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Forward Pasts by Strawberries202
Chapter 1 : Time Turner
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Harry Potter. The savior of the wizard world happily married to his Beautiful wife Ginny Weasley, Was glad Voldemort was gone & loved his job at the Ministry of Magic as Head Auror. His life was happy content and filled with no drama until now...

Harry's P.O.V


It all started when Ginny and I were nearing to our home, with Ron tagging along glaring at the two of us holding hands followed by a scowling Hermione who was telling off Ron for being too over protective, mumbling something under her breath about how Ginny and I were twenty-four & married.

We were all laughing about a spider that Ron said he saw as he started to hide behind Hermione, who was laughing at him for being a chicken and how she thought Weasley men were suppose to be brave, while Ginny and I were trying hard not to roar with laughter, but failed anyway at the sight.

It was quite funny actually. Watching a Grown Man cower in Fear.

You'd think by now he wouldn't be afraid of spiders anymore. But I think after the war he just got more afraid of them. Though it does help when he saw a spider about a few feet taller than him.

We finally reached our home and we where almost to the front door when Hermione suddenly stopped in her tracks. She was staring intently at our front lawn as we all stared at her with wide eyes in silence. Then Ginny finally broke the silence.

"Hermione? are you okay" She asked in a worried voice.

"I'm fine" she replied still not meeting our gazes. We were like that for a few moments until Hermione started pointing at something that was in the grass.

I looked at what she was pointing at while Ron started to ask "Bloody Hell is that-" the same time I started to ask "Merlin is that what I think it is?" but Hermione cut both of us off "A time turner" she stated finishing both our sentences.

I looked at Hermione giving her a questioning glance, turned to the time turner laying across the grassy moist lawn and back to her again.

"Weren't all of them destroyed, when we were fighting all the death eaters?" Ginny asked in an unsure voice.

"Yes" We all answered. Suddenly there was pregnant pause.

"How is there still one left?" Blurting out the question on everyone's minds'.

Suddenly we all, simultaneously, looked at Hermione, waiting for her to say something that made actually made sense; I mean people didn't call her the smartest witch of our age for nothing.

Finally for what seemed like ages, she spoke in a serious & scared tone that shot shivers down my spine "I'm not sure, but i think someone must have disobeyed the laws and kept their time turner -which is illegal- only to break it ".

We all stared at it, until Hermione said "Umm... I think someone should pick it up" she said sounding clearly annoyed; Ron must have heard the tone in her voice too for, he hesitated and went to pick up the time turner laying in the grass.



He picked it up slowly as if it were going to explode any second and then slowly started making his way toward us, while we all watched him, paying very close attention, since he was known to be very clumsy when there was pressure on him. So blimey Ron, you better not mess this up or who knows where we would end up.



He now stood in front of us with a big grin trying to lighten up the tense situation and suddenly he dropped it, and we all looked at him wide eyed and scare as hell! Why Ron!! WHY?! "RON! HOW COULD YOU !" yelled Hermione. Then before any of us respond everything started to go so faster, it became a blur, soon everything around us started to spin faster, faster, and faster & I suddenly felt a strong jolt before falling into a black abyss.



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"James Potter!"


James turned around to see the ever so stunning Lily Evans stomping towards him. He flashed her a grin. Then off of habit started to nervously run his fingers through his hair.

"Hello, Lils!" he exclaimed excitedly at his one true love. Sirius Black, one of his best friends, started to chuckle.

"What can I help you with today?" grinning mischievously. Though he knew it wasn't good, judging by the look on her face which showed anger.

"Did you put leaches in Severus' bed?" She hissed obviously mad. He gulped.

"No..." She sighed with extreme relief. "I put them in all the Slytherin House's beds". Her beautiful smile vanished.

"Potter!" She yelled. "Your in 7th year & Head Boy! Your suppose to prevent pranks not start them!

"Trust me Lily" Remus Lupin cut in from behind Sirius and James. "I tried doing that already" Sirius & James glared at him.

"You are apologizing" Lily told Sirius and James. Their jaws dropped & their eyes widened. "Don't give me that look! You're apologizing and you're accepting the punishments!"

"But...Lils!" Whined Sirius. Lily groaned. " They're all so... yucky" Lily looked at him disgusted.

"All of your family is in Slytherin" She snapped.

"Exactly my point" Sirius Replied.

"You and Potter are going to walk in there and-" she was cut off as a bright light appeared in front of them. She jumped back in shock as James ran over to her and shielded her. While Sirius jumped behind Remus, who glared at him.

The light slowly dimmed and four teenagers appeared. One of which was a girl with brown hair was yelling at a boy with red hair, who looked ashamed."YOU IDIOT, HOW COULD YOU!" now starting to slap him "YOU STUPID ARROGANT -".The Marauders and Lily were shocked at the girl but also slightly scared.

The other boy next to the girl was trying to calm her down and failing. He looked almost exactly like James except for his green eyes."Hermione calm down!" the boy said. "NO, I WILL NOT CALM DOWN! HE'S-" The boy looked suddenly angry and so did the girl next to the boy who had fiery red hair.



Then the Marauders and Lily where watching intently as the girl started punching and kicking him with no slowing down. Each of the marauders also thought the girl had the temper to match Lily & were cowering in fear. Some Gryffindors they were.

However the one they paid, really close attention to, was the boy standing next to her.

Suddenly out of nowhere the boy shouted, "MERLIN, HERMIONE STOP! YOU'RE SCARING EVERYONE!" the girl named Hermione turned around and gave him a glare good enough to kill and turned quiet, but didn't stop slapping the boy with red hair.



Suddenly, She stopped and noticed the Marauders and Lily who had their mouths wide open and their eyes even wider filled with shock. Hermione looked down and saw she was wearing her clothes that she wore about when she was seventeen and it took all, she had not to scream.

The rest of the teenagers noticed too and stared at Hermione for an explanation but her face was blank. They were silent for another few moments until Hermione spoke "I'm not partially sure but I think it may have altered our genetic response when we were thrown back. Landing us in a time continuous abyss."

"Speak in English Hermione" Whined the boy with red hair. Hermione shot him another glare and hissed "I'm still mad at you Ron."

"Yes, but you didn't use my full name" He shot back grinning. "Now can you speak in a language we can understand?"

"It means that the time turner threw us back in time changing our clothes and ages." she hissed in French so only Harry, Ron & Ginny could understand.

Now the only thing that they had in their minds was, NO. WAY. IN. HELL.


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