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Crossroads by Lumos Nox
Chapter 2 : Arrogant Exes
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Chapter Two - Arrogant Exes
James Potter

I have the worst luck in the world. I mean running face front into your ex boyfriend isn’t exactly the ideal way to start you first day back at school. I must be really hated up there. There’s probably a whole day dedicated to destroying my life. I bet it’s called ‘Ruin Eden's Day Day’, and they celebrate it once a week, and have a huge get together, kind of like Christmas, except without Santa and the giant Christmas tree.

Conclusion: Karma is a bitch.

I wheeled round immediately, in an attempt to miss meeting the gaze of the boy in front of me.

“I would say this isn’t a good time, but that implies that there is ever a good time. And we all know good times are not involved whenever we see each other,” was his charming greeting when my eyes first landed on his.

“Har dee har. Aren’t you just a bowl of Happy–O’s today?” My voice was icy and bitter, my gaze narrowed. I knew this small chit chat would soon turn into a heated argument outside the Great Hall – my pride was at stake here.

Jacob gave a very wry smile. “I was, until you so violently knocked me over.”

“Maybe if you hadn’t been standing here like an idiot,” I spat caustically, losing the last bit of patience I had left. “people wouldn’t have felt the need to knock you over!”

Jacob betrayed no sign of surprise at this other than a slight eyebrow raise; he was obviously used to my quick and witty remarks. That’s what he gets for ruining my mood. You’d think he’d be walking on eggshells around me out of pity, seeing as he broke my heart and all. But pity was never Jakey’s thing, I guess.

“That explains why I’m still standing here and willingly talking to you – a sure sign of insanity.” he said coolly, crossing his arms across his chest.

“You must have been out of your mind then, when you asked me out.” I cocked a hip, smiling scornfully.

Yeah, that’s right, I went there.

“I certainly wasn’t the sanest.” his returning reply was just as cold.

I frowned sardonically. “And here I was thinking we could get along...”

“What made you think that?” his voice suddenly got very antsy. He stepped forward, eyes bright and serious, looking like this was a subject of utmost importance. “It has gotten through your incredibly stubborn skull that I’m not interested in you anymore, right?”

“Whatever.” All I could do was nod and roll my eyes, sounding weak. Jacob clamped his mouth shut and looked away – though he still didn’t seem to be satisfied. His hand raked through his blond hair in a move that was so typically Jacob, it made my chest hurt. I leveled him with my gaze. Although the sight of him made my heart ache, I still had to seem tough and unfazed – as If I wasn't crumbling underneath.

“Me and you could have worked out, you know?” Jacob sliced in calmly and smoothly, almost sympathetically. “If you weren’t so bloody difficult.”

“Tell me Jakey,” I began, using my nickname for him, which made him physically cringe. “What was it that made you ask me out in the first place?” I wasn’t interested in the answer; I just knew he would be caught off guard.

He raised his brow and raked a hand through his soft dark blonde hair once again. “No reason.”

“So you asked me out because you felt like it?” I prompted, planning not to let him leave without an answer. “You played with my feelings for fun?” I was now very close to him.

Jacob raised his hands and began mockingly clapping them in front of my face; I jumped back a few steps, narrowly avoiding his hands. “Well done for finally figuring it out!”

“I don’t even know what I ever saw in you.” I spat out, moving closer so that I was merely inches away from his face. My dignity was lost, so was my sanity, I might as well lose my patience.

“My good looks...” he answered cockily.

I stared at him – trying to figure out how someone could be so self centered –, before backing away slowly and leaving him there with a satisfied smirk plastered on his gorgeous face.

This would all have been easier if my heart hadn’t been pounding hard against my ribs everytime he uttered a word. Why’d he have to be so damn good–looking? Curse you karma.


“Urgh, I hate him!” I spat out, once again to my best friend for probably the twentieth time that night.

“I know.” Jade said, as she threw the rubber ball back at me from her bed.

“He’s just so urghh!” I hurled the ball forcefully at her and watched as the ball hit her and caused her to tumble off her bed.

“Don’t take it out on the ball!” she groaned, trying to get back up onto her bed.

Thank god the rest of the girls were asleep.

“Seriously, who does he think he is?!?” I continued my rambling.

Jade sighed, accepting the fact that I wasn’t planning on shutting up anytime soon. “Did you find Lucas?”

“URGH!” I grunted before quickly answering her question just before she lost her patience on me. “I did!”

