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Hey Pretty Girl.. by livingitup95
Chapter 1 : Pretty Girl, Handsome Boy
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Hey pretty girl, won't you look my way

Love's in the air tonight
You can bet you make this ol' boy's day
Hey pretty girl, won't you look my way

She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her smile lights up my day and her laugh makes me smile. Her bright blue eyes and her big smile make her face light up. Her voice and laugh is like music to my ears. When she walks into a room, the whole room seems to get a little brighter. She gives me butterflies. Why doesn’t she notice me? Why can’t she see me? Why does she not like me? Just look at me and everything will be better.


He is the best looking boy I have ever seen. His smile brings a smile to my face and his laugh makes my day light up. I can’t ever take my eyes away from his bright emerald eyes and his big smile. His voice, oh that voice sends shiver up my spine, I get tingles when we touch. When he walks into the room, it looks so much better. He won’t ever notice me. Why? Am I not beautiful? Why can’t he see me? Doesn’t he like me? Just look at me and everything will be better.

Hey pretty girl, can I have this dance
And the next one after that
Gonna make you mine there's a real good chance
Hey pretty girl, can I have this dance


“Albus, just ask her to the goddamn ball, already! It’s not too late!” Louis Weasley shouted. The two best friends stood facing each other with glares on their faces; Al is the first one to back down, with a defeated sigh.

“You know I can’t Lou. And it is.. It really is.” Albus sighs, running his long fingers through his untameable jet black hair, whilst think about the pretty little blonde he is so desperately in love with. Little does Albus know that the same little blonde is in the next tower, sitting in front of her mirror thinking about the man with bright emerald eyes, the man that she has loved since Second Year.

“Charlotte! I DON’T understand why YOU don’t ask Al to the ball!?” Said an exasperated Rose to her best friend, Charlotte (or Lottie as she is known) turns to face the loyal red head.

“Rosie, I can’t HE is supposed to! I thought that after we kissed he would... Apparently not though. So I am just going to go down to the Great Hall tonight and show him what he is missing!” Lottie said confidently to her friend, Rose rolled her eyes, because Rose, being Rose, knew that Lottie was putting up an act and Rose knew what the next thought in Lottie’s head would be.. ‘Am I not beautiful enough?’

Lottie walked down the great staircase, scanning the thinning crowd for the boy she had already given her heart to. Rose was already down in the Hall with her boyfriend, Scorpious. Lottie smiled at the thought that her best friend was finally happy with a boy.

Lottie was so busy thinking about Rosie and Scorp that she didn’t notice the handsome young man with emerald eyes watching her graceful walk.

Albus watch Lottie climb down the stairs, one hand holding the trail of her beautiful emerald dress. He noticed how the dress hugged her every curve and clung to her like a second skin. He noticed that the dress showed much more cleavage than normal for Lottie. Albus noticed that her hair was pulled around to the side of her hair in slight curls and that the nape of her neck was bear. He noticed how her bright eyes shone even brighter than normal.

How he wished to grab her wait and kiss her..

Lottie felt his eyes on her. She smirked and winked at him as she walked into the Hall and took her seat. She felt him sit beside her, glad that the dress had a sweetheart neckline and Albus had the best view. She blushed with that thought and turned to her left to talk to Louis, completely ignoring Albus and his questioning eyes.

 Her friends had all left to dance with their partners, even Albus had snuck off somewhere. She sighed, I wish he was all mine.. I wish we could be together.. Look at me, he has turned me into a girl!

Lottie’s thoughts were cut short when she noticed someone standing next to her, their hand extended, she looked up through her eyelashes and saw the man that consumed her thoughts. Albus, she thought breathlessly.

“Charlotte Greene, may I please have this dance?” He asked, biting his lip with nerves. Albus looked at the girl that consumed his every thought and saw her nod and the blush. The tingles that erupted with their skin touching were instant. Albus saw Lottie’s blush deepen and grinned, knowing she felt it too.

He drew her out onto the emptying dance floor, as a slow number cam on. Neither noticed their friends and family grinning and silently cheering at their love.

Albus pulled her in close and Lottie wrapped her arms around Al’s neck pulling herself closer. He smiled at this, he spun her around the dance floor, only ever having eyes for her beautiful face. As the last dance was coming to a close, she rested her head on his chest and mumbled something that Al did not catch. He tightened his grip and cleared his throat, Lottie looked up in surprise and confused.

