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How it all began.. by Nymphadora97
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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The high pitched voices that changed in accordance to her mood. She's Petunia, unfortunately she's my sister. This was one of her typical words, today's reason was that i made a daisy appear in the middle of my hand. I thought it looked beautiful... apparently she hated it, as always.

"Lily come here!"

I began running up a hill to where a willow tree stood.

"I'm telling mummy! You're a freak Lily!"

Like mum would care, she always takes my side. I got to the top of the hill, Petunia still calling after me. Then something happened that i didn't predict or even expect. A boy amerced out of a hole that i had not seen, he had very shiny black shaggy hair, he stood straight smiling at me. Petunia soon caught up and look both horrified and scared as she looked at the boy, she turned round and started to run back down to the house. 

The boy picked up a leaf that looked a lot like helicopter wings, then to my amazement it started to spin frantically, he let it go and it flew toward me. I looked to the boy and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Severus Snape... who was that other girl?"

"She's Petunia, my older sister."

Severus smiled.

"So what's your name?"

"I'm Lily Evans. How did you make that leaf fly?"

"Well, I'm a wizard. You can do it as well can't you? That'd make you a witch, see my dad's a muggle and my mum is a witch like you."

I stood frozen, he must be joking. How can i be a witch... the only time I'd ever considered myself a witch was last Halloween when i dressed as a witch. 

"Don't you believe me? How old are you?"

"I'm 10 years old, 11 in two day's.... why?"

Severus beamed.

"It means you aren't of age, if you don't believe wait until your birthday, you should receive a very peculiar letter. When you get the letter come back to this hillside and I'll be waiting for you. See you soon Lily!"

He disappeared back into the hole that he came from. I was wondering whether to follow him, maybe tell him he was crazy, but before i could come to a Decision Petunia came running back up the hill.

"Lily you have to come home, mummy wants a word with you. Now Lily!"

With a sigh i followed Petunia back home, with Severus' words still running through my head... what if i was witch?

I walked into the house and looked at Petunia. She pointed into the living room and i walked in.

"Yes mummy?"

Mum looked up at me.

"Now darling, as you know it's your birthday on Tuesday, and every year we take you out for a treat. I was just wondering on where you'd like to go?"

I stood staring into thin air, wondering on where to go, not being able to come to a Decision i asked if it could be a surprise.

"Well okay, and what would you like for breakfast?"

I gave mum the look.

"Right silly question, pancakes it is. Now darling go and be a good girl and set the table for dinner."

I left the living room, smiled at mum and went to the dining room to prepare the table.

"Lily, you are doing it wrong! I sit here not there!"

I sighed and rolled my eyes. I moved Petunia' place mat to where she requested and i left to help mum serve dinner.

"What's for dinner mum?"

"Lily, it's Sunday. That means we have roast tonight. Can you please get the basins out for the food?"

I did as i was told and got the basins out, mum served the food and i put it into the dining room. Dad was now sat in his chair. He looked up and smiled.

"Hello princess, thank you for helping your mum out, you're such a good girl."

I stuck my tongue out and laughed. It was rare that we saw dad, he had a very demanding job and he was either always away for meetings or cooped up in his study.

When i brought out the last dish, we began pilling our food onto our plates, we prayed and began eating. 

Mum and dad started with the usual talk. Asking how we are and what we've been up to, and of course i can't get a word in edge ways. 

When we all finally finished i helped wash the dishes. 

"Thank you darling, tomorrow we'll make Petunia wash and bring out the food."

"No mum it's fine, besides I'm sure she'd fine some way of poisoning my food."

Mum looked at me she smiled slightly.

"Now now, I'm sure she loves you. She just has a funny way of showing it. Now off to bed please, i love you."

I kissed mum on the cheek.

"I love you too mummy, I'll see you in the morning."

I left the kitchen and ran up to my bedroom. I got into bed and sat thinking about what Severus had said. There is a possibility i could be a witch, but how come no one else i know is able to do anything? Why is it only me in the family? I soon fell asleep dreaming about what being a witch would be like.

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How it all began..: Chapter One


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