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Unplanned by ohmymerlin
Chapter 26 : Frustration
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The next day I called Rose as soon as I could. She answered on the first ring and didn’t even say hello, just started gushing out details.

I wasn’t complaining though, I wanted to know.

So apparently, Scorpius took her back home and before he could do the whole thing she interrupted him and told him to do it as if she still didn’t know. So he took her to a fancy restaurant, did the whole she-bang and got a free dessert.

Then, they wanted to see if it would happen again at a different restaurant, so he proposed again and they got a free drink.

This went on the whole night.

Rose swore she wasn’t going to eat for another two years but I could hear her chewing. I didn’t point it out but instead laughed at her. She told me every single detail, including the way Scorpius’ pupils dilated when one restaurant brought a whole chocolate cake out.

I sat and listened, eating a jar of peanuts, squealing and giggling at the appropriate times. When James came out from the bedroom I just grinned at him before listening to Rose again. He didn’t seem to mind, but then he wrote a message down for me to read.

The guys are taking me out today, I’ll probably be out all day and night.

“Hold on a sec, Rose,” I said, interrupting her spiel about the way the diamond sparkled. I turned to James, covering the speaker part of the phone with my hand. “What time will you get back?”

He shrugged. “Dunno, Louis, Fred, Matt and Aaron just texted me to meet them at the Leaky.”

I looked at him. “But you said you were going to come to Blake and Zoe’s wedding thingymabob.” I wasn’t too sure what it was, it was like a sort of rehearsal and because I’d been organising a lot of things for the two of them, I was invited.

He slumped. “Damn, I forgot. I’ll make it up to you next time?” he asked hopefully.

I set my chin but before I could respond, he kissed the top of my head and said goodbye, walking out the door. I wasn’t happy, but I’d deal with him later. Right now, I needed to talk to Rose.

“I’m back,” I said and as soon as she heard my voice again, she picked up right where she left off. I tried listening but all I could think of was the way James brushed me off.

Eventually, she hung up because she and Scorpius were going to her parents to tell them the good news. They would tell Draco and Astoria, but they were currently holidaying in South Africa. By the time an owl would get there, they’d be back so they decided to wait.

I got dressed and caught a taxi to the restaurant Blake told me to meet him. I was a teensy bit late, but I doubt that he would mind. I could always blame it on traffic.

That was the beauty of the Muggle world. If you were late, you could blame it on anything and anyone would believe it. In the Wizarding world, if you said you were late they’d look at you confusedly, because Apparition took three seconds.

I finally arrived and I noticed everyone was already sitting down. “Hi everyone, sorry I’m late!” Blake and Zoe waved at me, and waved off my apology. They told me we were still waiting for a few people so I sat down next to Zoe’s younger brother, who was two years older than me. We always got along, especially because we were often thrown together whenever Zoe and Blake had both families over. His parents used to joke about how we should get married and it would be easier for everyone, but my parents used to laugh it off awkwardly – obviously not buying the idea that anyone would want me. “Hey, Nate! Long time no see!” I said.

“I know, girl what have you been up to?!” He pointed at my stomach dramatically.

I laughed and I my cheeks warmed. “Yeah… Bit of a surprise but it’s pretty exciting.” He winked at me and I asked, “What have you been up to?”

“Aside from not trying to jump off a bridge because of this infernal wedding?” he asked, rolling his eyes. Zoe let out an indignant noise but he ignored her. I just tried not to laugh. “Not much, not much. Been on a few dates here and there. Work is hard. You working?”

I shook my head. “Nah, I nearly got a job but then they didn’t end up hiring me. But I think I’m just going to take it easy and get a job later on.”

He nodded. “Can I ask about the dad?”

“Yeah, sure. His name is James, his parents are pretty supportive of the whole thing and because mine kicked me out, I’m living with him.”

Nate looked at me for a second, held his hand up and took a sip of his water so he could spit it out dramatically. “What?! Your parents kicked you out?!”

Everyone swivelled to stare at me. “Shut up!” I hissed, slapping his arm, “Not so loudly!” I gave everyone a tight smile and they all returned to their conversations. Blake was staring at me but I smiled at him and he started talking to Zoe again.

“Seriously, though?!” he whispered. I nodded and he swore. “Fuck, that’s a bit extreme…”

“Yeah,” I said, picking at my nails. I really needed to repaint them, there were only tiny spots of it left, and it hardly changed colour anymore.