Al leant forward slightly and pressed his lips to her ears and whispered “Charlotte Grace Greene, I want to make you mine, I love you. I am in love with you. I want every dance to be with you. Only ever with you. Please be mine, forvever?”

Lottie grinned and tipped her head back and looked into the emerald eyes she loved and stood onto her tippie toes and whispered back “Albus Severus Potter, I need to make you mine, I love you. I am in love with you. I need every dance to be with you. Only ever you. I will gladly be yours, if you’ll be mine, forever and a day. Deal?”

Albus smiled and picked Lottie up by the waist and spun her around, hearing her ringing laugh. He set her on the ground, took her delicate face in his rough hands, looked in those bright blue eyes he loved, and meet her lips with his.. Feeling that same tingle, like the last time they kissed and whenever they touched.

“Hey pretty girl, can I have this dance?” He whispered against her lips, she smiled into the kiss and nodded. They danced the night away in each other’s arms.


Hey pretty girl, it feels so right
Just like it's meant to be
All wrapped up in my arms so tight
Hey pretty girl, it feels so right

“Hey pretty girl.” Albus crooned to his girlfriend of two years as he walked into their bedroom after work. Lottie was laying on the bed with her blonde locks tumbling all over his pillow concentrating on her book. She was concentrating so hard she didn’t hear Al speak.

“LOTTIE!” He yelled smiling at her, shaking his head slightly, the way she gets lost in her books amazes me, he thought to himself as Lottie looked up startled and then grinned as she noticed who it was that interrupted her.

“Albus! It was a good part!” She laughed as she jumped up and ran into his arms, she felt so at home and safe in these arms. “This feels so right.” She whispered to him as he walked her back to the bed, so she could resume her book.

Al turned her around as she was about to climb back on their bad and captured her lips in a passionate kiss, his hands making their way up and under her cotton tank top, he reached her ample breasts and for the first time realised that she wasn’t wearing a bra, he groaned as he held them and she moaned with pleasure.

“Lott, you’re killing me.” He whispered as he trailed kisses over her neck and jaw. He threw Lottie onto the bed, where they spent the night tangled in each other’s limbs.

They lay awake as the time is nearing midnight, Albus shifts his body so he is sitting up and he pulls Lottie with him, so she is cradled against his chest. Lottie giggles as she pulls the sheet up with her, to keep herself covered.

“This. This is perfect.” Albus whispers as he plants a kiss on her head.

Lottie smiles, and nods her head in agreement. She feels Al move to reach for something in a draw on his bedside dresser; she looks at him curiously, and gasps when she sees a small felt jewellery box in his hand. He sits up again and faces her, looking in those clear blue eyes.

Al takes a deep breath and says “Lott, I know we are meant to be. I can tell whenever I hold you and whenever I look at you. You have made me a better person these last two years, ever since that night in seventh year. You’re so beautiful to me, inside and out. You make me whole and without you I wouldn’t exsist. I want, no, need to be yours forever and I would really love it if you would be mine forever too. So Charlotte Grace Greene, will you, please, marry me? And make me the happiest bloke on the planet?”

Charlotte is staring at the man she loves, her eyes brimming with tears. “YES!! One thousand million and infinity times yes! I love you Albus Potter and I NEED you to be MINE. Forever, forever and a day!” She squealed, throwing herself at her fiancé!

Albus grinned and hugged her tight, after a moment, he pulled her back and pulled the white gold, band and single solitaire diamond out of its box and slid it onto her slim finger. Al leant down and kissed her ring, before capturing her lips with his and starting their night of tangled messes all over again.

Life's a long and winding ride
Better have the right one by your side
And happiness don't drag its feet
Time moves faster than you think

“I am so glad, you said yes, last night Lott.” Albus grinned at his fiancé from the kitchen counter to where she sat at the table, admiring her new engagement ring. She looked up at her fiancé, god she loved saying that, even just thinking it! She looked up at Al and grinned herself.

“I know, it was a tough decision. But then I remembered that you were the second son of ‘The Boy Who Lived’, how could I refuse, love?” She teased, Al rolled his eyes at her as she made her way to Al, and she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth towards hers.

