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The darkness will come by HollyDraconis
Chapter 1 : Before Hogwarts-Age 7
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Lily’s tiny finger traced the thin golden thread around the room. Bellatrix connected to Andromeda and Narcissa.  Andromeda connected to…Lucian Prewitt?

“DAD!” she yelled

The sound of paper sliding off a table met her ears along with a mutter of ‘I hope she hasn’t found that snuff box,’. Five seconds later Ron Weasley, her uncle and Harry Potter, her dad, burst into the room.

“What, what is it?” her father panted as he bent his head down to catch his breath. She pointed her little stubby finger at the unfamiliar name.

“I thought Teddy was named after his Grandad. The tapestry’s wrong’. Her father looked at the Black family tree

“Ah no, you see the Blacks and other uppity pure blood families had this um... weird tradition of naming their children after their dead family. This is probably the Andromeda that Teddy’s grandma is named after. It’s a coincidence that her sisters are called Narcissa and Bellatrix but in such an old family, it would happen somewhere’

Lily twirled a length of her flat and wispy flaming hair that would never be as pretty as her cousin’s. She’d always felt undermined by Rose. Rose was the clever one, the one who didn’t get mud in her hair, the one who made people’s eyes light up. A faint squeaking from her pocket alerted her to the fact that Arnold was in desperate need of a cuddle. Although his fur was grey, Lily loved him a lot, unlike James who had tried to use him as a tennis ball. His tail hadn’t vanished for weeks after his mother finished with him.

 Looking up, she realized that her father and uncle had left the room. They needed to finish sorting through the rest of the junk in the house before they could live here safely. Only last week James had nearly killed Albus when, on an ‘exploring’ mission, he had forced a hat on his brother's head which had slowly and delicately started to shave the skin of his head. Only when Auntie Hermione came up did James stop laughing and Albus stop screaming.

Lily didn’t like James that much. He always played tricks on her and kept saying that she was a stupid old Hufflepuff. But he did do a good job of being a big brother. Apparently, when she was a baby, if she heard her crying, he would come up and pretend to be a hippogriff until her tears stopped and the corners of her mouth started to twitch. Albus was quieter, the one who would squeeze her hand if she was nervous, the one with the calm pool of green in his eyes which ceased her fears of dementors sneaking into her room. Whereas James was the one who told her they would find a way in no matter what. Of course after that one James had a big bogey following him for three days. Lily sucked her thumb and walked to the kitchen, thinking ‘I’m glad my family is normal’ and ‘only four more years and I’ll prove I’m not a Hufflepuff'. 

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