Nate just nodded and left it. Then some others finally arrived and Zoe and Blake started to talk about what needed to be done, and that they were thankful for everything we had done so far. I whispered to Nate, “Did our parents do anything for them?”

He nodded. “Yeah, but my parents are still in Sri Lanka, I think they’re thinking of moving there permanently, and yours are in France.”

I raised my eyebrows and started to pay attention to my brother again. After they finished talking, we all ordered lunch and Nate turned to me. “You never know, they might be back to normal after you’ve had the kid. Speaking of, is it a boy or girl?”

“We’re keeping it a surprise.” I shook my head. “No, I don’t care if they go back to ‘normal’, I don’t ever want to see or speak to them again.” He raised his eyebrows in surprise and I explained what had happened (but minus the bit about being a witch) and then he swore.

“Well damn right, don’t let them near you!” he said, nodding as the waitress turned up with his food. “So when are you due? Tomorrow?”

I laughed and placed a hand on my stomach. “No!” I grabbed my food from the waitress and then turned back to him. “End of January, so less than two months.”

“So then why couldn’t you be a fucking bridesmaid?! You were going to be my partner!” He pouted and I gave him an innocent smile. “No! Don’t smile at me; I have my weird cousin now! She smells like soup!”

“Nate,” I sighed, smiling at him. “I can hardly stand up for a few minutes now… In a month I’m going to feel even worse! And I doubt your cousin smells like soup.”

I took a bite of my chicken and he rolled his eyes, chewing on his steak. “That’s what you think…” he said darkly. I laughed and he protested, “No, seriously. She’s two on your left, lean a bit and sniff and you will smell soup.”

I looked at him but leant slightly to the left and sniffed. Sure enough, I could smell soup. But I wasn’t going to let him know that.

“I don’t smell soup,” I lied, shoving food in my mouth so my face wouldn’t betray me.


I just smiled at him and then Blake and Zoe told us that they were leaving, to go and talk to the minister. They wanted to try and mix a Buddhist and traditional Christian wedding, so they constantly needed to talk to ministers and bhikkhus – which I think was a kind of version of a Christian priest. I wasn’t too sure, but that was who they had to talk to.

They also had to talk about the henna and who would draw on us. It was told that everyone would get it, but if they really had a moral opposition to it they wouldn’t be required to get it.

But I think they would be looked down upon.

So after paying, we all left and Nate and I walked together, catching up. “Do you wanna get coffee?” Nate asked. “I’ve got the whole afternoon free.”

I shrugged. “Sure, why not? It’s not like I’ve got anything to do.” Nate grinned and ruffled my hair up, leading me to a small café.

When we had ordered, he folded his hands under his chin and looked at me expectantly. “What?” I asked, fingering the lacy table cloth.

He raised his eyebrows. “I want to know about the guy! Come on! We used to always talk about the people we dated!”

I laughed and sighed. “Fine.” He grinned and clapped his hands together, jiggling up and down excitedly. I told him the story (again, without the bits of me being a witch). He listened carefully and said dirty things here and there, earning us looks from other customers.

When I finished, I took a sip of my hot chocolate and ate a marshmallow. He stared at me and then shook his head. “Wait… what did you say his name was?”

“James,” I said, after I’d swallowed the marshmallow.

“No, his last name?” He had an odd expression on that I couldn’t work out.

“Potter?” I said, unsure why he wanted to know. It wasn’t that relevant.

His eyes widened and he gasped, “No way!” My heart jumped in my throat. Was Nate a—? “Are you a witch?” he whispered incredulously.

I swear I nearly dropped the baby in shock.

“Um…” I floundered, not knowing what to do. “Maybe?” I said meekly.

He rolled his eyes. “You know what I do for a job, right?” I thought about it and then realised I didn’t.

I shook my head. “No, what do you do?”

“I work with Aurors. I’m a detective. I have to work with magical people because most of our cases are due to magic.” I gaped at him. He laughed and said, “The more you know, eh?”

I laughed and said, “How long have you known about our world?”

He screwed up his face. “Probably a grand total of two months?” I laughed and he said seriously, “They wait for a while to introduce us; they want to make sure we’re trustworthy. And I did get in a bit earlier, mostly because I found out about them before I was introduced. And the Head Auror, his name is Harry Potter. So I’m guessing that you’re having his son’s kid?”

I nodded and he grinned. “Small world, huh?” I said, resting a hand on my stomach. The baby was kicking hard today.

