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The greatest witch of their age: Hidden Truth by thelost_lovegood
Chapter 2 : Reading the letter
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a/n I don't own any characters you recognise or any places only other characters and the plot are mine


Harry bent to pick up the letter "DON'T" I warned "I need Ginny" I repeated in a dangerous tone so he sent off a patronus for her, causing an astounded Draco to gasp "you can send messages with a patronus ?" Harry and I just laughed and began to tell Draco about the DA

Ginny ran in looking worried but when she saw Malfoy she turned a brilliant shade of red and before anyone could stop her, she launched at malfoy screaming "It's all your fault MY BROTHER  hurt people, because you and your darklord HURT HIM you, you did this. Mark my words MALFOY you had better get out right now, and I don't mean herme's room, I mean out of hogwarts, out of town, hey why not get the heck out of the country because I will not join by BROTHER in freaking AZKABAN for your murder. YOU. WILL. NOT bring any more weasley's down. OR anyone they care about" and at this point she reached out with her wand and began counting from 3, so I grabbed her wand and told her to shut up and calm down , because I need her she meekly nodded and sat on Harry's lap. Harry (always the peace maker) asked about the letter. Draco at this point was walking out of my room I called him and told him to stay if he wanted, he came back and I'm surprised that I felt glad. Picking upthe letter I began to read, but first I begged them to remainn my friends afterwards, with three nods for a reply I read them the letter



Dear Miss HJ Granger

We feel it is our duty to tell you personally a nuber of things about the release of Ms Belletrix LeStrange ..... 

First is the fact that as someone who has survived her cruel side we assure you that she is innocent and that A) she is harless and you are safe from her B) we congradulate you as it was the charm you developed in those difficult months before the war that proved her innocence, you are a very talented witch and this certain spell you created works remarkabley well.

secondly we are informed that on your parents deathbed you were told you was adopted and that your real parents were dead. this is true, however, you never grew up with your real parents but your mothers best friend  Miss B LeStrange


your relationship status and the public knowlage of it is between the two of you and she will be in contact soon

hoping this reaches you in good health

Artims LKoopsed- Head of Magical relationship and care- Minestry of Magic

Kinglsley- your friend and minister of magic





We all sat in silence as I cried and Draco sat next to me and began to plait my hair, it was odd but I stopped crying. Then ginny screamed at my notic board, It was glowing, I explained that McGonogall send messages straight to the head boy and girl as they need more updated information everyday Iand whomever I wished was invited to meet a vistior from the minestry I told them all to come with me and we walked along the corridors' Draco behind Ginny and I with Harry we stopped at the staute when I realised I didn't know the password but Draco stepped forward and murmed "Silence will fall", adn to my surprise the gargoyle hopped out the way to let us pass.

I walked up to the door and into the office then at the site I stopped breathing, I gasped for air but I couldn't, I turned and ran, Tears began to stream down my face,as I ran I collided with Draco and Harry, they caught me when Draco looked uo and the last thing I heard was 

"STUPEDFY"     and a scream, a scream I recognised  


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