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The Lily Potter Problem by AHeat
Chapter 9 : When Slytherin Plays Gryffindor
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Chapter 9: When Slytherin Plays Gryffindor

The next weekend was the long-awaited Quidditch match against Gryffindor.  The rivals usually played each other in the first game of the season, but James Potter got conveniently sick the day they were supposed to play.  There were a lot of mutterings in the Slytherin common room that James just wanted more time to prepare his team, and Lily whole heartedly agreed with them.

Now, both teams had winning records and the upcoming match promised to be a close one.  The Slytherin players were constantly surrounded by classmates who wanted to protect them from any malicious Gryffindors.  The Gryffindors were doing the same for their own players.

Considering most of the Gryffindor players were related to her, this became very frustrating for Lily.

“Oh, bugger off! I just want to talk to my cousin,” she yelled to a couple of third years who hissed at her as she approached Hugo.  James, Louis, Albus, Roxanne and Hugo were all on the team, so any time she wanted to talk to them she was pestered by Gryffindors.

“Don’t mind them, Lils. What’s up?” asked Hugo.  He loved all the attention he got around a Quidditch match, most unlike his father.

“Nothing, really.  I just wanted to warn you.  I heard Gregory Flint say he was going to try to knock you out yesterday in the common room,” said Lily.  She never acted as a spy for her cousins unless she heard someone say something about trying to hurt them.

“Flint?  I can take that old meathead anytime,” said Hugo with swagger. Definitely unlike his father.

“Okay, well I figured I’d tell you anyways,” said Lily, a little miffed that her cousin did not appreciate her crossing enemy lines.

“Thanks, Lils.  Have fun watching your house lose on Saturday!” he joked, and quickly ran to his next class before she could retaliate.

When the day of the match finally came, Lily headed down to the pitch with Kendra, Natalie, Mia and Tom.  She and Tom had made peace, but she still got the impression that he only hung out with them because of his sisters.  June was on the team, so she had gone down to the pitch earlier to get ready for the game.

A lot of people wondered why Lily wasn’t on the Slytherin team.  With Quidditch genes like hers, it seemed like a waste for her not to be playing.  But she had a few reasons for not joining: for one, both her brothers played, and she felt like she needed to find her own thing, which she did with her potions talent.  For another, Scorpius was on the team, and she refused to call him a “teammate.”

Lily and the lot found their seats just in time to watch the players walking out onto the field.

“And here we go, folks, another match between Hogwart’s most famous rivals: Gryffindor and Slytherin!” said the magically enhanced voice of Molly Weasley.  She had surprised the whole family when she turned out to be as funny and charming as her father was not.  Some said she was the best Quidditch commentator at Hogwarts since the famous Lee Jordan.

“For Gryffindor, we have Potter, Davies, Cootes, Weasley, Weasley, and ANOTHER Weasley, lead by captain James Potter!  Is it just me, or does a majority of that team seem to be related to me?” said Molly.  She made the same joke every time Gryffindor played, and the scarlet and gold side of the stands gave their customary laugh and cheer.

“For Slytherin, we have Zabini, Bert, Flint, Smith, Delancy, and Sloper, lead by captain Scorpius Malfoy!”  Lily screamed in support of her house team.  It was weird at first, cheering against her family, but she just rolled with it just as she did everything else.  She held up her poster that read “Zooming June” and had a drawing of June catching the snitch (she played seeker).

“Malfoy and Potter shake hands… that looks like an awkward exchange… and they’re off! The match has begun!” said Molly.

Lily watched as the players rose into the air and took their positions.  James, Albus, and Louis were chasers, Roxanne was seeker, Will Davies and Haylie Cootes were beaters, and Hugo was keeper.  For Slytherin, June was seeker, Scorpius, Alyssa Smith, and Kieran Zabini were chasers, Randall Bert and Gregory Flint were beaters, and Nate Sloper was keeper. 

The Slytherin chasers started off with the quaffle and made a drive for the Gryffindor hoops.  After a well-practiced series of passes, Scorpius threw it to the right post, but Hugo managed to save it.  He threw his fist in the air and a chorus of “Weasley is our King” broke out from the Gryffindor stands.

When James got hold of the quaffle, he threw it to Albus, who threw it back, who threw it to Louis, who threw it back to James, who faked throwing it through the center hoop but instead threw it back to Albus who threw it through the left hoop.  Sloper had been faked out by James and missed the shot by Albus, giving Gryffindor a ten point lead.

The game continued on like this for a while, with well-devised plays that were often saved by Hugo and missed by Sloper.  After half an hour, the score was 80 to 10 with Gryffindor in the lead.

“Looks like the family chemistry is doing the Gryffindor team well during this game. Uh-oh, it appears a quarrel has broken out between Slytherin beater Gregory Flint and chaser Scorpius Malfoy!” updated Molly.  Lily turned her attention to the far end of the pitch, where Scorpius was yelling at a furious-looking Flint.  The two eventually broke it off when Slytherin gained possession and got into another formation.

