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UnVeiled by Snapegirl
Chapter 40 : Adjusting
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Ginny and the newborn slept for about four hours before Indigo woke and began crying. Ginny woke instantly at the strident wails and drew the infant to her breast. "Looks like someone's hungry," she crooned, allowing the baby to nurse. She hoped she would be able to nurse this child for a few months, last time, with Albus, she had only been able to do so for a few weeks before her milk ran dry and she had to switch to formula. The baby suckled hungrily, and Ginny gently cupped her hand across the infant's head, which bore a downy cap of reddish hair.

She smiled lovingly down upon her daughter. "You have hair like me, baby. I wonder if you'll keep it?" She knew that often babies' hair color changed as they grew, and so did eye color. Though with both her and Harry having recessive eye color, it was likely Indigo would keep her blue-violet eyes. As for hair color, that was more difficult to predict. Though all of her siblings were redhaired, some of them had undergone changes in color since they were children. Ron, who used to be a ginger-haired child and adolescent, now had auburn hair, several shades darker than he used to. So did Percy. Ginny's own hair had darkened a little too. Charlie, Bill, and George still had fiery hair, though Charlie's had lightened to almost a strawberry blond because of his time spent outdoors with dragons.

Alby's hair had red highlights, but was dark, though not as dark as his father's or brother's. Ginny sat up slightly, she was exhausted still from the delivery, and she knew she probably looked a fright. She was alone in the ward. Before she could wonder where everyone was, Poppy appeared and made her way over to them.

"The little lamb's awake now, is she?" the mediwitch smiled. "How are you feeling, dear?"

"Still tired. But happy," Ginny said. "She's a good eater."

"Takes after her dad," Poppy laughed, looking at the tiny baby with tenderness.

"Or her Uncle Ron," Ginny chuckled. "He still eats like a horse. Where's Harry and the boys?"

"Harry took them outside, they woke up full of energy and he didn't want them waking either of you up. I think he probably gave them lunch too, your youngest was complaining he was starving."

"Maybe he's getting a growth spurt," Ginny mused.

"Kids his age are always hungry," Poppy remarked, running her wand over her patient. "Well, this was one of the easier deliveries I've had. No tearing and you're starting to contract back to your normal size already. Would you like to stay here for two days and then return to your quarters?"

"That would be fine. What did the boys think of her?"

"They loved her, Ginny. Who wouldn't? She's a beautiful baby, takes after her mum. And you picked a beautiful name for her too."

"Thank you. We decided to go for a more unusual name this time, and yet still give her a family name as well. Camille was James Potter's mum's name."

"I know, Harry told me. I'll have Hygeia, my house elf, assist you with her. There's a Quidditch practice this afternoon, and there's always injuries, so I'll probably be busy with new patients. And you'll have visitors soon, once the rest of the staff gets the news."

"I need to owl my parents," Ginny remembered.

"I'll do that, Ginny. And I'm sure they'll tell your brothers." Poppy offered.

"They'll be over the moon. She's the third girl born in our family, besides me and Rose."

"You need some more of them," Poppy smirked. "To keep all those men on their toes."

"Hermione might have another, you never know."

"Hermione may have twins, the way she's presenting."

"Mum said the same thing. I think Ron would pass out cold if that were true."

"We'll see." Then the mediwitch left the new mother and child to finish up some paperwork.


Harry returned to find Professor McGonagall, Hermione, Rose, and Ron visiting Ginny and Indi in the Hospital Wing. He had finally gotten Alby and Severus worn out by walking about the grounds, feeding the squid in the lake, and flying on his Shadow Streak. Now they were content to sit quietly and read, draw, or color. And he could spend quality time with his new baby and his wife.

Minerva was smiling gaily at Ginny and the baby. "What a precious wee bairn! She's sure t'be breakin' hearts and drivin' her puir dad to distraction soon enough." She tickled the baby under the chin and was rewarded with a squeal. "And such bonny eyes, they remind me of heather in springtime." She presented the baby with a lovely soft wool cardigan of creamy ivory with a lavender kitten embroidered on it and broad bands of the same color on the cuffs of the sleeves.

"Oh, Minerva, how beautiful!" Ginny exclaimed.

"I made it myself," the Headmistress said. "I said, the little lass needs a jumper to keep out the cold of a Highland winter. Next I'll be knitting a wee hat and booties."