He nodded and he asked about what I really studied and everything about Hogwarts. I told him basically everything and his eyes lit up. He was enthralled by the idea of magic. So I offered for him to come over and I could show him, and I wouldn’t be breaking the Statute. He was so excited and nearly overthrew the table in his haste to leave.

I took him to my apartment, and I showed him what I could do. He was absolutely amazed and it reminded me of the first time I saw people doing magic. I was only young and the people around me were doing all these weird things and it was just amazing. I turned the walls blue, the couch green, and the cups that we were drinking from yellow. And then I made them change colours like a disco ball.

I also made confetti burst out of my wand and nearly covered the room. I was having so much fun waving my wand around and doing silly things. I don’t think I’d ever done this before, mostly because I was scared a teacher would tell me off. And in fear that I’d accidentally make the room explode.

As I turned the room into a confetti craze I told him stories of Hogwarts. Lionel was going crazy playing with the confetti and I charmed it so he could chase it. Nate was in awe. He’d mostly seen really bad magic – obviously working with Aurors didn’t mean he got to do this – and he was so happy to see the good parts as well.

Nate then told me his experiences of working with Aurors and it shocked me to find out what Harry really did. I thought a lot of it had toned down, but there was still the occasional crazy who wanted to try and become the next ‘Dark Lord’. Nate told me that Harry explained it, but he still didn’t understand it so I explained it the way Rose explained it to me. I was so confused with all the magical parts – due to me being 11 years old – and I know Nate would be extremely confused.

However, when he found out Zoe knew about me, he wasn’t happy.

“You told my sister before ME?!” he asked, offended.

I gave him a smile. “Well, Blake did. He wanted to make sure she wouldn’t freak out. I then had to send her a letter – because I was at school at the time – and I basically said that I was a witch, currently at school. She apparently flipped out for a bit but then she was all good, obviously. What was your first reaction?”

He laughed and looked up to the ceiling where the confetti was falling from. “I just stared at them for ages, but because I’d already sort of worked it out, I wasn’t as freaked out. It just blew my mind that magic was actually real and I didn’t accidentally smoke something.” I laughed and he grinned at me.

“Anyway, I better get going. I’ve got things to do, people to see. Take care, Reese.” He reached in for a hug and I happily obliged. I’d missed talking to Nate; he was the one who would talk to me during those awkward family functions.

“Bye, Nate. I’ll see you soon, yeah?” He scoffed and nodded. I walked him to the door and he gave me one last hug, patting my belly.

“You make sure you take care of yourself, and that little thing kicking in you, okay?” He looked at me seriously and I rolled my eyes. “No, Reese. I’m serious, you look like you’re gonna pop any day now.” I swatted him on the arm and he laughed, ruffling my hair up. “Just don’t stress yourself out, alright?”

“Yes, Mum,” I said, grinning at him.

“Now listen here young lady!” He put his hands on his hips and waggled his pointer finger at me. I laughed at him and he said, “Anyway, I’ll see you around some time?” I nodded and he waved, walking down the stairs.

I closed the door after I’d lost sight of him and sat down on the couch, looking at the colourful room. I started to get a headache as I’d been staring at it for a while so with a wave of my wand, I got rid of all the evidence. Lionel looked around confusedly and then stared at me sadly.

“Aw, Lionel, come here,” I cooed, picking him up. He leant away from me and I grumbled and let him go.

I didn’t know whether to watch TV or continue reading that book Rose gave me a while back. But then I yawned and decided to have a nap instead.


It’d been a few days since I saw Nate, and I was still annoyed with James for ditching out on me. I tried not to let it show, but sometimes I snapped once or twice. He never really acknowledged it, and I was guessing he just put it down to ‘hormones’.

No, it was not hormones, thank you very much!

Just because I was nearly 32 weeks and feeling extremely fat and tired all the fucking time did not mean I was being overthrown by hormones. I was pissed off that he promised me that he’d come but then he flaked out.

Yes, I had a good time with Nate, and that probably would have never happened if James was there but I was still annoyed!

Everything was kind of normal but then James got a magazine (I don’t know who sent it to him, and neither did he) and spat his coffee all over the front cover.

I looked up and he was quickly siphoning it away with his wand. He then glared at me.

“Reese, who the fuck is this?!” He stormed over to me and shoved the magazine in my face. I snatched it out of his hands and stared at the photo of me.

And I was hugging Nate.

