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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 4 : Goodbyes and Hellos
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Hermione knocked on Ginny and Harry’s door and waited. 


Ginny opened it and stopped Hermione in her tracks. “Ron’s here and wants to talk. I think you should give him a chance to speak.”


“No, not doing this!” Hermione stated as her heart skipped a beat.


 She just couldn’t face Ron, no matter how much he wanted to talk to her. She stepped back and started walking the other way. Perfect timing Ronald, gees! 


Ron saw her walking away from the kitchen table and came after her. Hermione kept walking… faster and faster until she broke into a run… finally she got to the corn field behind the Potter's property, and Ron, who was running too, grabbed her arm out of nowhere. 


“Bloody hell Hermione Jean Granger, listen to me damnit!” Ron cried out in distress.


Hermione just shook her head and turned away. She sat on the ground and grabbed her knees in anger while refusing to look at him. 


Please just hear me out!” He screamed desperately. 


“HEAR YOU OUT?! HEAR YOU OUT, RONALD?! I DON’T NEED TO HEAR THIS, I HEARD YOU OUT! I READ THE OWL!” Hermione screamed, standing up and getting into his face. He then tried to reach out to her and she rejected. 


“Ronald Weasley if you try touching me one more time I am going to use the Cruciatus Curse and I’m NOT KIDDING!” She grabbed her wand and pointed it at him and dug it straight in the small of his jugular.



“You broke my heart, Ron! If you still love me then how COULD YOU?! HOW COULD YOU RON?!” Hermione was then lost with words and her eyes started to fill with hot, angry tears.

 Ginny and Harry watched in awe at their porch. -

“What do we do?” Ginny whispered to Harry. 

 “We can’t do anything, Gin…” He answered.

  “I loved you, I really loved you!” Hermione cried to him into her hands, resting them and her head on her knees aaway from Ron. 

Ron was lost for words, how did she get ahold of his mail? How could she have found out? He hated himself, he wanted to die at this moment, seeing the girl he loves so upset, falling apart. He was the worst man alive. 


“Hermione, please listen… I am so, so sorry I cheated, it will never ever happen again. Blimey, it only happened twice! I hate myself for this Hermione. I hope you know that!”

 “I sure hope you do Ron because you are never getting me back,” sneered Hermione, “You have Lavender and I hope that makes it okay!” She then got up, dusted herself off, slapped Ron with all her might, and walked silently toward the house where Ginny and Harry were still standing with their mouths open. 


“Hermione, please?” Ron begged, rubbing his right cheek where she hit him. 

 “No Ronald, we are done and I don’t want to speak with you for as long as possible!” Hermione screamed as she walked into the house. 


Ginny ran after Hermione and Harry after Ron.


“Ron, I’m sorry mate, but you shouldn’t have done this!” Harry said approaching to a now depressed Ron.


“My life is over…” Ron said sadly, his eyes filling with tears. 


“No it isn’t Ron, maybe she will take you back, it may take months or years but if you love that woman it’s worth it Ron.” Harry said laying his hand on his friend’s shoulder. 


“Harry, I have loved her since I laid my eyes on her in our first year. How could I have done this to her?” 


"You shouldn't have Ron. You really shouldn't have..." Harry answered. 




Ginny followed Hermione upstairs and opened up the door she just slammed in her face.


Hermione was found with her face buried in her pillow, weeping now. 


Ginny picked her up by her shoulders and hugged her. “I’m sorry Hermione. You can stay here as long as you need to and I will make sure you get everything you need.”


“Oh Ginny, I am so lucky to have you as a friend, I love you and Harry.” Hermione sobbed into her hands, humiliated she was being like this in front of her best friends. She hated showing her weak side.


 “Harry and I love you too Hermione. I love my brother too but he has done something I will never forgive him for. He is a heartless git!” 


Hermione nodded in agreement. “Yes he is!” 




After about thirty minutes, Ron was long gone and Hermione was feeling better, she even offered to hold the baby while Ginny took a bath and Harry worked on Auror assignments in his home office.


Little James had eyes just like Ginny's, a soft brown. His hair was dark like Harry’s but had a little red tint to it as well. He had Ginny’s nose and Harry’s mouth. 


“You’re such a precious boy. So sweet...” Hermione cooed at him. 


Hermione heard a tap on the window and saw a beautiful black owl perched there. She walked over to the window after laying the squirming baby boy on a blanket and grabbed the letter off of thr owl's leg. She then started to read. 




I had a good time with you at lunch today and I was hoping we could stay somewhat civil. Maybe at some point we can even become friends. 


Would we be able to meet again? If so please respond. 




Ginny was out of the bath and was sneakily looking over her shoulder. 


“Hermione Granger, what?! Malfoy of all people?” Ginny asked quietly so Harry couldn’t hear. 


Hermione rolled her eyes and handed Ginny little James. 


