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Saved by Carolynn
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Chapter One

Her long, dark wavy brown hair was blowing in the wind, her thin body leaning on the railing behind her. Tears going down her face; a crumpled letter was between the palm of her hand and the railing.

‘You’re never going to be a Healer, with your grades.’ The voice in her head mocked.

‘No one would care.’ The voice in her head mocked yet again. It was true, she had no friends; she was terribly shy and didn’t like being in crowds.

‘What are you waiting for?’

What was she waiting for, love, hope, a sign? She closed her brown eyes, and leaned forward, her fingers letting go one by one; only one from each hand hanging on. She was going to let go, but a hand grabbed her left one, grabbed her other one, pulled her closer to the railing, grabbed her from her waist and pulled her up and settled her down on the cold cement ground. With her head down she heard her savoir say, “Are you mad?”

She looked up and saw a blue-grey eyed, redheaded male teenager wearing a Gryffindor tie. His short red hair sat at the top of his head. “I’m Andrew Carter; you?” He asked.

“Adaila Cole” she whispered. “Why are you up here?” She asked

“My little brother sneaked into my dorm when I was brushing teeth this morning and stole my book bag. When I got dressed I asked one of my roommates if they saw him and he said he was heading here.” He said.

There was a few moments of silence before Andrew asked, “do you want to go for a walk to your Common Room?”

“You’re a Gryffindor, I’m a Hufflepuff. I doubt you know where it is.” Adaila whispered, trying to buy time.

“My ex-girlfriend is a Hufflepuff so I know where it is.” He said.
She couldn’t say no could she? She was raised with manners. So she nodded.

“What year are you in?” Andrew asked as they walked down the Astronomy Tower stairway.

“Fifth” she whispered looking down at her feet.

“Me too” he said.

After a half an hour silence they were going down the stairs. “You guys are so lucky, you get to go down these stairs well us Gryffindors have to go up five flights of stairs a day!” Andrew complained.

Adaila smiled slightly at this, she didn’t know why but despite everything she loved to laugh. She was grateful that Andrew didn’t see.

After moments of walking they appeared in a crowed hallway and Andrew asked,

“have you ever heard of The Beatles?”

Adaila removed her gaze from her feet and noticed everyone was reading The Daily Prophet. She was a fan of The Beatles; she grew up with their music.

“I’m a fan of them.” She whispered.

“Are you really? They will always be famous, but they seem to be becoming the past. A lot of people are into pop or whatever.” He said.

“Yeah, well I’ve always been a freak.” She whispered so quietly Andrew didn’t hear her.

In a couple of minutes, they were outside of the Hufflepuff common room. Andrew bid his good bye and left.

Adaila turned to a stack of barrels. The Hufflepuff common room was the most guarded Common Room of them all.

She knocked the correct barrel and entered. She was welcomed by earthy atmosphere and the scent of the plants grown by Hufflepuff’s Head and the Hogwarts herbologey teacher, Pomona Sprout.

Her Common Room wasn’t special; it had two doors which were based on their mascot, the badger’s sett. They led to the dormitories, one for the boys and the other for girls. The windows let anyone be in the spotlight since they were at the top.

Her Common Room never failed to amaze Adaila as did most things do in the wizarding world; she was, after all muggle-born.

Despite how she woke up only a few hours ago, she was really tired. She always had trouble going to sleep, and the previous night was an example of her bad nights. She walked to rounded door and entered her dorm. There wasn’t a point in changing into her pajamas so she just took off her robe, jumper, shoes and socks and went under her yellow covers.
It was obvious to her that Andrew was going to attempt to become friends with her and she feared that. She had a feeling that Andrew was popular with his classmates so if he was seen with her there was going to be talk. Talk about them dating or something. She spent so many years becoming invisible that she didn’t want anyone to destroy it.

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