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Last Summer by Prongs1981
Chapter 1 : Summer Flings
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I lay in the dark, the sun slowly pushing through the curtains to reveal my surroundings. Maroon and gold cover the walls with many lions accompanying it. The room is slightly disorganized with a half packed trunk in the corner. The atmosphere is silent except for the slight breathing from the person next to me. His arm is draped across my chest, snuggling me in closer. I slowly push it off me, making sure not to wake him. He is deep asleep.



I finally succeed in my attempts to free myself from the prison that is his arm and gently move out of bed. I grab a shirt and slowly pull my jeans up. I have nearly everything on when I am stopped.



“You’re leaving?” he questioned from the bed.



“I thought you were sleeping.”



“I was, but I noticed you weren’t next to me and I woke up.”



“Oh, well, I still need to pack.”



“No you don’t. You packed last night. Why are you skipping out this morning?”



“I’m not skipping out. It’s just…I need to go home. The train leaves in three hours. My parents will wonder where I am if I don’t sneak back in now.”



“They will be suspicious anyway,” he said with a smirk.



“And why is that?”



“That’s my shirt.”



I looked down to see “Gryffindor Quidditch” written across my front. I grabbed at the bottom of the shirt and started to take it off.



“No, don’t. You look good in it.” I scoffed. I knew the kind of person he was. He compliments any girl he sees just to get what he wants. And he got it. So he can stop trying. His reputation is still safe because this was just a summer fling.



“I don’t want anything of yours,” I said while stripping out of the shirt and finding mine.



“I’m crushed, Claire, I thought you liked me.” His face looked a little disappointed. I shook my head and gave a sarcastic laugh. “So last night was a lie?”



“It never happened. Got that? Don’t tell your friends or anyone. This summer stays between us,” I said sternly. I did not want to be classified as one of those girls that slag their way around. That isn’t me. This isn’t me.



He looked me dead in the eye and starred at me for what seemed like ages.



“Fine. It never happened.”






“So we are completely over now? We won’t keep anything up at Hogwarts?”



“Like you would want to. I know you. Relationships aren’t your thing. I understand that. We both knew it would end before school. We go back today.”



“Whatever you want, Claire.” He gave a shy smile and got out of bed. He walked over to where I stood. His hand caressed my face.



He slowly drew his lips to mine. He kissed me one last time. It was gentle and passionate. It ended too soon. He was such an amazing kisser. I was going to miss that.



“I gotta go. See you,” I said, a little out of breath. My mind was spinning. He always did that to me after we kissed. He made me feel desirable. I can see why all the girls fell for him. He was truly addicting.



“I hope so.”



I climbed out the window and worked my way down to the ground. I maneuvered up the side of my house and forced myself into my room. I looked over to where he stood watching me. I gave a halfhearted smile and closed the curtains.



Summer was over and so were we.






“Claire, sweetie, we need to go. The train leaves in an hour! How are you always so late? I thought you were ready?”



“I am!” I yelled back to my mom who was in the kitchen. I grabbed my cardigan and threw it on. I looked at myself in the mirror. My brown, soft curls fell to about mid-back. It was parted to the usual side. My tan skin made my dark eyes stand out. I looked average like usual. I let out a sigh and turned to find my trunk. I made it levitate and made my way downstairs.



My mother was waiting for me looking highly annoyed.



“Claire, I thought we agreed no magic in the house.”



“No, mom, you agreed. I love using magic. I’m seventeen. I’m allowed to use it.”



“Fine, hurry up. But carry that thing. I don’t want the neighbors to see. Especially our next door neighbors. Something is not right with those people.”



My mom, being a Muggle, is not too up to date on everything wizarding. She is not too fond with the idea that I am a witch. Actually, she hates it. Ever since I got my letter as an eleven year old, she has acted differently towards me. Yes, she still loves me. But she does not like this part of me. She thought that there was something wrong with me.



So she avoids anything magical. She has no idea that our neighbors are wizards too.



“Where’s dad? Is he coming to see me off?”



“Of course he is! MIKE! Let’s go!”