I rolled my eyes. “Get over yourself, he’s a friend.”

James raised his eyebrows and then flipped to the next page which showed me and him leaning in close at the café. “Who the fuck is he?!”

I spat, “Don’t you fucking talk to me like that. He’s a friend, Zoe’s younger brother. You would’ve known that if you didn’t ditch me the other day.”

He rolled his eyes. “Then why are you being so fucking close?!”

I narrowed my eyes and stood up, looking at him defiantly. He towered over me, and his chin twitched. “Because, you fuck-head, I was talking to him about magic.”

“Did you break the Statute?!” he asked dangerously, his fists clenching.

“No,” I spat, “He’s a detective – and what a surprise! – he works with your dad! He recognised your last name and asked me, so I told him the truth. Then I invited him over and told him more about it, and showed him! That’s it! NOTHING. HAPPENED. So get off your high hippogriff and relax! Don’t you trust me?!”

“Why did you have to go out with him, though?” he asked grumpily.

“What? Did you want me to stay here all day, waiting for your drunk arse to get back home?” I scoffed. “I get so bored here! And everyone works, so I can’t disrupt them! And you go out all the time! I’m not going to sit down and wait for you, because that’s what you want!”

He faltered for a bit, trying to argue back. “But did you have to act all cosy and cuddly with him?! Don’t you know how bad that looks, I mean you’re already—” He broke off, noticing my eyes narrowing.

“Already what, James?” I spat, watching him flinch. “Pregnant?! Yeah, I fucking know that! That’s why my parents hate me, that’s why I’m living with you, that’s why I can’t fucking walk and that’s why I got rejected for the job! And fuck you! I can act however I want with whoever I want! He’s a good friend of mine, and he’s not even interested in me! He’s got a partner!”

“That doesn’t mean he can act like that with you!” he shouted back at me.

“James, no one would ever be interested in me, mainly because of my current situation! You don’t understand because you’ve been wanted all your life! You’re loved by your parents; people liked being friends with you! Yeah, I had you guys but do you think I didn’t hear all the nasty things that were said around me?! I got called names just because I was friends with you and just because I had more than one boyfriend! And I still get it! I walk down the street and hear people murmuring what a slut I am! At least you can pretend it isn’t happening to you for a bit! You can still go out and have a drink! I have to sit and watch TV because my feet are so sore!” Speaking of, my feet were sore, so I sat back down.

“James, you’re one of the luckiest people I know! You have a loving family, friends that would do anything for you and a secure job! And I’m really your only real screw up, so how do you think that makes me feel?” I finished, wiping the tears away.

He chewed on the inside of his lip and I sighed. “I don’t care what you have to say, I’m going to go for a walk and clear my head.”

I walked out the door, slamming it behind me. I went down the stairs and realised it was absolutely freezing. I’d forgotten my coat and I didn’t know whether I should go up and get it, and wound my pride, or just find a café to sit in.

However, I didn’t need to choose because James followed me, a coat in hand. “Reese, wait.” I snatched the coat from him and zipped it up, and started to walk.

He easily caught up, mostly because he didn’t have an extra 20 pounds on him and he was actually fit.

“Reese, look I’m sorry! I’m freaking out about the whole thing, can’t you understand?!” he asked, grabbing my hands.

“‘Can’t you understand?’” I echoed, looking at him incredulously. He looked sheepish. “Yes, I understand! James, if you’re worried about it, talk to me! Don’t be all weirdly jealous because I. Love. You. Got it?”

He hugged me, bringing me as close as I could possibly be. “Do you want to go back inside, where it’s warm?” I nodded and we walked back up together.

When we got inside, I got him to tell me everything he was worried about and I told him mine. We were scared shitless, but I knew we could get through this.

We would get through this.

Hello! I just wanted to make sure the Buddhist wedding thing was right! I did some research on it but it confused me a lot, so if I'm wrong about it, let me know!

Also, I'm preeeetty sure that people from Sri Lanka do the henna for weddings (mainly because I have a couple of friends that have done it before) but again, if I'm wrong, let me know! :)

(11/12/13: About the henna thing, I keep getting mixed responses so I think I'll just leave it for the time being! I Googled it and it said both yes and no, but people on here said it was Indians who do the henna, but real life people that I know are from Sri Lanka seem to do it SOMETIMES as well, so I just left it :p)

Thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoyed! :D

edited: 11/12/13

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Unplanned: Frustration


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