Their snogging session was heating up when the pair were rudely interrupted by their best mates, Rose and Scorp. Al and Scorp had overcome their differences after Hogwarts and became close friends. Much to the delight of their girls.

“OI! Hands off my best fri-.. OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT RING ON YOUR FINGER CHARLOTTOE GRACE!!!!????” Screech Rose in mid sentence, her deep chocolate eyes zeroed in on Lottie’s new ring.

Lottie and Albus looked at each other sweetly and grinned, before Lottie turned around to her shocked best mate and spoke.

“We’re engaged!!” She squealed, Rose, who had recovered from the shock, threw herself into Lottie’s arms, squealing and giggling, before demanding to see the ring.

 Scorp moved over to Al and gave him a classic man hug and congratulated him and opened a bottle of celebratory mead.

“Oh my god,” Rose started, turning to face her favourite cousin, “My best friends are getting MARRIED! I can’t believe it! It feels like just yesterday you two weren’t even close to dating! Time moves fast, as you get older.” She exclaimed, and hugged Al before turning to Lottie again and grinned evilly, “Dibs Maid of Honour”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way Rosie!” Lottie squealed and the girls hugged and laughed together again. With Rose demanding to know how and when Al asked the big question

Albus shook his head and smiled at his fiancé and cousin before taking Scorp to the living room to talk and watch the quidditch game that was about to start.

 “Well it started like this...” Was all the men heard before the match started.

Hey pretty girl, wanna take you home

My momma's gonna love you
She'll make me sleep on the couch, I know
Hey pretty girl, wanna take you home

“Okay, you ready to do this?” Albus asked his fiancé, who tomorrow would be his wife.

Their family were overjoyed with the news that the couple were getting married and wanted nothing more than to put on a big day for the young couple.

It was the night before their wedding and Lottie and Al were hiding in the Potter’s quidditch stadium, to get away for a bit, before they were separated until tomorrow afternoon. Ginny Potter was making his son sleep at his grandmothers, because she wouldn’t let her daughter-in-law get ready anywhere else. His mother was probably more excited than they were. Her son was getting married.

“No, but I suppose, it’ll all be worth it tomorrow, eh?” Said Lottie softly, dreading being away from the man that she was marrying. It would kill her, for sure.

 “Hey pretty girl, chin up, tomorrow I can take you home.” Al said to her, placing his lips on hers, not wanting to ever leave from this spot. They thought that no one would find them, they were proved wrong. Ginny knew where the two lovebirds would be, herself and Harry had done a similar thing before their wedding.

“ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER!! GET YOUR ARSE OVER TO YOUR GRANDMOTHERS NOW!! OR ELSE!!” She threatened from the house, using magic to amplify her voice. “LOTTIE, UP TO THE HOUSE, PLEASE SWEETHEART.” She added sweetly.

 “Why is that MY mother threatens me but asks you sweetly?” Chuckled Al, pulling himself away from Lottie’s lips.

She smirked, “I must be the favourite out of the two of us.” She winked. Before she knew what was happening, Al had thrown her over his shoulders and started to take her back to his childhood home. “Albus Severus Potter, put me DOWN NOW!” She laughed, trying to sound like her mother-in-law-to-be but failed miserably.

Albus laughed and set her down when they were at the back door, he could see his mother, sister, grandmother, aunts and female cousins in the kitchen chatting and waiting for Lottie. Before anyone could see him, he captured Lottie’s lips and kissed her passionately and deeply.

They pulled away to catch their breath, their foreheads resting against the each others. “I love you Lotts, my Pretty Girl.” He whispered, kissing her nose.

“I love you Allie, my Handsome Boy.” She whispered back, kissing his lips softly, before turning back to walk in the door, “Wait for me at the altar, I’ll be the one in white.” She joked, blowing him a kiss and stepping through the door, pulling it shut and waved him goodbye as he apparated away.

Lottie turned to see her future family grinning at her. She felt her checks warm and hung her head, smiling.


Lottie was getting ready, for her groom. Thinking about her Handsome Boy.

Al was ready, waiting for his bride. His Pretty Girl.

When he first saw her, walking down that aisle in his parents backyard, she took away his breath, just like that ball in their seventh year. Her white, knee length gown clung to her like a second skin, she was radiant, and she glowed as she walked towards him, his father walking her down the aisle (as her parents had passed away last year.) She mouthed “Handsome Boy” he mouthed back “Pretty Girl.” They couldn’t take their eyes off each other.

