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Another Life, Another Time by Ravenpen
Chapter 2 : J'adore Eclair
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"Two hours of Transfiguration followed by an hour of Defence Against the Dark Arts, DADA. Then an hour of magical creatures before finishing with an hour of potions." I spat.

Leaning on the sink, I turned my head to reply. "Who we mixing with?" I turned on the tap and began washing my mouth, cold but the water was filtered from the Black Lake so it had a nice after taste.

"Transfiguration with Ravenclaw." Blaise began brushing his teeth with one hand whilst rubbing his hair dry with a bottle green towel in the other. The sheet of paper he was referring too was balanced behind the taps. I filled my basin with warm water. "DADA gith Hufflefuff." I laughed, scooped up some water and rubbed at my face. Blaise was chuckling through his toothbrush. "Magical creatchurs gith Gryffingor." I gripped my face and laughed, ignoring the sudden drop in my stomach at being with the Gryffindors and Hagrid at the same time.

The fun begins.

 "Same for fotions." I lost it, my knees it the floor and I laughed. Blaise was sniggering through the toothpaste. "Sshup ug Malfoy!" I dragged myself up to the counter and finished washing my face.

"Hey, who do you reckon is taking over potions, McGonagall didn't introduce anyone new on Sunday. Being Thursday you'd think we'd seen someone by now." I inspect my face in the mirror. I was seeing if I liked the look of a bit of stubble.

"Dunno, I heard some fifth years in the common room last night saying that they'd seen” He yawned, “the new guy getting welcomed in by Filch and McGonagall."

"Lucky timing." On Tuesday when we'd last meant to have potions there was just a piece of parchment stuck to the door saying 'lessons will resume shortly'. I'd always liked potions, never got one wrong. However, they weren't brilliant so I made it my goal to level myself with Granger this year.

"Think quick!" I ducked as a shampoo bottle hit the wall, the white solid gentle slid down the dark green tiles.

"Oh, ho you are in trouble you leprechaun." I twisted, pulling out my wand and aiming straight for the shower head behind him. A blast of cold water exploded against his back. "Score!"  He squeaked before pulling the shower cubicle doors shut. I quickly refilled the shampoo bottle and put it on the counter. Blaise turned back, sopping wet,  eyes pulled tight as he twisted his wand arm around to dry his back.

"You win."

I grinned, winked and waltzed out. "You bet I win!" I'd missed this, careless fun, distracting from whatever worries with exams or surprise tests had been harvested over the years. Like i know the least bit about farming. Which did bring up the question of what to do after Hogwarts. Father working there for so many years put me off going to the Ministry

What can I do though? Something magical but...

"Can I say this? Since you testified and put your Dad in Azkabam you've been a lot more...natural?" I just raised my eyebrow. I didn't really want to be reminded of that day in the bowels of the ministry. Don't want to be reminded of the summer all together. Blaise's eyes trailed down to my left arm, looking down, I'd gripped my left wrist subconsciously. I released, using it to throw Blaise a rude hand gesture.  "Yes I know, Mr. Sensitive. I'll shut it." He turned around.

I picked up a pillow from the empty bed, aimed at the back of his head. "Sensitive am i?" I picked up a second pillow, this time hitting him in the back. He grabbed it before it could land.

Five beds occupied our dorm but there was only two of us. We had three beds worth of pillow fight ammo (approximately three pillows per bed) and ours. Blaise charged across the room, battering me over the head and forcing me back onto my bed. I grabbed the last pillow, smacking him in the knees, using my strength to send him backwards. I commando rolled over the bed; grabbing a pillow off the second bed and stood, swinging both in impenetrable shield. Blaise laughed. Turned, grabbed a duvet and swung. I lifted both hands and bent my knee so to pass the duvet over my head. Blaise threw himself into the swing. All the air left my lungs, Blaise's foot was on my chest and my arms and legs were tangled up in the duvet on the floor.