“You did?” Jade stopped throwing the ball up in the air and stared at me. “What did he say?”

“I didn’t get to talk to him.” I dragged myself out of bed and made a b–line to the bathroom, knowing exactly where this conversation was going. “He was with Bullshitter Becky.”

“Why is he suddenly talking to her?” Jade asked loudly, before chucking the ball into the bathroom. I narrowly dodged it and shushed her.

“There was hardly any talking…” I trailed off, stopping mid–sentence as I heard Jade sprint after me.

“What do you mean?”

I really should learn when to shut up. Is there a book on that? I’ll research that. Another pointless thing to research.

“Er, they–they were just kissing.” My palms were now sweating. I faced the shower curtains, afraid to turn around and see the look of hurt on her face.

“Becky?” she asked, barely in a whisper.

I nodded remorsefully, before allowing myself to turn around.


“I’m really sorry Jade. I don’t know what got into his mind.”

So here’s the deal:

Jade likes Lucas. Like is probably an understatement, she lurrvveess him. She completely lusts after him and thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread, which is incredibly weird for me, considering she’s my best friend and he’s my twin brother. How strange would it be if they started dating? Highly unlikely if you ask me.

You see, Luca dear boy, is oblivious to Jade’s feelings for him. He doesn’t noticed the way she looks at him, the way she looks up everytime he talks and the way she smiles everytime he calls her name. It’s sad actually. I’ve been trying to convince her since like forever that there are other boys in the world – that aren’t related to me whatsoever –, she could fancy, but Jade isn’t having any of it.

I hate how Lucas treats Jade. Messing with her feelings and all that. He doesn’t know that the simplest things he does, has a big impact on her. If he eats a red apple, Jade will not eat anything but red apples for like a month. Believe me… that actually happened! It was sad times for us, especially Dominique, who has a weird thing against apples. There’s this horrible back–story about it that she won’t tell us about.

I placed a comforting hand on her back and led her out the bathroom towards her bed. She sat down, still starring in space, her lips slightly opened. Poor Jade. I can’t imagine what she must feel like; so many thoughts must be running through her mind now. It’ll be a while before she can summon words out of her mouth again.

I pulled out one of the books that mum had given me to read over the holidays, and began to read. I don’t usually read sappy books about teenage angst, but this one seemed really interesting. Eve had said and I quote, “That book changed my life! Before it, I had no idea men could walk on water, or turn water to wine.”, before someone had told her that the book she had read, which took her three years, yet she still did not finish it, was the bible.

It was really late when a voice woke me up.

“He’s with Becky?” Jade was standing above me, an unrecognizable expression on her pretty face.

I had to blink a few times before my vision became clear. “I believe so.”

“But why?” she asked, before sitting down on the bottom of my bed.

“I’ll talk to him in the morning.” I said.

We hugged, and talked about nothing else, before falling asleep in the same bed.


I woke up, with Jade’s large sock filled feet on my face.

Lovely. Just how I want to wake up. Most people say breakfast in bed but not me, I want to be woken up with abnormally large feet on my face. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s the ideal way to wake up, and my best friend knows just how to deliver that. Jealous yet?

We made our way towards the Great Hall, after spending nearly two hours in front of the large mirror. Jade, not me. I’m not the type of girl that’s obsessed with her appearance. I do care, just not enough to wake up at 5AM to decide which shade of eye shadow to wear. I just go with the flow.

“Hello hello.” Jade greeted in a chirpy voice as we joined Fred and Ryan at the Gryffindor table.

“Hi hi.” Ryan replied in an equally bubbly tone, stuffing strips of bacon into his already full large mouth.

I looked around, and still no sign of Dominique Weasley. I’ll have to owl her soon; she probably forgot that the summer holidays were over.

Fred’s eyes were fixated on a magazine he had in his hand. The cupcake tower in front of me was forbidding me from seeing which magazine it was. Probably Stick It. The magazine that features models posing sensually with broomsticks. I leaned across and quickly grabbed the magazine from his crotch.

Smooth Eden, real smooth.

“HEY!” Fred shrieked in that oh so manly way.

“Witch Weekly?” I asked, trying to conceal the giggle that was threatening to get out. “Why are you reading this?”

“Shh!” Fred reached over and seized the magazine out of my hand. “Be quiet.”

“Er, can you explain why you were reading that?” Jade asked from beside me.

Fred sighed. “Well, there’s this article on it about–”

“How to get a sex change?” Ryan interrupted.

