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The Lily Potter Problem by AHeat
Chapter 10 : When Lily Starts to Wonder
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Chapter 10:  When Lily Starts to Wonder

When Lily reached the stairs to the dungeons, she could already tell that the party was hoppin’.  She hurried down the corridor and practically shouted the password at the wall, and when she opened the door to the common room, she was met by an explosion of noise.

Lily always wondered how many people it took to set up a party like this; there was enough food down there to keep them all fed for days.  She wondered if the house elves helped at all.  When she spotted June, she hurried over to congratulate her, but she was intercepted by Scorpius.

“How’s Hugo?” he asked.  It was clear that he had been worrying about him.  Lily looked at him with a mixed expression of suspicion and shock.

“Uh, he’s fine, thanks for asking.  Is that what you were yelling at Flint about?” she asked him.  Scorpius’ face darkened at the mention of Flint’s name.

“Yeah, he’d been wanting to knock Hugo out since the beginning of the game.  When I yelled at him the first time I guess it just set him off.  After I knew Hugo wasn’t dead, I told Flint he was off the team if he did anything like that again. I still might kick him off.”

“Well, thanks for catching him.  If you hadn’t been there, he probably would be dead, or at least seriously injured.  My whole family owes you,” said Lily earnestly.

“Honestly, I should be apologizing for not having better control of my team. But thanks,” he said, then gave her a small smile.  The two stood in a comfortable silence for a few seconds, then Lily cleared her throat.

“I better go congratulate June.  I went straight to the hospital wing right after, so I haven’t seen her yet…” she trailed off, then smiled at him and walked over to June.

When she reached her friends, there were lots of cheers and hugs and giddiness, and Lily felt happier than she had for a long time.  Tom gave her a huge grin, and it seemed like all of the awkwardness was officially gone between them.  On top of that, she had a conversation with Scorpius that wasn’t completely awful.  In fact, he seemed rather nice!

“Hey June, you know that thing you’ve been telling me for a while now?  That thing that I’ve been denying?” asked Lily, trying not to let anyone else know what they were talking about.  June looked at her curiously, so Lily leaned in and whispered, “That thing with Scorpius?”

June looked at her friend with a knowing look, and said, “Starting to reconsider, are we?”

“It’s just, he kind of saved Hugo’s life.  And he can play Quidditch, and like Natalie said,” she paused, a blush creeping into her cheeks, “he’s actually pretty good-looking.”

“Are you guys talking about Scorpius?” asked Natalie.  Lily jumped; she didn’t even realize her friend was listening.  June nodded in confirmation.

“But isn’t he dating Alyssa Smith?” said Natalie.  Lily’s stomach felt like it dropped to her feet.

“Funny story, actually,” started June, “I asked her about that, and she laughed so hard she nearly fell off her broom at practice.  She said one of her friends started that rumor as a prank, that she was actually dating some Ravenclaw sixth year… forget his name…”

Lily’s stomach returned to its normal spot and then some.  She imagined what she and Scorpius would be like as a couple.  For the first time, this thought actually brought a smile to her face.  People would surely talk, but then again, didn’t people talk when she was sorted into Slytherin in the first place?  People talk about her no matter what, it seemed.

Over the next hour, Lily tried to gather up the courage to go talk to Scorpius.  She was pretty sure he liked her, like June had been saying all year, but she wasn’t sure how to go up to him without seeming awkward or too forward.

“Lily, you are the most confident person I know.  Honestly, I don’t see why a boy has you all nervous.  You talk to Scorpius all the time—granted, you’re usually shouting at each other—but still.  Just go for it!” said Mia.  She and June had been building her up the entire party.

Honestly, Lily wasn’t even entirely sure she wanted to make a move just yet.  She was only just now seriously considering him.  In the past, she’d only been trying to get a handle on what the others saw so clearly. And now she had: she and Scorpius would be cute together.

Finally, she decided to go and have a conversation with him.  She saw him standing with some other sixth years, and immediately got intimidated once again.  Instead of trying to butt in on their conversation, Lily strategically stood a few feet away at the food table and tried to make eye contact with Scorpius.

Once she had, he smiled at her and excused himself from his conversation.  When he started walking over to her, she panicked. Get yourself together! She thought. You will not, repeat will not get strung up by some boy!

“Hi there,” said Scorpius as he reached for a chocolate frog on the table next to her.  When he got closer to her, she could smell the wonderful scent she never knew he had. It smelled a little like wintergreen.

“Hi,” she said nervously.  He raised an eyebrow.

“No need to be so tense. I won’t bite… unless you want me to,” he added with a wink.  He opened up the chocolate frog and popped the sweet in his mouth.  When he looked down at the card he’d gotten, he let out a chuckle.

“I feel like I get the ‘Harry Potter’ card every other time.  It must be annoying for you, with your Dad’s face plastered all over the place.  First ‘The Boy Who Lived’, now ‘The Savior’,” said Scorpius.

“It’s not that bad.  It’s almost funny, because he really doesn’t like all the attention he gets, so when I find a chocolate frog card with him on it, I show it to him and he sort of gets all embarrassed,” Lily replied. 