They wrote their own vows, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Al was reading his.

“I Albus Severus Potter, promise to love you, Charlotte Grace Greene. I promise to make you strong when you’re weak, to be your best friend, lover and husband. I promise that no matter what is going on in the world and our lives I will be there for you to turn to and to be the shoulder you cry on. The person that makes, your beautiful face light up the world with your smile or laugh. Most of all, I promise to respect you and to love you, fully, wholly and unconditionally, for, forever and a day. I promise you’re my one and only.” He said whilst looking into those blue eyes he loved so dearly, and holding her small soft hands in his rough ones

Nor was there a dry eye when Lottie read hers.

“I Charlotte Grace Green, promise to love you Albus Severus Potter, until after eternity. I promise to be the reason for your happiness and the cure for your sorrow. I promise to be your pillar of strength and your rock. I promise to be the light on a dark day and the light that leads you home. I promise to always be faithful and true, I promise to there for you to hold and to be there to hold you. I promise to repect you and to love you, fully, wholly and unconditionally, for, forever and a day. I promise you’re my once in a lifetime love.” She said whilst looking into those emerald eyes she loved so much and holding his rough hands in her small soft ones.

“I do declare you husband and wife, in the presence of your family and friends. You may kiss your bride Albus.” Said their preacher, they barely heard him as they only had eyes for each other. Albus took her delicate face in his hands and took her lips in his and kissed her sweeter than ever before.

“I love you Pretty Girl.” He murmured against her lips, smiling.

“I love you handsome boy.” She murmured against his lips, smiling.

Hey pretty girl, let's build some dreams
And a house on a piece of land
We'll plant some roots and some apple trees
Hey pretty girl, let's build some dreams

Al had a surprise in store for his new wife. He knew she was over living in their apartment and wanted nothing more than to build their dream home in Godrics Hollow, near the rest of the family. He was going to give that to her, little did Lottie know that in the past seven months Al had been building that dream home on the most beautiful piece of land in Godrics Hollow, on a property on the back of his parents place.

The land had enough room for all the things that they had dreamed of, the small quidditch pitch for all their future kids, the garden that Lottie so desperately wanted, the pool so they could hold family bbq’s in the summer. It had everything.

“Lotts, come here!” Exclaimed an excited Al from their bedroom, Lottie smiled at the sound of her husband’s voice, walking to him.

“What’s up Allie?” She asked, eyeing a piece of cloth in his hand with weariness.

Al’s eyes lit up and he grinned, holding up the cloth he said, “I have a surprise and you need to put this on!” He exclaimed, giddy with excitement.

“Do I have to?” Lottie whinged, smiling, knowing she would do whatever Al wanted her to do. Al nodded, and Lottie walked up and turned so her back was facing him he carefully placed the cloth over her eyes and tied it up. He placed a soft kiss on her shoulder before taking her hand, Al smirked when he heard his wife sigh with pleasure.

“We’re about to apparate, so hold tight. Okay?’ He warned Lottie, she smiled nervously and nodded. With a loud POP! They were gone, and they reappeared in the front garden of their new home that Albus had built. “Okay, here we are Lotts, I really hope it’s everything you wanted.” Al said nervously, taking the blindfold off of his wife and showing her their new dream home.

“Oh my merlin, Albus!” Lottie whispered, putting her hand over her mouth and her bright blue eyes swelling with tears. “What is it?” She asked, turning to face her grinning husband.

“It’s ours. Our dream home.” He whispered, placing his lips on hers and giving her a sweet kiss, and wrapped his arms around her waist, both just looking at their new home.

“It’s perfect. You’re perfect.” She whispered, smiling like an idiot. He had built them a home. A place to plant their roots and start a family.

“We’re gonna build the rest of our lives here Pretty Girl.” He whispered back planting a kiss on her head and lead her to the house.

Hey pretty girl, you did so good
Our baby's got your eyes
And a fighter's heart like I knew she would
Hey pretty girl, you did so good

“You did so good Lotts. I am so proud of you.” Al whispered to his sleeping wife while he held their new born daughter, Sohpia Elizabeth Potter, their perfect, beautiful baby girl. “You’re going to be so spoilt Sophia, you’re gonna be a daddy’s girl and no matter how old you are, you’ll always be my baby. My perfect, strong, beautiful baby.” He whispered as he placed a gentle kiss on his daughter’s forehead.