“How to make your friends question your sexuality?” Jade joined in.

Fred stood up. “If you’re not going to take me seriously…”

“No, no! Sit!” I said, ignoring the laughter from my friends. “Sorry.”

Fred obliged, sat back down and waited for the laughter to die down before continuing on, “They did their annual, 'Hogwarts’ Most Charming Smile' awards, and I was just looking to see if I won.”

“And did you?” I asked, taking one of the purple frosted cupcakes to eat.

“No.” he said, looking dejected.

Jade and Ryan began laughing again and I sent Fred a sympathetic look, which he coolly shrugged off. “Fucking James took the stupid spot.”

“Language…” came the voice of James Potter as he slid into the space beside me.

“Morning.” I greeted him with a smile.

“Hey.” he returned the smile and ruffled my hair.

Thank you for turning my hair into a bird’s nest once again, James. I believe it’s the second time in less than twenty four hours that you’ve done that.

“Have you seen Lucas?” I asked him quietly as everyone else continued chatting on in the background.

“Na.” he shook his head. “He didn’t come to the dorm last night.” he took a bite off my cupcake.

“Do you know where he might be?”

“Think he went to the Slytherin’s.”

Okay, for real? He slept at the Slytherin dorm, no doubt with Becky the depraved bitch. This is so unacceptable. I’ve gone past the, ‘I can’t believe this’ stage, now I’m at the ‘I will claw his damn eyes out when I see him and feed it to Fang’ stage.

“Is he–” I stammered, unable of how to word the question. “dating, er you know–the.”

“Becky?” James laughed.

“Also known as the harlot."

James laughed again. “Bit harsh there, don’t you think?”

“No.” I sneered, returning to my cupcake. “I was trying to be nice.”

“I have a feeling the ‘nice’ in your dictionary, is different to the one from mine.” He said, pulling out a parchment from his robes.

“You have the outdated one.” I said.

Before James could reply, my little sister Ruby had entered the Great Hall and came to join us on the Gryffindor table.

She squeezed her tiny self in between me and James before greeting us in a cheery tone. “Hello.” I ignored the ‘what the hell’ look James was sending to me and instead turned to my little sister.

“Morning Ruby, are you excited for your first full day at Hogwarts?” I asked, filling her plate with eggs and bacon.

“Oh very much.” she beamed. “I made a new friend. His name’s Isaac and he’s a muggleborn.”

“A boy, eh?” I asked, my tone playful. “Don’t let dad or the boys here about this. They’ll threaten the poor boy.”

“Not if you don’t tell them about it.”

“I promise.” I raised a hand to my chest. “Sister’s honour.”

Ruby rolled her eyes and continued eating. I nudged her a bit and she nudged me back, I kicked her on the foot and she kicked me back. Ah, the joys of sisterhood. We spent the next few minutes talking and exchanging timetables. I was quite disappointed at my timetable, since I only had one lesson with James and that was Potions. Every other lesson I either had with Jade, Fred or/and Ryan. Lucas still hadn’t turned up for me to yell at him yet.

Ruby was chatting away about her new friend Isaac when a black haired boy with bright blue eyes timidly walked over. His hands by his side, he looked at James and me before turning his gaze to the now very interesting floor.

“Hi.” he said quietly.

Ruby instantly turned round at the sound of his voice, before leaping unto the boy and giving him a very tight hug.

“Isaac!” she cried happily. “I was just telling my sister and her friends about you.”

Isaac looked very uncomfortable but still managed to give Ruby a hug.

“This is my sister Eden.” Ruby said, quickly running over to my side.

“Hi.” Isaac said again, still starring at the floor.

“You don’t say much do you?” Jade said, before I elbowed her in her stomach. The boy’s clearly shy, the last thing he needs is people pointing it out for him. Isaac looked up and smiled at me, I smiled back.

“Nice to meet you Isaac.” Ryan said, or tried to. He still had bacon and various other fruits stuffed in his big mouth. Boy’s clearly not embarrassed.

“C’mon Isaac. Let’s go.” Ruby said. “Bye Eden.”

I waved as Ruby dragged the poor boy along with her out the Great Hall. Just as my twin brother, Lucas, decided to make an appearance. I watched as he swaggered over.

Seriously, he actually swaggered.

“Yo.” he said, before giving a ‘bro–man’ knuckle hit to our male companions.

He filled his plate with food, as he refused to meet my gaze.

