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Lycanthrope by _harrypottergeneration_
Chapter 1 : Ava Fen
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 A young woman struggles against the impact of the harsh wind, combined with heavy snow, as she hikes her way through a small town, full of small shops and houses. Through the icy windows of one of the houses, the fire is ablaze, and a wizard family sits humbly, warming their hands by the recently lit fire.

Ava glances in one of the windows, pulling her shawl around her face tighter, protecting her from the malevolent weather. They look so warm, and cosy... just a few more minutes and I’ll be there, thought Ava, looking determinedly forwards.

Ava’s fiery red hair escapes the clutches of her shawl and spirals uncontrollably in the wind, soaring behind her wildly. Her emerald green eyes, glaze over with tears, as the wind ambushes her face. Her oval like face is half buried in her green shawl, lips concealed beneath her shawl. Her rubicund cheeks contrast against her pale complexion, as the ferocious wind collides with her face. Long dark robes flap around in the wind, hiding ever inch of her body, in hope of protection against the blizzard.

Finally, Ava stops abruptly at a wooden arch, and steps into the shelter, looking up at the sign, The Three Broomsticks, worded across the tip of the arch, which has three rustic broomsticks nailed around it, creating a simple triangle. Ava smiles beneath her shawl, and proceeds to the door. She pushes the door open with a slight creek, and steps inside the cosy, friendly pub.

The sudden change in temperature startles Ava, and she quickly unravels her shawl, revealing heart shapes lips and golden dangling earrings, hanging contently from her ears. She gazes around the pub taking in the scene: the pub is large, and many round, square, rectangular tables are perched around the room, nearly all of them occupied. Wooden beams stretch across the room, a few owls resting upon them. To the far left of the room, the bar stands, full of customers drinking foamy butterbeer, firewhiskey, pumpkin juice, or freshly brewed ale. Many students from Hogwarts sit upon tables; either in large groups or only two to three per table. Ah, I remember when me and my friends came here, such fun... Ava’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a sound of a woman’s voice, “You must be Ava Fen? You’re here for a job?” Ava turned on the spot to look at the smiling woman, she was very pretty, “Yes, sorry I’m late, the weathers awful!” replied Ava. ‘Not to worry my dear! Do come inside, we’ll go around the back, it’s a bit quieter.” Ava nodded and followed the bar woman into a small door around the side of the bar, as she stepped through the door she thought she heard a man scream out, “There’s a bloody fly in my firewhiskey!”

The room was small, and very cluttered. To the right side of the room, a grand fireplace majestically stands, igniting the room with a sense of warmth and friendliness. A red plush sofa is centred in the room, directly in front of the fire. The bar woman smiles contently at Ava, and indicates to a small wooden chair sat before a desk. The desk is bedecked with parchment, quills, ink, bottles, and a few chocolate frog cards. As Ava sits down, the woman introduces herself, ‘I’m Rosmerta, people in the pub tend to call me Madam Rosmerta, but you can call me Rosmerta,’ she winked in a friendly manor towards Ava, ‘Now, I’m sure you’re completely suitable for the job. It’s easy. I see you handed in a resume; most people looking for a job here just turn up and demand for one! So, I was very impressed. Now I see you got all outstanding results in both your OWLs and your NEWTs, well, all apart from care for magical creatures! But, to work behind a bar you don’t need any qualifications, just a friendly and welcoming attitude!’ Rosmerta beamed at Ava, as if to show how to be friendly and welcoming, ‘I was rather surprised you applied here actually, by the looks of things you could easily have worked at the Ministry!’ Ava hesitated for a moment at this, and then replied, almost in a whisper, ‘Yes well... I feel the Ministry may have been...’ Ava stopped, biting her lip, then proceeded, ‘Infiltrated.’

‘Well don’t be scared to say it m’dear! Many people believe it- and quite frankly, it would be un-wise not to have suspicions! With death eaters running about, and You-Know-Who at large, well, these are dark times we live in.’ Ava nodded, but didn’t speak a word. ‘This brings me to my next point Miss Fen!’

‘Call me Ava,’ interjected Ava with a smile. ‘Well, Ava,’ smiled Rosmerta, ‘as I was saying, this brings me to my next point! Due to the environment the wizarding world is currently living in, I advise you to take up residence at the pub whilst you work here,’ she stopped for a moment, then said in a whisper, ‘Only two months ago a fellow worker went missing on her way home from work! She lived half a mile from the pub, and she never returned!’ Ava looked taken aback, ‘You mean... she may have been killed?’

‘Not only killed dear... her body was found,’ she stopped, ‘Well-you could put it that way...’ said Rosmerta, talking to herself more than anyone. ‘What do you mean?’ inquired Ava, her voice shaking slightly. Madam Rosmerta looked around, as if to check no one else was listening in the empty room, ‘only parts her body were found. She was torn apart!’ Ava looked horrified; she felt the temperature in the room drop suddenly, as if the fire had been engulfed. Rosmerta proceeded, ‘by a Werewolf.’   

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Lycanthrope: Ava Fen


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