I think you’re the one being cold Wood.” She laughed before changing back to the original topic. “I’m in all of your other lessons, we have Potions, Defence against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Transfiguration, Muggle Studies, Care of Magical Creatures, History Of Magic and Arithmancy together, surely one lesson without me won’t kill you?” 

   “No but the loneliness might,” I muttered, I was overreacting I knew  it but I was so used to Dom being there.

  She sighed into her porridge before pushing it away and declaring it was time to leave if we wanted to get to Potions on time.

   Walking down into the dungeons, I let my mind drift off into possibilities for this year. Nine newts was a lot but I couldn’t bare to drop anything, except for that awful Divination of course. Dreadful stuff. That’s why when I suddenly found myself on the floor with a sharp pain running through my back I was shocked. The force had just came out of nowhere, I looked around to find the culprit and found James Potter standing in front of me. He was running his hand through his hair with a sheepish grin. 

    “Didn’t mean to hit you there, things got a little bit out of hand with the lads-” He cut off, twisting his neck to glare at the group of boys, Freddie Weasley, Bryce Mclaggen and Avery Wilson, all sniggering before he faced me again. “ So, uh, yeah. My bad hope you’re okay and all that. See ya…”

    “Ally.” I replied, sensing he’d forgot my name. “No harm done.”

    Picking myself up off the ground, I smoothed down my skirt before picking up my bag and some of the books that had scattered out. Dom was waiting for me with her arms crossed over her chest, glaring at James. We luckily made it to the dungeons with 30 seconds to spare, crossing over the room we picked our usual spot, a little table that was just tucked into the corner and right at the back of the room.

  For today’s project we had free reign of the potions room, Professor Hallwell had let our imaginations run wild and said most impressive potion would win a special prize. I practically ran to the storage room, grabbing the ingredients to form the potion that I was sure would be a showstopper. Setting my cauldron over the small fire I had produced I began to get to work. 

  After a while I realised how mine and Dom’s table of chatter had now become a silent recluse. Glancing at her I saw her hard at work over her potion, she had beads of sweat on her forehead and was mopping her brow with her sleeve. Her potion was a murky brown colour that you’d probably see in a bucket after one too many drinks or a case of really bad food poisoning. She was vigorously stirring it.

  “You okay Dommy?” I asked hesitantly. 

    “I’m fine, I just really was to win this one…apparently its liquid luck.” She grinned, giving me a sly wink which indicated she’d already checked the desk to find out the not so mystery prize.

   I gasped, felix felicis had become quite a rare potion now. Not many people saw the point in it now that you-know-who had been defeated.


  “Oh so what are you making?” I said.

    “A really advanced beauty potion, I’m hoping she’ll use it and become super hot and thank me for it.” She smiled, before putting in some valerian roots. 


  “If you have some spare, fancy sharing?” I laughed.


  “Al, shush. You’re beautiful ok? ” She said, focusing her attention on me. “You don’t need any help, trust me. And even if you did need help I’d help you because I’m your best chummy in the whole wide world and you loveeeee me. Now what are you making?”


  “Amortentia,” I replied, shrugging nonchalantly.

   “Wow, that’s super hard! If you can pull this off I’ll be amazed” She smirked as she bumped me with her hip.

   “Why I oughta-” I laughed, getting myself carried away with our little chatter, I had finally brought my attention back to our potions when I noticed something odd. Dom’s potion had turned black and it was bubbling, thickly, really fast, almost too fast. 

    “EVERYONE DUCK,” I shouted, seeing the whole class spin around notice the ever-rising potion in front of me and hit the floor whilst I just stared.


  And then it hit me. 



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