“Ahem.” I cleared my throat and Lucas stopped eating, a strip of bacon halfway to his mouth, as if realizing he was in trouble.

“Hey sis.” he said, as if it was just casual and completely normal for him to suddenly show up now and not expect me to ask questions about his whereabouts. And more importantly: about the harlot.

“Can I talk to you in private?” I asked in my sweetest voice.

Lucas heaved a heavy sigh and stuffed some eggs and bacon into his mouth before following me out. I hope Jade saw his little display. If she still likes him after that, then that girl needs some serious therapy.

“What the hell are you playing at?” I asked before we had even reached the entrance, unable to control my anger.

“I don’t know what you’re on about.” He said, crossing his arm across his chest.

“Oh really?” He wants to play dumb with me? Fine then. “Let me elaborate it for you.”

He rolled his eyes. “Go on then.” he said, a smug smile on his face.

“Head boy. Becky. AWOL. Head boy. Becky.” I listed off, using my fingers. “Explain yourself.” my voice was now very serious, a hint of anger hidden behind.

“I’m head boy and Becky’s head girl. I’m dating her and I slept round her dorm last night.” he told me, in a way that said: ‘you should know that already’. WELL SORRY I DID NOT KNOW THAT. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU WERE DATING THE FUCKING GIRL IN THE FIRSTPLACE… I thought calmly.

“WHAT THE FUCK LUCAS?” I shrieked unable to contain my anger anymore. It really pissed me off how he could just act like this was nothing important. As if every day he goes out, becomes head boy and starts dating my enemy.

“Calm down twinzilla.” He pulled me by the arm to a corner nearby.

“Don’t call me that!”

He covered his ears. “Okay fine. Sorry whatever.”

I heaved a sigh. “I don’t like Becky, and you know this.”

Lucas raked a hand through his dark hair. “Well, she’s my girlfriend now.”

“I know. She’s also head girl.” I drawled, rolling my eyes.

“Yes. And you’re going to accept that.”

“Wait wait.” I said, stopping him before he could leave. “I’m still very confused. How did this happen?” I asked, my voice now back to normal.

“It’s complicated.” he said.


“Fine.” I said, before storming off to god knows where and leaving him there.

Obviously my mouth betrayed me, thank God for that.


My first lesson was Potions, which I so gladly had with Jade and James. After Lucas had left me to be with she–who–must–not–be–named – otherwise known as the female Voldemort –, I went back to the Gryffindor table to explain to them why my sudden change of mood made me want to slaughter Ryan for his loud munching on the poor delicious bacon. Needless to say, for the rest of breakfast, everyone was sure to steer clear of anything crunchy.

As I took my seat, my eyes began hunting down a certain twin brother of mine. He had Potions too, he has to. We always have potions together. Usually he just sits at the back with a dull look on his face and I sit in the front, sending him deadly gazes to pay attention unless he wants a good talking to from his dear sister.

And seconds later, said brother, threw open the door with a flourish, and strutted in confidently. What is up with him and strutting? This did not occur before. He had an arrogant smile on his stupid face as he took a different seat at the back, next to – guess who! That’s right, you guessed correctly – Becky! You’re getting really good at this.

I forgot the class was Gryffindor/Slytherin.

Normally he sits with James and they both laugh at inappropriate jokes, and refuse to do any work. James, too, was very confused at Lucas’s unexpected change of mind as to who he sits next to. I guess I should give him a break though. I mean, it must have been a tough decision for him to make, ‘who should I sit next to? Becky – My new girlfriend of not even twenty–four hours, with humongous tits, that my sister and best friends déteste very much, (her, not the tits) OR James – my best friend of seven years who is like a best friend should be: forgiving, understanding, loving, caring, and always there when I need him.’

I wonder which monkey was playing the cymbals in his head when he chose her.

He wrapped an arm round Becky’s neck as she snuggled closer to him. I turned to Jade as we both stuck a finger than our throat and pretended to retch. Puke. James was still at the back, his eyes locked with the book in front of him. Okay then. The world is certainly ending if James Potter, known prankster, is reading a book; the second time in TWO days. Almost as strange as Fred reading Witch Weekly.


Professor Horace Slughorn didn’t notice Lucas’s unnecessary entrance, instead turned his attention to the large Cauldron in front of him.

“Gather round class.” He said in his low jovial voice. Even in his old age, the man was always happy. The class did as told and made their way towards his desk.