“Yes, Malfoy. We saw each other today in Flourish and Blotts in Diagon Alley.” Hermione said, blushing.


 “And did what?” Ginny accusingly asked. 


“He wanted to go to lunch so we did. We actually had a pleasant talk and decided for now on things will be different. We had a lunch without dueling each other or cursing at each other once! I think he wants to try to be friends.” 


“Or maybe more than friends…” Ginny teased, giggling. 


Draco, we should meet again at the same place, tomorrow. 




Hermione wrote on a small piece of parchment and tied it to the little owl's leg again. It took off with a satisfied hoot when Ginny fed him a treat. 


Ginny promised she would not tell Harry yet and defidently not Ron.




The evening fighting with Ron haunted Hermione’s thoughts as she got into bed. Ron was truly sorry and she could see it in his eyes. But he will never be fully forgiven, and she could never be with him again. 


She realized that she still had the golden ring with the white diamond on her left hand and she took it off and threw it into her night stand drawer. 


“Won’t need that anymore!” She said to herself. 


Weirdly, she wasn’t that sad anymore today. When she took the ring off it was almost a relieving feeling. Maybe Ron just wasn’t meant to be her husband. Maybe someone else is. Draco drifted into her mind, she imagined herself with him but shook it off. Who is she trying to play? That would never happen.  


Hermione shocked herself for thinking that, how could she ever love someone on the other side?


Draco fought against them! But he saved us, he didn’t point out it was us in Malfoy Manor that day. His mother is the reason Harry is still alive. He never wanted to kill Dumbledore or anyone for that matter. He is not evil. He just did it because of his family, became a death eater, she found herself arguing with herself mentally. Draco isn’t a bad person he had just done bad things.


As she lay in bed she listened to the rain that just started falling again outside, she could hear little James crying and Ginny’s soothing voice to comfort him. She hoped that she would have that someday… A loving husband and a child. 


She let her mind wander and she finally fell asleep. 




“Hermione, wake up!” Hermione awoke with a start. Ginny’s blue eyes were gazing at her.


“What Gin? Everything okay?”


“Yes, just wanted to ask if you could watch little James for a few hours? I’ll pay you 50 galleons!” 


Hermione groaned and sat up, thinking.


“Yes I can. But can I invite a friend over?” Hermione asked, remembering she told Draco they'd meet in Diagon Alley again. 


“Oh I guess so. I still can’t believe this!” She said playfully rolling her eyes and shoving Hermione.


Ginny then left the room but then turned round. “Breakfast is ready!” 


Hermione sniffed and could smell bacon, eggs, and coffee.


She got up and gazed at her rough appearance in the mirror before departing to the kitchen. 


“Oh boy, I’m look exceptionally beautiful." She laughed at herself as she looked at her fuzzy, bushy hair. 


Ginny already had a plate all ready for her as Hermione made her way to the kitchen and sat at the table.


Harry was scarfing down eggs and looked up at Hermione. “’Mornin’ Ginny ooks so ell!!” 


Hermione chuckled at him, being around Harry for so long she understood those words and started eating herself.


“Mmm, Ginny you do cook wonderful, this tastes amazing!” Hermione exclaimed as she started eating her homemade biscuits and jam.


“So where are you going today Ginny?” Hermione asked curiously.


“Oh, I am going shopping with mum because she wants a girl’s day. She called me this morning and is really torn up and thinking of Fred today so she asked me if I wanted to get out of the house with her. Just us.” Ginny explained. 


“Oh, I see, well I hope you have fun!” Hermione said kindly to her friend.


Harry hugged Hermione, kissed Ginny, and left for work while commenting on how Ron is still so torn up and doesn’t know if he will show up to work for a while.


This caused Hermione’s thoughts to go back to Ron. She then realized she didn’t even think of him until someone mentioned him and didn’t really miss him.


“Hermione? You okay?” Ginny asked, waving a hand in front of her face.


“Yes, just realizing I don’t miss your brother.”


“Well, I don’t know if he was right for you anyways, even though you guys love each other. You shouldn't think of him.” Ginny said.


“See Gin, I think I lost my love for him when I saw that letter…” Hermione sighed.


“Well, he deserves it!” Spat Ginny.


“Anyways, I am going to go ahead and apparate to mum’s. Good luck with Malfoy and please take care of my son, he gets up at about nine.” Ginny said, straightening up her blouse and giving Hermione a pat on the back. 


“Okay, have a good time.” Hermione replied. 


Then Ginny was gone. 


Hermione forgot to text Malfoy and let him know to come to Harry and Ginny’s place.


She owled him and he replied to say he would be there soon. 


Hermione quickly got ready to see him and she put on shorts and a tight black shirt that really showed her body off. 


Should she be doing this? Be friends with an ex-death eater? 


Her heart was racing as time went by… and she knew soon Malfoy would be arriving. 



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