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Astoria's Apothecary (We Found Love) by rogue_bludger
Chapter 1 : She was his redemption.
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It's like you're screaming, and no one can hear
You almost feel ashamed
That someone could be that important
That without them, you feel like nothing
No one will ever understand how much it hurts
You feel hopeless; like nothing can save you
And when it's over, and it's gone
You almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back
So that you could have the good

“Draco, m’boy, what a pleasure to see you, come on in!” Professor Slughorn waddled over to the blonde seventh year prefect and shook his hand excitedly. Draco sighed internally, he dreaded Slug Club meetings.

“This is Cormac McLaggen, and this is Astoria Greengrass—she’s the best potioneer I’ve ever met! Perhaps even better than Severus Snape—though don’t tell him I said that.” Professor Slughorn said with a wink.

The girl named Astoria blushed and looked down at her shoes, letting her dark hair hide her pale face. She hated these gatherings. If her older sister Daphne had not forced her to attend, she would have been locked away in her beloved Ravenclaw tower, reading. Blonde haired Daphne, a Slytherin, had tagged along with Astoria, knowing there was no way she would be able to get in to the Slug Club on her own merit.

“Blaise! How lovely to see you here!” Astoria grimaced as she saw her older sister take off after her ‘victim of the month’ as Astoria privately referred to them. Besides her, Draco chuckled. This girl seemed interesting enough. And the look on her face as she watched Daphne fawn over Blaise was terribly amusing.

“So tell me, little Greengrass, what brings you to the Slug Club.” Draco’s voice was charming. Almost musical. And Astoria felt compelled to reply.

“Daphne wanted to come, but she wasn’t invited, so I brought her with me.”
Her forthrightness surprised Draco, and he found himself curious about the fifth year Raveclaw prefect. “Tell me more about yourself.” He commanded.
To his surprise, she complied.



Yellow diamonds in the light
Now we’re standing side by side
As your shadow crosses mine
What it takes to come alive

“Tell me a story Draco.”

He sat cross-legged in the astronomy tower, and she lay with her head in his lap. “Once upon a time, there was a world better than this one. In which families were united, and love conquered all…”

She sighed. She knew how frustrated he was with his mission. She also knew that his allegiance to the Dark Lord was his biggest regret.

They both knew that when the war finally came to Hogwarts, they would be on different sides. She would not stand alongside her parents, sister, and the rest of the pureblood community. But she would stand by Draco. Deep down in her heart, she would stand by Draco Malfoy until the end.

Draco gazed down at her, adoringly. She was the reason he had gotten this far. If he survived the war, it would be her doing.


It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny
But I’ve gotta let it go

We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place

As curses flew across the grounds of Hogwarts, Draco’s heart pounded in his chest. What was going to happen to Astoria? Would she be alright? If anything happened to her, he would never forgive himself. As he dodged spells, he ran towards a group of Ravenclaws. Terry Boot, Anthony Goldstein, and Padma Patil were all standing back to back as they dueled death eaters. Anthony was a prefect with Astoria, there was a chance they might know each other well enough. Draco disillusioned himself and grabbed Anthony by the collar and silenced him. He then dragged his fellow seventh year off to the side, away from the battlefield, before removing the silencing charm, and the spell he had placed upon himself.

“Malfoy, what do you want?”

“I need your help, Goldstein.”

“So you dragged me across a battlefield using me as a human shield?” The Ravenclaw prefect seemed outraged.

“Actually, I shielded you. I don’t see you writhing in pain or anything.” Draco replied coolly.

“What do you want then?”


Anthony raised an eyebrow.

“I want to know if Astoria is okay. Is she alive?” All the fear Draco had been feeling seemed to pour itself into those words.

“She’s fighting, but she’s alright. I saw her a few minutes ago.”

Relief flooded through Draco’s veins. “Goldstein, if we both survive this, I owe you.”


Shine a light through an open door
Love a life I will divide
Turn away 'cause I need you more
Feel the heartbeat in my mind

Astoria surveyed the debris around her. Tears streaming down her face, she fell to her knees with relief. It was over. Finally, it was over. She could see Draco and his parents in the midst of an emotional reunion. They were alive. Intact. They had survived. And she couldn’t bring herself to intrude. She would have plenty of time with Draco later, once this had all died down. But for now, she wanted him to be happy with his family. The scratch on her cheek stung as salty tears dripped down on it. She looked down at the two wands clutched tightly in her left hand. One was hers. The other belonged to the man she had killed. Amycus Carrow. The man that had tortured her repeatedly. He was now dead. She had found him in the Ravenclaw common room, breaking free of his bonds, and shooting curses at anyone who came near. The pain she felt for Draco and herself fueled in to hatred for everything the Carrows stood for, and she used the killing curse on him, much to the shock of the underclassmen hiding in the common room.