“Can anyone explain to me what the Draught of Living Death is?” he asked, looking around at each and every one of us. No one seemed to have any idea, except for me of course. I raised my hand.

“Ah yes Miss Marino.” he said, his gaze landing on me. It seemed everyone else followed his eyes. Becky rolled her eyes when Slughorn said my name, and with a look of disgust; she looked me up and down.


James, on the other hand, gave me an encouraging smile and Jade was just staring at her fingernails – wanting to be anywhere but here.

“Erm, it’s an extremely powerful sleeping draught, It’s sends the drinker into a death–like slumber.” I answered.

“Very good.” Slughorn said, impressed. That’s right bitches, Eden Marino – prodigious potioneer. BE JEL. BE WELL JEL.

Becky scoffed at the back and with a fake cough she said, “Nerd.” Those who noticed laughed. I didn’t dare look at Lucas incase he chose to ignore what his girlfriend said.

“I will assign you in pairs and in your pairs you will be making the potion.” Slughorn’s voice sliced through my thoughts; where I was planning Becky’s unfortunate murder.

I was thinking stabbing her, with a chainsaw. Or we could always just shoot her. And many years of reading Sci–Fi murder mysteries have had an impact on me. I’m sure I could make her death look like an accident if I wanted to. I could even be mean and frame it on my beloved brother. Not a bad idea Eden. I’ll just go to ‘File’ and save that under ‘Becky’s Murder’.

Professor Slughorn continued on. “I feel it fair to allow you to choose you partners.” At the same time, Jade and I sent each other a devilish look. As we proceeded to run in slow motion to each other, Slughorn was not finished. “By choosing one randomly out of this large empty cauldron.”

Perfect timing Sluggy. Really perfect.

So Jade ended up taking Lucas’s name out – much to her happiness and Becky’s dismay. She was practically seething; I could actually see the smoke coming from her hears.

“What do you think she’s going to break this lesson? Her nails or Jade’s ribs?” James warm breath hit my neck as he leaned in closely to murmur.

“Her nails.” I answered turning to face him and giving him a cheeky grin. “Jade’s quick on her feet.”

“Is that a bet Marino?” James asked playfully.

“It certainly is.” I took out my hand, watching as he solemnly took it.

A Slytherin girl with vibrant red hair picked out James’s name. She squealed so loud, we had to cover our ears. I bursted out in laughter whn James’s eyes widened as he realized he was partnered up with a fangirl.

“Kill me now.” he whispered to me before the girl dragged him to the back of the class. I caught a whiff of the fragrance she had swum in as she zoomed past me. What was that? ‘Eau de desperation’? James was in for a treat.

It was now my turn to pick out a name, and I didn’t like my choices. It was between a always hungover boy who smelled like he’d never taken a shower in his life – let alone know what water is –, a timid nerdy Gryffindor that never ever talked or Becky. I stuck my hand into the cauldron; I honestly wasn’t looking forward to this.

I groaned, as I looked at the piece of paper I had chosen. To be honest, I would have preferred the hungover boy any day over Becky. She too, groaned as I groaned, knowing the only reason I would visibly groan was because of her.

“Are you kidding me?” she spat loud enough for the whole class to turn around.

“I’m not so keen on this either, Parker.” I said, equally loud. At the back of the class, Jade was trying hard not to laugh at my unfortunateness, Lucas was reading the instructions in our textbooks closely and getting out the ingredients with his other hand and James, was trying to get as far away as possible from the fangirl that couldn’t stop squealing.

“I am not working with her.” Becky said with a look of disgust, eyeing me up and down.

“Well then, good luck working by yourself then.” I said, throwing the piece of paper on the floor and walking back to my seat at the back. As I suspected, Becky wasn’t far behind. Being the incredibly smart girl that she was (note my sarcasm), it was obvious that she wouldn’t be happy working by herself especially when there was another equally smart girl who could work with her (no sarcasm there).

Whilst I quickly skimmed the instructions, she sat on a stool, putting her feet on the table and began fiddling with her perfectly manicured fingernails.

“Ahem.” I cleared my throat trying to get her attention. Lucas was looking carefully at me, silently praying that I wouldn’t claw out his girlfriend’s eyes. Ew, girlfriend.

She rolled her eyes and obliged. “What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Get the equipment,” I told her, not actually expecting her to do so. She was probably trying to get on my good side, especially now that she was involved with my brother.

Yes, involved.


“What equipment am I getting?” Becky yelled from the other side of the classroom.