“Ms. Potter, I think you are an interesting person to be around.  Why did we fight all these years?” he asked.  Lily shrugged at him, then gave him a sweet smile.  He smiled in return, then walked back to his friends.

Lily wanted to keep talking to him, but she was happy that she had gotten through a conversation with him without seeming like an idiot or yelling at him.  She walked back over to June and Mia, who were looking through the crowd.

“What are you guys looking for?” asked Lily.

“We were wondering where Kendra was.  She said she was going to the Hospital wing when Hugo got hit, but we figured she’d be back by now,” explained Mia.  Lily laughed.

“Yes, well, Kendra might not be coming back to the common room for a while.  It seems our proper princess has finally snagged a guy, and a famous one at that,” she said.

Mia’s eyes widened and June gave a satisfied smirk.  Everything that June had been saying about boys all year was finally coming true.

“Where’s Natalie, by the way?” asked Lily.  She had not seen her friend since the beginning of the party.

“I don’t know… she said something about having to go see someone.  I think I’ll go look for her,” said Mia.  The petite girl went in search of her triplet.

“So… you and Scorpius… think it’s going to happen?” asked June with a sly grin.

“You know, I don’t really know yet.  But I’m certainly considering it, and if he really does like me as much as you say he does, then hopefully he will pick up on it and make a move,” said Lily.  She honestly was starting to hope something would happen between them.

“Whatever happened to a few weeks ago, when you were using Tom to make it clear to Scorpius that you were not into him?”

“I mean, he’s not all that bad.  Today at the Quidditch match, he saved my cousin’s life.  That, and he scored a lot of points and lead the team to victory,” said Lily, “and he looked pretty good, doing it.”

June grinned at her friend.  They would make a cute couple, something she had been trying to tell her all year.  A few minutes later, Mia returned with a guilty look on her face.

“What? Did you find Nat?” asked Lily cheerfully.

“Erm, yes, but, well, I think she might want to be left alone now,” said Mia, looking everywhere but Lily’s face.

“Why, what’s going on?” asked June, beginning to think she might not want to know the answer.

“She… well… she kind of…” started Mia, but before she could explain, Lily spotted Natalie and realized why Mia didn’t want to tell them what she was doing.

There, in the corner near where Scorpius was talking with his friends, was Natalie. With Scorpius. Snogging like there was no tomorrow.

Lily felt like someone had managed to put a squeezing charm on her insides.  She couldn’t look away, even when June saw what she was looking at and tried to pull her away.  June was letting out a trail of expletives that would give her detention if any teachers were around.

Eventually, Mia and June managed to grab Lily by both arms and take her to their room.  She was still in a state of shock, so they sat her on the bed and began telling her comforting words.  Finally, the impact of what she had seen hit her, and she started crying.  Being a girl who did not cry often, this was an indication to her friends that she was genuinely hurt.

Kendra walked in a few minutes later, a huge grin plastered on her face.  She was about to start telling them all about her night with Hugo when she saw Lily’s face, and promptly took the same position as June and Mia.  She didn’t know what was going on, but she was sure she’d find out eventually.

“Lily, maybe it wasn’t what it looked like,” tried Mia.  She knew it was exactly what it looked like, but she didn’t know what else to tell her friend.  Lily looked up and glared at her.

“I know she’s your sister, but right now she’s the one to blame. She knew I liked him!” shouted Lily.

“Yes, but what you don’t realize is that she’s had a bit of a thing for him for a while.  I expect when she found out that he wasn’t dating Alyssa Smith, she decided to take her chance,” explained Mia.  This came as a bit of a shock to all of them; they had not realized that Natalie had been crushing on Scorpius.  They only knew she thought he was cute.

“And June, you said he liked me!” said Lily angrily, turning to her best friend.  June looked at her with sadness and sympathy in her eyes.

“What can I say, Lils? Maybe he does still like you. He’s a boy, and they take what they can get. It doesn’t necessarily mean he likes her,” said June.  Just when she said it, Natalie walked in.

“Are you guys talking about me and Scorpius? You don’t think he likes me?” she said, starting to tear up.

“I don’t care if he likes you or not, Natalie! How could you do this to me?” screamed Lily.

“What are you talking about?  You only admitted that he was good-looking! I’ve thought that for a long time!” screamed Natalie in return. “Besides, you’re the one who USED my brother to get back at Scorpius!”

Lily looked at her friend and felt ashamed.  This whole time, she had not realized the consequences her actions were having to those not directly involved.

“I’m really sorry Nat.  I’m sorry to all of you.  All of this boy stuff has made me so narrow-minded.  I didn’t consider that Tom was your brother, and I didn’t know how you felt about Scorpius.  I think it’s just best if I stay away from all this boy drama for a while,” she said.  She stood up and started getting ready for bed.

The others started to protest, saying that just because she’d had some bad luck didn’t mean she had to swear off boys altogether, but she ignored them.  She got into bed, turned off her bedside lamp, and rolled over to face away from her friends.

They left her alone to sleep, not knowing that she was crying and would not in face fall asleep for several more hours.


A/N:  Told you guys there was going to be more action!  The next chapter is waiting to be validated as you read this, so leave a review and keep reading! 

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