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The Middle Man by academica
Chapter 10 : ten.
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It was a bright, sunny Saturday morning. Dominique strolled out onto the sidewalk from her flat, happy for a chance to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather. Living with her older sister had its perks; Victoire had always had great taste in fashion and tended to give spot-on advice when it came to men. However, now her sister was two months away from marrying Teddy Lupin, and things around the flat had become a little chaotic. Victoire had woken up and immediately thrown a tantrum when she learned that her wedding dress still wasn’t ready from the last time she’d had it altered and that her favors would likely be coming in late. Rather than listen to her scream shrilly at the boutique owner’s image in the fireplace, Dominique had quietly excused herself and escaped out onto the street.

She dodged an old man walking his dog and began thumbing through the morning mail, which she’d grabbed on her way out the door. A pleasant smile lit her fair features as she saw the September issue, with Rose and Lily smiling back at her from the cover. Every time she looked at it from here on out, it would remind her of how proud she was of what she and Darcy had accomplished. It was truly an honor.

Dominique wandered a little ways down the street before deciding to stop at the neighborhood café for a cup of tea. She walked up to the counter, smiling at the shop girl and ordering a cup of Earl Grey and a chocolate-filled pastry. Then, she settled down at a table outside and began looking through the rest of the mail.

On top were several late response cards for Victoire; she put these aside. The next item was a postcard emblazoned with a beautiful countryside scene from Scotland. Dominique turned it over, looking to see what was written on the back.


Hope things are good in London. Albus and I have only been in Edinburgh for a week, and I’m already considering moving. I think it may rain less here, even if only marginally. Either way, it’ll be tough to go back to work next week, that’s for sure!

By the way, Rose and Lily are in Rome doing a photo shoot. Lily owled me to say that they got the job right after the September issue came out. She also said that Bare Bones has hired Rose to be the face of their new fair skin line! Guess Rose wishes she had been more gracious to us for hiring her—or maybe that’s too much to hope for.

Albus wants to go to Switzerland. Think Lorcan will be cross if I ask for more time off?

XOXO, Darcy

Dominique chuckled under her breath. Darcy was so lucky, getting to travel the world with her new boyfriend. She made a mental note to give her friend a hard time when she did finally come back to work.

Her tea arrived, and Dominique took a small gulp, happy to feel the warmth of it sliding down her throat. Next, she bit into the pastry, which was still hot and fresh. A few crumbs tumbled onto the magazine still sitting on the table in front of her.

Dominique glanced down, opening it. She flipped through Darcy’s cover story, nodding to herself in approval as her eyes passed over the pictures of Rose and Lily. Just after that story, the stories written about the other contenders appeared, along with one picture for each of them. Dominique hadn’t been aware that they would make the issue, but she supposed it was fair. Otherwise, the work was just a waste.

She paused as she noticed a photograph of Scorpius Malfoy. His hair was tousled and he was wearing an all-black suit that made his charcoal eyes stand out. She took another sip of tea, perusing the article. Scorpius had seemed like their biggest competition with his natural charm and high fashion look, and she was curious as to why he hadn’t placed first. As she read through the article, though, she noticed that it didn’t contain much of substance. The author had written mostly about his taste for exotic food and his upcoming schedule of charity events.

Pretty and shallow, she thought, sighing. What a cliché.

Suddenly, someone in front of her spoke up. “I don’t know why they chose that one. It wasn’t the best picture of me.”

Dominique looked up, finding herself face-to-face with Scorpius.

“It’s not bad,” she said.

“You like the story?”

“Sure,” she lied.

“My mother thought that was what cost me the victory. It wasn’t personal enough. But I don’t see why Witch Weekly should be worthy of knowing my business.”

Dominique said nothing.

Scorpius turned to a girl who was clearing cups and plates from a nearby table. “A cup of English Breakfast, please,” he said, touching her lightly on the arm.

Dominique tried not to make a face. “Actually, you order from the—”

However, the girl just nodded at him, blushing as she headed back inside.

“How is the tea here?” Scorpius asked, sitting down across from her.

“As good as at any other café in London,” Dominique remarked.

“Have you ever had tea in Paris?” Scorpius asked, leaning across the table slightly.

“No.” Dominique took another bite of her pastry.

“Next time I go to France, I will take you to have tea there. It is magnificent.”

At this point, the shop girl brought Scorpius’s tea over. He took a sip, just to test it, and then he drained the entire cup in one gulp. He looked at Dominique expectantly.

“Oh,” Dominique said. It wasn’t so much that she was surprised by how forward he was; she supposed it was all part of his general image. What surprised her was that jetting off to Paris with Scorpius Malfoy sounded like a pretty good time. “Okay.”

“Call my agent,” Scorpius said. Then, he reached across the table and tore off a corner of her pastry, putting it neatly into his mouth. His eyes fell upon her for one more moment, and then he stood up, leaving as suddenly as he had arrived.

Dominique shook her head, unable to believe what she’d just agreed to do. Ah, well, can’t let Darcy have all the fun, she thought. Lorcan would not be happy about this.

Her eyes fell upon Scorpius’s empty teacup. Bollocks. He didn’t even pay for that.

Author’s Note:

All right, that’s the end! Hope you enjoyed the story, and please review! :)


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