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I love you, Mum by erinn1197
Chapter 16 : Chapter 15
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 I did feel a bit bad for ruining the Christmas Dinner. But then I didn’t. Alexia had it coming for her. I just wish karma would ‘accidentally’ know her off the Astronomy tower. I didn’t even feel bad for her. She slapped my son. She slapped him for no reason except for the fact that she was being a jealous little bitch.

“Mum.” Tyler said. “Mum.”

“Aww.” I cooed. “What is it baby? What do you want?”

“Milk. Mummy, milk.” He said.

“Alright baby. Lets go.”

I picked him up off my bed and carried him down to the kitchen. We were back at the Potter Manor now that Christmas was over. Lily was in the family room, watching a movie with Al and Scorpious. That boy never goes home…ever. He’s the fourth Potter child, I swear.

“Hey.” I said to James. “Can you watch him for a minute? He wanted some milk.”

I handed Tyler over to his daddy. He sat calmly in James’s lap, watching me as if to make sure that I was getting him milk. I walked over the fridge and grabbed his sippy cup off the shelf.

“Here you go baby.” I said, handing him the sippy cup.

Tyler brought the cup up to his mouth and started drinking. I took a seat across from them.

“I’m sorry I ruined Christmas yesterday.” I said. “How embarrassing. The mother of your child getting into it with your girlfriend.”

Ex-girlfriend.” James corrected.

“I know. I just feel bad for embarrassing you in front of your whole family.” I said.

I made faces at Tyler to get him to giggle when he wasn’t drinking from his sippy cup.

“Nikkole, forget about it.” He said. “Hey sport, you want to go to the park?”

“Yea!” Tyler giggled. “Yea!”

“Alright.” I cooed. “We’ll go to the park if Daddy goes and get you dressed.”

I sent a smile to James. I headed back up to Lily’s room to do something with my hair and put on some makeup. James accio some of Tyler’s clothes and carried him out to the family room to change him. How freaking cute.


James and I headed out to the park with Tyler…and Lily, Al, and Scorpious. Lily wanted to go play with her nephew. Al and Scorpious…well, they just wanted to be rowdy boys. You were never too old to play of the playground. Tyler started kicking and squirming in James’s arms when we got closer to the playground. Eventually James let him down and he ran over to the playground. I began to chase him.

“Oh no!” I called out, laughing. “You better run baby. Mummy’s going to catch you.”

Tyler giggled and ran away from me. James joined our little chase. After letting Tyler run away from us for a few minutes, we caught him. I trapped him in my arms, his belly open.

“Tickle monster!” I called, wiggling my fingers.

He squealed as James attacked his stomach.

“Daddy stop!” Tyler giggled.

We did. Oh my Merlin. He called James Daddy!

“Tyler baby, did you call him Daddy?” I asked.

“Daddy!” Tyler squealed, throwing his arms up into the air.

Oh my Merlin. He really called James daddy. He really called James daddy. Tyler knows who his daddy is.

“Tyler baby, Mummy is so proud of you!” I said with a wide smile.

I gave him a big kiss. And to make it such a cliché moment, James gave him a kiss on the other cheek.

“How does it feel.” I asked with a smirk. “Tyler finally knows you as his Daddy.”

“Believe it or not, I’m actually very happy about this” James said, a smile spreading on his face.

Aww, how cute was he.

“Aww.” Lily cooed. “Now lets teach him who Auntie Lily is. And his Uncle Al. Oh my Merlin, we can spoil him rotten!”

“Aww Lils. Way to ruin the moment.” I laughed.

“You’re welcome.” Lily smirked.

Tyler, Mummy is glad you know your Daddy.


Author’s note- Pretty pretty please don’t attack me. I have a terrible case of writer’s block. Im so so so sorry. Please forgive me. But, they’ll be going back to Hogwarts. I know you all will miss Tyler but he’ll be back soon. : ) I promise. Nikkole and James just need to finish school : D

Please read and review…even though this chapter is the shortest chapter I ever wrote.


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I love you, Mum: Chapter 15


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