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Werewolf's Trace by rogue_bludger
Chapter 2 : Thrown to the Wolves
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Chapter 2:  Thrown to the Wolves

"Throw me to the wolves because there's order in the pack." ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers, Easily  

Albus looked around the great hall nervously. “What if I’m in Slytherin?” He thought to himself. His cousin Dominique was a Sytherin, and James never wasted any time in making fun of her.

Slytherin had changed Dom. From the shy marauding girl Albus remembered, she had taken on a darker aura. She was still as reserved as ever, but now there was a colder air about it. The dark eye liner, the skateboard, and the biting sarcasm were all post-sorting additions to her life.

For the past two years, Albus didn’t remember Dom ever coming to their house just to hang out with James. She spent most of her breaks with their Uncle Charlie and his boyfriend Viktor Krum, in Romania. Even Victoire didn’t know what to do about Dom—the two hardly talked anymore. Teddy had mentioned that Dom got along well with his grandmother, Andromeda, which made sense, as Andromeda was also a Slytherin when she was at Hogwarts. Though Albus was no longer afraid of being in Slytherin, he didn’t want to be like Dom—reclusive and introverted.

The Slytherins in general were an odd bunch, according to James and Freddie. They mostly kept to themselves and ignored most people outside of their own house. Albus didn’t quite know if he could handle that. He would hate to not have his brother and cousins to talk to.

Albus’s cousin Rose squeezed his hand reassuringly. She knew he was nervous. Rose and Albus had grown up together, and Albus considered her to be his best friend. They were the only two in the family to be sorted this year—Lily, Hugo Lucy and Louis all had time until they received their Hogwarts letters. “What if I’m not a Gryffindor, Rosie?” Albus finally voiced his greatest fear with a shaking voice, his green eyes wide with fear.

“We’re going to be okay, Al. We’re best friends. And even if we’re in different houses, I promise that isn’t going to change.” Rose was scared too, but this was her way of masking that fear. A couple feet away from them stood Scorpius Malfoy and the quiet, pale faced, dark haired girl that had been on the boat with them. The girl looked around the great hall, terrified, her dark eyes trying to take in the unfamiliar. Scorpius looked over at her and asked her rather kindly if she was alright.

She squeaked with surprise at being spoken to, and nodded her head frantically, before pausing, and then shaking her head, no. “I’m scared.” She admitted, finally.

“Don’t be. The sorting isn’t too bad. And your house will be like your family. Just relax.” His calm demeanor and reassuring voice seemed to do the trick, because the girl started to look a little less scared. “I’m Scorpius, by the way—I don’t think we’ve introduced ourselves.”

“I’m Ivy,” She replied shyly, though she looked relieved at the thought of knowing someone.

“Hey, I’m Rose,” Rose interrupted the exchange, smiling at Ivy reassuringly. Ivy smiled back.

Albus briefly forgot his own fear, at the sight of the nervous girl, and cracked a smile that didn’t quite meet his green eyes. “Albus.”

She smiled back. There was something mesmerizing about her smile. Albus liked it.

Their introductions were cut short by Professor Longbottom. “When I call your name, you will have a seat on the stool, and place the sorting hat upon your head. It will then sort you in to your appropriate house.”

Albus looked around at the other first years. There were murmurs of nervousness to be heard. “You can do this, Al,” he thought to himself, bracing himself mentally for the sorting.

“Abercrombie, Cecilia", was the first to be sorted, and a few moments later, the hat declared her a Ravenclaw. She was followed by Olivia Accrington, who was sorted in to Slytherin. Albus blocked out the sortings, looking up briefly when he heard a name he recognized.

“Malfoy, Scorpius Hyperion,” was called. Albus looked up, as Scorpius walked up to the stool, placed the hat upon his head, and figeted nervously, as he stared at the floor. 

A minute later, Scorpius was sorted in to Gryffindor, causing James to almost fall out of his seat with surprise. “Professor, the hat must be broken—we don’t want his kind in our house.”

The silence that followed, in the great hall was unprecedented. Headmistress McGonagall rose to respond, but before she could say anything, the sorting hat began to speak.

“Mr. Potter, I can assure you, I am not broken. What is broken however, is evidently your house’s capacity for acceptance.  There was a time where Gryffindor accepted everyone, no matter who they were or what their last name was, provided they possessed the courage he held so dear. But it seems that time has passed. Headmistress, with all due respect, this will be my last sorting unless Hogwarts can find a way to unify. The fragments of distorted facts that fill this hall are not what the founders envisioned. Learning is taking place in this castle, yet no education is. Now let us move on to the next person, I’m retiring after tonight.”

Whispers and murmurs filled the hall, as Kate Alexander kicked James from under the table. “Now look what you’ve done, idiot.”  She looked up at Scorpius, who was standing there quietly watching the exchange. “Ignore him, come sit with me.” She smiled at him and moved closer to Lucas Atwater, so that the blond first year could have a seat.”

James scowled at her, as Professor Longbottom called out Ivy O’Connor’s name. Scorpius watched as the muggleborn girl hesitantly walked up to the hat and gingerly placed it upon her head. It took a couple minutes for the hat to decide, but finally it placed her in Slytherin. Scorpius looked at her with wide eyes. Maybe James was right. Perhaps the hat was broken? That would explain a muggleborn in Slytherin and a Malfoy in Gryffindor.

“Potter, Albus Severus.”

Al cringed. Why did Professor Longbottom have to announce his full name? Al walked over to the stool, sat down, and placed the hat upon his head.

“Interesting. Immense loyalty, I see.  Worthy of fair Helga’s house. But there’s courage too. You would make Godric proud. Intelligent too. You’d make a brilliant Ravenclaw. But beyond all of this, I see a thirst to prove yourself. Your father had this same thirst. Are you going to plead out of Slytherin like he did? Or show more courage than your Gryffindor family, and embrace the house of Salazar?” 

Al thought to the hat, “What do you think is best?”

“Your trust in me shows more confidence and courage than your father had. But you can’t handle Slytherin. You could however be a tremendous asset to them. Intelligence like yours will take you further than your father ever went, provided it is trained well. Might as well be Ravenclaw!” The hat announced.

Al wasn’t quite sure what to think, as he wandered over to the Ravenclaw table, numb and not noticing the applause. He didn’t even notice Rose’s sorting in to Hufflepuff. He tried smile at Dominique from over the sea of blue and green, but to her, he was invisible. Deep down inside, beyond that disappointing feeling, he figured that was probably the same feeling of invisibility she felt regularly, particularly in their family of non-Slytherins. 

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Werewolf's Trace: Thrown to the Wolves


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