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A day without magic by kalanapatheis150
Chapter 1 : Finding out
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The Burrow. Ronald Bilius Weasley, age 20, Hogwarts graduate and Hermione Granger's fiance woke up today with a severe headache. He slowly opened his eyes to see that it was still dark outside and very very cold. Turning his head to his left side, he saw his new fiance sleeping like a baby, in a fetal position. He slowly removed the blankets off of him and put on his slippers. His head was killing him. It's been almost a year since the last time he had a headache like that.

The moon was illuminating the room. Cold, hesitant light was streaming in through the big window, casting eerie shadows on the wooden walls. It was as if the moon was calling him to open the window. And he did. The autumn wind was howling in his ears. He looked up in the dark sky to see the moon. Is it full-moon today? he thought.


“Ronald?” Hermione's quiet voice came from behind.


“Oh dear I'm so sorry, did I wake you?” Ron said. He closed the window and run to her side. He picked up the blanket that had fell on the ground and covered Hermione and himself with it.


“Well you know I am a light sleeper, I was going to hug you but you weren't there so I woke up” Hermione said and put her arms around him. “Why are you up so early? It's 3 o' clock in the morning.”


“I have a splitting headache that has been going on for hours. I couldn't sleep from the pain, so I woke up just a few minutes ago.” said Ron and caressed her hair. “I'm going to make a cup of tea now, down at the kitchen. You go back to sleep and don't worry about me. I will be fine.”


“Are you sure you don't need any help?” she asked and scratched her eyes.


“Yes, yes I am.” he responded. The creaking sound of the opening door made Hermione jump up again.


“Shhhhh. Be quiet you will wake the others!” she whispered.


Ron grinned and walked down the stairs. The Burrow was sleeping heavily. There was no light anywhere in the entire house but there was no need to open one anyway. There was something not quit right about this moonlight but he didn't understand what. After two cups of hot tea with honey his head was starting to feel a lot better. After an hour and a half, he started to feel sleepy again, in fact so sleepy that he fell asleep right there on the kitchen counter.





“Ron...Ronald...Ronald Weasley wake up this instant!”


Ron heard a voice in his sleep. He vaguely opened his eyes. “What? Who? Molly?” he said.


“What is that? Why are you calling me Molly? I am your mother Ronald.” she growled. “Anyway, there is no time for that. Something has gone terribly wrong.”


“What? What? Is everyone okay? Is Hermione okay?”


“Everyone is fine. They are all in the living room.”



“All? Why dad, George and Percy aren't at work?” Ron said and grimaced.


“That is because none could go to work. The car is not working, no one can apparate, fly or use the floo powder. But the most frightening part of them all is that we cannot use magic because our wands won't work either.”


Ron starred at her in disbelief. Molly had her hands on her waist waiting for him to answer. “Oh bloody hell mum, you're not funny at all. I haven't even drunk coffee yet.” he said. “I'm going to use the restroom if you don't mind. I'm going to be late for work.”


“What part of what I said do you not understand? This is not a joke and you cannot go to work.”


Ron panicked. He quickly got up and ran to the stairs. “Where are you going Ronald?” his mother yelled but he was not listening as he was running to his room. As he reached the fifth floor he pushed the door of his bedroom open and searched for his wand. He always left his wand at the nightstand but it wasn't there anymore. He ran down to the living room. Everyone was there, Arthur, Percy, George, Harry, Ginny and Hermione.


“Good morning Ronald.” his father said but Ron ignored him.


“Where is my wand? I can't find my wand.” Ron said in panic.


“Here, I have it.” he heard Hermione say. She pointed out his wand and he took it.


He stretched out his arm and pointed at the table. “Accio scone.” Nothing happened “Accio scone!” he yelled.


“Ron there is no point. I told you, we cannot do magic.”said Molly who was now right behind him.


“What the hell do you mean we cannot do magic?!” Ron shouted.


“Language Ronald!”


“Language? Is that what the problem is right now? What happened?”


“We don't know. We just woke up and there it wasn't” George said.


“There it wasn't?” Ginny said.


“There it wasn't..magic..there it wasn't.”


“Bad George...very bad.” Harry said.


“I seemed to have lost my magic...”


“Oh George, please stop it...”


“Oh come on one knows what happened?”


They all nodded. “This can't be happening... What are we going to do?”


“We have to contact the Ministry. We have to get in touch with other wizards to see what is going on and if the problem is just ours or the rest of the wizarding world too. But we will have to do it all without magic.” Percy said.


“How are we going to cope without magic? We don't know anything! Mum you cannot even cook without it!” Ron shouted again.


“Ronald!!” growled Molly.


“We do.” Hermione and Harry said in unison. “You might not know, but we do. We grew up in muggle families remember?” Harry said.


“Okay Weasleys. Let's get going.”

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A day without magic: Finding out


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