“Smith passes it to Zabini, Zabini drops it down to Malfoy—didn’t even see him there—who makes a fast break to the hoop, and it looks like it’s going in—no! What an amazing save by Hugo Weasley!” shouted Molly.  Hugo flew over to the stands and started conducting his fans, just as his Dad did back in the day…

All of a sudden, a bludger came and hit him, knocking him off his broom.  The crowd gasped, and over in the Slytherin stands Kendra screamed just as loud as Lily did.  Time seemed to stand still as Hugo fell through the air.  Lily was imagining the worst when he was caught and brought safely to the ground by none other than Scorpius Malfoy. 

The whistle blew and the Gryffindors gathered around their keeper.  Meanwhile, Scorpius returned to the air and sped over to Flint, who had a rather satisfied smirk on his face.  Another shouting match broke out, and Lily realized that their first fight had probably been because Flint suggested he do exactly what he had just done: knock out the keeper so that Slytherin would have a chance of getting ahead.

Hugo was taken off the field by some professors who had rushed to the field when he fell, and Lily noticed that Rose was by his side as well.  It gave her comfort to know that gentle, responsible Rose was there to watch after her cousin.  Rose wanted to be a healer after Hogwarts, so it was also nice to know that she could help out if necessary.

“I hope he’s okay!” said Kendra in a panic—Lily had never seen her so distressed.  “I’m going to the hospital wing to see if I can help!”

Before Lily could stop her or point out that if anyone should go support him it should be his cousin, Kendra bolted from the stands.

“Wow. She’s got it bad!” said Mia with a laugh.

When the game resumed, Louis took Hugo’s place at the hoops as a temporary keeper, and James and Albus played one chaser short.  Granted, the two brothers were still able to coordinate some impressive runs, but their lack of a third chaser was definitely hurting them.

Meanwhile, Roxanne and June continued searching for the snitch.  They were both very good seekers, their most competitive matches being when they were against each other.  It was a cloudy day, which wasn’t exactly ideal for Quidditch when it came to spotting the snitch, but the two were close on each other’s tails in case one of them spotted it.

After another half hour, Slytherin had the lead by ten points, with the score at 120 to 110.  Scorpius was on top of his game, directing plays and yelling instructions to his team.  He was just yelling at Sloper to watch out for Albus’ left shot when the clouds moved aside and the sun shone brightly across the stadium.

Almost instantly, June spotted the snitch and sped towards it, Roxanne noticing it just after her and racing to keep up.  They were neck and neck, each reaching out for the little golden ball, every eye on them, so close…

The crowd took a collective breath and waited to see who had caught it, and when June rose victoriously into the air, the green and silver-clad fans exploded with excitement.  Everyone around Lily rushed to get down onto the field to congratulate their heroes.

While Lily wanted to go and support June, she felt her cousin needed her more at that point.  Rather than heading towards the field, she went the other direction of the crowd and made her way up to the hospital wing.

When she reached Hugo’s bedside, Kendra was already there right next to Rose.  If Rose found the Slytherin girl’s presence unusual, she did not show it.  The three girls stood around Hugo’s unconscious form for a few minutes, and then he started to stir.

He opened his eyes, saw Rose, and frowned.

“What happened?” he asked.

“You were knocked out, Hugh.  That Flint bastard hit you with a bludger,” explained Rose.

“No, I mean with the match,” clarified Hugo.  Of course he was more concerned about the outcome of a stupid game rather than his own personal well-being.  Kendra and Rose turned to Lily.

“Erm… Slytherin.  We were up by ten when June caught the snitch,” said Lily awkwardly.  She was happy about the outcome, but she knew her relatives would not be.  Hugo looked slightly distressed by this news, but he looked around and saw Kendra standing there and he looked confused.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Uh… well… you see…” began Kendra, “I was worried.  I wanted to make sure nothing awful had happened to you,” she finished.  She quickly blushed furiously and looked at the ground.  Hugo grinned at her, and when she glanced up at him, she grinned back.

The two continued grinning at each other until Rose cleared her throat loudly.  When they did not seem to notice this, she said, “Thanks, Rose. You’re such a wonderful sister. I’m going to thank you now for watching after me while I was unconscious.”

Hugo looked at her sheepishly and muttered a quick “thanks” before turning back to Kendra.  Rose rolled her eyes and left the room to leave the two lovebirds alone.

Lily followed suit.  It was about time that relationship moved forward—Kendra had been crushing on Hugo all year, and it seemed he finally reciprocated her feelings.

Besides, now that she made sure her cousin was all right, Lily could make her way down to the Slytherin dungeons, where she was sure the best party of the year was already in full swing.


A/N:  Full disclosure, this is one of my favorite chapters in the story.  Hope you enjoyed!  Leave a review if you have any feedback!


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