"But . . . how did you know what the baby was going to be?" asked Hermione.

Minerva chuckled. "I cheated and asked Poppy, who knew from the beginning what Ginny was having."

"That was clever of you, Minerva," Hermione laughed. "Are you going to do the same for me?"

Minerva winked at her. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

"Rose, have you seen our new baby sister?" asked Alby, running up to his cousin.

"Uh huh. She's so cute!" Rose grinned.

"I got to hold her already," Severus told her, proud of the fact that he had been first out of the children to hold Indigo.

"Aww! I hope I have a baby sister too," Rose said wistfully. "Can I hold Indigo now, Mama?"

"Me first!" Alby objected. "I didn't get to hold her yet and she's my sister."

"Calm down, all of you," Harry ordered. "You'll have to take turns and remember, the baby's not a toy, that means you don't fight over her like one. Albus, you sit here, next to your mum, and Rose, you sit right next to Alby. Sev, if you want to hold her again, you sit next to Rose."

The children did as he said. Harry gently lifted Indi from Ginny's embrace and placed her in Alby's arms for a few minutes. He showed his son how to hold her, then said, "But none of you are allowed to pick her up unless an adult is with you, am I understood?"

Alby nodded. "Yes, sir. She's pretty heavy. And squirmy." The baby was moving her small hands and feet.

"Yeah, she's a little wiggle worm, aren't you, darling?" Ron cooed. He had held her earlier.

"Wriggly Indi," Alby giggled. "Hey, it rhymes!"

"Looks like she's got her first nickname, Harry," Ron remarked.

"But only we're allowed to call her that," Severus spoke up. He wasn't too sure if he liked that name, it could have bad connotations. But he supposed it was okay so long as only family used it.

"Dad, can you take her now? My arms are getting tired," Alby said.

Harry took Indigo and said, "Your turn, Rose." He placed the baby in Rose's arms.

Rose took to her immediately. She cradled the baby close and rocked her, whispering, "Hey, itty bitty girl. You're so cute, I wanna eat you up!" She placed a kiss on the tiny cheek.

All the adults smiled at the heartwarming sight of the five-year-old and her baby cousin.

"Ron, quick! Take a picture!" Hermione said.

Ron took his camera out of his pocket and snapped a picture. "There! That's a great one for our album. And if she's this way with Indi, I think she'll be good with our own when it gets born."

Rose held the baby for about seven minutes before surrendering her to Severus.

Severus felt the same bond of love and protectiveness he had when he first held the baby. Only this time he wasn't as nervous. The baby kept looking at him and her mouth opened and shut just like a baby bird's. "She keeps opening her mouth like a baby bird's. Right, bluebird?"

Just then Indigo squalled loudly.

"Uh oh. She's hungry, Sevvy. Let me give her back to her mum." Harry said, taking the wailing infant and giving her to Ginny, who discreetly tucked the baby inside her hospital gown to nurse.

"Mama and Dad and I bought baby Indigo a present," Rose declared. "I picked out a plushie giraffe for her and Mama made her a giraffe quilt." She pointed to a brightly colored bag which had a stuffed giraffe head peeking out of it.

"You quilt, Hermione?" asked Harry, surprised.

Hermione nodded. "My mum taught me when I was pregnant with Rose. It helped me pass the time when I was sitting down with my feet up. I picked a yellow and white theme with giraffes because it could go with either a boy or a girl."

"And I helped pick out the fabric squares for it," Rose told them proudly.

"You did a great job, honey!" Ron praised.

"I wish I learned how to quilt," Ginny said. " Mum tried to teach me to knit once, but I was more interested in playing Quidditch like my brothers."

"It's never too late to learn, Ginny," said Minerva wisely.

"Not with this little one right now," Ginny shook her head. "I'm going to have my hands full with her, I can tell."

"Well, if you need any help, just ask us," Hermione offered. "We'll be glad to help out."

"Good you said that, Hermione. Because Harry and I decided that we want you and Ron to be Indi's godparents," Ginny announced.

The couple grinned in delight. "We'd be honored," Ron said. It was the first time he had been asked to be a godfather.

"Thank you so much!" Hermione said happily. Being a godmother meant a lot to her, especially to Harry's baby girl.

She hugged both Harry and Ginny. "You know what this means, right? That when our next one is born, you get to be godparents to him or her."

"We'd be glad to," Harry assured them.

"And if it's a boy, I'll name him after you," Ron smirked.