"Lord Zabini wins the battle!" Blaise leaped up to dance from bed to bed. "However he is yet to win, as he inevitable will, the war! Face it Malfoy you suck." He picked up a pillow, smacking me in the head. That was the rule, one free hit for the winner and unlimited gloating till they lose to their opponent. You lose if you fall on the floor, beds didn't count. I picked myself up, brushing the non-existent dust from my trousers and pushing my hand through my hair.

I really need to cut this.

The dorm was beautiful in its own way. Emerald carpet, silver birch bed frames with carvings of wands, swords and snakes all swaddled in Emerald hangings with silver snakes for boarders. Concave porthole windows letting in the green light from the Black Lake, the lights from the water often adorned the dorm rooms and occasionally you’d see a few fish or the Giant Squid. Blaise swore a mermaid came up to the window once but I doubted it.

I swung my cloak around me and heaved my black bag onto my shoulder. I'd worked over the summer at the pub in West London a street away from where me and mum had moved into a decent apartment above a newsagents. Good rent, clean, no infestations of any kind and fairly modern. Only living their temporarily but already that one floor space felt more like a home than that manor. I loved this bag, because I’d paid for it with the money I'd earned. It was sad how proud I was, to take it home and show Mother.

I marched towards the door, flicking my blackthorn wand to remake the beds. It was unfair to make the Elves clean the beds that weren't being used. Even if they said they didn't mind. "I maintain what I said mate. Your Father being gone has changed you." Blaise was walking behind me.

Yeah well…

We walked up the few steps to the common room, three third years were perched on one of the couches. Hurriedly trying to finish a D.A.D.A essay. "How am I meant to know how to spot a werewolf?" I smiled. The voice belonged to one of the identical Staff twins. Walking past the tables and the fire which was enchanted to burn black and headed out of the door.

"Hey Blaise, D." Cyrus was leaning against the wall outside the door.

"What up Cyrus. How come you’re hanging round with us and not your own year?" We walked up the stairs one by one as it was too tight.

"I have friends" He stuck out his tongue. "However you’re quite entertaining. Son of a life-long Death Eater. Yet you've changed, and you’re a decent guy. I want to see how long it will last."

Blaise grinned. "Ouch, haven't heard of being nice to the messed up kid have you?" I punched him.

"I am not messed up and stop playing with me." Cyrus laughed. Thankfully we were the closest of all the houses to the Great Hall and didn't have to go far for breakfast. Voices floated up from the entrance hall.

"He's up to something Harry I know it! Malfoy's a snake, he won't change. He's planning something, I just don't know what."

"Well Weasley, If you want to know what I’m doing. I'm going to get breakfast, if you don't mind getting out of the door way?" Weasley went purple, Potter was looking a little disgruntled, but Granger was standing behind the both, not looking at our little Slytherin party.

Wonder why? Normally their all glaring at me. What’s changed?  

I raised my eyebrow and Weasley moved out of the way. "Finally I'm starved." I could hear Weasley grind his teeth behind me.

Blaise snorted. "You really are brilliant at making friends you know that?" I smirked. "Wonder if they've done French Toast?" Blaise was never without thinking about food.

"You like that stuff?" Cyrus was looking round the yogurts. "Hey look, they've got seeded buns." He put two on a plate with two small pots of jam. I did the same, along with an apple.

"No I heard a second year talking about it and I want to try some." He picked up a plate and scooped up three slices of normal toast.

I turned and came face to face with a large barrel chest. Again.

"Hello Weasley." I sighed and bit a chunk of my apple. Sweet and sharp.

"Look Malfoy, I don't know what your game is, but don't you dare hurt Hermione. After everything you've done to her, you hurt her again and I'll hurt you." I noticed the other two of the trio weren't behind him. I could hear laughter behind me, evident jubilance at me being threatened by a member of the Golden trio. 

"Weasley. You look like your about to blow up, and this is brand new." I patted my bag and walked past. "I'd rather it didn't get covered in blood, I'm rather attached to it." I sighed before going to my table. Ignoring the hisses.