Al was so wrapped up in his daughter he didn’t notice that the other most important woman in his life had woken up. Lottie smiled at the sight of Al walking around with Sophia, their daughter. “I believe that she is OUR beautiful, perfect, strong baby, Albie.” Lottie said, gaining her husband’s attention, he turned and smiled at her before walking over and placing Sophia in her arms.

“She is so perfect Albus.” Lottie whispered, as Al lowered himself on the bed next to her.  “You were right though, she is going to be spoilt, the only granddaughter that your parents have, our only child (for now) and the only great granddaughter for Nanna and Pop.” Lottie replied to Al, who was playing with Sophia’s fingers.

“But she’ll have a fighters heart because she only has male cousins.” He grinned, the two were so engrossed by their daughter and each other that they didn’t notice the rest of the Potter’s come in, only noticing the other when a flash went off. Capturing the perfect family moment.

“Hey guys.” Ginny whispered, watching her granddaughter with wide eyes, “The nurse said we could come in, is that okay?” She asked nervously, moving to the other side of Lottie.

“Of course Mum!” Lottie exclaimed, grinning at her mother-in-law, who simply grinned back. “Don’t be shy guys.” She said looking to Harry, James and his wife Cassie who was holding their son Jasper and Lily. They all walked forward to get a better look at Sophia.

“Can I?” Asked Ginny, Lottie simply nodded and carefully passed her daughter to her grandmother.

“What did you name her Al?” Asked Harry, smiling at his wife and their granddaughter, reminiscing his own memories with his now adult children.

Al looked at Lottie who was smiling and had rested her head on his shoulder. “Sophia Elizabeth Potter.” He said holding his wife and watching his daughter, who was now in his baby sister’s arms.

“That’s perfect Al.” Lily whispered cooing over Sophia. 

The Potters had been and gone and now it was only the family of three left in the room. Al was sitting at the end of Lottie’s bed watching her, watch Sophia sleep in her arms. He had everything he had ever wanted. He got the girl and now he had the perfect daughter with the woman of his dreams.

He stood up, startling Lottie, who glanced at Al curiously before checking that Sophia was still sleeping , she looked at Albus again who was now sitting next to her.

“I don’t know what I would do without you Lotts.” He whispered, taking told of her hand and kissing it. Lottie smiled and said

“You don’t have to know. I am right here. We both are.” She whispered back, before closing the gap between them and kissing him softly and sweetly on the lips.

“Love you Pretty girl.” Al whispered

“Love you Handsome boy.” Lottie whispered

Hey pretty girl, when I see the light
And it's my time to go
I'm gonna thank the Lord for a real good life
A pretty little girl and a beautiful wife

As Al watched his now four year old daughter and his now six month pregnant wife playing on the swings in their backyard, he still couldn’t believe how lucky he had been, he had a beautiful wife and a pretty little girl, who was Lottie’s spitting image, except for her eyes, they were his.

He had been right about Sophia, she had a fights heart and even at the tender age of three always stood up to big boy cousins and Uncles.

Albus walked over to his wife and wrapped his arms around her waist as she started laughing at something Soph had said. He grinned, even after all this time he still loved that sound.

“Thank you for giving me a real good life, a pretty little girl, a baby boy and a beautiful wife.” He whispered to his wife, as he rubbed her swollen stomach. Lottie turned around and smiled softly at her husband, his emerald eyes sparkling with mischief and love, after all this time and she still loved those eyes.

“Thank you for giving me a real good life, a pretty little girl, a baby boy, and a handsome husband.” She whispered back before kissing him on the lips.

“EWEW!!!” Squealed Sophia from her swing, giggling at her parents.

Al and Lottie were amused by this, because they knew that in at least 10 years their little baby girl would be falling love herself.

Al and Lottie stood, arm in arm, watching their beautiful baby. And thanked their lucky stars for the life that they had been given.

“Love you Pretty Girl.”

“Love you Handsome Boy.”



Here is my second song fic! :) enjoy! 

Note that the only characters that belnog to me are Charlotte and Sophia, the rest at JK's and the plot is mine and the song belongs to Kip Moore :) 


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