"I thought you were going to name a boy after your brother Fred," Harry commented.

"There's no reason I can't do both," Ron chuckled.


During the rest of the afternoon and evening, Ginny and the rest of the family was bombarded by visitors. Everyone on staff came to congratulate them on their new baby and bring gifts. Molly and Arthur came and shared stories about Ginny as a baby, making Harry and the boys laugh and Ginny roll her eyes. Honestly, parents remembered the most ridiculous and embarrassing things! The next day was quieter, and Ginny could relax and concentrate on healing and bonding with her daughter. Though the baby did little except eat and sleep at this stage, Ginny loved cuddling with her and talking to her. She thought the baby could recognize her voice, and was sure that, like Alby, Indigo remembered her voice from the womb.

On the third day, mum and baby went home, which was back to their quarters. Since Ginny was still on maternity leave for a month more, and Harry wanted to spend more time with them, he also took leave, up until January 31st. Now that both parents were home, Alby stayed home as well. At first he enjoyed being with his parents, whom he rarely saw during the school day, as they were teaching, and at first he also enjoyed being with his small sister.

But the novelty soon wore off when Alby realized that his parents were paying more attention to the baby than they were to him. Now when he asked his mummy to read to him, she would tell him to wait she was feeding the baby or giving the baby a bath. Or he would ask his daddy to go flying but he would tell Alby he was putting the baby to sleep or changing her. Everything seemed to center about the baby.

Severus came home from nursery school five days after Indigo was born and found Alby sitting in his room with a scowl on his face, playing with his trains, but not really seeming to enjoy them. Severus himself wasn't all that happy either, he was bored to death in school, and he felt it was a waste of time. He already knew everything Miss Patil taught, and could do an assignment in five minutes or less. Miss Patil often praised him and said he was the brightest student she had ever taught. There were times Severus longed to shout, that of course he could do this work, he had the memories of an adult, and had been a Potions Master for over fifteen years. But he knew that he was supposed to use this second chance to be a child again, and he didn't want every teacher he had knowing he had been UnVeiled and looking at him like some kind of abnormality. But he was going out of his mind with boredom!

He tossed his small book bag down beside his desk and eyed his brother. "What's wrong with you?"

"Mum and Dad."

"You get in trouble again?"

"No! But they never do anything with me now that the baby's home. The baby, the baby, the baby, that's all they care about! And all the baby does is sleep, eat, poop, and cry!" Alby said disgustedly.

Severus heaved a sigh. It was time for another big brother-little brother talk. He sat down next to Alby and shoved a train down the track. While it was going around, he said, "Al, she's a baby, that's what babies do for the first few months. When she gets a little older, she'll be more fun to play with."

"But Sevvy, she takes up all Mum and Dad's time. And Mum's either with her or she's sleeping, and Dad doesn't seem to want to do anything fun anymore, he just sits and reads the paper or a book and when I ask him to do something, it's always 'Later, Alby, I want to relax. Go play with your toys or draw.' I didn't know that having a baby sister would be like this!"

"Al, taking care of a baby is hard work and you know Ginny and Harry are both up all night with her, because she doesn't sleep that much. That's why Ginny's always tired and so is Harry during the day. It's not that they don't want to spend time with you, but they both need time to sleep."

"But it's not fair!" Alby complained, his lower lip jutting out.

"Whoever said life is fair?" Severus said. "This is how it is, so you'd better get used to it."

"Don't want to. I want it back the way it was before."

"It's never going to be the way it was before. Now we have Indigo and we have to take care of her until she's big enough to care for herself."

"Well, maybe we ought to send her back to the Hospital Wing and let Aunt Poppy take care of her," Alby said stubbornly.

"Don't be stupid, Al! Indigo's our baby, she's part of our family and family takes care of family. Instead of whining about not being able to play with your mum and dad, why don't you help them with Indi? Then maybe they won't be so tired and be able to do a few things with you."

"I don't know nothing about takin' care of a baby, Sevvy!"

"Maybe you ought to ask then," Severus frowned. "You know, you were just like Indi when you were a baby."

"How do you know? You weren't there."

"Because all babies are like this when they first come home," Severus rose to his feet, hoping his little talk had alleviated some of the jealousy the little boy was feeling. "Come on, I'll get us a snack, then we can ask what we're having for dinner."

"I want Cornish pasties and chips. Or macaroni and cheese."