I sighed, before going up there myself. “Maybe you should read the instructions first!” I said, trying hard not to yell.  As I carefully counted down from ten, I caught the eye of Lucas.

“Be nice.” he mouthed to me.


I know it may not seem like that, but I am certainly the victim here. She may be acting all nice and everything but it’s only because Lucas is here. If it was just me and Jade, she would be spitting insults in our face. She’s just acting. She’s a good actor, I can tell you that. But that’s about it.

“You smell so nice.” I heard the fangirl squeal at James, who looked seriously unfazed that a really pretty girl was excited to be that close next to him. I guess he’s used to it. You know, being the best–looking boy at Hogwarts for seven years running and all, oh and having your dad be The Guy Who Defeated Voldemort.

Luckily for me I had studied what the ingredients and instructions were over the holidays. Some people go to the beach or go on holidays but not me. Nope. I stayed at home during the summer storm and re read books. I now know the entire first chapter of “Perfect Boyfriend” by Freda Magic, a squib with an unlucky talent of writing sappy romantic books who changed her last name to ‘Magic’ to appeal to wizards and witches. Very sad, I know. I wasn’t going to sulk and refuse to have a social life; reading was the next best thing. I picked up the ingredients and equipment needed and walked back to my seat with Becky trailing behind.

For the rest of the lesson, I didn’t bother making any attempt at talking to her. Nor did I even bother to acknowledge her. I made the potion by myself and waited until the cauldron turned a pale lilac colour then clear before calling Slughorn over. He inspected it by dropping a leaf in, which quickly disintegrated. He praised our work (ahem, MY WORK), by showing it off to the class and saying it should look exactly like that. He then proceeded to tell us that we worked really well together, an unlikely pair, but nonetheless, excellent effort.

Yeah right.

Jade and Lucas sadly messed theirs up halfway through it, because instead of putting in Valerian root, they put in Knotgrass, the ingredient used for making Polyjuice potion. And so it had not turn a pale colour, but instead a very dark colour before exploding.

Jade had lost her nails in the explosion and Lucas had lost his pride by letting the girl take over. Normally whenever I worked with Jade, I would have done all the work so she couldn’t be able to do anything and risk destroying the classroom. I knew Lucas was trying hard not to yell at Jade, as he kept pinching the bridge of his nose every few seconds.

When the bell went, I quickly grabbed my bag and Jade before sprinting out the classroom, rescuing her from Lucas.

“I feel so bad.” She moaned when we had joined the half of the school in the hallways. “I didn’t mean to do any work. I just wanted to impress him.”

“Don’t blame yourself Jade.” I said, trying to comfort her.

“No wonder he prefers Becky,” she continued. “she hardly ever does anything!”

That was true, but I didn’t like how she was insulting herself.

“Shut up Jade!” I said, stopping in the middle of the hallway to slap her on the shoulder. “You’re a million times better than Becky and we all know that. No need to dumb yourself down.”

“Wow, only you know how to make me feel better.” Jade said, sarcasm dripping from her voice as she rubbed the shoulder where I had hit her.

What can I say? I’m the perfect friend.

“Think you may have also dislocated my arm in the process.”

“My intentions were good.” I said, waving her off as we made our way to way towards the Transfiguration classroom on the ground floor. We were stopped however midway when we met with a red faced Ryan.

“Guys…” he began, his hair sticking up in places at the back as he tried to catch his breath. “she… trouble… punched.”

Does this boy come with a special dictionary or something? ‘Understanding Ryan Winters 101: The Basics’? Jade grabbed a hold of him on his shoulders and slapped him across his face, “Get a hold of yourself!” she yelled, being the ever–so–lovely friend that she is. “Now tell us who punched who, and who’s in trouble.” she said calmly this time, once she had let him go.

Ryan crouched, his hand on his knees, still trying to catch his breath. “Dom’s here.” he said.

“Then who punched who?” I asked, utterly confused as to where he was getting to.

“Dom did.” Ryan said, standing up straight, still clutching his stomach. “She punched Becky.”

Oh bullocks.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything you recognize!

Hello! If you read the previous chapter a while back, then you should probably know that the first few paragraphs has been removed. It's not exactly vital to the plot if you didn't know what It was, but I just felt that it didn't fit in there. I will eventually work it in somehow! The story is finally just picking up, bit by bit.

Now, what do you think happened between Jacob and Eden?

Keep those reviews coming!

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