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Healing A Broken Heart by fairytalelover3
Chapter 16 : The House of Fire
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Hermione lay on the ground, trying to sit up. A pair of black boots appeared in front of her with a pop. Sheer bloody terror filled her insides.

She had landed right in front of the old house. To her right and some of the muggles were  running towards her, with the one boy in front. With a pang of sadness, Hermione realized she never learned his name. Victoria jerked her up to her feet, to which Hermione cringed really badly.

“This isn’t according to our plan,” Victoria whined. “Drag her inside,” her mother replied quickly, at seeing the running men. Hermione fell to the ground, of her own doing. She had to do something to fight back without a wand. Somehow!

It eventually ended up being that Hermione was levitated into the house while the two parents were outside still.

“You’re going to deserve everything you get.” She spat at Hermione, on the floor, breathing heavily. They were upstairs. No kitchen with knives. No long objects. No wand. Nothing to fight with. No chance of running away. But her eyes still darted across the room looking for something, anything.

Her leg felt like it was on fire, it was hot and burning with pain. Her hands clutched it and brown eyes screwed up with agony. Clanking of boots came up the stairs.

The three towered over her. “We will kill you, yes, but there was a tiny disagreement among us as to how,” Amalai said, black eyes big with glee.

“Killing curse would be less of a mess,” muttered her husband, standing in the back. 

“But the cruciatus would be more fun!” Victoria hissed back at him.

They began arguing among themselves and Hermione would had stared at them with fright but she found something. Nothing big, but something. There was a dusty box of matches underneath the bed, lying crookedly on the wood. 

Her arm reached out to them, and while keeping her eyes on them, she quickly opened the box and pulled out a few matches. Steadying her breathing at the risk she just took, she hid the small sticks in her hand. 

“Get up,” the man snapped. She shook her head no. He stomped over to her and pulled her up. A desperate shriek escaped from her lips. While she balanced on one leg, he kept ahold of her hair, and said, “Pick!” That was her chance. She lit the match and put it down his shirt. He yelled out and she fell back again on the floor, landing on her not broken leg.

Sweat and dust mixed on her face with blood from a small cut. Lying face first on the floor, with extreme pain shooting up her leg, Hermione took a big breath and lit another one. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. She lunged towards the nearest leg and thrust it down the boot. Instantly Victoria started hopping on one foot, kicked Hermione back, missed, and tried to stop the fire now spreading up her robes.

The fire latched onto the wooden floor. A small fire started in the room filled with angry shrieks. She almost smiled when all three of them were on fire. The fire from her husband’s shirt had spread to his wife’s when she tried to put it out. Then, the drapes on the other side of the room went aflame. It spread very quickly. Flames licked the window and the walls and climbed higher and higher. And she had a bad feeling that they may not have been normal matches, but magical ones.

Leaning back against the wall, she breathed in the smoky air. Things were getting blurry. Victoria had thrown off her cloak and started to angrily stomp towards Hermione but stopped short. “Aurors!” She screamed, staring in horror out of the window.

“The damn muggles! There’s more of them!” Victoria shrieked. They had called about the fire. There was a cameraman outside even, videoing the house that none of the muggles could get into. Like there was an invisible shield up. He was filming the burning down of the ancient house. The one boy, who had helped her, beat his fists against the air, against the unseen blockade.

Her parents got the fire off of them and rushed over in a rage. The mother raised her wand, to end it all. Hermione closed her eyes. At least it would be peaceful but the fear was about to explode out of her throat.

“NO!” Victoria screeched. “The aurors! We need to go. NOW!” She said and yanked her parents away to the middle of the room, where the fire had not gone yet.

“What about-?” Her mother said fiercly. 

“Let the flames consume her,” Victoria replied hatefully. Flames flew out of her wand, as she spun in a circle, adding fuel to the fire. Then they were gone. Just like that. 

Hermione breathed out a sigh of relief. She wasn’t going to die. Then she coughed. Smoke. The room was on fire!

Fiendfyre. It was a brighter orange than normal fire. And spread quicker. Eyes wide with horror, she used a bedside table to pull herself to her feet. It burst into flames as soon as she was up. Out of the window were several figures running towards the house. They were coming! Aurors. Among two, who were pushing each other while running, was red hair and white hair. Ron and Draco.

She looked down at her leg and let out a cry when she tried to put it down to walk on it. Looking around desperately, she began to slowly hop towards the fiery doorway. She jumped through it and landed on the floor in the hallway. 

The front door slammed open. “HeRe!” She tried to yell. The smoke began to thicken. Everything had an orange glow. Something metal fell from the walls and rolled around. 

“Up here,” Hermione said loudly. Everything was hot. Really hot. She couldn’t hear the voices that should be coming. That meant they weren’t coming. She felt dizzy and blurry. The room was spinning. Hermione focused very hard on standing up. Finally getting her balance, she hopped very small hops towards where she thought the staircase was.