Severus shook his head. "Right now you're getting peanut butter and jam on crackers. Or bread and butter, take your pick."

"I want chicken nuggets."

"Too bad. I can't use the oven."

"Whyn't you learn then?" his brother asked mockingly.

Severus glared at him. "Don't be a little snotrag, Albus."

"I'm telling!"

"Tattletale baby!"

"I am NOT!"

"Yes, you are. Now shut up!"

"I won't! You're not my dad, Sevvy!"

"Thank God."

"You're mean!"

"And you're a pain in the bum."

"Am not! I want chicken nuggets."

"Why don't you conjure up some imaginary ones then?" Severus growled. Then he turned to walk away . . . and ran right into Harry.

"What's going on in here?" Harry demanded irritably. "Why are you two quarreling? I just put Indi down for a nap and I'd appreciate it if you two would be quiet."

"He started it!" Alby pointed an accusing finger at Severus.

"What? You're such a liar!"

"Enough, both of you!" Harry snapped. His head was throbbing and he couldn't take the boys' quarreling right then. Not after listening to his daughter scream her head off for almost an hour because she wouldn't burp. They were trying to feed her half the time with formula and the other with breast milk to give Ginny a break. But Indi didn't seem to be taking to that very well. "Either you two quit fighting or else you can both stand in the corner for seven minutes and no sweet tonight."

"But Harry, all I was trying to do was make a snack—"

"An' I wanted chicken nuggets, Dad, but Sevvy wouldn't make 'em."

"Because I can't use the oven, you little dunderhead!" Severus exploded. "I can't reach the controls to turn it on."

"Not to mention you aren't allowed to use the oven either," Harry reminded him. "Sev, apologize to Alby."


"For calling him names."

"But I—"

"Or else you can go in time out."

Severus bit his lip. "Fine! I'm sorry for calling you a dunderhead." Even when you are one, he added silently.

"All right. Come sit in the kitchen, and I'll make you a snack," Harry said firmly. "And no, it won't be chicken nuggets, because we're having them for supper. You can have crackers with peanut butter and jam instead."

"But Da-a-ad!" Alby whined aggravatingly.

"Or nothing and sit in your room for ten minutes," Harry threatened.

Alby subsided sulkily. He followed his dad into the kitchen and sat down at the table. "Dad, how come you don't just let a house elf take care of Indi?"

Harry turned and looked at his son while he made the cracker sandwiches. "Because I like taking care of Indi myself. She's my baby and I love being with her."

"But you're always with her! You never do anything with me now."

"What are you talking about? Yesterday we watched a movie together and drew a picture too."

"It's not the same."

"Al, I'm sorry that I can't be with you all the time, but the baby needs me a lot of the time and you're just going to have to learn patience. "

"Maybe I should just move in with Cory," muttered his youngest son.

"Maybe you should stop being a spoiled brat," Severus interjected.

Harry sighed. He knew having a new baby in the house was a big adjustment, but he also knew that Aby needed to get over his resentment. "Sev, you're not helping," he told his eldest. He fixed the crackers and sent them over to the table with a wave of his hand. Then he sat down and began to eat some as well. "If you moved in with Cory, Al, wouldn't you miss us?"

"You could come visit."

"But I haven't got time to visit," Harry shot back. "Don't you want to watch your sister grow up?"

"No. All she does is cry."

"Soon she'll be bigger and when we tell her she has two brothers, she won't even know you. In fact, we wouldn't know you either because you're spending all that time with Uncle Draco. Wouldn't that make you sad?"

"And you're going back on your promise," Severus reminded him. "How can you help protect the baby when you're never here?"

"You don't need me."

"That's not true. Yesterday you helped me a lot by talking to Indigo while I warmed up a bottle. You were a big help. If you moved out who would help me?"

"Mum could."

Then Harry had a different idea. "Okay, if you want to move in with Cory, I guess you'd better start packing. I'll get out the suitcase and Sevvy can help you pack it."

Alby's eyes widened. "Now?"

"Why wait?" Harry winked at Severus. "It's going to take a long time for you to pack up your things, and I want to be done before supper, right Sevvy? We're having chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese tonight. And chocolate brownie pudding for dessert."

Alby was practically drooling. "That's what I wanted to eat."

"Guess you'll have to ask Draco then." Severus shrugged.

"But . . . what if they don't like macaroni and cheese?"