“Tori!” She heard Draco shout, as he beckoned to her.

Astoria hesitated. She didn’t want to interrupt. But Draco simply called her name again.

She didn’t need to be told again. She ran over to Draco on trembling legs, gaining strength with every stride.

“Drake!” She ached to be held by him.

“Tori!” the passion in his voice resonated.

He picked her up, swung her around, and kissed her as though his life depended on it, disregarding his parents standing right behind him.

Their reunion came to an abrupt halt when Lucius Malfoy cleared his throat, seeming rather uncomfortable at the display of affection before him.

“Mum, dad, this is Astoria Greengrass—my girlfriend.”

His girlfriend. This was the first time he had described her as such. She swelled with love and pride.

His mother wiped away tears, and then engulfed Astoria in a rather unsolicited, but not unwelcome hug. Lucius’s greeting, though gruff, was warmer than any he had given in a long time.


It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny
But I’ve gotta let it go

We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place

Draco watched as the ministry raided Malfoy Manor, in search of dark objects. With his father locked away in Azkaban, Draco and his mother were left to pick up the pieces of their lives.

“Minister Shacklebolt, Mr. Potter, a word.”

“How can I be of service, Mrs. Malfoy?” The minister had ensured that they were treated with respect, which was more than Draco and his mother had expected.

“I have a proposal for you and the ministry, should you be interested in hearing it.” Narcissa was hesitant, afraid her idea would be shot down immediately.

“We’re all ears, Mrs. Malfoy.”

Narcissa handed Kingsley a roll of parchment, and began to explain its contents. She expressed her regret for everything that had transpired during the war, as well as the Malfoy family’s part in it. She then proceeded to offer Malfoy Manor and all its assets as a home for those children who had lost their parents during the war. “I know I cannot bring their parents back. But for those children who aren’t fortunate enough to have people like my sister Andromeda to take them in, I want to do right by them.”
Harry, Kingsly and Draco stared at Narcissa, mouths hanging open. Draco wasn’t quite sure who was more surprised. Here was his cold and callous mother, whose maternal instinct had taken seventeen years to kick in, offering everything they owned, for children she had never met.

Harry embraced her, and Draco noticed a tear or two fall from the corner of his eye.“Mrs. Malfoy, that is incredibly generous of you.”

Draco noticed his mother’s pale face redden. “It took the fear of losing my son to make me realize how wrong I was.” She said as an explanation of sorts.


Yellow diamonds in the light
Now we’re standing side by side
As your shadow crosses mine

Astoria stared at Draco, her mouth hanging open. He had just shared what he had learned, with her, about his mother’s decisions.

“Draco, what does this mean for you and your mum? Where will you both live?”

“Mum’s staying on at the manor. She wants to be involved with the Home.”

“What about you? Where will you go?”

“I’m going to help rebuild the manor and get everything in place. Then I’m going to prepare for, and take my NEWTS. I think I’m going to help Mum with the Home for the next couple of years.”

“Then what? “

“Then you’re going to graduate. “ He dropped down on to one knee. “Astoria Greengrass, will you do me the honor of spending forever with me as my wife?”

Astoria’s jaw dropped. He was serious. He was actually serious. And the ring. It was beautiful and elegant. “Yes, oh yes, Draco. She embraced him passionately. When they kissed, it felt as though all their worries melted away for a short while, and when they were done, he slid the ring upon her slender finger.

The two sat on the hill, staring at the sunset, fingers intertwined, the silence between them filled with love and hope for the future they planned on building together.

We found love in a hopeless place

Draco wiped his sweat-filled brow. The Manor was finally rebuilt. The Phoenix Flame Home for Wizarding Children was almost complete. Draco levitated a beam in to place, and Harry added a permanent sticking charm to it to prevent it from falling. The two men had set aside their differences in pursuit of Narcissa’s project, and had found that the work was oddly therapeutic. Both men had realized that falling asleep exhausted was good for keeping nightmares of the war away.