“I’m coming, I’m coming,” he said barreling down the stairs.






“Yes, Claire Bear?”



“You are kinda missing a shoe…”



He wiggled his toes and examined his sock.



“Huh, would you look at that? I am. I’ll just go look for it.” He started to head back up the stairs.



“No, don’t bother. I know where it is. Accio shoe!” I spoke firmly, holding my wand steady.



My mother covered her ears. Honestly!? It is not like I was going to make something explode. That only happened one time.



His shoe came flying across the room and hit him in the head.



“Ooof! Hey, would ye look at that. Thanks Claire Bear!”



“Don’t encourage her, Mike!”



“Oh get off it, Jen. Embrace her amazing gift.” My mom rolled her eyes.



“Let us just go.”



We made our way to the car and I shoved my trunk into the back. As I was doing this, the front door to our neighbor’s house opened.



“Hello, neighbors!” My dad called from the driver’s seat.



“Mike!” my mother scolded next to him.



“Hello, Mike. How are you doing this fine day?” asked a delicate woman with flowing hair. She was absolutely stunning.



“Great, and yourself?”



“Oh, just grand. Bringing Claire to school today? Isn’t it just lovely?”



“Oh, yes. How did you know?”



“Well, we are bringing our kids too,” she said with a warm smile.



“Blimey, I had no idea. What a small world! Claire, did you know that they go to your school?” my dad asked me.



“Yes, Dad, I did.”



“How come you never mentioned it?” I shrugged.



“Well, I guess we will see you there then!”



“Indeed. See you!”



My dad rolled up his window and started to back out of the driveway. Just as we were passing by the house, he came out.



He gazed at my car as we sped away.



The summer is over and we are over I reminded myself.






I passed through the barrier stepping onto Platform 9 ¾ and admired the beauty of the train. This was my last year boarding the Hogwarts Express. It has been a nice seven years. I will miss this next year. But I am excited to start my career and make something of myself.



I pushed my cart through the crowd and lugged my trunk onto the train. I scanned the platform for my friends but they were nowhere to be found.



I started moving my way through the mass of people in hopes of finding them. No such luck.



“Looking for someone?”






“What are you doing?”



“Talking to you? Or is that not allowed? I thought we could at least be civil to one another.”



“That might look weird. We never talked before this summer. Remember, it never happened?”



“So we can’t even be friends?” he questioned, taking a step closer to me. I took a step back.



“No. We can’t.” He looked up in sighed a bit. “Don’t look so disappointed. I know I didn’t mean anything to you.”



“Don’t say that.”



“It’s true though.”



I felt something crash into me. My body flew forward and was propelled into him.



“Claire, I missed you! Oop, sorry!” my best friend said. Only Emily could be like this. I laughed and pushed myself away from him.



“It’s fine. I was just leaving.” He nodded at me and walked away.



“Oh my goodness how was your summer!? I haven’t heard from you since the end of the year! Why didn’t you write?!”



“Emily, calm down. I was just…busy.”



“With a certain boy?” she said motioning toward where he was just standing.



“Oh, Merlin, no! Never in a million years.”



“Oh, please. He is hot!”



“Er-no! That’s just weird. He’s my neighbor! And our best friend’s cousin if I may add.”



“Oh whatever! Dom would be totally okay with you dating him.”



“Shh! Let’s find a compartment. I don’t want to be overheard and have people thinking the wrong thing.”



She gave a defeated huff and grabbed my hand and pulled me along. We found one of the last empty compartments and took a seat.



“Speaking of Dom, have you seen her?” I questioned.



“Yeah, she said she would meet up with us on the train. She was with Jackson Janasz.”



“Seriously? Dom can really get the hottest guys in school,” I said nonchalantly.



“Don’t get off topic. You and James never talk to each other. I just found you on the platform with him! What is up with that?”



“Have you been watching American television?”



She paused and looked at me.






“Nothing is going on. I was asking him if he saw Dom. And he hadn’t. So stop with the freak out.”



“That is it?”






“Well that sucks!”



