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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 20 : Chapter Twenty: Getting Back To Normal
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 The Weasley's were all gathered at the entrance of the Burrow as they waved theres hands at Charlie, who was leaving to go back to Romania and his beloved Dragons, and watched as he disappeared with a small pop. Harry was behind Ginny with Hermione, silently watching the exchange in front of them.  Harry smiled, everything was going right back to how it was before. He knew that everything wouldn't be perfect though, the war had severely ruined parts of their lives that would never be the same, but they all accepted it now, not that they were given a choice not to. 

Later on Ron would be taking Hermione up to St. Mungo's so she could visit her parents, and stay there so she could take them back home tomorrow. Right after the trail for the Malfoy's Mrs. Weasley, George, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Harry all went over to Hermione's parents house and fixed it back up to how it looked before they had left. It was amusing to watch the Weasley's play with the Muggle objects, fascinated and muttered about how amazing it was that Muggles learned to live without magic. After about three days of hard work, Hermione had declared it was prefect. 




It was now a week after the trials, and Harry swore he had never felt better in his life than he did now. The gloom that Voldemort had over his life was lifted, he had a family, and the people he loved surrounded him Alamos everyday. Harry sighed as he slipped a arm around Ginny's waist, pulling her closer to him as Ron, Hermione, George, and them walked towards the living room, sitting around the warm fire in the cool night in the middle of June.




"So, you lot, does anyone fancy a job?" George asked suddenly, a mischievous look on his face.




"What are you trying to get to?" Ron asked, speaking for everyone in the room.




"Well, Ickle Ronnykins, I just opened the Joke Shop again, and Verity isn't coming back, so I have no employees. Anyone want to take the now free position?" George explained.




Harry looked up at George from his spot on the couch and thought about it. It probably wouldn't be the best for him to work there, he still needed to talk to Kingsley about the Auror program with Ron, and Hermione would be going back to Hogwarts in September, maybe Ginny would-




"I'll take it."




Harry snapped his head in Ron's direction. What was he doing? Just a week or two ago he was fighting with Hermione about being a Auror, and now his going to work at George's shop?




"What about your Auror program?" Hermione asked.




"Kingsley mentioned that it starts at the end of summer, do I figured I could just work with George until then." Ron answered.




"Works for me." George added.




"I get paid either way." Ron said.




Harry chuckled and lied his head on the back of the couch, and felt Ginny start to play with his hair. Soon he felt his eyes getting heavier, and started to drift into sleep when he heard people getting off the couch and the sound of footsteps.




"Me and Hermione are leaving. I'll be back in a little while, so don't wait up." Ron called as he slipped his shoes on.




"I don't know, maybe I should follow you two so you don't do anything naughty." George said to the amusement of Harry and Ginny.




"We'll be fine, you git." Ron said as his and Hermione's cheeks burned with embarrassment.




"Wouldn't count on it." Harry muttered.




George nodded as he and Ginny laughed, and laughed harder as they heard the front door of the Burrow slam. Just then Molly and Arthur walked in, a cup of tea in both their hands, looking at the mischievous looks of their children faces, they shook their heads at sat in the couch next to Harry and Ginny. Harry yawned and stretched in his seat, feeling Ginny snuggle into his side while he stretched his arms out.




"Arthur," Harry started, "When you go to the Ministry tomorrow, do you think you could set up a appointment with Kingsley for me?" Harry asked.




"I would be glad to, Harry." Arthur responded as Molly turned on the radio with her wand.




Harry nodded and set his head on Ginny's shoulder, and watched as Arthur started up a conversation with George, who pulled a face as his mother started to sing along with the song on the radio. Harry felt Ginny laugh silently as she watched too, and settled her head on top of his. Harry once again started to fall asleep on the couch, vaguely wondering why he was so tired when the sound of a door opening woke him. Honestly, he thought as he opened his eyes. 




Ron walked back in the living room, and was looked up in shock. He couldn't of been gone for more than fifteen minutes. Looking down at the watch on his arm, Harry felt his eyes budge out of his head at he checked the time. He had fallen asleep for over a hour. He looked around and found that his head was now on a pillow instead of Ginny's shoulder, and that only he, George, and Ron were left in the room.




"Why didn't anyone wake me?" Harry asked, looking over at George.




"Ginny said something about how cute you looked and I stopped listening so I could throw up." George said with a grin as he started to get up and head for his room.




"Goodnight." He added as he accended the stairs.




Harry rolled his eyes and felt Ron sit next to him.




"Long night?" Ron asked, noticing the tiredness on Harry's face.




"I guess. I don't know why I'm so bloody tired all the time!" Harry said.




"I don't know either. I would ask Hermione or mum, they would know." Ron responded.




Harry nodded, "Are you going with me to see Kingsley?" Harry asked.




"I don't see why I shouldn't. I'll ask dad to tell Kingsley tomorrow. We should probably head up, I don't reckon sleeping on the couch would be nice." Ron said.




Harry nodded and heaved himself off the couch, and followed Ron up the creaky stairs. As he reached the second landing, Harry muttered a goodnight to Ron and opened the door to his and Ginny's room, and hurriedly walked over to his side and flopped down on it, not even bothering to change into pajama's. As Harry started to fall asleep for the third time this night, he swore he could hear Ginny giggling from his side. Thing's were going back to normal, he thought just as he drifted off to sleep.










A/N: Sorry for the short chapter, but I felt bad for not updating in a while, so I wrote this right before I went to bed. I hopefully will the next chapter up soon, so keep your eyes open! R&R!



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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future: Chapter Twenty: Getting Back To Normal


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