"He has it in for you." Cyrus waggled his knife at me, covered in strawberry jam. I jammed up my own.

"I'll get him before he gets me." I took a bite watching Blaise's face, he was sitting in front of me watching the other houses behind my back.

"You planning something?" I glanced at Cyrus.

"Nah, but if he tries to take me, well I’m not going to let him."

Blaise retorted. "You let him break your nose."

"Like I told them. I deserved it."

Cyrus shook his head. "What if in their view you deserve a beating."

"Oh yeah like they'd beat someone." These rolls taste really good. Wonder if Granger likes bread?

Stop it.

"Technically Potter's a killer. So he shouldn't find it difficult to beat you." I sighed, finishing my breakfast. Cyrus was grinning knowing that he'd won.

"Stop being sarcastic." I finished my drink. Picked up my bag and walked out.

"Harry, I don't know what got into Ron. He's just, he's intent on Malfoy. Ever since he found out I have to work with him on those stupid tests. I hate Malfoy and I just wish I didn't have to be reminded that he's come back every single day. It's tiring!" I slowed my pace, hearing Hermione's voice.

"I know Hermione. Just need to give it time. After what happened at the Manor and the Battle I don't think Ron was expecting to see him again, even I didn't. You just have to give it time, and he'll calm down." I stopped, my hand on the wall as Potter's voice came down from the stairs. I breathed then walked through.

Hermione looked upset and Potter was trying to comfort her on the steps up to the Great Staircase. They both stopped and watched me.

Hell I might as well try. I stopped. What have i got to lose? Man up!

"You don't have to, worry, about those tests. I won't do anything to get you or your friends in trouble." I steeled my eyes and looked at her then Potter. "Not that Weasley is likely to believe that." I jerked my chin at Potter. Locked eyes with Hermione again.

Brown and warm, but defiant, her face shape made it look quite cute. I turned and carried on walking to Transfiguration, they were waiting till I was out of ear shot before talking again. A lot more fervently this time. I sighed. This year was going to be just great.











"Hurry up Mr Longbottom." Hagrid's voice bellowed across the grounds. Neville quickly came running down the hill towards the first few rows of trees to the dark forest where we were all standing, waiting.

His singed hair was almost fully grown again, although apparently the red marks around his scalp were to be permanent. "Now, I've got a real treat for ya today." Hagrid's excitement was palpable, you could actually see the huge grin behind his beard.

Still don't think he combs it. Or washes it. "As some of ya may know." He grinned at the Gryffindors. Great. Our lessons were with the normal seventh years, but so far every teacher had singled out the re-sitters to work together separately. To see what we knew. "I have a half-brother. Who fought in the Battle of Hogwarts" Unlike most Hagrid took great pride in every aspect of that battle, even the deaths, not in a happy way but he was proud to know the people who had given their lives that night. "And, my half-brother, is a giant. Everyone!" Hagrid walked over a crest in the hill. "meet Grawp!"

A crater, had been made during the battle, and it had been left to grow in with grass like a monument to what had happened. Grawp was clean, decently clothed and his beard shaved back more than can be said for Hagrid. About the size of a barn and roped to a huge stone stake, buried quite deeply in the ground. Grawp however looked like he could quite easily break the rope or stake if he wanted to. Yet he seemed very content where he was. "HEY! Grawpie!" The half-giant looked up, grinning a grin that was missing quite a few teeth.

He scrambled onto his feet so he was level with us, vision wise. I watched him hold out a hand to the Gryffindor's. The younger ones jumped back but the older ones (Golden trio). Walked forward and all at the same time shook hands (well fingers) with him. Who looked incredible pleased. Then he glanced over and spotted us. Grinning like a young child he moved over and held his hand out.

The Slytherins and Gryffindor's were standing apart, but Grawpie nor Hagrid seemed to notice the divide. I pushed my hand forward along with Blaise and Cyrus. Gripping his third finger, the skin was rough and the nail yellowed, slightly over-grown and ragged like it had been chewed. We let go, he moved his hand forward obviously not content with just a handshake as his hand closed around our arms.