“No, not really. We can’t stand each other so it is perfectly find.”



“How do you know? You’ve never given him a chance.”



“Can we please change the subject here? What did you do this summer?”



“Nothing really. I just laid around all day. I walked around Diagon Ally a lot. It was pretty relaxed.”



“That sounds nice. Better than my summer. I had to clean almost everything in my grandmother’s house. She collected everything! And now she decides to move. Beyond terrible.”



“Hello, my lovelies. Did you miss me?” said my stunning part-vela friend.



“Dom! How are you?” I asked.



“Great! Probably one of the best summers of my life!” she replied. She plopped down next to me.



“Did a certain Jackson Janasz have anything to do with it?”



She blushed. She has liked him for almost a year. Usually it doesn’t take Dom that much time to hook a guy, but it finally happened.



“Yeah, Jackson is great. He is such a gentleman. He is much more mature than any other boy at our school.”



“When did that start up?”



“Right after the year ended. We kind of just ran into each other on the street and one thing led to another.”



“So when did he and Shannon break up?” I asked.



“Um, about two days after we got home from Hogwarts.”



“We are so happy for you, Dom.”



“Thanks, I really like him. I thought we were just going to be a summer fling, but we decided to stay together going into the school year.”



“Wait, did you…you know?”



“Oh, gosh Emily! No! I’m not a slag. We only have been dating two months.” She said with a chuckle.



I looked down at my shoes. This is why I’m keeping my summer a secret. I can’t let anyone know what I did this summer. Nobody can know what James and I did. I swear I’m not a slag. I don’t normally shag around. I just fell for him. I felt so comfortable with him. It didn’t start out as a fling. At first we were just hanging out. We went to the beach, the movies, and restaurants. He was such a great guy. I actually really liked him. I knew it would be over September 1st but I didn’t want it to end.



We had sex. He was my first. It was special and was such a great night. But then I woke up the next morning and remembered that school was starting. I remembered that he was a player. He would not be able to remain faithful going back to school. So it is over.



“You okay, Claire?”



I was drawn out of my trance.



“Huh? Oh, yeah. I’m good.”



“So, Al tells me that you spent some time over at his house this summer.”






“WHAT!? Albus? You had a thing with ALBUS!?”



“Emily, shut up! No, I didn’t!”



“From what he said, you spent a lot of time with Jamesie.”



“CLAIRE! YOU LIED TO ME!” Emily accused.



Ah crap. Yeah, I lied, but I could not actually tell her the truth here.



“Okay, yeah, I lied. But it was no big deal. We just hung out a few times. I got bored so I hung out with the three of them.”



More lies.



I can’t believe Albus told. I should have covered all my bases and made sure that Al and Lily didn’t say anything to people.



“I thought you didn’t like him?” Dom asked.



“I don’t. Like I said, I was bored.”



“Oh, I wish you would have told me that sooner.”



“What do you mean?”



The compartment door flew open. James Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, and Jackson Janasz walked in.



“Well, I invited them to sit with us. I thought you two were friends.”



Oh no.



I have no idea how to act around him and have it be considered normal. I’m so used to being all…relationshipy?...around him. And now he is sitting with me and my friends. My friends and his friends not knowing anything about the two of us.



My heart was beating in my throat and I thought I was going to pass out.



Of course he sat down next to me. I mean WHY NOT!?



And of COURSE he had to smile at me like nothing had changed.



AND OF BLOODY COURSE he had to swing his arm around me! I looked at him with terror covering my face. He just continued to smile at me, amused with my breakdown.



The rest of the boys took a seat. Jackson went straight to Dom and they started to snog. James eyes darted off of me and gave a disgusted glare at the two.



“Mate, do realize that is my cousin.” They broke apart for a second.



“Sod off, James,” Dom scolded and went back to kissing Jackson.



Emily was looking intently at me.



‘What?’ I mouthed at her. She then looked at James’s arm. I shrugged. I had to act as cool and collected as possible. I need to pretend that nothing is going on and that this is really no big deal.



James leaned over to my ear. My heart started to speed up and adrenaline went through my veins.