"Then you eat whatever they're having." Severus answered, catching on. "Harry, can we watch the Jungle Book tonight?" That was Alby's favorite movie.

"Sure. We'll all watch it together. And I'll make cinnamon sugar popcorn."

Alby looked from one to the other. "But . . . that's my favorite movie! And I love cinnamon sugar popcorn."

"Well, maybe you could tell Aunt Tori how to make it." Harry suggested, hiding a smirk.

"But Dad, they don't have a TV like us!" Alby cried, just now remembering that fact.

"Cory has lots of other toys though, I'm sure you can find something to do."

"And after the movie, Ginny can read me a story. Like How the Camel got his Hump," Severus knew that was one of Alby's favorites.

"No, Sevvy! That's my favorite story!"

"But you're having a good time with Cory, so now I get to listen to it."

Alby looked as if he were about to start screaming. "But . . . but you're having all my favorite things!"

"Yeah, so? You wanted to move out and not be part of the family anymore." Severus said, then he pushed his chair back. "Come on, I want to get you all packed before supper."

Alby shook his head. "No! No, Sevvy! I . . . I don't wanna live with Cory anymore."

"Why not?"

"Because . . . it's not the same over at the Manor."

"But you think it's better because they don't have a baby."

"Not anymore. They don't have a TV, or know how to make my favorite foods, or read my favorite book, and . . . and . . . Mum and Dad and you wouldn't be there," his brother cried, only now realizing what he would miss. "I changed my mind. I wanna stay here!" He ran over to Harry and climbed in his lap, throwing his arms about his father's neck.

"You sure about that? After all, I still have to take care of the baby."

"I don't care! I wanna be here. I can get you towels and clothes when you need it, Dad. Sevvy can't do it, he's in school and Mummy needs her rest."

"I could always hire a house elf."

"I'm better than any old elf, Dad! Because I'm her big brother!" Alby stated.

"You're right, Al."

"And . . . and . . .I'd miss you!" Alby sniffled, getting tears in his eyes.

"Even the baby?"

"Uh huh. She's a pain in the bum, but I still love her. Dad, I don't wanna live with Cory! I wanna stay right here." He started to cry.

Harry hugged him. "Good. Because right here is where you belong, Albus Severus, and we'd miss you terribly if you left."

Alby stopped crying then. Harry patted his back, and he exchanged glances with Severus.

Severus smirked at him. You should have let the Hat put you in Slytherin, Harry.


Four days later:

The baby woke up cranky and screaming again.

Severus groaned and tried to ignore it, but it was almost impossible. For such a tiny child, Indigo had the loudest set of lungs on the planet. He buried his head beneath his pillow and tried to stop up his ears.

Across the room, Alby moaned and cried, "Shut up! I wish I could cast a Silencing charm on you, Indi!"

This was the fourth night in a row that Indigo woke them up in the middle of the night. Ginny said she had her days and nights mixed up; she slept during the day and was awake and hungry at night. It was enough to drive one mad. Not only that, but the little girl was colicky. Both parents had changed formulas several times as per the instructions of the pediatric Healer, they now had the baby on a soy based one, but that didn't seem to agree with her either. She spit it up and refused to drink. Ginny could still nurse her for a time, but her milk was beginning to dry up again, as it had with Alby, and they needed to find a good substitute.

But right then, Ginny was walking the floor with her extremely fussy daughter, who couldn't seem to stop crying. Ginny held the infant on her shoulder, Indigo enjoyed looking around, but tonight she was on a crying jag. Ginny rubbed her back, sang to her, and rocked her to no avail. Indigo's eyelids were heavy with sleep, but she refused to nap. Ginny was at her wits end. Alby had never been like this. he had been easy compared to her redhaired terror, she thought wearily.

After nearly an hour of nonstop wailing, Harry couldn't take it and he got out of bed and came over to where his wife was rocking the baby. "Hey, princess, what's the matter?"

"She's being a royal pain, Harry," Ginny said, yawning. "I don't know what to do anymore. I've fed her, changed her, rocked and sang to her. She refused to go to sleep or to stop crying. She's not running a fever either."

"Maybe she's cutting a tooth?"

"Harry, she's not even a month old!"

"Oh. Uh . . . well . . . maybe it's gas? Want me to take her?"

"Please. I'm about to fall asleep right here." Ginny said and gratefully handed the baby over to her husband.

