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Unwritten Rules of the Universe by lilylunalover
Chapter 1 : Rule #1
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 Rule #1:  Lily Luna Potter shall not speak to, look at, or interact with boys other than family until she is at least 60.

James actually said that once, when I asked why he scared away a boy who was asking what the Charms homework was in first year.  He stated the "rule" in a fancy, stuck-up voice.  I kicked him in the balls.  Didn't sound so high-and-mighty then, did he?

But he was actually telling the truth.  Whenever I aproached boys, I was dragged away - sometimes even kicking and screaming - and whenever they aproached me, God help them.  They usually either vanished or "mysteriously" appeared in the Hospital Wing.  Sometimes both.  It was bloody annoying.

In third year, I realized I had a crush on Lorcan Scamander, a family friend.  My cousins counted him as family, but when I aproached him at the end of last year and told him I liked him, he said that he felt the same.  We came to an agreement - we would be boyfriend and girlfriend, but only in secret.

Lorcan is really nice.  He has the whole - tall/blonde/blue eyes/beach boy - thing going on.  His mom, Luna Lovegood-Scamander, is really nice, an old family friend, though a little stange.  She's also my godmother.  Lorcan's dad, Rolf Scamander, is from Sweden, and his parents met when Aunt Luna was on vacation.  They only dated, like, three months before they got married.  I know she wasn't pregnant, though, because Lorcan and his twin brother Lysander came along two years later on September 23rd, 2008, a month before I was born on October 27.

Lorcan is in Gryffindor, with me, and - ironically - every single Wotter, like, ever.  Even Scorpius.  His dad was okay with it, though.  Apparently, at least according to Uncle Ron, he's changed a lot since the war.  Scorpius and Rosie and Al are best friends, practically inseperable, and they are often called the Golden Trio Two.  Rosie and Scorpius also very obviously have the hots for each other, and would be perfect together if one of them would take their Gryffindor courage and ask the other out.  But they won't.  Ugh.

Back to Lorcan - his identical twin brother, Lysander, is actually in Slytherin.  They are still super close, though, which makes me really happy.  Lysander is really nice too - I consider him one of my cousins, maybe even my brother.  Heaven knows he's nicer to me than my real ones.

Other than best friend/boyfriend (aren't those the best?) Lorcan, my bff is Alice Longbottom, daughter of Uncle Neville and Aunt Hannah.  She's really sweet, also in Gryffindor, with shiny brown hair that falls in perfect ringletts around her pixie-esque face and bright hazel eyes.  I am totally jealous, because my bright red and un-curlable hair manages to clash with pretty much everything.

I am currently fifteen, in my fourth year at Hogwarts.  It's the last week of school before Christmas break.  Christmas, as per Wotter family tradition, is always held at the burrow, which is surrounded by most of the family.  The kids always sleep in sleeping bags and the adults conjur beds in Extended rooms (as done by Aunt Hermione, who is the best at that charm).  I am usually really excited, but this year I'm a teensy bit nervous for reasons I will discuss later.  Other than me being nervous, this year is going to be different because Nana Molly has her first Great-grandchild to dote upon.  Remus William Lupin is the son of Vic and Teddy, and he is turning three months old the day before Christmas.

The Burrow Christmas is not only the Wotters - the Longbottoms, the Scamanders, and, since recently, the Malfoys all join us.  That adds up to 19 kids total, if you count Teddy and Vic and Remus.

The math, ladies and gentlemen:

12 Weasley/Potter

2 Lupin (Teddy and Remus - Vic is counted in Weasley)

2 Longbottom (Alice and her little brother, Frank, a first year)

2 Scamander

1 Malfoy

And if you count up all the adults, it adds up to... drumroll please!

19 kids + 19 adults = 38 people

In one house.

That's right, folks.

It's always nuts.

Out of my cousins, I have always been closest to Lucy, who is only a year older than me.  And Dom, even though she's a sixth year.  Honestly, the only reason I am close to Dom at all is that instead of pulling me away from boys, she is the black sheep who pushes me towards them.  Other than Alice and Lysander, she is the only person who knows about my relationship with Lorcan.  Not even Lucy knows.

The only reason Lorcan and I can get away with it is that we snog in secret, and us holding hands isn't considered weird because we are thought to think of each other as cousins.

We also do... ahem... other activites in secret.

Don't judge me, I'm fifteen and Lorcan is really hot.

But right now, his hotness and my insane teenage hormones might have gotten us into a teensy little predicament....

I'm pregnant.


SO! Thoughts, questions, REVIEWS!  They would be totally awesome.

Clarifying: Rose/Scorpius WILL happen later, and yes Lily will be part of the reason of that.

Molly/Vic graduated

Vic married (to Teddy, duh)

James/Freddie/Dom in 7th Year

Rose/Albus/Scorpius 6th Year

Lucy/Roxanne/Louis 5th Year

Lily/Alice/Lorcan/Lysander/Hugo 4th Year

Remus - 3 months old (almost)


Disclaimer:  Everything in this lovely story you recognize, including ALL characters mentioned so far are NOT MINE.  They are our lovely queen J.K. Rowling's.  A few later characters will be original.

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