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The Hufflepuff Quidditch Team by HuffleyPuff
Chapter 4 : IV
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Chapter Four - Down The Rabbit Hole

*Fabulous CI made by Anna_Black @ tda*

It wasn’t long until school life and turned back to its usual self, homework being piled on in preparation for OWLs and Professors making daily checks at the house tables in the morning to make sure students were behaving. Since then, I had been trying to stay out of any trouble which may involve a Potter…or two…or three or in fact anyone who even remotely liked them. Scorpius and James were giving me hell every time I saw them by mocking and jeering about how I was a failure and Quidditch and how they were going to enjoy tormenting my teammates. Just looking at them made my fists curl up into fists and adrenaline pump round my body in agitation. Those bloody Potters, Weasley’s and Malfoy’s were going down when it came to the matches.

But first I had the try-outs to worry about.

Saturday afternoon came quickly and when the time was right I made my way down to the Quidditch pitch, pulling a protesting Megan along with me. I had managed to put her in Ravenclaw uniform I had nicked from the spare stuff the school kept, dye her hair a brown instead of blonde and put contact lenses on until I could swear she was another person entirely…well that was all part of the plan of course.

“Anna, please don’t make me do it,” Megan moaned as I pulled her onto the Quidditch pitch before hiding her near the changing rooms.

Standing back to admire my handiwork, I smiled as I looked her over before folding my arms over my chest. “You look perfect,” I grinned as my eyes scanned her over once again, pretty proud that I had managed to pull it off as well as I had. “Now remember you are going to do is to stand there and watch the stands.” Pausing as I looked them over and saw no one there, I smiled before turning back to my disgruntled friend. “See anyone you are going to pretend you’re a spy for Ravenclaw, hopefully the person you’re talking too if James and Scorpius’ bloody spy and they’ll tell you. You then have my permission to hex them.

Megan scowled darkly at me and folded her arms before stiffly nodding her head. “Fine, but if I get hexed back you are going to pay for this.”

I grinned proudly at her before sticking my tongue out; grabbing my old Nimbus 2001 from the changing rooms before walking out onto the pitch and into the middle. I was already regretting the decision to agree to be the captain for Hufflepuff and I wasn’t really expecting anyone to turn up for the team, but with surprise, ten minutes later the whole of my old team stood in front of me along with a first year and a couple of second years and one fourth year waiting to try out.

It took me a moment to remember what I was supposed to be doing, but every time I tried to speak, guilt rose up at the thought of my team getting humiliated by James and Scorpius. “Right, hi,” I stated after a long pause after trying to compose myself. “Welcome to this year’s try-outs for the Hufflepuff team. I’m Annabeth, you’re new captain and one of the beaters.” I smiled at the small group of people in front of me before glancing back to the changing rooms to see Megan stills scowling at me. Turning my attention back to the eleven people standing in front of me looking rather bored, I gulped nervously before taking a glance around the stands. Still empty…where were the spies?

“Before we begin I would like to remind you that just because you were on the team last year it doesn’t mean that you’re going to make it this year.” Pausing, my eyes scanned the group of people in front of me to make sure they understood before I sighed and picked up my Nimbus from the ground. “Right, now that’s out of the way let’s get too it.”

Happily I mounted my broom before kicking off into the air and circling around the pitch once as I watched the people one by one as they mounted and kicked off themselves. The old team members were up in the within moments, already remembering how to fly, the fourth year was up next and looked a little wobbly, the first year followed him with a confident smile on her young face and the two second years were up last and they looked rather bored.

Moving my eyes away from them I scanned the stands again for any sign of the spies sent from the other captains, but they were still empty and Megan was still scowling from her spot on the ground. Frowning myself, I turned my attention back to the people in front of me before waving them off to do different things. I wasn’t wholly paying attention to them, but instead I was staring painfully at the stands waiting for someone to appear, but the coast was still clear. Perhaps they weren’t going to bother to send anyone out of respect, but then I laughed to myself at the thought of it. I doubted they even knew what the word respect meant.

Sending one last glance down to Megan, I turned on my broom before circling around the pitch again to actually watch what was going on and how the new people in the air were faring against everyone one.


Time ticked by and I had put the players into a small match to see how they fared with that, but there was still no sign of a spy anywhere on the pitch. Megan looked like she was starting to get bored and so I waved my hands in the air in an unknowing gesture before turning my eyes back to the game. All the players were playing properly and pretty well at that, but I frowned as I saw the two second years. They always flew together and every so often they would fly alongside each other and whisper amongst themselves. I didn’t know who they were, but they looked to be twins of the opposite sex.