"Er. Hagrid?" I twisted to shout at his astonished face. Cyrus gasped and Blaise suppress a squeal as we were lifted towards Grawp face.

"HAGRID!" Blaise yelled, panicked.

"Calm down, Mr Zabini. Grawp no! That’s not bad! Put them down!" Grawp wasn't paying any attention. My arm was burning from my weight, eyes watering and going completely numb.

"Merlin's beard, someone get us down. This is really starting to hurt!" Cyrus's arm was going white and his face a steadily darkening shade of red. My left sleeve was slipping down my arm

No don't let them see!

"Grawp!" His grin faded slightly. My voice had gone a little higher than normal. "Put us down! NOW!" He seemed to listen to me. My feet hit the ground and I nearly blacked out as blood began to rush back to places other than my feet.

We laid there for a moment. "Come on Tinkerbell, get up."

"Tinker-what?" Blaise grinned.

"Tinkerbell, name of a fairy in a muggle film. Your voice was so high you sounded like a fairy." Blinking, I pushed onto my feet, clambering with Cyrus and Blaise up the side of the crater. Everyone was laughing.

"My voice was not that high!" I felt my cheeks go cold, instead of blushing.

"Oh yes it was Malfoy." Weasley was loving it more than everyone else, I walked back to my spot.

"Oh come on, you have to admit, it was funny!" Cyrus's face was bright red which just made me want to punch him.

"At least I wasn't screaming!" I pointed at Blaise.

"I know, can I have some fairy dust please? To banish away my fears!" Everyone was laughing again. I stood and looked around the dark forest.

Someone wasn't laughing, instead they were staring at my arm, where the sleeve had fallen down. I quickly pushed it back, but it was too late, they'd seen.


She was looking at my arm with a mixed expression of emotions, but I couldn't tell what they were. Anger? Sympathy? I rubbed it, looking at her eyes. She hadn't shifted her gaze.

"Now now everyone settle down!" She quickly moved her eyes back to Hagrid, but I kept watching her. Hagrid was smiling broadly. "Now, Grawpie here, is totally harmless. Never known 'em hurt anything yet" Bet he did at the battle. "So, we're gunna give 'em his dinner. How about that Grawpie? DIN-DINS!" The child giant grinned. Waving an old fridge in his hand like a doll. Hagrid pulled back a huge tarpaulin to uncover three dead deer.

"Still wouldn't fill you up Blaise." I felt a punch in my arm. Cyrus smirked.

"Mr Malfoy, Mr Nightingale and Mr Zabini. As you all seem to be favourites with Grawpie you can give him the first one." We started walking towards the deer carcass. The eyes were glass balls, in their reflection I could see Granger staring at my arm again.

"’Arry, Ron an Hermione, you can give him the second one." The golden trio nodded. "The last one can be given by any seventh year who wants to get involved." There was a rise of eager chatter. Weaslette was standing beside Potter, I could feel both Weasleys staring at the back of my head as if they were trying to drill a hole.

"Merlin, their family really love you don't they?" Cyrus snorted at Blaise's comment. "Remember Tink’, lift with you wings, not with your knees."

"Maybe I would, if you got your stomach out of the way." Blaise's face blushed pink.

"I'm not fat!" We each grabbed a leg, dragging the deer across the grass, close to the grassy crater. Blaise was the complete opposite of fat, large toned muscles moved beneath his skin. When he used his strength you could see the cords of tendons in his neck shift. Cyrus was fit, but nowhere that strong, he was a runner not a fighter. I liked to think I was in the middle. "I'm stronger than you two!"

"Not combined, I reckon we could take you." Blaise laughed, Cyrus was looking pretty confident. We would be fairly matched I reckon.

"Yeah, but I'm still stronger." We reached the edge of the crater, turned the deer around and let gravity help it down, we held on to make sure it didn't roll out of control. "The fact that you would team up to take me proves that!" Grawp was grinning at his waiters. "So I vote that Draco delivers the deer to Grawp." Blaise dropped his leg.