Suddenly she fell straight down into a hole covered by a rug, which the very ends of it were starting to light up. “HELP!” She screamed hoarsely. Her arms tried to weakly push herself up from the gap in the floor. Her entire foot had gone through it and was stuck in the rug. 

Grunting, she yanked on it and looked helplessly at the fire spreading around her. Soon, she would in fact be consumed by the flames. The heat was almost too much. Nothing came out of her dry throat. No sounds. Except for the creaking and crackling of the entire house now on fire.

Desperately she half-heartedly grabbed her knee and yanked on her foot. Her other leg was sticking out at an odd angle. She cried out soundlessly. She have a final tug at it and it come more loose, but not all the way. A figure came out of absolutely nowhere towards her.

Her head lifted up and groggily she could see smoke and fire everywhere. Confused she looked to the right and saw a man next to her. Oh, he was carrying her now. And his mouth was yelling something. But what was it saying? 

“Hermione!” It yelled. “Yes!” She cried out happily. Someone! Finally! And she realized who it was. His hair blended in at first so she couldn’t have seen. Ron. He shouted, “Are you ok? We’ll get out of this!”

“Ron!” She said happily, forgetting everything in the past. Almost like reliving the battle of Hogwarts again. Him and her together, making their way through the rubble and fire. 

There was nothing to say. They needed to get out. Ron looked around and found the staircase he had gone up. It was blazing. “Uhh,” He groaned desperately, and slowly made his way down the steps, carrying Hermione, as fast as he could. She was fully alert now. And she was afraid he was going to drop her.

They reached the bottom and made his way around a corner of a hallway. “Where’s the door?” She shouted. “This is the second floor,” he bellowed back. “That way,” She pointed with her arms, at spotting the other staircase. He made his way down half of it. Then he fell through the steps, letting go of Hermione. “RON” She croaked as she hit the stairs and tumbled down the rest of the way. She pushed herself up with her arms and looked straight into the room across from her, filled with fire. Another figure came rushing out of it and towards her. 

He picked her up swiftly with ease, unlike the struggling ginger. “Draco!” He smiled in response then it dropped. He spun around, looking for the exit. She saw another short figure rounding the corner. “Harry!” She yelled and pointed to the staircase, “Ron!” Draco turned his body around and ran towards the door. He kicked it open and ran out.

The cool wind hit her face. It felt so good. All the people outside cheered at seeing her come out. There was a ton of them. Draco went over to the side and let her down on the grass. He didn’t know where to start. He didn’t know what to say. So instead he didn’t say anything and straightened out, taking off his shirt.

She didn’t notice as she saw Ron and Harry burst out of the house that was about to collapse. Ginny was yelling at the muggles to get back. The brown haired boy ran towards them.

“Are you ok? You’re hurt!” He said kneeling down next to them. She grinned softly at him. Draco was wrapping his shirt around her bleeding foot on the leg that wasn’t broken. 

“How can I help?” He asked Draco, who in reply gave him an angry look that plainly said to go away.

“My name is Dustin by the way,” he said.

“HermioNEEE,” She screamed as Draco went to touch her broken leg. “Sorry,” he muttered and went back to the other foot to finish up. The pain came back now. She lay back in the grass and groaned. “It hurts,” she said with tears jumping to her eyes. Actually, everything hurt but that was the sharpest pain compared to the rest.

“I’m a nurse,” Dustin said, taking authority. Draco grumbled but moved to the side of Hermione, who clutched his arm with her nails. But he let her, even though it hurt.

The boy straightened out her leg and looked at it. “Broken,” he murmured. Draco lowered his voice and said, “If you told me, I would have fixed it.”

“You’re not a healer, Draco!” She said. Hermione knew he hated muggles but she didn’t care at the moment.

Dustin looked around and said that there wasn’t much he could do until they had more available supplies. Draco huffed and ran over to Ron, Harry, and Ginny. 

“How will I see you again?” Dustin said, realizing they were about to leave and take Hermione with them. 

“Uhm. When I’m better, I’ll come back to that little bookshop. I love books,” She replied as Draco came back and picked her up gently, strongly. She laid her head on his somehow cool chest but he urged her to stay awake. 

“I’ll be waiting!” Dusting called out as Draco spun and they disapparated away. 

The world spun. It spun real fast around her. She saw the white of Draco’s hair and a bunch of other colors before it all stopped and they were in St. Mungo’s. But she was fading. “Hermione,” He prodded, “Stay awake. Look, look at me. It’s going to be fine.” 

Author's Note: This ginormous chapter is to make up for all the time that's passed before I've gotten it update. Sorry! So busy. It's also a thank you to the people who are still reading and reviewing. A huge thank you to you! Also, I will go back and make the previous chapters less confusing but my focus is to finish for now. And the Raros will  be back, don't worry.

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