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Perfect? As if... by MallyJ_15
Chapter 1 : Don't judge a book by its cover
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For some reason the majority of the Wizarding World is under the impression that I am the perfect girl, living the perfect life... they have no idea just how wrong they are. Since the day I was born I have been under constant scrutiny to be absolutely perfect. I guess I've been pulling off the perfect façade pretty well for seventeen years. I mean to any random stranger off the street, to any outsider looking in, my life does seem pretty... well, perfect.

I'm Head Girl, the Slytherin Princess, Star Seeker for the Slytherin Quidditch team, and Hogwarts' Golden Girl. I am top of every single one of my classes and I might also be the captain of the Slytherin Quidditch Team. I also failed to mention that I am the only daughter of, none other than, Draco Malfoy himself. If I sat here and told you my dad didn't spoil me, I would be telling the lie of the century.

Now I know you're thinking one of two things, either ' That sounds pretty perfect to me.' or 'Oh great, another spoiled little rich kid complaining about just how terrible their life is!' (there is also a fairly strong possibility you're thinking both). Now I'll admit that life does sound pretty perfect, but that is based solely on appearance. You are judging from the outside looking in, just like the majority of the public. You're juding a book by its cover, without taking the time to open it and read a little. From your point of view my life probably seems wonderful, but from my point of view things look a little... different. You'd be surprised to see how much things change when you switch points of view.

Growing up in the spotlight isn't as awesome as it sounds, with the media watching and recording almost every single move you make, there's absolutely no room to make mistakes (which is a really hard thing to ask of a seventeen year old girl). The fact that I'm a Malfoy doesn't help at all. You see after the War the Malfoy name was as good as dead. With Lucius in Azkaban, my father inherited what was left of the Malfoy fortune and the broken family reputation. Dad managed to rebuild the name of Malfoy, with my mum by his side. He miraculously restored the family fortune and put our family name back into good standings with most of the Wizarding World. Dad also managed to become Head Auror. Hearing all that you're probably confused, well let me make this clear just because the family name is back in good standings, doesn't mean anything. Now the media is watching us like hawks to see when we slip up. As the only daughter, I'm expected to do no wrong. It's not as easy as it sounds. Rita Skeeter is freaking ancient, yet she still hounds my family and me for any information she can get. I'm telling the woman just needs to die already!

My dad just got re-married to Hermione Granger. I hate her. She doesn't seem to understand that she is not and she will never be my mum. My mum? She's dead, she died the summer of my 3rd year. She was killed by ex-Death Eaters, who were holding a rather large grudge against my father. Going back to school that year was terrible. I couldn't stand the pitiful looks I got from everyone around me. People who I thought were my friends started tip-toeing into conversations, not knowing what to say to me, or they just stopped speaking to me all together.
So as "popular" as I am, I've only got two real friends who aren't related to me in any way. Oh and most of the people I go to school with, hate me. Why? I can’t exactly tell you. Some because of who my dad, others because they think I'm stuck up and pretentious, and most of them hate me just because they can. Then we have James Potter, eldest son of The Savior of the Wizarding World. I have despised the boy since I first met him when I was five. Even in his toddler years he managed to be cocky and egotistical, and he hasn't changed in the slightest bit. If you thought his father and my father's hatred for one another was bad you haven't seen anything.

That my friends was just a glimpse into the chaos that is my life. Still think I'm living the dream? Well you unlike some many others now understand that perfection isn't all that easy. I, Violet Alexandra Narcissa Malfoy, have somehow managed to fool most of the Wizarding World to believe that I'm perfect… if only they knew.

AN: How was it? Please review! Remember I would love some constructive life is perfect... if only they knew.

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Perfect? As if...: Don't judge a book by its cover


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