Harry cuddled the red-faced infant and crooned softly, "Are you giving your Mum a hard time, little imp? Does your tummy hurt? Is that why you're so crabby? She's not constipated, right?"

"No. Like I said, I don't know why she's like this."

Harry walked out of the room and into the living room, patting the baby gently as she wailed into his ear. He winced. "Indigo Camille, you want to make your daddy deaf? You keep screaming like that and I'm going to be deaf as a post." He went and sat down on the couch, put the baby on his knees and began patting and rubbing her back firmly. He was certain she had gas, and Poppy had shown him that little trick.

All of a sudden, the baby belched and spit up all over his leg.

"Ah, see! I was right. And now you've christened another pair of pajamas. Thanks so much, Indi. You have to remember to do that for your godfather Ron when he holds you at your baptism, okay?" He quickly wiped up the baby spit with a baby cloth. Then he turned her over and blew raspberries on her tummy. The baby stopped crying abruptly and stared at him with her brilliant eyes.

"Feel better now?" he asked. "I wish I could figure out what milk you can drink that doesn't upset your stomach. Maybe Grammy Molly knows." Harry said to her.

"Maybe you should try mare's milk," murmured a sleepy Severus from the hall.

"Sev, what are you doing up?" Harry looked over at his son.

"Couldn't sleep with her screaming," Severus came over and sat next to Harry and Indigo. "Hey, little Fury. Don't you know nighttime's for sleeping?" He tapped her gently on the nose.

Indigo reached up and grabbed his finger, then started to suck on it.

Severus smiled. "There's nothing good in there, silly girl."

"Now what were you saying about milk?" Harry asked.

"I said maybe you should try mare's milk. According to my animal book, mare's milk is supposed to be the closest to human milk, and therefore the easiest for a baby to digest. The Bedouins of Arabia sometimes fed their babies on it. That and goat's milk."

Harry looked thoughtful. "Mare's milk, eh? I'll have to look into that. Maybe we can mix it with the goat's milk? I'll have to ask Healer Winters." He ruffled Severus' hair. "Thanks, Sevvy."

Severus leaned his head against Harry's side. "Harry . . . I'm bored to death in school. I learned all Miss Patil can teach already, can I please skip nursery school and primary school and just go to Hogwarts when I'm eleven? I already know how to write with a quill, read, figure, and do basic potions."

Harry looked down at the dark-haired boy and thought of how silly it was to send Severus to wizarding primary school when he had his adult memories. It would be like asking a university graduate to repeat nursery school. No wonder the kid was bored to death! "You've got a point there. I didn't really think about it before, I just signed you up because you were of age to go. I should have though. I keep forgetting you're six and yet not six. Does Sirius have that problem too?"

Severus shrugged. "He's not in my class. But I think he does, he just won't admit it because he wants to be with Teddy and prank his teacher."

"Hmm. Well, that's Remus and Dora's call. Tell you what, Sev. Tomorrow I'll get in touch with Miss Patil and ask her to let you take the end of the year tests so you can test out of nursery and primary school. That way it's on record that you attended and then tested out. Then I'll figure out a schedule at home where you can have more advanced classes in whatever subjects you feel you need to brush up on. We'll talk more about it tomorrow, I'm not up to it now. I just want to get this baby to sleep and go find dreamland."

Indigo was still awake, but she was quiet, sucking her thumb and staring at her brother.

"She's sort of falling asleep." Severus whispered.

"I know, but she's fighting it," Harry muttered. He began to rock gently back and forth and started to sing a lullaby. "Hush little baby, don't say a word; Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird . . ."

Little by little, Harry's stubborn baby's eyelids drooped further and further, until at last they were shut. Harry continued rocking and singing just to make sure. Somewhere around the fourth verse, Severus drifted off to sleep against Harry, his head in Harry's lap. By the fifth verse Harry's voice trailed off and he too fell asleep, the baby snuggled against his neck.

They all slept fairly late the next morning, though Ginny was the first to wake up. When she saw Harry's side of the bed empty and Indi's cradle empty, she figured he must be feeding her in the kitchen. But as she entered the sitting area, she saw a charming tableau upon the sofa—Harry cuddling Indigo and Severus asleep next to him. Not wanting to disturb them, she took a picture and then covered them all with a lovely crocheted afghan Molly had made. Then she went into the kitchen to make tea, they could eat breakfast later.

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