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Vermillion Bird by quixotic
Chapter 5 : Animosity
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Dumbledore spent almost two months improving our physical and mental strength. I lagged behind in terms of physical abilities as Giselle, Al and Scorp were all on the Quidditch team. Hence their natural fitness was at a much higher level than mine, making it easier for them to perform the exercises. I was always tired and breathless afterwards, while they were fine, having done this routinely for five or six years.

I did, however, excel in the mental training, my rare ability to multi-task and focus on several things at once played to my advantage. The others struggled to concentrate on their powers and utilize them effectively during a staged battle, while I had the upper hand of the situation. During our staged battles, Scorpius and Giselle worked well together, although they were exact opposites. Scorpius was a calm and collected person, who rarely got flustered. Giselle...was a hyperactive ball of fun. The situation between them was such that one picked up where the other left off. Hence, they formed an almost unbeatable pair.

With those two always joining forces, Al and I were left together, not that we didn’t mind. We made a pretty scary team as well, for both of us happened to be very good at analyzing situations. Scorpius was Al’s best friend for seven years and Giselle was my twin, so safe it was to say that we knew our opponents very well. We could interpret their every move and often correctly predict their next. It was fun thwarting their elaborate plans.

After one exhausting practice, the four of us were about to leave the room when McGonagall said, “Ms. Giana, could you stay back for a moment?”
Confused, I turned around and the others shrugged before exiting. “What is this about, Headmistress?” I asked and she gestured for me to take a seat. “The Headmaster would like to have a word...”

The portrait of Albus Dumbledore smiled in greeting but quickly got down to business. “Ms.Ravenclaw, I’m sure that you are aware, all your powers are not completely unrelated to each other. You four represent fire, air, health and life. Each very different aspects of a Phoenix.”
I nodded, unsure of where this conversation was heading. Dumbledore continued, “Among all aspects, fire is by far the most important one. This is because the life cycle of a phoenix begins and ends with fire, a phoenix thrives on fire. It is therefore expected that the controller of fire is ultimately the leader of the group, being the most powerful one.”

It took a moment for me to process this information. “Y-you want me to be the leader?” I spluttered. I would be the worst person for the job! Leaders were supposed to have amazing personalities. Compared to Giselle’s enthusiasm, Al’s witty sarcasm and Scorpius’ unnatural calmness, I had as much personality as a rock. Strike that, even rocks had more personality than I did. How was I supposed to lead those three brilliant people into battle?
“I don’t think that me being a leader is such a good idea,” I murmured and the portrait laughed. “Are you quite sure about that? You are after all Head Girl of lead sixteen prefects all the time,” Dumbledore stated gently. Hmm, he did have a point there. “I’ll try,” I said shrugging.
“Have faith in yourself, my dear,” Dumbledore called out and I nodded before leaving the room.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase,” Dumbledore muttered to himself, “Boy, that Martin Luther King Jr. sure was smart.”


Scorpius sat in the library finishing up his monstrous piles of homework. He usually kept it all under control, but with Quidditch practice, Head duties and training, things had gone a bit haywire. Not to mention the upcoming match between Slytherin and Hufflepuff. He finally finished an essay on Polyjuice Potion and decided to take a break. Leaning back in his chair, he thought about the upcoming Christmas Ball the prefects had decided to host. It was to be a lavish affair, extremely formal and it reminded Scorpius of those awful parties his parents forced him to attend. He’d much rather lounge on his bed and listen to Beethoven’s 9 Symphonies.

The scraping of a nearby chair caught his attention and he looked up to find Rose smiling at him. “Hey Scorp,” she said smiling far too happily for his comfort. With a small wave in her direction, he began to start his next essay. “How is Quidditch?” Rose asked and Scorpius paused his writing for a moment to raise an eyebrow at her. Rose had always shown an obvious dislike to Quidditch, so why was she acting this interested? “It’s good, I suppose,” he replied cautiously. Rose nodded as if his reply wasn’t very important. Irritated by her lack of response, Scorpius got to the point, “What are you doing here Rose?”
“Can’t I visit a friend?” she pouted and Scorpius rolled his eyes. She was stalling.
“Of course you can,” he replied, a bit unsurely. Where was this conversation going? “Anyway Scorp, I just came to deliver a warning,” she said. So that was what this was about. “It’s that Ravenclaw girl,” she said darkly.
“Giana?” Scorpius asked and Rose nodded before leaning in. “Apparently she bribed McGonagall to make her Head Girl,” Rose whispered looking horrified. Scorpius snorted. Nice try, Rose.
“Rose, I highly doubt that the Headmistress would be swayed by a seventeen year old girl...irrespective of how rich she is,” he said before gathering his things and standing up, “Next time try to think of a more reasonable story.”
He began to walk out of the library when Rose shouted from behind him, “You like her, don’t you? You fancy that horrible girl!”
Scorpius froze and he slowly turned around, his eyes narrowed into slits. “Giana is not a horrible girl,” he said in a dangerously soft voice, “Unfortunately I cannot say the same for you.” With that, he stalked off. Rose stared at his retreating figure, too angry to realize that he hadn’t really answered her question.


The day of the Quidditch match had arrived and Giselle could barely eat breakfast. Not because she was nervous, for Giselle was never nervous, she was way too excited. She took a few deep breaths in an attempt to calm herself down, but it didn’t do much. She gave up trying to eat and made her way to the Hufflepuff changing rooms. The rest of the team came trailing in within the next five minutes, each looking more nervous than the next.

“Alright team,” Giselle began the captain’s speech, “We have trained hard enough to win this game. Slytherin may be cunning, but we have skill and determination. There is absolutely nothing between us and winning this game.”

The rest of the team cheered and ran out onto the pitch as their names were called. Giselle brought up the rear. She strode to where Madam Hooch stood along with the Slytherin captain, Al. Giselle grinned at him and shook his hand. “Good luck,” he whispered. She nodded. No match could be more important than their friendship, but neither side was willing to lose.

The match soon began and all the players shot into the air. Giselle spotted Scorpius guarding the Slytherin hoops, his blonde hair blown back in the wind. She circled the pitch from above, searching for the snitch. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Al nearly mimicking her moves. She laughed silently, so that was how he wanted to play it, the copycat. A plan formed in her mind and she abruptly lunged downwards. The crowds gasped and in a split second Giselle felt Al’s presence behind her. She grinned, now was the time for her perfect Wronski Feint.

Then, it all went wrong. Firstly, the snitch decided to make an appearance in front of them. Now a Wronski Feint would drive her away from the snitch. Giselle cursed at the bad luck, she had no other option but to go faster towards the ground.
Secondly a stray bludger came hurtling in Al’s direction which would have knocked his head off...
...If Giselle hadn’t intercepted first and received it in her side. The impact of the bludger caused both of them to fall the remaining five feet to the ground. Gasps and shrieks were heard through out the stadium as the pair of them lay curled up against each other on the ground, the snitch fluttering in between their palms. This would have looked pretty romantic if they weren’t passed out at the moment.

It's me again, sorry for the filler-ish chapter. How is the story so far? Any favourite moments? REVIEW!

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