Many members of Dumbledore’s Army had volunteered their time towards the reconstruction efforts, starting with the Home. Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbot—both of whom had lost parents during the war, were putting furniture together, while Charlie and Bill Weasley were levitating assembled furniture through the large French windows. There seemed to be a general consensus that the Home would be given the same priority as Hogwarts in regards to the reconstruction efforts, and Hogwarts students were given permission to use magic during the summer in order to participate in the reconstruction. The fireplaces of Hogwarts and Malfoy Manor had been linked so that people could go back and forth with ease, working together to rebuild their community.


We found love in a hopeless place

Astoria boarded the Hogwarts express for her sixth year, relieved that Draco had opted to come with her. Headmistress McGonagall had permitted the previous year’s seventh years to return for a year of independent study so that they could take their NEWTS and formally graduate from Hogwarts. Aware of the stigma that his last name held, Draco had chosen to return, knowing that he would need all the help in the world to land a secure job. He was not obligated to attend all seventh year classes, but would be allowed to study the NEWT courses of his choice independently if he so desired.


We found love in a hopeless place

Draco opened the envelope in his hands hesitantly. It bore his NEWT results and his Hogwarts diploma. 

“You open it Tor. I can’t.” He handed the envelope to her.

She shook her head at her nervous fiancée, and took out both pieces of parchment. “You scored O’s in Potions, Defense, Transfiguration and Charms. E’s in the rest.” She gave him a chaste peck on the lips, as she tore in to her own results. Her OWL results were the highest in her year, with a distinction in potions, her favorite subject.

The two stood together in a comfortable silence, until the first handful of children woke up and came rushing down the stairs for breakfast. Both death eater’s and former order members’ children came down the stairs hand in hand, with sleep filled eyes and hungry bellies. Draco looked at them and sighed. Oh to be so innocent and blissfully ignorant.


We found love in a hopeless place

Astoria missed Draco more and more every day. She wished he was there with her, as she finished up her final year of Hogwarts as head girl. The shy Ravenclaw often fidgeted with the delicate engagement ring on her finger, as she thought of her fiancé, and the efforts he had invested in post-war reconstruction. He was helping with the rebuilding of Diagon Alley, as reconstruction came to an end. By the end of the year, she would have graduated, and he would have enough money set aside for them to get married. 

Allowing the ministry access to all of the Malfoy assets was a wise move, in Astoria’s opinion, as it paved the way for social acceptance—something the Malfoys desperately needed, following the war. However, they still had a long way to go. Also, it meant that Draco was left working on reconstruction in exchange for meals and minimal pay, something he had never experienced, considering his privileged upbringing. Astoria was proud of him though—he had adapted well to the adverse conditions and had worked tirelessly to help rebuild the wizarding community in Britain.


We found love in a hopeless place

“By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Draco kissed Astoria as though the world depended on it, never wanting to let go. She beamed at him, and his world felt complete. Kingsley Shacklebolt smiled down at the couple. The handful of guests invited, included Astoria’s parents, Narcissa, Professor Slughorn, Blaise Zabini and his date Daphne, and Harry and Ginny Potter.

Draco wanted his wedding day to last forever. Because as soon as it ended, he was going to be a jobless man with a wife to support; a last name that shut doors in his face wherever he went; and pride that prevented him from asking for help. He was too ashamed to tell Astoria about his lack of success in finding a job. And he didn’t know what he could possibly do. But for now, he wanted to enjoy this moment with his wife. His wife—that felt so strange but oddly exhilarating. She was his. And he was hers. He couldn’t wait for them to start their life together.


We found love in a hopeless place

“Draco, it’s perfect.” Astoria looked at the small shop in Hogsmeade, nestled between Quality Quidditch Supplies and Olivanders. It had been used as an apothecary, but the owners were getting along in age, and their son had died during the war at the hands of the Carrows. There was a small apartment upstairs which was ideal for the two of them, and rent was reasonably affordable. Though they had been hesitant to rent to a Malfoy, upon meeting Astoria, and talking to her about her role in the war, they had finally conceded. 

“That it is, my love.” He was excited for her. She wanted to brew potions for a living, and this was an ideal situation for the two of them.

*What shall we call it? Malfoy Potions doesn’t quite have a ring to it.”

“Astoria’s Apothecary. Named for the woman that gave me redemption.” He said, his voice husky with pride and honesty.

“Astoria’s Apothecary it is.” She replied, before leaning in to kiss him.

This was perfect. This was how it should be. This was their happily ever after.

We found love in a hopeless place


A/N: I own nothing but whatever you don't recognize. The song belongs to Rihanna, and the rest of the recognizable stuff is all JK's. This is my first attempt at anything Draco-esque and my first attempt at a songfic. Feedback would be greatly appreciated! 


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