“Can we be friends now?” he whispered low enough that I was the only one to hear him. I leaned away from him.



“I think we need to talk.” I yanked his arm off me and grabbed his hand. “We will be right back,” I said to Emily.



“Er-yeah sure. I’ll just talk to Scorpius…Hi, Scorpius…I’m Emily.” He gave a laugh.



“Hi, Emily. It’s nice to meet you. Did you have a nice summer?”



I did not get to hear the rest of their conversation.



“What are you playing at, Potter?”



“What? You’ve never called me that…?”



“Well that is your name,” I pointed out.



“Yes, but that is my last name. What happened to calling me James?”



“What happened to us not being friends? With us being over?”



“Claire, why are you doing this?”



“I’m not doing anything. We agreed that this would be over once school started.”



“So you used me for sex and then broke up with me?”



“I didn’t use you!”



“Oh right. You were in such a rush this morning. How do you think that makes me feel?” I could hear the sarcasm in his voice. I rolled my eyes.



“This is not funny, James. I know your reputation.”



“Merlin, Claire. You spent the whole bloody summer with me and you are still concerned with my reputation?”



“Yes. You use girls. I was just another girl to you. That’s why it is over.”



“Have you ever thought that I wasn’t using you, Claire? That I actually liked you?”



“Oh, yes. James has feelings for a nobody. That doesn’t sound too believable to me.”



“Well believe it.”



And without warning he grabs me and starts to kiss me. It was much different than the kiss this morning. It was rough, like he had to hold me so tight or I would drift away. I pulled my mouth away from his.



“We can’t do this, James.”



“Claire, I can’t just say goodbye to you. This summer meant something to me.”



Me too. It was an unforgettable summer. I loved every minute I spent with him.



“I-“ he cut me off.



“Friends? Please? We don’t have to be anything more.”



He was right. It would be too hard to say goodbye to him. I genuinely cared about him and ending it would just be too hard.



“Friends,” I agreed.



“With benefits,” he added. I smacked him across the arm. “Okay, okay. No benefits.”



“Let’s get back. They’re probably wondering where we are.”



We walked through the hallway and found our compartment. Dom and Jackson were still snogging and Emily and Scorpius were discussing Quidditch.



“Have they come up for air yet?” I asked.



“No,” Emily said flatly, giving a face at the two.



“I swear, they are worse than anyone I have ever seen,” Scorpius said, mimicking Emily’s face. He looked back to Emily and laughed.



“Hey, Scorpius, have you seen Rose anywhere? Weren’t you going to meet up with her?” James asked after finally taking his eyes away from his cousin and best friend.



“Ah, no. I haven’t. I probably should go find her,” he said and looked back at Emily. “Bye, Emily.”



“Bye, Scorpius,” James called after him. I laughed. “I swear, my best mates only go for my cousins. It’s so weird! I betcha that is the only reason they hang around me.”



“Oh, he’s dating Rose?” Emily asked.



“Yeah, why?” James asked.



“No reason, no reason. Just curious is all.” She started to look out the window. Uh-oh! I know that look. She’s falling for a boy. A boy that has a girlfriend. Yikes.



“I’m hungry,” Dom said finally stopping the disgusting scene in front of us. “Do you guys want anything?”



We told Dom what we wanted and gave her some coins. Jackson followed her out of the compartment.



“Well, at least she’s eating besides doing that…” I tried.



James gave me a weird look.



“Okay, but she’s happy.”



“Whatever,” he said giving me a little shove. Emily didn’t notice. She continued to stare out the window.



Poor Emily. I mean she can’t like him too much. They only talked for about an hour. It will pass. I hope. Maybe I can help her get over this little crush. Find a different guy, a better one. Maybe we both can find some good guys this year. Someone outside this group. Someone normal. Someone that is not as popular as the Potters and Malfoys.



What a deep hole we have dug.



Summer is over.



Welcome back to reality, I guess.









Hello, everyone!



I hope you liked the intro (:



I would love to hear your thoughts about it so far. It would be awesome of you left a comment.













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