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I'll travel through time to be with you by always dance
Chapter 1 : going back
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The small of sweat and blood lingered in the air. All about, curses were cast, blood was drawn and people were falling. Hermione was frantically looking for Harry through the throng of people, but it was impossible to see anything in this battle. Dust from the walls of Hogwarts was thick in the air, making her breathing erratic.

"Hermione!" The bushy haired girl spun around to find Harry racing towards her> She released a breath she didn't realize she had been holding. But her heart dropped when she saw the tears tracks upon his dirty face.

"Where were you? Did you destroy the horcrux? Wheres Ron?" her questions came out in a quick jumble of speech, desperate for all of them to be answered.

"We managed to destroy it, but the snake, i-it b-bit Ron, h-hes dead Hermione." Her stomach lurched as those two words swirled around her head.

Rons dead.

Rons dead.

Rons dead.

Her knees buckled, sending her to the floor. Her best friend was gone, never to return. She would never see him laugh, smile or love again. 

No. There was no time for mourning now, not here in the middle of a battle. Numbly getting to her feet, she said, "We'll kill that bastard, for Ron."

"For Ron," Harry echoed.

The two started fighting to way through the crowd, in search of the dark lord that caused the death of their friend. But they were soon brought to a halt by a cackle behind them.

"Aww look at this, wee little potter and his mudblood bitch!" Bellatrix Lestrange.

"Go to hell Lestrange!" Harry shouted shooting a curse in her direction. Soon, it was a massive three way duel, with everyone, death eaters and students alike, watching in a circle. Bellatrix was just getting happier the further the duel progressed. Doubt had managed to edge its way into Hermione's mind. Could they really beat the crazed woman standing before them? Just then, Lestrange sent a stunner her way, shooting her backwards several feet through the air. Harry was at her side instantly, trying to help her get off the ground. Bellatrix strolled over to the, twirling her wand idly in her hand, a crazed smile in her face.

"I am going to enjoy this," She cackled. Hermione clung to harry as he wrapped his arms around her. There was no escape.

Aiming her wand at them, Bellatrix chanted, " Ingredientur per tempus, quo demum qui novit!"

The two now clung to each other for dear life, as they were ripped from time itself. Now falling, falling, falling...


" Hey Padfoot, wheres that bird that was hanging off your arm yesterday?" James asked, a smirk across his face.

"Who knows, who cares?" Sirius replied, as he shoveled bacon into his mouth.

James snorted. He could tell that his best friend probably had his eye on someone else by this point, probably another blonde with big tits. 

At this point, Lily Evans walked into the great hall, closely followed by her friends. She sashayed her way towards James liked she owned the place, but then again, she probably thought that. Vindictive bitch.

" Hey Jamie baby," She said as she sat down next to James, batting her eyelashes at him. James rolled his eyes in frustration, when will she learn?

" Evans, when will you get it into that tiny Brian of yours that i have absolutely no interest in you?" James said, exasperated by her clingy and floozy ways.

Lily pouted, she so desperately wanted to be James girlfriend, as it would secure her the status as the most popular girl in school. She was about to reply when Sirius shot her a glare, a glare she knew meant back off now or I will curse you into next Sunday, so she got up and walked away in a huff.

"How is that girl so popular, the bitch." Sirius muttered. James just grunted in agreement.

Suddenly, a scream echoed through out the hall. James looked around to find two people falling from the sky directly above them, two people locked in each others embrace. The landed on the Gryffindor table with an almighty crash. 

The room seemed to be frozen in time, every set of eyes were locked on the two people in horror. James locked at them closely and saw that they were roughly the same age as himself. His eye wondered to the girl. She was extremely skinny, so skinny that James thought she would have a hard time walking. Her body was covered in small cuts and bruises and her hair was a beautiful shade of brown with golden streaks running through it, yet it was terribly matted.Her clothes were ripped and battered, covered in blood. James found his way to her face. And there was no other way to put it. She was beautiful. Deep red rosebud lips, that were pouting slightly, long black eyelashes that James wanted to sit there and and count, as well as high cheek bones that set her face perfectly. He had never seen such a vision of beauty. It was like she was know the Centre of his world.

James managed to tare his eyes away from the girl, and as soon as he saw the boy he froze. Laying there, seemed to be a carbon copy of himself. He was horrified. What the hell was going on. The only difference was a small lighting shape scar on his forehead, as well as meant little cuts and bruises similar to the girls. 

The teachers snapped back into action and started to usher everybody out of the great hall. But something was pestering James. He had an overwhelming urge to protect the girl whose name he didn't even know. One professor had to literally drag him out of the room. 


Sirius watched in horror as his best friend was pulled away from the girl. He looked into James eyes, and instead of seeing the usual brown he saw gold, liquid gold. 

Once out of the hall Sirius and Remus ponced on their friend.

"Why the hell did you do that?" Sirius demanded. James eyes were brown again.

"I don't know I just remember somebody approaching her.. Then i just blacked out, but there was like this protective instinct inside of me. What is happening?"

None of them could answer.

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I'll travel through time to be with you: going back


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