"What?" I wasn't about to be picked up again, still felt light-headed. "No. Professor Hagrid said us three, therefore you two are going down with me!"

"Since when did you call him professor?" Cyrus came over, dropping his leg.

"Since you seem determined to make me a giant's waiter. Something goes wrong you two are going to experience it with me. You are not getting out of it that easily!"  I smirked.

"What’s going on down there? Grawp’s getting hungry!" Hagrid was peering over the edge of the crater. As we watched more faces were popping over the side, Slytherins and Gryffindors.

I nudged Blaise, grabbed a hoof and kicked the deer to dislodge it from its position. Down the bottom of the crater, Grawp was surround by junk. All piled into neat little sections, the order being what he liked most to least.  We dragged the deer past a broken bicycle with no handle bars, and the mangled fridge.

"Yo Grawp!" He clapped his hands. "Din-dins." He grinned and grabbed the deer. Making it look small, took three of us to carry it yet he barely noticed its weight.

Cyrus gripped my arm, his face pale. "Oh Merlin."


"Blood." A large amount of blood was flying everywhere. "Run!" I turned and sprinted. The craters side were steep and muddied. "Oh merlin." I felt something warm hit my back, I shuddered, scrambling over the edge of the crater, the blood in my body pumping from the effort of scrambling up that cliff.

"Oh, oh lord merlin's mother." Blaise was panting, falling on my feet. I was lying on my face to avoid spreading the blood on my back.

"Oh get up lad's, it’s just o bit o' blood." Even with saying this Hagrid and everyone else were standing well back.

"Just a bit?" Cyrus laughed into the grass. I shoved up onto my feet, kicking Blaise off. "Look at Malfoy!" I pulled my cloak off. It was drenched in blood, from standing right underneath Grawp and it looked like I'd been hit by most of it. I groaned. "At least you don't have to clean it." I kicked him in the side.

I glared at the pair of them, not moving from the ground. "Shut up Cyrus. Get up, the pair of you." They both laughed, showing how much they respected me.

"Sorry Tinkerbell, maybe if you wish for it we will." I dropped my cloak on top of Blaise. Blood down. "Oh for cursing out loud what was that for!" I walked away.

"That’s my wish, coming true." I turned back to Hagrid. The golden trio had already grabbed the second deer and were dragging it towards the crater, but were struggling a lot more than we had.

“Can’t we use our wands?” Weasley panted at him, having pulled it exactly two feet. Hagrid frowned.

“Erm, I suppose, there’s no problem with tha.” Hermione cracked her back, pulled out her wand and lowered the deer in front of Grawp at the bottom of his crater. Her face and posture looked a lot more matured than previous years.

“Why didn’t we think of that?” Cyrus had finally gotten up to watch. Weasley smirked.

“Least we proved we could pull it down there. Plus we gave him a salad.” Blaise was still panting, but managed to make it loud enough for everyone to hear. The few Slytherins sniggered, the Gryffindors just glared. Some were even hissing quietly.

“Al’right then you lot. Any seventh year wants a go, as there’s more of you, no magic. Drag it down there.” Every single seventh year rushed forward to grab a hold, this last deer was the largest. Its antlers were gigantic, digging into the ground as six people grabbed them and used it to lead the deer down the crater head first. I watched Hagrid head over and talk quietly to the golden trio.

“Well, while he’s having a good natter. I’m going to sleep.” Blaise stretched out on a patch of grass that hadn’t been walked on.  I laid down next to him, Cyrus sat down, wrapping his arms around his knees yawning.

“Tired Cyrus?” He nodded.

“Oh, just late nights. I’m sharing a dorm with Turner.” I watched his eyelids droop.

“Ouch.” Josh Turner was notorious with his snoring. “Hey, maybe you can change dorms. We’ve got three empty beds in ours. Technically we’re all seventh years.”

