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Star Crossed by weasleytwins123
Chapter 19 : Eternity
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The hotel was a dingy, dangerous looking place. The kind of place that was in an alley from the back-end of nowhere, the kind of place where somebody could easily murder you and nobody would know.

Truthfully, I was scared. Scared that I was walking into a trap, scared that I'd implicated my family into this mess because he'd used my mother to contact me.

But mostly I was scared of finding that Regulus was a real Death Eater, and that he didn't love me anymore.

I was stood outside of the room, holding my breath as I clasped my wand in my clammy hand, waiting for a flash of green light to come speeding in my direction, or for the door to suddenly fly open.

But nothing happened. All I could hear was the creaks of the old building, and the familiar sounds of somebody watching their television in the next room.

With a deep breath, I held up my fist and rapped quietly on the door twice. There was silence, before I heard the rattling of locks and chains behind the door being undone, and before I could raise my wand to defend myself I was grabbed, a hand over my mouth to cover the scream, and shoved up against the wall whilst the door slammed shut and locked itself. Tears formed in the corner of my eyes as I fought the strong grip on me, but it quickly loosened as my surroundings became lighter.

"You came."

I opened my eyes and exhaled in shock. Regulus. His dark eyes were locked on mine as they looked over my face hungrily, his grip on my waist now, holding me against the wall. I could have fought him off me, but a part of me wanted to stay close to him.

I was scared this was all in my head.

"Adrienne?" he spoke softer this time, sweeping a strand of hair back from my face and tucking it behind my ear. I bit my lip gently, holding back the urge to kiss him and shivering slightly at his touch.

"I didn't mean to scare you, I just had to make sure it was you."

"What was the first thing you ever said to me?" I asked confidentally. If he was shocked at my lack of trust, he didn't show it. If Mad-Eye had taught me one thing, it was that Polyjuice Potion was a killer.

"You should get on the train earlier next time" he whispered, his eyes locked on mine as a small smile played on his lips.

I instantly relaxed and his hand gripped my waist tighter.

"What do you want Regulus? And why did you use my mother to get hold of me? I don't... mmmph!" I was cut off as he crushed his lips against mine, my eyes fluttering shut as I instantly melted into the kiss and the familiar sensation of his lips on mine.

I reached to pull on the familiar strands of hair at his neck and he growled under his breath, pressing me hard against the wall and nipping at my lower lip.

His lips began to trace the length of my neck as held him tighter, closing my eyes and leaning all my weight against the wall. Impatient, I pulled his lips back to mine and traced my tongue along his lips, his body flush against mine, kissing as if our lives depended on it.

We broke apart, breathless, and Regulus carefully stepped back.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have-"

I shook my head quickly and looked down at my feet, a blush spreading across my cheeks.

"I shouldn't have encouraged it... we shouldn't..."

"I can't do it anymore, Adrienne," he admitted quickly, taking my hand and looking at me with dark, begging eyes. "I miss you too much. I don't care about anything else, all I want is you..."

"Regulus, we can't..." I turned away, pulling my hand from his grasp as I examined the dingy hotel room for the first time.

"Please!" he followed me from the hallway. "We can run, so far away that nobody will find us, and we'll be happy... that's all I want!"

"I can't," I stressed. "However perfect that sounds, I can't walk away from everyone... I can't leave them to get hurt or..."

"I know that you love your family, something I don't understand, but things would finally be how they are meant to be!" he clasped his hands around my face and tilted my chin up to look at him. "Please."

"Regulus, don't do this," I whispered as tears began to fall from my eyes. "Please, don't make me choose."

"I..." he couldn't find the words to say he wasn't doing exactly that.

"Just one night?" I whispered through my tears. "Just one last night together, before we part?"

"It'll make it harder..."

"It'll always be hard..." I rolled my eyes. "We love each other too much."

With a sad smile, Regulus captured my lips once again and we held fast to one another, kissing as we slowly shed our clothes, savouring one another, and made our way to the small double bed in the centre of the room.



"I love you. I love you. I love you." Regulus punctured each word with a kiss to my back. I shivered and closed my eyes at the touch, savouring the sensation of his kisses as he returned to my shoulder.

"I love you," I smiled as I turned around and pulled him in for another kiss. His body was on top of mine before I could think, and we kissed for longer this time, taking in every moment of one another that we could.

We stayed up all night, entwined in one another's limbs until we caught the first glimpses of sunlight. Then we pulled on our underwear (I stole his shirt as well) and wrapped the sheet around the pair of us as we sat beside the open window, watching the new day arrive.

