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An Unnecessary Burden by Dumbledance
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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a/n: Hey guys! Here's chapter 3! I'm not very happy with this chapter if I'm honest. The next chapter should be entertaining as it will be Albus' point of view. Don't forget to review!

“Did you tell him?” Ellen asks in her distinctive Irish accent, edging herself towards the edge of the bed so she was nearer me. I roll from my back onto my front and prop myself onto my elbows. The dormitory is empty save for Ellen and me. The other inhabitants must be down in the common room, drooling over their copies of Witch Weekly as a highly edited Joey Wood winks up at them. Joey Wood, the son of the keeper of Puddlemere United, Oliver Wood, is described as being the next big thing when it comes to Quidditch.






He attended Hogwarts and was about four years ahead of me. Every girl has been fawning over him. It’s quite silly really. I don’t see the appeal; his nose is well out of proportion to the rest of his face. I sneak a glance towards the wall where several Wood posters are plastered before I answer Ellen’s question.






“Yes, I did.” Ellen leans closer, her light hair falling into her green eyes. Her hands are knotted into the bedcover beneath her so if she was to fall, she would drag the whole spread down with her.






“And?” She asks, a slightly irritated edge to her soft tone. I rest my head on my palm, contorting one half of my face.






“Well, Al didn’t pull a Peeves on me and grab a vase and fling it to the ground so I guess you could say it went splendidly.” I say, rolling over onto my back once again. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Ellen retreating back into the middle of the bed. She gathers up her golden hair and begins twisting it into a loose bun, her green eyes still fixed on my face.






“You know, Poppy, “She says, securing her bun with a pink hair tie, “You are being remarkably calm despite the situation. If I were you, I’d be going mental.”






Her comment causes a light bubble of laughter to escape my lips, surprising me.


“Wait for it,” I say, the light chuckle preventing my voice from staying even, “It hasn’t properly hit me yet and when it does you will the get the mental reaction you are anticipating. “






I can see the smile inching its way across Ellen’s face, the smile that would make most boys fall at her feet. Ellen is gorgeous, there’s no denying it. She has the long golden hair, almost down to her waist; the bright green eyes, framed by fan-like lashes; the flawless skin, not a pimple in sight; the body that most girls would murder for. Even if Quidditch is a pain in the arse, it does wonders for your figure. Well, I guess it’s too late for me to start. I pull myself up into a sitting position, my legs dangling over the side of the bed.








“So, do you want a boy or a girl?” Ellen asks, tilting her head, a strand of hair falling over her eyes. Her question caught me by surprise as I hadn’t really had the chance to think of which gender I would prefer. I purse my lips for a few moments before I decide to reply.






“I don’t mind which one,” I say honestly, lifting my shoulder in a shrug. Ellen looked at me, her green eyes narrowing.






“Oh come on,” She said, folding her arms across her chest, “You’re really going to play that card?”






“What card?” I mimic her actions and cross my arms. She notices this and her eyes become slits.






“There has to be a gender you’d prefer to have,” She informs me, her chin tilting upwards, “I have one."






“Yes but unlike you, I am not that shallow.” She makes a noise at the back of her throat and her mouth falls open. I grin at her and reach behind me for my pillow before I fling it at her. The throw caught her off guard and sent her rolling backwards off the bed. I push myself off the bed and peer down through the gap between Ellen’s bed and the wall. I stifle a laugh as Ellen pulls herself to her feet, shaking off the balls of fluff that had clung to her clothes.






“Only you would be knocked off the bed by a pillow,” I say, making no efforts to stifle my giggles now. Ellen makes a face at me.






“I would grab that pillow and suffocate you, Poppy, but I don’t want to be held responsible for the murder of both you and your unborn child.” I smile innocently at her, stretching my hand towards to her bedside locker and plucking up one of her rainbow coloured hair ties. I happen to select a blue one. I throw my head forward and begin to gather up my dark curls and tie them into a high ponytail on the top of my head. I take my seat back on my bed and Ellen sits across from me, her legs tucked up underneath her.






“You never really did tell me about how Albus reacted,” She says after a brief pause, reaching for her pot of blue nail varnish. I watch as she unscrews the lid and begins to varnish her right thumb nail. She looks up briefly, an expectant look etched upon her face.






“Well, he did faint,” I say and Ellen scoffs. “After that, I did the Rennervate spell on him and then he thought it was all a dream. If only it was. But after that he just kind of stayed on the floor, staring into space.” Ellen looks up once again after she finishes her right hand. She whips out her wand and murmurs a quick incantation to speed up the drying of her nails.






“So, that was it?” She asks, as she finishes drying her pinkie finger. I nod and she purses her lips before moving on to varnishing her left hand.






“We didn’t talk much. It’s the shock.” I mutter, looking down at my shoes. I stretch my legs out in front and kick my shoes off onto the floorboards below.






“How are you guys going to tell your parents?” She asked, placing her wand back down beside her as she finishes her left hand. I shrug my shoulders.






“Haven’t got a single clue,” I say before I take a deep yawn, stretching my arms above my head. Ellen purses her lips and sets her jar of nail varnish back on her bedside locker. She leans forward and balances her elbow on her left knee while resting her cheek in her palm.






“I have to applaud you for being really calm about it. It’s almost unnerving if I’m brutally honest,” She says, her speech muffled by the skin of her hand. I say nothing for a moment and instead I loop my finger through a loose thread in the blanket and begin to pull at it. I hadn’t really thought about how odd it was that I was being so calm. I’m actually a bit surprised that I haven’t downed a vial of potion a dim Hufflepuff second year had brewed up during one of their classes. I say that would do just as much damage as a vial of poison would.






I don’t blame Ellen for being so weirded out, I mean, it’s me we’re talking about. The girl who goes by the book; The girl who never strays from the plan. I can predict that Ellen is going to be keeping an extra eye on me; she’s probably worried that I’ll launch myself into the Black Lake the moment it sinks in. I won’t, don’t worry.






“Yeah. But just because I’m calm it doesn’t mean Al is the same,” I say finally, pulling the thread I had been tugging loose. I glance towards the door of the dormitory; the voices accompanied by bursts of laughter wafted up the stairwell connecting the girls dormitory to the common room.






Was Al with the group that were laughing and joking down below? Or was he, unlike myself, having a freakout in the boys’ dormitory? I’m torn away from my thoughts as Ellen tries and persuades me to name the baby after her, but I couldn’t bring myself to concentrate on her words as different ideas of what Albus could be doing now nagged at the back of my mind.


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