“No we’re not. We’re eighth years.” Blaise waggled his finger in the air.

“Al’right then, Cyrus, you’re smart enough. Skip seventh year and come live with the big boys.” He grinned.

“Already do don’t I?” Me and Blaise grinned back at him. “Just so long as neither of you snore. Or I’ll be sleeping in the common room.”

“Well Blaise mumbles in his sleep.” Blaise went pink, in first year he shouted in his sleep, over the years though he’s got quieter and quieter.  “Apart from that no.”

“I’ve heard you talk in your sleep as well!” Quite a few times, I'd woken up howling from my nightmares. But I'd forced him to keep it quiet.

“Often?” Blaise shook his head. Cyrus looked back towards Hagrid who was still in intent conversation with the trio.

“Ya know, I think he’s scared of you.” I frowned at him.

“Yeah like I could scare ‘Golden Boy’. He’s untouchable where the ministry’s concerned. He’s their last chance at keeping the peace, he turns against them. That’s it, the ministry will fall into chaos with the lack of trust people have in them.”

“Yes your right, but that’s not whom I’m talking about. I’m talking about Hagrid. You nearly got one of his favourite beasts. The hippogriff, what’s its name? Killed in your third year with nothing but breaking a rule set by the professor and a scratch that hardly broke the skin.  He’s probably terrified that you’re going to do the same to Grawp, he’s own half-brother.”

“Nah, I won’t do that. Merlin, it was funny, but I’m not too big a fan of the Tinkerbell thing.”

“We should get you to watch that film.” I would laugh if Cyrus didn't look serious.

“As it IS for young children. Oh, I could get a hook, like captain hook!” Blaise sat up and started to imitate having a hook in his hand.

“This isn’t sad at all.” Cyrus grabbed his cloak, swinging it down on top of Blaise’s face.

“Al’right then you lot!” The seventh years were back, all covered in blood. Several were complaining and one girl had even burst into tears.

“Thank Merlin that’s not a Slytherin, we’d never hear the end of it.” Hagrid continued regardless of the crying girl and Blaise’s comment.

“I want a four foot essay, to be handed in in two weeks. Every and any fact you find on Giants and half giants, I want written into your books. Al’right then you lot, away with ya.” Hagrid turned back and continued talking with the Golden Trio. Ignoring the fact we’d been dismissed ten minutes early. I grabbed my bag, slung it on my shoulder and waltzed off. Cyrus grabbed Blaise’s bag and charged ahead.

“Come get it!” Drawing his wand he enchanted it to fly a centimetre out of Blaise’s reach. So he turned on Cyrus, ending up rolling back down the hill in a fight, with the bag flying behind them. I carried on walking up the hill, trying to hide the fact that I was chuckling. 

I could feel someone walking quickly up to me. Finally!

“Finally decided to grow up then?”… What? I looked over.

Dam it’s Hermione. “Oh, sorry. Thought you were Blaise.” She raised her eyebrows. Brown like her hair, not plucked.

“Is that meant as another insult Malfoy?” I paused, what?

“No. Fact. My mates…” I looked down the hill, they were still arguing and fighting over the flying bag. I sighed. “Scrap that, I don’t know who those people are.” She giggled as I turned to carry on walking

Hold on.

I paused and looked at her, she’d regained her composure before I could study her expression, I studied her face anyway. Potter and Weasley were walking up the hill behind us and Weasley did not look happy. Why’d she walk ahead?  “So why were you trying to pass me and not walk with the other two of the Golden Trio?” Her eyes narrowed ever so slowly and the corner of her mouth twitched.

Good or bad?


“Oh, Ronald’s been ridiculous since he saw Malfoy in the Great...” She seemed to remember who she was talking to.

“Hello again.” She looked freaked out. Am I that terrifying. I can’t deal with this.

“Hello Malfoy.” I looked up at Weasley. Potter and Weaslette were lagging behind slightly. Hermione stormed off.

“Hello Weasley.”