We sat there for an hour in silence, slowly caressing one another's skin as we watched the sun rise and bring a day which meant we had to leave one another.

I couldn't bear the thought of it.

"Marry me," Regulus broke the silence with a whisper in my ear.

"What?" I laughed, assuming I'd misheard him.

"Marry me," he turned me around in his arms and I swiftly looked over the large smile and the glinting eyes. "Marry me, Adrienne McKinnon."

"Regulus, we..."

"...Can't?" he finished with a laugh. "Of course we can! I don't care that I'm only eighteen, or that we're fighting opposite sides in a war, I love you more than anything in the world, and I know I can't just let you go today."

"Regulus..." I tried to hold back a smile, but my voice faltered and his expression brightened. I'd never seen him like this before.

"Adrienne..." he whispered back as he pulled me to my feet, discarding the sheet in the process, and knelt down on one knee, clad only in his boxer shorts.

"Regulus..." I repeated, my eyes swimming with tears as he took my hand and produced a ring from nowhere.

"Adrienne McKinnon, you are the only woman I love, the woman I want to spend the rest of my existence with, and the woman I would give anything to have in my arms forever. Will you marry me?"

There was a silence, so still you could hear our beating hearts thumping wildly in our chests. With a deep intake of breath, I made my decision without a second thought.


He quickly stood up, reaching down to clasp my face between his hands. "You mean it?"

"Yes!" I cried breathlessly. "Yes, of course I do!" I laughed as he bent down and kissed me more passionately than ever before.

He quickly returned to one knee and with shaking hands placed the ring on my finger, pressing kisses to my hand and up my arm before he reached my face, where he wiped away my tears and pressed a gentle kiss to my lips.

"I love you," I whispered into his kiss, wrapping my arms around him and jumping into his grasp, wrapping my legs around his middle as we laughed into our kiss.

We spent the next hour celebrating our engagement, bringing in the new morning by making love in the dusty sunlight that poured through the hotel window.

It wasn't as hard to part, this time, as we made plans to meet again in a few days. We'd decided to run away, it was the only option, but for some reason my head was only filled with Regulus, and I selfishly forgot Marlene, Grace, David and my mother as I convinced myself they'd be safer without me.

We touched foreheads, holding one another close as we stood at the door, separating with a kiss and a whispered goodbye before we both apparated away from there.

Before I stepped over the threshold of my home I remembered the small ring on my left hand and instantly slipped it into my pocket, making myself more presentable for Marlene, who would undoubtedly be asking questions as to where I'd been all night.

What I hadn't been expecting was the entire Order of the Pheonix, or at least the younger generation, to be stood in my kitchen. They all turned to face me as I shut the door behind me, and I stood in wide-eyed fear at the sight of them.

"Where have you been all night?!" Marlene scolded from her seat at the kitchen table.

"I was out with a friend from Hogwarts... I was too drunk to apparate home so I stayed at theirs."

"Which friend?" Lily asked cooly from the corner.

I caught her eye, my gaze flickering down to the engagement ring she now wore, and pursed my lips before replying. "Does it matter?"

"I just didn't know there was anybody but Lucy, that's all."

"Well, there was, actually," I replied sharply, wrapping my cardigan tighter around myself.

"That boy you were telling me about, right?" Emmeline interrupted, shooting me a small smile.

Great. As much as I liked her, she'd really got me in it now.

"What boy?" Sirius asked sharply.

"It's nothing, just someone from Hogwarts that I..." I cleared my throat awkwardly. "That I was kind of with, and then we broke things off, but we met and..."

"His name?" Mad Eye growled from the corner.

I licked my lips as my heart thumped wildly in my chest, desperately trying to think of a name. "Max Baker."

"As in the blonde Hufflepuff?" Sirius wrinkled his nose at the thought. "Really?"

"Max Baker, the boy who's currently living with his girlfriend?" James scoffed and shot me a smirk. "Nice try, Addie. But this time tell the truth."


"Ade, come on," Marlene urged. "You're making it seem as if..." she shook her head quickly. "There's no need to be embarrassed if you've met someone. But you have to be honest."

"Marls, I..." I couldn't bring myself to speak I was so completely terrified.

And at the worst possible moment, an owl flew through the open window and dropped a piece of parchment into my hands. Regulus.

"Read it aloud," Mad Eye growled, and I slowly undid the parchment, not looking at anybody else in the room.

