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The Final Stand by Shorty18
Chapter 1 : The Final Stand
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  The red light was slowly, ever so slowly, streaking across the hall. A quick whisper of a thought, “oh no” fluttered through my head. I tried in vain to push away that stupid, mortal thought. My own wand, once thought to be the most powerful one in the world, was failing me. I worked too hard for one chance at glory; at redemption and some young hotshot wizard has defeated me. By a fluke, I might add. He has crossed my path too many times and with barely a scratch on himself. He lacks the determination to be a mighty force; he will crumble in the heat of the moment. I have heard his thoughts and seen into his past. Once it comes crashing down around his ears, he will learn not to intersect my course of immortal glory to play some silly school-age game. 

   I can see him squint through those dirty, broken spectacles and try to disarm me. However, I am much too quick for him. I raise my worthless wand and scream to the almighty evil lords, “AVADA KEDAVRA!” My curse hit his red streak, creating an ear-splitting shearing noise. I vaguely registered the screams of my supporters behind me, fearing for my death. I ignore them; they are only little pawns my chess game and easily disposable.  In the reflection of my opponent’s glasses, I can see the form of a tall, pale snake-like man trying to gain an edge in this fight until the death. This attempt was futile. 

   As I was slowly inching towards the blinding oblivion, the young man standing across from me tried to gain an edge over me by taking advantage of my distraction. I nearly laughed at his juvenile behaviour. I was taught to never give an opponent an opportunity for your demise, something the boy should learn from. I countered quickly, adding extra power behind my curse. The boy stumbles, but refuses to give up. I let out a snarling laugh, ready for his eventual downfall.

   However, something in his eyes stops me. It was the look of a young soul. Never loved, never been cared for. He must have noticed another opportunity because I soon felt a ripping sensation. I dropped my wand and looked down, watching myself slowly dissolving. I never prepared for this situation, because I never expected it. I was supposed to defeat the Boy Who Lived, and take control of the entire wizarding world, then eventually the whole muggle world as well. 

   I experienced another odd sensation. It was brand-new and felt as though my heart was being ripped to shreds and repeatedly stamped on. Later, I would learn that this was the sensation of defeat. As my body slowly crumpled to the ground before dissolving in small, indescribable pieces, I had one more fleeting thought. “Love is an all-powerful force.”

The foolish young man walked over, and stared solemnly at the ground. He sighed and rubbed his tired and grimy face. "At last", he said in a soft tone. "It's done."



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The Final Stand: The Final Stand


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