“Back off.” I calmed my face, not before my surprise had shown though. “Yeah, I see what you’re doing.” I felt my hair fall in front of my face. Really do need to cut that.

“Well, I’m currently waiting for my mates to grow up. No need to wait on my behalf.” Weasley stormed off, calling after Hermione. “Yeesh.”

“What was that Malfoy?” Can’t a guy catch a break.

“I have no idea, want to tell me?” Weaslette glared. I looked down the hill again, they had settled their dues and were wandering up towards me. 

Potter was still looking confused, go away! I could feel myself squirming inside, I didn’t want to talk to them. I don’t want to talk to them. Why are they putting themselves on me for conversation? Why? Leave me alone, let me live my life! Potter after pointedly staring at me for a moment, tugged her arm and they carried on up the hill. I breathed again.

“Looks like you and the Golden Trio are becoming best buds.” Cyrus looked serious, I wanted him to be joking.

“Bite me.” That set them off. Blaise doubled over and Cyrus gripped onto a nearby wall with laughter.

I left them to it, walking along the newly built bridge. Coming out the other side I looked back to Cyrus and Blaise ages behind. I picked up the speed, marching along corridors, up and down stairs till I reached the Slytherin Common Room.

“Urgh.” I walked down to my dorm, dropped my bloodied cloak on my bed, stole a chocolate éclair (found them this summer when I checked out the newsagent we're living above) out of the bag hidden in one of my drawers and walked out again. Blaise said they sounded like something old people would eat. I ate them anyway as they were nice, but made sure to keep them hidden from anyone but Blaise, and maybe Cyrus.

I wandered up to the common room, not really sure what to do with myself in the big empty room. “Draco?” A small, high voice came from one of the sofas. I walked round till I could see clearly who it was.

“Hello Arabella.” I remembered her when she was very little. Hadn’t seen her since which was a little upsetting, she was always so small. “You okay?” She nodded. Her long black hair was a tangled mess of curls hiding her eyes, her brightly coloured emblem caught my eye. “As you’re in Gryffindor, how did you get in here?” She went pink.

“It’s actually quite easy, I asked someone what kind of doorway this place had. I can’t remember much about them, and I just wanted to see the place my parents met and grew up.” I smiled, childhood innocence, it was nice to see she still had it.

“So who you been staying with then? I haven’t heard anything from you for a while.” She smiled, still shy behind her hair. She looked to be forcing a smile and her eyes were sad.

“The ministry said that I might not be safe if I went with a wizarding family with my parentage. So I’ve grown up with a muggle family. When I received my letter Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick came to talk to my parents, they were very surprised, but they said it didn’t matter to them, they still loved me.” She smiled, I pushed her hair back from her face, turning her expression to one of disgust. I shrugged.

I was glad, very glad that she had good foster parents.

“You’re my cousin, and you look prettier when people can see your face.”  Also I could see easier if she was trying to hide something. Just don’t know what.

“Draco, you’re the only member of my old family that I remember. I’m scared, I need to talk to someone who knows and won’t judge.” I nodded, what’s this about? “My father’s still alive, and he’s disappeared from the Ministry’s sight. They came to me and my family in the holiday; they’ve hidden us and keep asking me if he’s been in contact with me.” I put my arm around her, about to tell her to not worry and go back to lessons, till she curled up in a ball and press her face to my shoulder. Screw it, I’ll be late for potions.

“Has he been in contact?” She nodded, I felt my stomach drop into my feet. “Did you tell the ministry?” This time she shook her head. This gets better and better.

“He contacted me after they left, and I know I should contact them but I was scared, for you.” I frowned, why me? “He’s after you Draco, he asked me if I knew anything and if you’re coming back to Hogwarts this year. I don’t know what to do, father was always worse than mother, always…”


Hello! Still reading, well I hope that means your enjoying it :) If you have any comments or thoughts then please review. This is my first fanfic and I would LOVE to hear what you guys think of it. Even if it's all criticism. (Hope not!)

x Ravenpen x  

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