I cleared my throat, attempting to steady my hands as they shook uncontrollably at the words on the parchment. He'd made it so obvious.

"Addie?" Marlene stood up to face me with similarly shaking hands. She knew something was up. Sister intuition.

"For an enternity, R.A.B" I read in a shaken whisper and immedietely Mad Eye was at my side, checking to see that I spoke the truth.

"R.A.B..." Sirius muttered to himself before turning to me with wide, unforgiving eyes. "My brother? My Death Eater brother, Adrienne?"

"Regulus Black?" Lily uttered, her mouth hanging agape as she stared disbelievingly at me.

Before I knew it, all their wands were drawn and pointed at me. Even Emmeline and Sirius', although they couldn't look me in the eye.

David held Marlene as she collapsed into his side with silent sobs and regarded me with a disgusted expression.

"You're a traitor," Mad Eye spat unforgivingly.

"No, please! Look it's nothing like what you think! We met in school, we fell in love! Then I broke things off before we left, I knew what he was about to become, and I knew which side of the war I was going to chose! But then he contacted me, and I... I love him! I couldn't... I went to see him. But Regulus and I, we were never.... I would never... it was never about which side of the war we were on! We never discussed anything, we weren't spying. We're in love... I'm in love with him...but I never meant to involve the Order... we're meant to be leaving in a few days I-"

"Leaving?" Marlene muttered. "You would choose him over us?"

"Marls, please," my eyes filled with desperate tears. "I didn't have a choice, I can't be without him... but we couldn't stay here... I couldn't involve any of you-"

"What's this?" Mad Eye growled, as he searched my pockets to confiscate my wand and found the engagement ring. A new set of gasps echoed the room, and out of the corner of my eye I watched Emmeline grasp Benji's hand.

"We're engaged... we wanted to be together. We weren't meant to be but..."

"Somebody get Black here now," Mad Eye growled. "Don't let him know our position, but get him here unharmed."

"I volunteer," Sirius growled as he shot me the dirtiest look imaginable, before he and James disapparated simultaneously.

The room was deathly silent, puntucted only by Marlene's occasional sobs and Lily's deep breaths.

It seemed like hours, but finally they arrived with a struggling and enraged Regulus.

"Adrienne!" he yelled as soon as he saw me and instantly threw them off to wrap his arms around me. "I'm sorry, the note, I shouldn't have..."

"It was too late by then anyway," I whispered through my tears as I leant against him.

There was a noise of disgust from Sirius as he noted our embrace and I carefully stepped away from Regulus, holding tight onto his hand instead.

"A Death Eater," Mad Eye growled as he held his wand to Regulus' chest. "I should kill you."

"NO!" I squealed, instantly moving in front of Regulus and feeling the prod of Mad Eye's wand to my chest instead.

"Adrienne, move! Don't be stupid..." Marlene sobbed.

"I love him, and I won't let you touch him," I spat, holding Mad Eye's gaze obstinately.

"Then what do you suggest we do?"

"Do what you want with me," I held back tears. "But touch him and you kill me too."

Marlene began to sob again and David had to usher her out of the room.

"Adrienne..." Regulus murmered from behind me, his slim fingers wrapping around my wrist as if to pull me out of the way.

"No," I hissed. "If this is how it has to be, it must be." I turned to face him with tears in my eyes, holding his gaze as if it was the last time I would ever see him. Which I felt it would be.

"Adrienne," his voice broke at my expression, he knew what was coming.

"Obliviate us, so Regulus doesn't remember anything about meeting me last night, and Obliviate me so I forget everything about the Order. And then I'll leave, and never bother you again," I requested. My idea was met with silence, but I could tell from the atmostphere of the room that it had already been accepted.

"Fine," Mad Eye grunted, as he held his wand to Regulus.

I turned quickly and kissed him hard, savouring what I now knew was our final moment together. "Please don't forget me completely," I sniffed. "I'll never forget, I'll wear the ring every single day of my life."

"I promise," he couldn't hide his own tears now as he pressed a chaste kiss to my lips. "I love you."

"For an enternity," I promised, a second before Mad Eye pointed his wand and made us forget.

A/N - I KNOW, I KNOW. O.M.G.!!!!! Did you like?? I hope I get some reviews for this bad boy, it's SUCH a climatic chapter! I hate to tell you all, but only a few chapters to go now! I'm determined to finish this fic, as I really lost my spark for it, and whilst I have it back I want it completed so I don't disappoint my fabulously loyal readers! Much love, look forward to hearing from you all!!


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