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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 49 : Musings
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 Chapter Forty-Nine

Lily and I returned to the hospital wing to find, to our relief, that Hugo had made massive improvements throughout the day and although he was still unconscious he should make a full recovery.

“Oh Oliver I don’t know how I can ever thank you” said Hermione Weasley giving me a massive hug and smothering me with kisses on the face when she laid her eyes on me “If you hadn’t found Hugo when you did he could have died!”

“I was just in the right place at the right time” I shrugged. Hermione kissed me on the cheek again before looking in my eyes

“Well thank god you were” said Hermione with a yawn “Ron’s gone to find us a room in Hogsmeade and Rose has gone to bed and I am so tired but I don’t want to leave just in case Hugo wakes up”

“We’ll stay with him” said Lily with a smile and Hermione left after not much more persuading hardly surprising considering how tired she looked. Lily and I sat next to Hugo’s bed. He simply looked asleep and peaceful albeit still a bit pale and I thought to myself how lucky I was to have Hugo Weasley as a best friend. Having nearly lost him I’d been thinking about how much he’d done for me and Jack over the years and how often he’d put his own health and safety at risk just to do something for us.

“I’m gonna kill him when he wakes up” said Lily “What the hell was the stupid idiot doing? Out that late at night, no coat, drinking something bad was bound to happen to him”

“That’s what I’m worried about” I said “What if he meant to do it? What if he took himself off to such an obscure place because he didn’t want anyone to find him?”

Lily nodded and squeezed my hand, it was clear that she had been thinking the very same thing. Hours passed and Hugo didn’t wake up so Lily and I just talked pretty much about everything we could think of; how I couldn’t believe that Scorpious and I were now OK with eachother, how Lily genuinely had no clue about who the father of Rose’s baby was and we spent about half an hour trying to figure out who it could be

We eventually narrowed it down to Filch

I really hoped that wasn’t true. Time passed and Hugo still didn’t stir and eventually Lily fell asleep on me so I carried her onto another bed and left her alone to sleep. Making my way back to Hugo, I thought of my own father and how many times I’d seen him in hospital practically at deaths door like Hugo. It’s not something that you ever manage to get used to and in a way seeing Hugo in the same situation was sadder because he was so young and had a lot to look forward to in his life. Hugo was a bright kid, exceptionally bright when he wanted to be, but he was just so god damn lazy that you wouldn’t know it.

Hugo never judged anyone; he judged people less than I did. Even James who he didn’t particularly like Hugo never was outright nasty or rude to him he just glared angrily occasionally and tutted whenever James said anything over the top and self-righteous (which was a lot of the time). Everyone loved Hugo at school, Albus reckoned that if the family weren’t famous and they were all just normal kids then Hugo would probably be the only one as popular as they all were. I agreed, it was near impossible not to like Hugo he was just one of those people you come across in life that you just immediately gravitate to. It’s hard to explain why; there’s just something about those kind of people and Hugo Weasley was definitely one of them.

It’s why Ron Weasley annoyed me so much on occasion. He was constantly striving for Hugo to be better; to be more like James, Teddy or Fred, to be the perfect Quidditch player and be the perfect son which was never going to happen. Hugo was just… Hugo and pretty damn amazing at that and it pissed me off so much that Ron blatantly couldn’t see the wonderful son that he had before him, neither could Rose see that she had an amazing brother. She just passed him off as a pig headed moron who didn’t care about anything or anyone but himself it was like she’d been walking around for sixteen years with her eyes shut and her ears not working. Hugo knew all of this and I gathered that it was probably the reason that this had happened: He was sick. Sick of being the dog that the Weasley/Potter family seemed to enjoy kicking because he wasn’t simply outstanding in anyway; he was just a normal kid in an extraordinary family. The shallow tabloid magazines often liked to rank the Potter cousins on various things such as looks, talent, date worthiness, intelligence, style and many other shallow things and Hugo often always came out last. Because he wasn’t as good looking as Al or Louis, because he wasn’t as intelligent as Rose and Molly, because he wasn’t as talented as James or Fred and because he didn’t have the star quality or charisma of Lily or Dom. He was just a kid; a good-looking one who was just a little above average in everything kid. But that’s not good enough when you’re a member of the Potter/Weasley family and it’s not their fault

They’re put on a pedestal and are expected to be the best at everything. Some of them were, some of them weren’t and Hugo was firmly in the second category. If he wasn’t called ‘boring’, ‘pointless’ or ‘the extra one’ in the press he was either completely forgotten about or made fun of for the birth mark he had on his neck and stuff like that takes its toll. Hugo had experienced that all of his life and he said it didn’t bother him, he wanted to be just normal, but it was clear that it did. Imagine being voted the ugliest in your family or the guy the least amount of girls would want to date (not that girls didn’t want to date him) and then when you did get a girlfriend everyone questions the mental health of that girlfriend and he’d been suffering. He’d been suffering in silence and I’d failed him. Lily had failed him. Rose had failed him. Ron had failed him. Pretty much everybody had failed him. The sad thing is we all knew nothing would change for Hugo following this, if James had been the one landed in hospital the press would be all over it but because it was Hugo it had received minimal attention. A side column in the middle of the Daily Prophet in between an article on magic weed killer and a piece about shamed Order member Mundungus Fletcher

At about 2.30am I was still awake and had been talking to the unconscious Hugo for about two hours with his hand in mine as I did so. Lily was fast asleep on the next bed and I was about to go and join her when Hugo suddenly gripped my hand. He groaned and I called for the nurse

“Soppy git” he mumbled as his eyes opened for the first time. I nearly burst into tears as he gave me one of his biggest, cheeky smiles. Hugo Weasley was back, and this time I was going to be a better friend to him

Sorry for the long wait between chapters at the minute; hopefully my life will sort itself out soon but I’ve got final exams coming up plus I’m moving apartments and my computer is slowly dying a death

Also sorry that this is a bit of a crappy filler chapter, I had serious writers block

Also, next chapter is a special chapter as it’s the 50th one. It’ll be written from Lily’s point of view

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