Shrugging my shoulders, I watched the first year closely as she played as the keeper, she was small, but she was very confident in herself and was saving nearly every goal thrown at her. It was very impressive to see her go and she was a lot better than our previous keeper who was playing for the other team and was missing nearly every one. Well that was one player getting replaced.

The fourth year was still a little wobbly in the air and as he raise back his bat to try and hit the bludgers he kept having to lower it and grasp his broom again so not to fall off. Well if he was going to be that useless why was he even bothering to try-out in the first place? I was pretty happy was the girl who played with me so I was going to have to let her continue with her job.

Then my attention turned back to the second years who weren’t taking anything seriously. They were playing as chasers on the opposite team and yet they kept talking to each other in hushed whispers and throwing the quaffle to each other instead of their own team. There was something fishy about them, but they weren’t my biggest problem. Where on Merlin’s good green earth was the spies the other captains had sent to watch us?

Turning my eyes over to Megan for a moment I frowned as I saw she was jumping up and down and pointing fingers towards the sky. Following her finger I saw she was pointing at the two second years who seemed to actually be playing the game properly. Sending Megan thumbs up I turned around to watch the game and I smiled a little as I saw the game continue. Little did I know that Megan was now hitting herself in the head multiple times.

“Right guys that’s enough, land and gather round!” I called when I had seen enough and everyone began to fly to the ground and land. I followed before dismounting myself and huddling everyone together. “Well that was a great try-out guys and I’m very happy with all of you. “Now I have some good news and some bad news.” I stopped and turned my eyes over to our current keeper before sighing at him. “Sorry Brad, you just aren’t good enough this year for the team. Feel free to try again next year.”

Brad looked up from the ground and frowned at me, but highfived my hand before lowering to the ground before walking off. He didn’t seem too upset about it and that was a rather good thing. Turning my attention to the first year I grinned at her. “This means you made the team!” The young girl grinned happily at me and I smiled back before turning to the fourth year and the two second years. “You had a good try-out mates, but you’re just not up to scratch. Thanks for trying though.”

“Oh, okay,” the boy responded before saying a quiet thank you and walking off to cry to himself about not making it. The second years, however, just shrugged their shoulders before walking from the pitch and they were still grinning amongst themselves.

Once he was out of sight I looked over my new team with a smile before cracking my fingers. “So well done to all of you. Practices are every Sunday morning at 6am and I hope to see you all there. Dismissed.”

The players left the pitch in a large group and I smiled as I walked over to Megan who was still scowling darkly at me. “What’s with the face?” I questioned. “I thought that went pretty well. Not a single spy in sight.”

Megan scowled further at me before slapping on the arm. “Are you really that thick?” She responded with a raised brow. “Those two second year kids were the spies. I’ve seen them before and they’re twins, ones in Gryffindor and the other’s in Slytherin.”

I stared in disbelief at Megan before my jaw dropped as I stared after the direction the two kids went. “Seriously?” I stated in wide eyes as I turned back to Megan. “All that effort to get rid of them, they turn up and TRY-OUT! THAT’S JUST INSULTING!”

“Calm down,” Megan said tersely as he looked behind her. “You didn’t really get to show them anything , all they really know is that you have a new keeper.”

“And that’s enough for them,” I responded with gritted teeth as my glare darkened. That was is, James Potter and Scorpius Malfoy had pushed my buttons for one last time and now it was time for them to feel what it was like to crawl around in the dirt under me. They could not just sent spies to my try-outs and make them try out to mock me. That was just insulting. It was time, the Potters, Malfoy’s and Weasley’s were going down this year and finally the Hufflepuff team would come out on top and win the Quidditch cup. Well that was what I was hoping for.

Sending my eyes back to Megan I snarled before patting her arm. “C’mon, I need to go and vent,” I muttered before stalking back towards the castle with my hands still gripping around my broom and a scowl on my face. I was in a really bad mood and someone was going to pay for it, hopefully it would be the head of James Potter who was going to pay for my grumpiness, he was the idiot who thought that he could just simply fool me and everything would be over and I would come begging for mercy. I was a Smyth and Smyth’s didn’t go begging for mercy from anyone.

So thank you all very much for putting up with me and I am very sorry for the really long wait you've had for this new chapter, but here it is! As usual I love all reviews and I can take whatever you have to throw at me. So thanks once again for reading and I'm interested to hear what you have to say. Thanks!

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