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The Truth Behind The Freckles by RavenclawGirl11
Chapter 5 : Ignoring, Introducing and Seven Minutes In Heaven
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Credits for this amazing CI of Alice to Anna_Black@TDA




"Lucy please wait! I'm sorry!"

"Just leave me alone Potter. I've had enough lies told to me over the last few days to last a lifetime. Now get out of my way!"

I try to dodge Al - I mean Potter - but he keeps side-stepping me.

"It won't happen again!"

I laugh a dry humourless laugh. "Where have I heard that before?"

Potter doesn't stop me this time. They never do.


Once again, I enter the Great Hall this time alone.




I walk down to the end of the Gryffindor Table, on the verge of tears. Stay strong, I tell myself as I munch through a piece of burnt toast. It’s dry and sticks to the roof of my throat, but at least it’s something.

"Hi, I'm Alice Longbottom! I'm in your year!" I look up from my toast in surprise. A brown haired, blue eyed girl faces me. She’s around average height and weight and her long straight hair has an Alice hair band to push it back from her face. Her raven badge confirms what I knew from the second she started talking: she's a Ravenclaw

"Um hey, I'm Lucy. Shouldn't you be over with your friends or something, because I'm kind of busy?"

She rolls her eyes and leans closer to me, dropping her voice to a whisper. "Don't worry I don't usually dress like this. It’s all in front of my dad." She pauses for a moment and looks closely at me. "I've noticed you were kind of lonely so I was wondering if you would like to hang out with some of my friends and I?"

I breathe out a sigh of relief. "Sure," I smile. Genuinely smile, which is a first for me. Alice pulls my arm.

"Come on let's get out of here so I can get this bloody hairband off."

I’m beginning to like Alice.

"Truth or dare?"

"Has to be truth!" Alice says. I pick up the Veritaserum and give it to Alice. She takes a small sip and squeals. Poppy Thomas - Lavender Brown and Dean Thomas' daughter - starts laughing.

"Who do you fancy?" Charley Creevey asks.

"Lorcan Lovegood!" she blurts out. She immediately slaps a hand to her mouth. 

I roll my eyes at this. I hear the dormitory door creak open and five male figures appear. Its Lorcan and Lysander Lovegood - both from Ravenclaw - Oli Wood Junior and Remus Finnegan - Gryffindor - and finally Frankie Longbottom - Alice's twin and Hufflepuff prefect.

"What are you doing here?" I ask and Oli winks, making me blush. Typical.

Sometime later an idiot suggests we play ‘seven minutes in heaven’. Such childish games, but still it’s fun. Frankie and Poppy go first - and don't stop snogging even when the seven minutes are up. I think I'm scarred for life after that.

Charley goes into the bathroom - real classy - with Lysander. They come out with ruffled hair and Charley’s lipstick is smudged. Seriously? Could they make it more obvious?!

Alice goes into the bathroom with Lorcan, her face blushing bright red every time he looks at her. They re-enter holding hands. "So Lorcan, you've had a crush on Alice forever - are you going to ask her out?" Lysander asks cheekily. 

Alice giggles and Lorcan blushes - his long blonde hair covering his face. "I’ve already asked her." Those two are too cute. 

Daisy Jordan-Bell and Remus Finnegan enter the bathroom of love - note my sarcasm - and we all can hear them arguing. Daisy loves to argue.

Finally Oli and I go into the bathroom. I've never noticed how small the room is – it’s very awkward having a seventeen year old pressed up against your leg. Oli's eyes look straight into mine and my fingers comb through his brown hair. I kiss Oli - to distract myself from my worries, to forget all my troubles.

I hear Alice knock on the door.

"Lucy your time is up!" I detach myself from Oli as he whispers into my neck.

"We should go out sometime... You know..."

"Yes Oli I'll be your girlfriend."

"So that class ends the Draught of Living Death subject. You’re test is next lesson! Goodbye!" I leave Potions with Oli and Alice. We're laughing about Alice's unfortunate experience of ‘father meets boyfriend’ when Freddie walks up to me, a relieved expression on his face.

"Lucy! There you are!"

"What do you want Weasley?" I still haven’t forgiven him for not telling me about my adoption.

"One of our chasers have fallen and broken her leg so she won't be able to play for the match against Slytherin."

"How does that concern me?" I ask with narrowed eyes.

"You were amazing at playing Chaser when we we're little. So I was wondering if you would play instead?" I think about it and weigh up the pros and cons. It would be doing them a favour but on the other hand it would be fun to play again.

"Okay then but it’s not for you or Potter. It’s to prove to everyone that I can do something." Fred grins. "I'm still not talking to you." He nods and his smile dissipates. Fred grabs hold of my arm and pulls me along.

"Come on practice is now!"

"But I don't have a broom…"

"You can have Al's spare one. The Firebolt XT," Fred replies, continuing to drag me.

I roll my eyes; typical Potters, must have the best of everything.

"This is our replacement chaser my cousin, Lucy Weasley!" Al announces. I frown at him and that stops him smiling. It’s my second practise, the first with the full team. My last one was with only Albus and Fred.

"How do we know she can play?" Chelsea McLaggen - total bitch - asks. Fred throws me the Quaffle and I show her what I can do. I watch in amusement as Chelsea's mouth drops. Flying over to where Oli is sitting in the stands, I take his tie and peck him on the cheek. 

I fly back to where the Quidditch team is and blindfold myself. "McLaggen pass me the ball!" I shout. I don't know how to describe how I feel when I play Quidditch; it’s like for once in my life I’m in control and I love it.

The other two chasers - Poppy Jordan-Bell and Fred – and I, score 45 goals in two hours. Even though I was blindfolded I scored 23 of them.

Poppy and I leave the Quidditch Stadium in high hopes but in the corner of my eye I see a red headed girl, watching me. Rose Weasley is following me everywhere. 

Author Notes:

Hello Readers, If there is any one O U T    T H E R E!!!!!!!!!  So, I will have Chapter 8 up by the 20th July 2013. Keep faith, and read on

~ Macy x

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